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142 GLEICHEN—HIGH RIVER 000120^ TELUS Advertising Services 1999 A-AASTRO TRANSMISSION & CLUTCH •911 46AvSE Calgary 272-5666 A ALBERTA BRAITHWAITE BOYLE Calgary 230-8088 A J'S TROPHIES & AWARDS 419 5AvSE 652-4446 A-1 PARTS FOR LESS 7735 44 StNE Calgary 280-8888 A & A TRUCKING (1993) LTD Box5505 652-3711 A & B CARPET SALES & INSTALLATIONS LTD 329 3AvSE 652-7144 Fax Line 652-4449 A B C 0 VEHICLE SERVICES LTD 3AV&5 StSE 652-1869 ARJAY Builders Ltd 601-2235 Fax Line 601-2253 AT&T CANADA Residential Services New Subscribers 1-800-575-2266 Customer Service 1-800-565-4708 A W M A C 652-3666 Abbott Cyril 652-2839 Abbott Cyril lOllalOAvSE 652-4540 Abbott Shawn 312 6AvSE 652-3483 Abel Don 325DeForasCloseNW 652-7628 ABILD'S TRUCK WASH 652-7125 ABILDS TRUCKING LTD Box5807 652-2920 Dispatch 652-5047 Fax Line 652-1609 Abma D & A 27 2 stSE 652-4691 Abougoush Anwar 1013 l StW 652-3854 Abougoush Tom 906EllisCr 652-3713 Abrahams John 652-5941 Abrams Paul 3 108 BAvSE 652-1502 Abramson R&D 926EmersonRdSW 652-4417 ABSOLUTE TREE SERVICES 652-3318 ACADEMY OF LEARNING COMPUTER & BUSINESS CAREER COLLEGE 2 28 12AvSE 652-2116 ACADEMY OF PROFESSIONAL DRIVING LTD 3 805 iiAvSE ....652-3485 ACE ELECTRIC Box6051 652^1849 Ackermann B 910 6 StW 652-2818 Ackroyd James E lOOl 14 StSE 652-3173 Ackroyd James Faxline 652-4766 Acosta Naomi & Jaime i 403 9AvW 652-1629 Adair Calvin 512HighViewPt 652-5161 Adam William 8 733RiversideDrNW 652-2370 ADAMS AUTO SERVICE 106CentreSt 652-2622 Adams Brian J... 652-7360 Adams Brian J Kid's Phone 652-5080 Adams Family 9l7EllisCrSE 601-2608 Adams Joseph l 131 8AvSE 652-2911 Adams'M 504 9 StW 652-2668 Adams Victor 9l7EiiisCrSE ...601-6023 Adams Victor Faxline 9l7EHisCrSE 601-2609 Adduono Bill 1212HighCountryDrNW 652-2153 Adduono Bill l212HiqhCountryDrNW 652-2442 Admiral Anchor Service Ltd 1568BeachWySW 652-9250 Adrian John 2DeibertCloseSW 652-3888 Advantage Highwood Travel 119dCentreStS 652-75151 Advantage Travel & Cruise Centres I 119dCentreStS 652-7515: Twohorns Lionel 734-3330 Van Bavel Ken Box304 734-2272 Vaugeois Norman 128 8Av 734-3541 Vermont D 734-2338 Vincent Simon 734-3152 Vira Imtiaz 734-2551 Vira Imtiaz 734-2994 Vira Imtiaz 734-3666 Vizbara John 734-2791 Voyer G 734-2769 VULCAN MOTOR PRODUCTS Vulcan 485-6933 Alberta Toll Free 1-877-485-6933 Wagemans V 734-3092 Wahl Dan & Crystal Box337 734-3647 Wakelam D 734-3929 Walker Bruce 1 734-2573 Wallace Bruce 61CrowfootCircle 734-2243 Wallace Taylor Box26 734-2282 Walton Tom SiksikaResort 734-3618 Water Chief Caria 734-3589 Waterchief D Siksika 734-9110 Waterchief Ernest Jr Boxl62l 734-2849 Water Chief G 734-3645 Waterchief L 734-2092 Waterchief Larry Boxl541 734-2526 Waterchief M 734-3451 Waterchief Margaret Rev 734-3677 Water Chief Shayna 734-2871 Watson Trevor 734-2622 Weasel Child Stan 734-2265 Weasel Head Connie 734-3098 Weaselhead T 734-2068 Weaslehead Larry 734-3303 Weaslehead Larry Faxline 734-3581 Webber Bruce C 734-2697 We s Chuck 734-2397 Wells Robert 7'?4-27n5 WemyssP Western Pol^rtech 203 4Av.........I! 734-2715 —"1734-3223 It Busy Call Wheatland County Public Works 3-10 Grlesback St 734-3668 Fax Line 4:;. frSS Gleicfien Waste Disposal.'."..'.'.'.'".'."' '";'''' 73al3447 Ciuny Waste Disposal 734-3522 Fire Alarm Only 7'?4-3039 Fire Hall Box 147 734-3090 WHEATLAND FUNERAL HOME LTD 202LakesideBlvd Strathmore 934-5666 White A A 734-2915 whjte Mary Box2i3ciuny 734-3956 White Raven Investments & Trusts Ltd 80X1459 Siksika 734-2021 White Rodger A 734-2593 Whitehead R M 734-2669 Whitford A 734-3503 Whitwell Arthur Box237 734-3087 Wlancko I E 734-3557 Wickson R Dr Family Phys 216 5Av 734-3434 Wickson Robert 734-2118 Wiggins J 734-2685 Wigton Jason 734-2404 Wigton V 734-3095 Wilcox Robert Box515 734-3165 Williams L E 208 4Av 734-3847 Williamson Tim 734-3480 Willier Donald 734-2448 Wilson B 734-2001 Wilson H 80x118 734-2169 Wilson Justin 734-2069 Wilson Robert Boxl27 734-2266 Wilson Ross 734-3653 Wilson Shirley Mrs 734-3001 Wilson Smoky 734-3430 WILSON'S SERVICE STATION HwylCluny 734-3853 Winnipeg D 734-2084 Winnipeg Larry 734-2429 Wityk Steve SiksikaResort 734-2538 Wolf Colleen 734-2774 Wolf Child D 734-2684 Wolfchild F 734-2501 Wolf ear Leo Bldg Contr 80x1475 734-3565 Wolfleg A 734-3406 Wolfleg Alvine 734-3116 Wolfleg C 734-2689 Wolfleg C 734-3107 Wolfleg Inc Boxl459 Siksika 734-2021 Wolfleg J 734-2452 Wolfleg Mark 734-3886 Wood D R 734-3895 Woodford David & Mary 120 7Av 734-3228 Woods K 734-2143 Woods Leo 734-3876 Wright George 734-2553 Wright J 734-2422 Wright L 734-2960 YELLOW PAGES- TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES ELUS' 2611 3 Av SE Calgary ADVERTISING INFORMATION INTERNET ADVERTISING OR PURCHASE OF DIRECTORIES (No Charge Dial)... 1-800-661-4260 Fax (No Charge Dial) 1-800-563-0624 Yello\wfly Kenneth P 734-3267 Yellow Fly Michelle 734-3241 Yellowfly P R 734-3030 Yellowfly Polly 734-3065 Yellowfly T 734-3302 Yellow Horse Zennon 734-3544 Yellow Old Woman Charmaine 734-3444 Yellow Old Woman L 734-3813 Yellow Old Woman Melvina 734-2924 Yellow Old Woman S 734-2421 Yellow Old Woman T 734-3791 Yellow Old Woman V 734-2723 Yellow Old Woman Vincent 734-3579 Young Leslie 734-3626 Young Troy 113 7Av 734-3950 Young W 734-2058 Yule Allan 734-2517 Yule Glen Boxl46 734-2155 Yule Jeff 734-2877 Yule M 734-3972 Yule Randy 734-2914 Yule Stan 734-2904 Yule Steven 734-2398 Yule Wesley 734-3546 HARTELL— See High River, Turner Valley or Longview HERRONTON- See Blackie HIGH RIVER See also Biackie-Cayley-Longview- Okotoks- Vulcan for other customers located in this area. EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY 911 POLICE- RCMP 911 AMBULANCE 911 HOSPITAL 652-2200 POISON CENTRE (Toll-free) 1-800-332-1414 If Busy Call Calgary 670-1414

