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Types of territoriality State Ethnic Religious Racial Fears of Balkanization” plitting state) But common defiance of outsiders

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Types of territoriality. State Ethnic Religious Racial Fears of “Balkanization” (splitting state) But common defiance of outsiders. Pan-isms (Uniting same group from different states) Ethnic:Pan-Arab, Pan-Kurdish Religious:Pan-Islamic Racial:Pan-African - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Types of territoriality

Types of territorialityState




Fears of“Balkanization”(splitting state)

But commondefiance ofoutsiders

Page 2: Types of territoriality

Pan-isms(Uniting same group from different states)

Ethnic: Pan-Arab, Pan-Kurdish

Religious: Pan-Islamic

Racial: Pan-African

States: Pan-American

Page 3: Types of territoriality


Ethnic group in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria.

Many Kurdsfor state ofKurdistan.

States pit Kurdsagainst each other

Page 4: Types of territoriality


Ethnic:Arabs vs.Kurds

Religion:Sunnis vs.Shi’as

Rulers areSunni Arab

Page 5: Types of territoriality

IRAN (Shi’a Persian) vs.IRAQ (Sunni Arab)

Yet Iraqi Shi’as fought for Iraq,Iranian Arabs fought for Iran

(State territoriality won)

Iran-Iraq War, 1980-88



Page 6: Types of territoriality

ARMENIA (Christian) vs.AZERBAIJAN (Shi’a Mulsim)

Yet Shi’a Iran stayed neutral,fearing ethnic Azeris in NW Iran (Ethnic territoriality won)

Armenia-AzerbaijanWar, 1988-94

Armenian (above) and Azeri views

Page 7: Types of territoriality

Kashmir conflict(CHINA)




INDIA (Hindu) vs.PAKISTAN (Muslim)

British India partitionedinto two states, 1948.

Kashmir had Muslimmajority but Hindu ruler.

Wars split Kashmirbetween India,Pakistan, and China(all now have nukes)

Indian andPakistanipropagandamaps

Page 8: Types of territoriality

Nile River

Mediterranean Sea

Page 9: Types of territoriality

British Palestine1918-48

Arab ethnic majority

Jewish religious minority grew in 1940s

Page 10: Types of territoriality

UN Partition Plan, 1948

• Jewish State (Israel)

• Arab State (Palestine)

• International Zone (Jerusalem)

Page 11: Types of territoriality

Israeli Jews vs. Palestinians. other Arabs

Page 12: Types of territoriality

Israeli Settlementsand Palestinian

towns in theWest Bank, 2000

Israeli settlers see ashistoric Jewish homeland

Palestinians compareillegal settlements to


Page 13: Types of territoriality


Zionism:Jewish (religious) territoriality

Israelis are multiethnicEuropean, Middle Eastern,Newer Russian, Ethiopian immigrants

Arab Israeli minority

Page 14: Types of territoriality

Palestinians (in West Bank and Gaza Strip)

Arab (ethnic) territoriality

Palestinians are multireligiousMuslims and Christians

Ethnic nationalist movement, but some newer Muslim groups

Page 15: Types of territoriality
Page 16: Types of territoriality

Water & Israel’sborder

Page 17: Types of territoriality

Palestinianautonomy, 2000

Gradual turnover of Israeli-Occupied areas to Palestinians

for “Two-State Solution”

Plan collapsing askillings increase

Page 18: Types of territoriality

Wall, Barrier orNew Border?

Israelis: “Security Barrier” tokeep bombers out of Israel.

Palestinians: “ Wall” isolatesvillages, cuts water access

Page 19: Types of territoriality

Jerusalem: Holy City to Jews, Muslims, and Christians

Page 20: Types of territoriality


West (Israeli);East (Arab)with Israeli settlements

Page 21: Types of territoriality

Palestinian and Israeli propaganda maps

Palestinian mapwithout Israel

Israeli map lumping together Arab states;depicting tiny defenseless Israel

Page 22: Types of territoriality

Cold War propaganda map: “Red menace”

Page 23: Types of territoriality

View of Communist “Red Bloc” during Cold War

Lumping failed to recognizedifferences among Communists,

or local causes of conflict

Page 24: Types of territoriality
Page 25: Types of territoriality

Samuel Huntington theory of Western, Islamic, Slavic, etc. “blocs” in conflict with each other.

“Clash of Civilizations” theory

Page 26: Types of territoriality

Fails to recognize differences within each “bloc.”

Most sources of conflict are local (often ethnic), not religious.

Often blames the victimfor the conflict.

The West shares responsibilityfor conflicts

(military aid arms both sides)

“Clash of Civilizations” theory

Page 27: Types of territoriality

Lumping Arabs or Muslims after Sept. 11

Page 28: Types of territoriality

How Many Americans View the World

Page 29: Types of territoriality


Bush’s Viewof the World

Problem:some formerallies laterseen as “evil”

Page 30: Types of territoriality


State’s power to control State’s power to control territory, shape international policyterritory, shape international policy

and other states’ foreign policy and other states’ foreign policy

State’s power to control State’s power to control territory, shape international policyterritory, shape international policy

and other states’ foreign policy and other states’ foreign policy

Page 31: Types of territoriality

Growth of Russian Empire

Page 32: Types of territoriality
Page 33: Types of territoriality
Page 34: Types of territoriality


Page 35: Types of territoriality

Decolonization, 1940s-1990s

Page 36: Types of territoriality


Ethnic nations split betweenand within colonial empires

(British, French, Russian)

But “clean” ethnicboundaries also not possible

BerlinConferencedivides mapof Africa, 1884

Page 37: Types of territoriality

Mackinder’s Heartland Theory(Whoever controls Pivot Area can control the world)

The “Great Game” between Britain and Russia, 1800s-1900s

Page 38: Types of territoriality

Enlargement ofSoviet bloc after

World War II



Page 39: Types of territoriality

NATO and Warsaw Pact, 1945-89

Page 40: Types of territoriality

Changes in Europe, 1990-93

Page 41: Types of territoriality

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), 2002


Page 42: Types of territoriality


Began as EuropeanEconomic

Community(EEC), 1957.

Stronger in 1994

10 new membersto join, 2004


Page 43: Types of territoriality

United Nations member states

Switzerland 2002

Page 44: Types of territoriality

Other international alliances