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Twitter Basics

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  1. 1. Twitter Basics
  2. 2. What is Twitter? Free Micro-Blogging Platform The Sharing of Content, Ideas and Data. Platform for Breaking News Brand Monitoring
  3. 3. Why Twitter? To build Business Connection Increase your brand awareness Find Answer and Questions in Real Time Latest Information and Breaking News Reputation Management
  4. 4. Ab ye dekho.. :D
  5. 5. Basic Terminology of Twitter Timeline & Profile Tweet: 140 Character Update Retweet: Sharing Another Tweet Notification: Connect, Reply DM: Direct Message #Hashtag: Makes a word easily searchable Twitter List Twitter Search
  6. 6. How to Gain Followers? Update profile with current Pic and Bio Use Hashtag to increase visibility of your Tweet Retweet Relevant Tweet Create Valuable Content Engage in Trending Topics Link to Facebook #fb Follow everyone who follows you
  7. 7. Recent Top Content with RTs !
  8. 8. Tweet Limits DM: 250 Per Day 100 Tweets Per Hour 1000 Tweets Per Day Following: 1000 Per Day Following: 2000 Users (Account Based)
  9. 9. Dont Dont Be afraid to express your opinions. Dont repeat the same link or tweet Dont Post a URL without supporting text. Dont Make your account setting private Dont follow hundred of people at once. Schedule Tweets Dont Use more than 3 hashtag in single tweet
  10. 10. Do Complete your profile Follow Hashtags (#) when attending event/webinar #WCBaroda, #SMWBangalore, #WomenTechmakers Follow thought leaders and Bloggers in your industry Make your Twitter Handle easy to find. Add picture of yourself instead of Egg. Provide value to your followers
  11. 11. Got Reply from @randfish
  12. 12. Top Ten Tweeters - #SMWNYC
  13. 13. Top 10 #SMW14 Global Twitter Influencer
  14. 14. Most Active Twitter User of SMW
  15. 15. Helpful Twitter Tool
  16. 16. Thank You ! Follow me at @amithpanchal