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142 GLEICHEN—HIGH RIVER 000120^ TELUS Advertising Services 1999

A-AASTRO TRANSMISSION & CLUTCH•911 46AvSE Calgary 272-5666A ALBERTA BRAITHWAITEBOYLE Calgary 230-8088A J'S TROPHIES & AWARDS419 5AvSE 652-4446A-1 PARTS FOR LESS7735 44 StNE Calgary 280-8888A & A TRUCKING (1993) LTDBox5505 652-3711A & B CARPET SALES & INSTALLATIONSLTD 329 3AvSE 652-7144Fax Line 652-4449


ARJAY Builders Ltd 601-2235Fax Line 601-2253AT&T CANADAResidential ServicesNew Subscribers 1-800-575-2266Customer Service 1-800-565-4708

A W M A C 652-3666Abbott Cyril 652-2839Abbott Cyril lOllalOAvSE 652-4540Abbott Shawn 312 6AvSE 652-3483Abel Don 325DeForasCloseNW 652-7628ABILD'S TRUCK WASH 652-7125

ABILDS TRUCKING LTDBox5807 652-2920Dispatch 652-5047Fax Line 652-1609

Abma D & A 27 2 stSE 652-4691Abougoush Anwar 1013 l StW 652-3854Abougoush Tom 906EllisCr 652-3713Abrahams John 652-5941Abrams Paul 3 108 BAvSE 652-1502Abramson R&D 926EmersonRdSW 652-4417ABSOLUTE TREE SERVICES 652-3318ACADEMY OF LEARNING COMPUTER &BUSINESS CAREER COLLEGE2 28 12AvSE 652-2116ACADEMY OF PROFESSIONAL DRIVINGLTD 3 805 iiAvSE ....652-3485

ACE ELECTRICBox6051 652^1849

Ackermann B 910 6 StW 652-2818Ackroyd James E lOOl 14 StSE 652-3173Ackroyd James Faxline 652-4766Acosta Naomi & Jaime i 403 9AvW 652-1629Adair Calvin 512HighViewPt 652-5161Adam William 8 733RiversideDrNW 652-2370ADAMS AUTO SERVICE106CentreSt 652-2622

Adams Brian J... 652-7360Adams Brian J Kid's Phone 652-5080Adams Family 9l7EllisCrSE 601-2608Adams Joseph l 131 8AvSE 652-2911Adams'M 504 9 StW 652-2668Adams Victor 9l7EiiisCrSE ...601-6023Adams Victor Faxline 9l7EHisCrSE 601-2609Adduono Bill 1212HighCountryDrNW 652-2153Adduono Bill l212HiqhCountryDrNW 652-2442Admiral Anchor Service Ltd1568BeachWySW 652-9250

Adrian John 2DeibertCloseSW 652-3888Advantage Highwood Travel119dCentreStS 652-75151

Advantage Travel & Cruise Centres I119dCentreStS 652-7515:

Twohorns Lionel 734-3330Van Bavel Ken Box304 734-2272Vaugeois Norman 128 8Av 734-3541Vermont D 734-2338Vincent Simon 734-3152Vira Imtiaz 734-2551Vira Imtiaz 734-2994Vira Imtiaz 734-3666Vizbara John 734-2791Voyer G 734-2769VULCAN MOTORPRODUCTS Vulcan 485-6933Alberta Toll Free 1-877-485-6933

Wagemans V 734-3092Wahl Dan & Crystal Box337 734-3647Wakelam D 734-3929Walker Bruce 1 734-2573Wallace Bruce 61CrowfootCircle 734-2243Wallace Taylor Box26 734-2282Walton Tom SiksikaResort 734-3618Water Chief Caria 734-3589Waterchief D Siksika 734-9110Waterchief Ernest Jr Boxl62l 734-2849Water Chief G 734-3645Waterchief L 734-2092Waterchief Larry Boxl541 734-2526Waterchief M 734-3451Waterchief Margaret Rev 734-3677Water Chief Shayna 734-2871Watson Trevor 734-2622Weasel Child Stan 734-2265Weasel Head Connie 734-3098Weaselhead T 734-2068Weaslehead Larry 734-3303Weaslehead Larry Faxline 734-3581Webber Bruce C 734-2697We s Chuck 734-2397Wells Robert 7'?4-27n5WemyssPWestern Pol^rtech 203 4Av.........I! 734-2715

—"1734-3223It Busy CallWheatland CountyPublic Works 3-10 Grlesback St 734-3668Fax Line 4:;. frSSGleicfien Waste Disposal.'."..'.'.'.'".'."' '";'''' 73al3447Ciuny Waste Disposal 734-3522Fire Alarm Only 7'?4-3039Fire Hall Box 147 734-3090WHEATLAND FUNERAL HOME LTD202LakesideBlvd Strathmore 934-5666

White A A 734-2915whjte Mary Box2i3ciuny 734-3956White Raven Investments & Trusts Ltd80X1459 Siksika 734-2021

White Rodger A 734-2593Whitehead R M 734-2669Whitford A 734-3503Whitwell Arthur Box237 734-3087Wlancko I E 734-3557Wickson R Dr Family Phys 216 5Av 734-3434Wickson Robert 734-2118Wiggins J 734-2685Wigton Jason 734-2404Wigton V 734-3095Wilcox Robert Box515 734-3165Williams L E 208 4Av 734-3847Williamson Tim 734-3480Willier Donald 734-2448Wilson B 734-2001Wilson H 80x118 734-2169Wilson Justin 734-2069Wilson Robert Boxl27 734-2266Wilson Ross 734-3653Wilson Shirley Mrs 734-3001Wilson Smoky 734-3430WILSON'S SERVICE STATIONHwylCluny 734-3853

Winnipeg D 734-2084

Winnipeg Larry 734-2429Wityk Steve SiksikaResort 734-2538Wolf Colleen 734-2774Wolf Child D 734-2684Wolfchild F 734-2501Wolf ear Leo Bldg Contr 80x1475 734-3565Wolfleg A 734-3406Wolfleg Alvine 734-3116Wolfleg C 734-2689Wolfleg C 734-3107Wolfleg Inc Boxl459 Siksika 734-2021Wolfleg J 734-2452Wolfleg Mark 734-3886Wood D R 734-3895Woodford David & Mary 120 7Av 734-3228Woods K 734-2143Woods Leo 734-3876Wright George 734-2553Wright J 734-2422Wright L 734-2960



2611 3 Av SE Calgary


Fax (No Charge Dial) 1-800-563-0624

Yello\wfly Kenneth P 734-3267Yellow Fly Michelle 734-3241Yellowfly P R 734-3030Yellowfly Polly 734-3065Yellowfly T 734-3302Yellow Horse Zennon 734-3544Yellow Old Woman Charmaine 734-3444Yellow Old Woman L 734-3813Yellow Old Woman Melvina 734-2924Yellow Old Woman S 734-2421Yellow Old Woman T 734-3791Yellow Old Woman V 734-2723Yellow Old Woman Vincent 734-3579Young Leslie 734-3626Young Troy 113 7Av 734-3950Young W 734-2058Yule Allan 734-2517Yule Glen Boxl46 734-2155Yule Jeff 734-2877Yule M 734-3972Yule Randy 734-2914Yule Stan 734-2904Yule Steven 734-2398Yule Wesley 734-3546

HARTELL— See High River, TurnerValley or LongviewHERRONTON- See Blackie

HIGH RIVERSee also Biackie-Cayley-Longview-Okotoks- Vulcan for other customers

located in this area.


(Toll-free) 1-800-332-1414If Busy Call Calgary 670-1414


000120 ® THIUS Advertising Services 1999 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 143Anderson Gordon H 652-2941Anderson Greg J 1009 14 StSE 652-7851Anderson H 652-1598Anderson Hilton 4RileyPlace 652-7209Anderson J Len 903 6 StSE 652-3833Anderson James 806 9AvSE 652-3751Anderson K & Y 652-3827Anderson Keith 126a8AvSE 601-2224Anderson Malcolm A RR3 652-7244Anderson R 514HomePlace 652-1075Anderson S Bruce 212 llAvSW 652-7603Anderson Sheridan 410 3 StSE 601-6041Andresen W J 652-3471

ANDRESEN W JOHN LavyyrllZMacleodTr 652-3702Residence 652-3471Fax Line 652-4640

Andrew S 652-1274Andrews B & K 16 SullivanRdSW 652-7221Angell Roger 1303 9AvSE 652-1993Anger Chris 403 8 StW 652-3950Anglican Church 213MacleodTr 652-2271Aninger S J 933 5 StSW 652-3141Antaloczy Joe 1027 7 StW 652-7671Antony A 306DeForasCloseNW 652-5273Antony Dave 109 lAvSE 652-5286Antony Dave 109 lAvSE 652-7998Apperfey M 652-5747Aquariums Alive Ltd 8RiversideVilla 601-2021Arbuthnot Donna 937 7 stW 652-4056Argur Duane 8 18 6AvSE 652-3091Arkspar Ltd 931-1856Armstrong Amy & Jim 652-1967Armstrong G 652-7850Armstrong J 652-2718Armstrong Michael 1519 llAvSE 652-1784Armstrong Mike 601-2155Armstrong R RR3 652-4185Arndt D 601-6079Arnell Ken 925MacleodTr 652-1592Arnett P 601-2384Arnett Terry 905 10 StSE 652-2719Arnett Terry 905 10 StSE 652-5028

ARNOLD & ARNOLD Lavyyrs16 2AvSE 652-2242P David Arnold Res 652-2930

Arnold C A 1009 4 StW 652-2924Arnold S 652-2930Arsenault B 601-2684Arsenault C 601-2687


Artful Expressions Custom Framing608 7 StSE 652-2730

Arthritis Society (NoChargeOial) 1-800-321-1433Ascension Enterprises Ltd517HiqhViewPt 652-7574

Asmundson Lance 228 6AvSE 652-1069Associate Foot Specialists Clinic117MacieodTr 652-2929Calgary Office 228-3668

Asthma Information(No Charge Dial). 1-800-661-5864

Astra Blame & Paula 234 4AvSE 652-3573Astra Blaine & Paula Faxline 601-2674


14 4 Av SE 652—2292After Hours Emergency Calgary 245-7222

Atkins M & C 25 1400 9AvSE 601-6034Atkinson G 652-1941Atkinson R 603 lOAvSE 652-1902Atkinson Randy 603 lOAvSE 652-2350

Advertising & Marketing International914EI[isCrSE 652-4828Fax Line 652-4809

Agasoster Jones SDi005l4 StSE 652-4709Agnew C 601-2650Agnew Merv 612 5 StSE 652-2624AGRICOREHigh River Agro Centre 1708 12aAvSE... 652-4143Agro Centre Fax Line 652-4572Biackie Elevator 684-3374Or (Toll Free) 1-877-871-0370

After Hrs Emer (Toll Free) 1-888-321-3771 •AGRICULTURE FINANCIAL SVS CORPInsurance Div 652-8313TDD Hearing Impaired (Toll Free)..l-800-430-7598

Ahmed Johma 652-5079AIDS/HIV/SEXUALLY TRANSMITTEDDISEASE INFORMATION(No Charge Dial) 1-800-772-2437

Air Liquide Canada3004 54AvSE Calgary 777-4700

Airhari L 652-5650Airhart R 12 310 2 StSE 652-4713Airhart William 1027 14 StSE 652-4206Aker Austin S 838 9 StW 652-3099Akhurst Wayne 601-2001Alander A 652-4407ALBERTA EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION210 8989MacleodTrSW Calgary 253-4411

ALBERTA FOUNDATION & CONCRETElifting ltd Boxl73 Biackie 684-3724

alberta foundation spray1726 7AvSEHighRiver 652-7978Calgary Ofc 263-2491

Alberta Liberal PartyCalgary Office 1-800-661-9201

alberta lung associationHealth Ed Line Calgary (No Charge



Tele-Service (No Charge Dial)...1-800-642-3810Instant Membership(No Charge Dial) 1-800-222-6400

Emergency Road Service (E R S) (See YellowPages Under Towing 8i Boosting ServiceFor C A A Service In Your Area)CAA&/AAA Supernumber (Road Service Only)(No Charge Dial) 1-800-222-4357

Credit Card Registry (Collect)Lost/Stolen Cards 24 Hrs Edm 780-430-5658

alberta one-call(No Charge Dial) 1-800-242-3447

Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan800 5555 Calgary TrSouthbound Edmonton 780-438-4545

(No Charge Dial) 1-800-661-6839ALBERTA TREE MOVERS 652-4089Alberta Women's Enterprise Initiative Association(NoChargeDial) 1-800-713-3558

Albertina Farming Ltd rr3 652-7632Repair Shop 652-3347

Alcock C 601-2338Alcock W 7 416 7 StW 652-5182Alexander C 652-5188Alexander Donald 603 7 StSE 652-4287Alexander J 652-1207Alexander K 652-4114ALFA ROOFING & SIDINGLTD Calgary 251-7155Fax Line 251-7177

Alford R 323 4AvSE 652-1279Alic Ibrahim 652-5906All About Trees 716 3 Stw 652-2169Allain K 406KanellDrSE 601-2449Allan Don 500 7 stSE 652-7052

Allan J A H 652-3288Allan L R 5MistRd 652-3686Allan R C 82 2aStSE 652-1569Allan R C 82 2aStSE 652-2640Allan R D 108 lAvNE 652-2764Allan Randy llO 3AvNE 652-3447Allan Robert G 516HighViewPtNW 601-2045Allan Scott 652-3510Allan Trevor 652-3924Allen R L 1128HighCountryDrNW 652-5640Allen Trevor Fax 652-5332Alliance Church 1318 9AvSE 652-4170Fax Line 652-4138

ALLIANZ INSURANCE COMPANY OFCANADA 1400 715 SAvSW 261-3080Toll Free 1-800-332-1301Fax Line 264-1400Claims Dept 262-6344Allianz Assistance 1-877-255-4269

Allison Donald 652-4632


Aim A L 936 5 Stw 652-1631Alpine Engineering Ltd 652-2448Fax Line 652-7820

Alsop Wayne 605 8 StSE 652-4912Alta-West Hydrant & HottappingService 601-2011Fax Line 601-2061

Altabec Development Inc 652-2492Alternate Communications International Ltd309 1 StSW 652-7549Fax Line ..652-1867

Alvarez Elsrael 129 SunsetWy 652-1999AM 1140 RADIO STATION11 SAvSE 652-2472Fax Line 652-7861

Amatto Roy 914 17 StSE 652-1148


Ament R 652-2144Amiin Lee Box5385 StnMain 652-2791Amiin Todd & Kari 652-1604Amtmann C 601-2381Amundrud G 118 7AvSE 601-2378

ANCHOR KING DIV OF SAFRANDTRUCKING LTD 652-3030Eckville 746-2000Red Deer 346-3171Stettler 742-6000Slave Lake 780-849-5212Peace River 780-624-4888High Prairie 780-523-4666Wabasca 780-891-3000Drumheller 823-9858

ANCHOR PIPE & STEELLTD 652-7300Fax Line 652-2431

Andersen Karlo 808HighCountryBay 652-1070Andersen Walter L 405a9AvW 652-3430Anderson Ben 652-7247Anderson C J 652-1986Anderson C W 601-6043Anderson Cory lOlOHighGlenPlace 652-3118Anderson D 601-2355Anderson D M silHighViewPtNW 601-2380Anderson Doug S lOKnowlesPiace 601-4920Anderson Doug S lOKnowlesPlace 601-4973ANDERSON DOUGLAS M OR FamilyPhys 117MacleodTr 654-2929

Anderson Edward W 231 lAvSE 652-2954


-144 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 000120° TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Beaudette Sharron 652-1756Beauregard R 1513 llAvSE 601-4667Bee L L 192MillcrestWySW 652-5064Bee Russell 192MillcrestWySW 652-5064Beehtel J 652-7399Beeker Brad C 652-4419Beeker G 652-4901Beeker Heath 9io 14 stSE 652-1314Beeker V 1507 SAvSE 652-5547Bedford Ken 8f Sue 652-4492Bedu Frank 813 9AvSE 652-4760Beedell Gary RR3 652-4357BEEF N BREW RESTAURANT & LOUNGE601 1 StW 652-2388

Beers Marilyn looi 9 StSE 652-4680Beet Gary 808 9AvSE 652-1909Befus J B 208 530 4AvSW 652-3552Begrie J 103c3AvSE 601-4929Beingessner Cheryl 710 18 StSE 652-2201Beingessner Clarenee 420 3 StSE 652-7284Bekolay S 509HighViewPk 652-5961Bekolay Suzan SOOHighViewPkNW 652-5962Belanger Darrell 652-1219Belanger Darrell 652-5345Bell Bruee 114FreemanWyNW 652-1441Bell Bruee Fax 652-1467Bell C Wade 652-7424 IBell Darlene 652-4038Belley Paul Guy 824 9 StW 652-2800 'Belllard T 601-6025Belliveau E Aldersyde 652-7039Belsher C 0 803 9 StSE 652-4833Belsher C 0 Fax 652-4573Belzner Kevin 702 18 StSE 652-1413Benetiz S 652-4083Benitez Ada 1007 14 stSE 652-53S9Benn David H lORiversideMtlSiTrlrCrt 652-3048Benn R C 652-7971Bennett Ken & Claudia 652-4747Bennett Steve 652-7612Bennik Greg 652-1078Bennington Robert 608 7 StSE 652-2730Benns Paul Dr Box6000 652-6222Residence Cayley 395-2284

Benny Edward 812RiversideDrNW 652-5378Benson Clara M 652-4907Benson Curtis M 417RiversideDrNW 601-2656Bentz M 8t D 652-7176Beranek Robert & Jenny 5l4HighViewPt...652-5175Berdan R 201 lllMacleodTrSW 652-5504Berg Larry 1033 1 StW 652-7710Berg Reg Rev 601-2101Berge M 145FairwayVw 652-5105Bergen Brent 222 520 2 StSE 652-5958Bergen Candace & Lance 652-5553Bergen John 652-2113Bergen K 652-2139Bering Pacific Ranches 652-1386Fax Line 652-5168

Berlie Sigmund Fax Line 601-6036Berlie Sigmund V 652-4159Berube D 614 7 stSE 652-4109Berube Maureen 405 l StSE 601-2390Besselink William RR3 652-3351

BEST WESTERN OKOTOKS LODgTHOTEL INC22 SouthridgeDr Okotoks 938-7400Fax Line Okotoks 938-1474

Beutler Jody 2 209 SAvSE 601-2574Beutler L 104 3 StSE 652-7435Beutler W 652-5563Beutler W Fax Line 652-5693Bews Dan 652-40711Bews J E 652-3967Bews Jack 652-4781Bews Philip 652-7254Beyer P 33 1400 9AvSE 652-1593

Atkinson S 652-5757Atkitt B J & J L 652-7575Atkitt B J & J L Fax 601-2227Attaway B 652-1748Attaway Blaine 807 9 StSE 652-1178Aubin J & T 652-5589Aune Lance T 652-1142


Fax Line. .652-3611

AUTO DYNAMICS2 520CentreStS 652-4491

AUTO TRADER(NoChargeDial) 1-800-652-3139

Avalon Homes Ltd Show Home 652-4290Site Office 652-1412Fax Line 652-1188

Avison D 652-1579Ayrey Joe L 245 lOAvW 652-3427BASF Canada Inc 652-7376B G Products WagonmasterDist Calgary 720-3366

B 8t M Electric and Controls1616 SunshineWySE 652-5538Fax Line 652-5536

Babcock Curtis & Stacey 918 15 StSE 652-3406Baby Chris l 334 laStNE 601-2354Baceda Rod 927HighCountryDr 652-3509Bader G 652-1580Bader G 652-1737Bailey Daniel 601-2660Bailey David & Lynn SBrookSt 652-3892Bailey David & Lynn Faxline 652-3940Bailey G 306 laStN 652-7095Bailey Suzanne 214 6AvSE 601-4602Bailey-Toone T & N 3BrookSt... 652-3891Baines Alfred 258a560 9AvSW 652-3056Baines Alfred 916 8 StW 652-3086Baififjack ;;::::::::65t2SiBakalukD 652-7915Bakaluk Ken 91017 stSE 652-2471Bakaluk M 652-5726Bakaluk R '652-7153Baker Les 224PolarAv 652-3496Baker Robert 652-4711Baker W T 9 SullivanRd 652-3380Baker William 910al6 StSE 652-1407Bakken K 601-4696Bakken L 652-4315Baksza Gabor 426HomesteadTrirPk 652-2124Balaski M ^^2-4044Balderson B 439HomesteadTr 652-5588Baldwin D & H 652-7975Baldwin Jane 652-5960Baldwin L & R Computer 652-4724Baldwin Robert & Lois 6DeibertClose 652-5350Balerud C 652-2693Balkham Stan iil6HighViewPt 652-5060Ball Grant & Chantelle 652=3581Ball J B 530HighViewPt 652-4884Ball J B Faxline 652-1061Ball Lome 921MacleodTr 652-3531Ballance Sheldon T 601-2228Ballantyne Stacey 426 8 stsw 652-5583Ballendine R C 514HighViewPk 652-4009BALTAC MANAGEMENT2Av8(5 StSE 652-2823Calgary Ofc 400 7220FisherStSE 253=7473

Balzer Doug 1803 6AvSE 601-2091Bang Glen 1312 lOAvSE 652=5185Banga Crystal F 213 lOAvSW 601-6057Banga Robert 652-1263Bangert Rudolph 431KanellDr 652=1390Bangma Jacoba 30 2AvSE 652-3434Bangma Jacoba 30 2AvSE 652-4454

Bangs M G 934 6 StW 652-2827BANK OF MONTREALTelephone Banking ServiceNo Charge Dial 1-800-363-9992


Customer Feedback

No Charge Dial 1-800-555-3000121 1 St W 652-2378Fax 652=4078

Bannerman Ruby 456MacleodTr 652=4059Baptist Church 119 SAvSE 652=2985If Busy Call 652-3000

Bar J Diesel Services 652-7908Cellular 601-1345

Baraniuk B W I0l4al4 StSE 652-5779Baraniuk L 652-7691Baraniuk Paul Box6040 652-1155

BARGAIN SHOP THEPioneerSquareMacleodTr 652-7400

Barker B 601-2127Barker Cody 1310 lOAvSE 601-2478Barker D 4 118 8AvSE 652-5938Barker Gordon 529HighViewPt 652-2551Barker Robert & Diane 902EmersonRd 652-7967Barker Ron 2 815MacleodTrSW 652-7873Barker S 10 310 2 StSE 601-2570Barker Tom 725RiversideDrNW 601-6019Barlow John & Louise 701 18 StSE 652-2696Barnard Dwayne 707 19 StSE 601-2098Baron John J RR3 652-4420Barr E & K 904HighlandGreenDrNW 601-4977Barrett Darcy 703 18 StSE 652-7968Barrett Darrell 652-2067

BARRY STEELECONSTRUCTION 652-7490Cellular 850-1263

Barstad Rocky 921 8 stsw 652-4303Barstad Tom 208a5AvSE 652-3613Bart R 652-3193Barton J 601-2610Barton James & Kristin 652-1442Barton Leo 7 132 9AvW 601-2029Barton Pat 505 8 StSE 652-2853Barton Syd 319 7AvSE 652=3120Barysien Dean 652=3566


Fax Line. 652=3828

Batchelor Graham 1617 SunshineWySE 652-1667Batchelor Graham 1617 SunshineWySE 652-2986Bate Developments 652-3249Bate Don 652-3249Bateman Earl 652-3279Bates James 120 9AvSE 652-5176Battrum Jack l4MistRdSW 652-4079Battrum John W 6MistRd 652-4064Baxter Paul 207 6AvSE 652-5762Bayduza David 105 4AvSE 652-1561Beach James Box547 652=3136Beach T 126 7AvSE 652-2778Beacome Kenneth 1004 13 StSE 652-3230Beale Dennis 205PolarAvSE 652-2845BEAM VACUUMCENTRE Okotoks 938-4126

Bear Kirby 915 8 Stw 652-1527Beaton F 652-4639Beaton Greg 701 9 stSE 652-3178Beaton Greg 70l 9 StSE 652-5612Beaton J Alex 121HomeBay 652-3527Beaton S 240 2AvSE 652-3764Beattie Kenneth F 329DeForasCloseNW 652-5119Beauchamp B 601-6005Beauchamp Ken Chevrolet Oldsmobile LtdClaresholmDirectLine(NoCharge) 652-4787

Beaudette D 1704 7AvSE 652-7323Beaudette S 652-1779


000120 ̂ TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Bianchini John IVI 1529 lOAvSE 652-4439Biateckl A 652-7849Bibles For Missions Thrift Store339 3AvSE 652-4878

BICE GRAVEL BOX5205Bice Philip R Box667 652-7414Biddy J 5 901MacleodTr 652-7936Bienert Brian 913MacleodTr 652-7210



Big Rocky Mountain Jamboree Box5758..652-9280Bigfoot RV Storage 652-7423Biggin M 652-7084Bighorn Crane Service Ltd 652-2620Bil Roy 652-5577Bill Ross S 1511 llAvSE 652-1356Birch B 1002 6 StSW 652-7992Birch Florence 206 1400 9AvSE 652-3295Birch J 208FreemanWyNW 601-2475Bishop A F Dr Box249 652-2103Bishop Heather 5 1400 9AvSE 652-4309Bitz Elmer 1710 7AvSE 652-2519Biorn R 601-2532Black C 652-4848Black Creek Resources Ltd 9BakerRdSW....652-1130Black Robert M 910 5 StSE 652-3825Black Robert W 217FairwayDr 652-2685Black Robert W 217FairwayDr 652-4619Blahun D L 652-4081Blain L 652-2369Blair R Mrs 68 BAvSE 652-2068Blais Dale 652-7327Blake John 530MacleodTrSW 652-2210Blake John F 530MacleodTr 652-3103Blanchard L 601-2566Blanchard R I 206 815 9 stSW 652-7113Blasius J 26 7AvSE 652-7217Blatz Donald 524CentreStN 652-2798Blayney E Bruce Dr 1033 8 Stw 652-2088Blayney H 652-2233Blayney J 722 3 stSE 652-7749Blayney Keith 5 SullivanRd 652-7394Blayney Neil 13TongueRdSW 652-7010Bleackley Trent 421 9 Stw 652-1809Bliss Tricia 652-3197Bliss Tricia 104LinehamAcresGroveNW 652-7417Block Frank E 709 l7aStSE 652-1928Block H & R 2 28 12AVSE 652-7266Block P 601-2082Blocka Todd D 918 17 StSE. 652-3374Blokland Emile 923EmersonRdSW 652-5067Blondeau L 106 530 4AvSW 652-5130Blouin Eric A 805 5 StSE 652-3130Blue Spruce Auto Parts 28 l2AvSE 652-1515Blue Spruce Motors 28 12AvSE 652-4037Blum Rick 652-2059Blum Rick Faxline 652-3478Blum V L BsmtlOOl 6 Stw 652-7959Boardman Vic RR3 652-7347boardwalk equities incywvw.bwalk.com

Customer Service 310-9255Head Office 200 1501 1 St SW Calgary 531-9255After Hours Corporate Directory 531-9255fax Line 261-9255

Bob Snodgrass Recreation Centre- SeeRecreation Complex

Bodde H & N RR3 652-1087Bodman Raymond J Box38Aldersyde 652-3646Boekhoff Joan lOOlHighGlenBay 652-3390Boese Chris 605 lOAvSE 601-2243Bogda Warren 652-4566Boghean B & L 807 9AvSE 652-2364Bohdanow Paul 112 SunsetWy 652-4874


Brecht-Suitor Jackie36 114Bal(erCreekDrSW 601-2229

Brenner Brian 601-2484Brenner Brian 601-2596Bresnahan Y 9 721 l StSW 601-4659Brewer C 652-3887Brewer Verne 107 530 4AvW 652-5598Bricker J I 201 4AvSE 652-2902Bricker R Aldersyde 652-7047Bricker Reed 1013 6 StSW .652-4144Brien E 417 7AvSE 652-7704

BROADFOOT V DR Vet3 938CentreStS 652-7963

Brocklebank Barton Box5061 StnMaln 652-7656Brocklebank M E Box472 652-2546Brocklebank Mac Box5388.... 652-7418Brockman Ryan 652-4019Brooks Everett 1018 6 Stw 652-3479Brooks M 601-2132Brookwell Darryl 1509 8AvSE 652-3250Brookwell Emily J iiiiHighGlenPlace 652-7092Brookwell Susan 14CataractRd 652-7135Brose Cameron 523HighViewPtNW 601-2529Brossart L 652-5395Brown Albert C 503 8 StSE 652-5998Brown Albert C 503 8 StSE 652-7985Brown Albert Faxline 503 8 StSE 652-5984Brown Brett 34 SheppardRdSW 601-2544Brown Bud 1518 llAvSE 652-4356Brown D 917 15 StSE 652-3284Brown D M 652-7899Brown Dan 40 2AvSE 652-1565Brown Douglas H 631HigfiViewPk 652-7470Brown Garry 1003 11 StSE 652-1284Brown Gordon D 318 6AvSE 652-4207Brown Gordon H P 652-5756Brown Harvey RR3 652-1458Brown Herb 601-2277Brown Herb Faxline 601-2647Brown Howard 309 3AvSE 652-1827Brown J 418KanneiDrNE 652-7228Brown J 60 8AvSE 601-2191Brown Joyce 652-3276Brown Keith 1556BeachWy 652-1431Brown M 652-1690Brown M RR2 652-5609Brown Michael Dr 405 6AvW 652-7921Brown N 508CentreStN 652-4513Brown Peter D 510 9 stw ^52-1624Brown R 308DeForasCloseNWBrown Russel James Box4 SitelRRl 652-4101Brown S 601-4955Brown S 652-5170Brown Sam 601-2632Brown Sam 14 115 8AvSW 601-2619Brown Steven 601-2706Browne A 652-3727Browne Jack 30 6AvSE 652-2241Browning Chris 7TongueRd 652-2580Browning Terry 7TongueRd 652-4601Brownridge D 652-7699Brown-Unger P 105 1400 9AvSE 652-4885Bruce A 652-1545Brucker Robert & Sheila 652-4624Bruins Lloyd 652-1886Bruinsma John Box5993 652-3620


Bruinsma Stewart 551 7 StSW 652-2968Brummelhuis Tom 606 7 StSE 652-3541Bryan Kelvin 2l7PolarAvSE 652-5702Bryce K Aldersyde 652-7035Buchanan Arnold 523HoniePlace 652-2908Buchanan Brian 652-3726Buchwitz L 4TrapRd 652-7536Buckland D 8( K 1103HighGlenPlace 652-5225Budd D 601-4656

Bohnet Peggy 709 19 StSE 601-4644Bojarski G W 915EllisCr 652-4748Boldt Peter 129 4AvSE 601-2459Bolduc Dennis 23HomesteadWySE 652-1357Bolton T 420HomesteadTrSE 652-1839Bonin Dario 801 8AvSE 652-1729Bonin P 601-2755Book Bob 652-5902Book Bob Box44Aldersyde 652-4987Borgstrom Darcy 306 105 7AvSE 652-3192Born Myron 612 3 StSE 652-3952Born Myron Fax Line 652-5912Borody Mike Sr STrapRd 652-3417Boucher Emery 228 llAvSW 652-7166Boucher R & M 504 SaStSE 652-1120Boucher R & M 504 SaStSE 652-1126Bouillet R H 906 10 StSE 652-7806Boulton Barrett 652-3100Boulton Dale & Lorraine 652-5145Bourbonnie G 652-7601Bourne Robert & Wendy 5 131 BAvSE 601-2545Boutland Charles 603 SunshineTr 652-4233Boutland D 601-2333Boutland J 603 SunshineTr 652-5773Bow Valley College 652-8338Bowen Bradley 652-1388Bowen Furdal Manufacturing Ltd 652-4958Fax Line 652-4968

Bowman J W 525 4 StW 652-2953Bowmaster W 652-4381Boyd David R RR3 652-7193Boyd V Mrs 126 815 9 StSW 652-3239Boyde Wayne 652-1135Boyle Rendall 652-2885Braaten D 3 555 9AvW 652-2254Braaten Doreen 811 lOAvSE 652-2254Braaten Gerhart Bsmt31 5AvSE 652-4522Braaten Grant 402 2AvSE 652-3634Braaten Michael l\/lainl22 7AvSE 652-4337Braaten Norman 721 2 stw 652-3586Brackley Gilbert RR2 652-4073Brackley Llew 77 3 StSE 652-2025Brackley Shirley 425 7 stw 652-3376Bradley B P 1029 6 StW 652-7866BRADLEY & GAU INSURANCE AGENCYLTD 101 14 2AvSE 652-1000Fax Line 652-1190

Bradley J 601-2555-Bradley J Faxline 601-2554Bradley J P 139 6AvW 652-3728Bradley Lorna 802 9AvSE 652-1297Bradley N Box384 652-2635Bradley Wayne 652-3175



Bragg Creek Log Home Restoration Ltd..818-6587Braid Robert 610 SaStSE . 652-1224Braid Robert 610 SaStSE 652-5675Brain Injury Association Of Alberta The(NoChargeDial) 1-888-533-5355

Bramley Leslie 1006 2 StW 652-7859Brand 0 15 StimsonRd 652-2883Brands B 652-5990Brands B 9TongueRdSW 652-7348BRANT CHRISTIAN SCHOOLSOCIETY Blackie 684-3752

Bratz R Boxl Site3RR3HighRiver Okotoks 938-3398Braun B 321DeForasCloseNW 652-5190Braunwarth D Box5l25 652-7864Braunwarth V L 937 5 stw 652-7119Brausse L 2 90lMacleodTr 652-1493Breadner Norm 652-4549Breadner Norm Faxline 652-4350Brecht L 36 114BakerCreekDrSW 652-1617



Budny G 652-4742Buehler M A 13TrapRd 652-7598Buitendyk Elsie lO 90lMacleodTr 652-2051Bull R M 652-4770Bulloch W 652-3210Burgess W F 906 14 StSE 652-7459BURIED CABLE LOCATION

Alberta One Call (No Charge)...!- 800-242-3447Burke E 201 131 8AvW 652-2128Burke Tom & Tracy 652-3488BURLES PIANOS SALES &SERVICE 652-4847If Busy Call 652-1203

Buries T G 652-4847Burley Una 11 115 8AvW 652-4406


Fax Line 640-9270

Burndred Archie 505HomePlace 652-1343Burndred Archie SOSHomePlace 652-4665Burndred T & D 652-4131Burnett Kevin 15 lAvSE 652-4532Burns S 652-1717Burston R 523 8 Stw 652-2864Burton Darryl 652-7120Burton David 903MacleodTr 652-3575Burton Scott 601-2712Busque Roger 220 2AvSE 652-4117Buss Gordon 1621 SunshineWySE 652-1994Busser Emil 652-7191BUTLER BOBCAT & CONCRETE607 lOAvSE 652-1751

Butler J K 332 6AvSE 652-3023Butler Jay 820CrescentAv 652-2942Butler Peter & Sherry 607 lOAvSE 652-4377Butuk Paul N 652-2123Byers Leonard L ll22HighViewPt 652-3095Byers Rick 702 2 stw 652-4129Bymak Clint 601-2019Byrne J 652-3400Byrne P J & G 609LinehanAcresDrNW 601-2254

C A A- See Alberta Motor Association

CB Construction Inc 540-6292

C 6 ENGINEERING LTD(NoChargeDial) 1-800-992-2364Fax Line 1-888-259-1666


C H R B Radio Station- See AM 1140Radio Station

C I B C(No Charge Dial) 1-800-465-2422

CIBC VISACustomer Service

Classic VISA 1-888-377=7797Gold VISA

(No Charge Dial) 1-800-465-4653Lost Or Stolen Cards 24 Hours(No Charge Dial) 1-800-663-4575

CIBC InsuranceAutomobile & Property InsuranceSales (No Charge Dial) 1-888-464-2422Service (No Charge Dial) 1-888-275-2422

Life 8i Travel Medical Insurance

(No Charge Dial) 1-800-429-6123Bank Branch

403 1 St W 652-2022

CU AUTOBODY409 2AVSE 652-5525

000120° TEIUS Advertising Services 1999

Canadian AirlinesReservations &. Information Calgary 235-1161Flight Arrival/Departure Information 207-6600TDD For Hearing Impaired I(No Charge Dial) 1-800-465-3611Baggage Inquiries 221-2848Air Cargo Services 248-2888


Canadian Cancer SocietyCalgary & District Unit Office Calgary 205-3966Cancer Information Service (TollFree) 1-888-939-3333


CANADIAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION(No Charge Dial) 1-800-563-0032CANADIAN 88 ENERGY CORPORATION700 400 3AvSW Calgary 974-8800Turner Valley Office 933-2573CANADIAN FREIGHTWAYS LTD

4041b 6 St SE Calgary 243-7701Expedited Service(No Charge Dial) 1-888-868-7923

Price Quotations(No Charge Dial) 1-800-561-5555


Canadian Machine Analysis &Conditioning 652-1514CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAYRailway Emergencies 1-800-795-7851CP Police 1-800-551-25S3Customer Service

Transportation Service Centre 1-800-704-4000Customer Service Team 1-888-333-8111Passenger Service-See Via Rail Canada IncInternet:wWW.cPR.cA

Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan(No Charge Dial) 1-877 333-7377CANADIAN SURETY CO-SEE ALLIANZINSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA1400-715 SAvSW Calgary 261-3080


Canam Work Wear & Supplies426 8 StSW 652-4145Fax Line 652-4120CANBRA FOODS LTD ....Blackie 684-3727CANTEL AT&T STORE4636MacleodTrSW Calgary 287-0870285 Shawville Blvd SE Calgary 254-6901108a 5809 Macleod Tr SW Calgary 252-2227206 12 Av SE Calgary 265-5555

Canton Chinese Restaurant 617 i stw ... 652-3935Caplette Terry 704RiversideDrNW 652-5769

CARCRAFT AUTO BODY197 Stockton A V Okotoks 938-3160

Cargill Foods 652-4688Fax Line 652-4671Fax Line 652-5335

CARLA'S DRAPERIES117 4AvSW 652-1788If Busy Call 652-5698

Carleton A 214 i2AvW 652-32041Carleton M 7PekiskoRd 652-20241Carlson K 2 117 7AvSE 652-3490;Carlson K 2 117 7AvSE 652-50831Carlson Norman G 652-7744

CAA- See Alberta Motor Association

CABOS CAFE 430 BAvSE 652-1744CAFE TAFEL 520MacleodTrSW 601-6017Cal Sewing Machine Repair Cnt...Calgary 272-9922If Busy Call 735-0261Fax Line 272-0066

Caldwell Fraser 206 105 7AvSE 601-6070


100 2635 Portland St SE Calgary 234-7429CALL BEFORE YOU DIG(No Charge Dial) 1-800-242-3447

Callahan Jeff 652-1685Callahan Lewis BoxSllS 652-2075Callison Donna 900 6 stSE 652-1595Calvert Geoffrey J 652-5035CameoService 5945 Centre St S Calgary 248-3553Parts 5945 Centre St S Calgary 248-4434

Camelot Technologies Ltd 652-1140If Busy Call 652-5750

Cameo Hair Design 3 66 lOAvSE 652-1114Cameron B 154 815 9 stSW 652-2796Cameron Clayton 652-7015Cameron Clayton 652-7157Cameron Exelby Inc 601-2777Cameron Janice 604 6AvSE 601-6006Cameron Jewell 652-7472CAMERON-OKOLITA INC(No Charge Dial) 1-888-543-3456Camp Chamisall .: Calgary 686-4206Campbell Allan 652-1195Campbell Ann 720MacleodTr 652-4686Campbell B 601-4655Campbell Brian 719 SAvSE 652-3886Campbell Bruce 933 5 stsw 652-7644Campbell C Dan 1505 BAvSE 652-3450CAMPBELL C DAN DR chirptr119 2aAvSW 652-7767Residence 1505 8AvSE 652-3450

Campbell Erin llCataractRdSW 601-6012Campbell Kirk 652-4887Campbell Lee F Box655 652-2571Campbell M 109 9AvSE 652-7440Campbell M L 652-1605Campbell Ronald G 902EiiisCr 652-2488Campbell T lOCataractRdSW 601-2158CANADA POST(Voir Postes Canadapour service en francais)Customer ServicePostal Code InformationCharges To Caller ApplyAs Explained On Call 1-900-565-2633

General & Delivery Information(No Charge Dial) 1-800-267-1177

TDD (Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing)(No Charge Dial) 1-800-267-2797

Postal Outlet For Products And Services

105 1 St W 652-2868

CANADA SAFEWAY LIMITED61 OBigRockRoad Okotoks 938-9341Customer Service 938-9341Bakery 938-9347Deli 938-9356Floral 938-9354Pharmacy 938-9351





_Fax Line 938-2474Carmacks Enterprises LtdMaintenance Shop 652-2061

.Fax Line 652-1448Carmicheal Lawrence 17 406CentreStS 601-4674Carnegie A! 527 7 stw 652-1632Carole & Company 113MacieodTrS 652-1536Carolina Homes Inc Skowhome 652-5556Caron F J 652-5315Caron Larry & Linda 652-4817Caron S 307 6AvSE 652-5141Carpenter G sic SaStSE 652-4095Carpenter T Geoff... 652-1503Carpenter T Geoff Faxline 652-1591Carpenter Tim 326 2AvSE 652-1249Carr Andrew 652-5277Carrier Bob RRl-Okotoks 652-2617Carroll Canyon RanchRR2HighRiver Longview 558-3698

Carse Fred 517 7 stsw 601-4917Carse Fred 517 7 StSW 652-5629Carswell James 1005 15 StSE 652-4662Carter Ian 711 SAvSE .' 652-4240Carter Leona 127 815 9 stsw 652-2006Carter M 406 2 StSE 652-3491Casavant Clem 601-2728Cascadden W 130 6AvW 652-3748Case C 652-4504Caspell Ralph 1112High6lenPiaceNW..... ..652-5782

CAHLEJACKS'420CentreStN 652-1555

Celikovsky Penny 216HomesteadClose 652-1599Cennon Brad 1005 17 StSE 601-2597

CEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATION INALBERTA Calgary 543-1161Toll Free 1-800-363-2807


Dial) 1-877-262-2000Cesar L 28RileyStNE 652-4291Chadney Lome & Mary i9TongueRdSW 652-1760Chadstagg T 652-4236Chaffee HR 1024 13 StSE 652-4590Champagne Arnold 19PekiskoRd 652-1574CHAMP'S Pumping & Curbing903 11 StSE 602-3555

Chapin Ken 506 18 StSE 601-2550Chapman B 652-4342Chapman Trevor 626LinehamAcresDrNW 652-4527Charest Yvon 652-7370Charles S 652-2898Charlton Dale 321 520 2 stSE 652-4423Charlton Terry 1009 5 StSE 652-3602Chastko Larry J 1131HighGlenPlaceNW 601-4690Chatelain B 652-1891Chayer Wayne 5TongueRdSW 652-2761Chayer Wayne Fax 601-4625Cheney Terry & Rhonda 329 savSE 652-3792Cherneski Irvin 909 12 stSE 652-2753Cherneski Irvin Children's Phone 652-1185Cherrywood Glass ProductsBay6 805 llAvSE 652-1182CHESAPEAKE DESIGN GROUP1478 Saxony Lane 652-4696

Chesko Jason 652-1767CHESTERMERE MEATS langdon 936-2725Chiasson A 652-5301Chichery Oliver 440MacleodTrSW 601-6003Chick B 1202HighViewPt 652-7151Chikowski B 320AuroraDrSE 652-3353Chikowski Fred 905 6 StSE 652-7779

Chikowski Tyler 311AuroraDrSE 652-2397CHINOOK FABRICS CUSTOM DRAPERIES149MacleodTrSW 652-3145


Chinook Home Inspection Services Inc ... 651-7916Chinook Rod RR3 652-1707Chinook Rod RR3 652-2157CHINOOK SOD FARMS LTD 652-5659Chipchase Brian 728 8AvSE 652-7226Chipman D 652-1779Chipman David 652-1756Choiselat A 652-7596Chornohus Morris 9HomesteadWySE 652-7507Chouinard L 652-3108Chouinard L 652-3453Chris B 412FreemanWyNW 652-1991Chrisp G 601-2065Chrisp Gordon 652-7523


HOLY SPIRIT ACADEMY (GR K-10)1500 High Country Dr NW 652-2231

HOLY TRINITY ACADEMY (GR 9-12)53 Cimarron Dr Okotoks 938-4600


(Gr 1-12)54 Elma St Okotoks 938-4119

ST PAUL'S VIRTUAL SCHOOL (GR 5-12)54 Elma St Okotoks 938-8046

Christensen Allan 1024 6 Stw 652-4797Christensori Kim 9OOHighCountryPlaceNW....652-4896CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCHMacleodTr&4 StSW 652-7179Fax Line 652-7169

Christiansen Bruce 725 8AvSE 652-2542

CHRISTIANSON PIPE LTD 652-4336Christmas S & D 652-1176Christoffersen Carroll 652-5352Christofferson Louis Bill5 2 ORiversideDrNW 652-7544

Chuchmuch Jason & Trevor212HomesteadClose 652-7909

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-DaySaints 652-2909If Busy Call 652-4141

Cicansky J 652-7751Cicon Louis D 652-4620Cieslak J L 652-1858Clark Bryan 613 3 StSE 652-3480Clark C lOl 34 6AvSE 652-5664Clark Glen RR2 652-7570Clark John 907 15 StSE 652-7960Clark Kevin 652-1813Clark MA 652-7262Clark Rose Anne 208 5AvSE 652-1099Clark Rosie 652=1532Clark V 652-2787Clark Wade 652-2804Clarke H D 707 17aStSE 652-7371Clarke Randy 601-2353Clarke Russell 601-2123Classen Brian G 718 8AvSE 652-7604

CLASSIC SPORTS & AWARDS4 21ElizabethSt Okotoks 938-5772

Clearview Financial Ltd 5l7HighViewPt 652-7574Clements W 523 9 stw 652-3470Clenchy Fredrick S 508HighViewPt 652-7227Clerk Thomas R 802 2 stw 652-4010Cliff D 904 11 StSE 652-4192Clifton R 652-5118Clingman R 652-1673Close M SPekiskoRd 652-4121Clute Brian 103 510 2 StSE 652-1272


Clute H K 201FairwayDr 652-7651Coakwell Gerald L IBakerRd 652-7648

COAKWELL MOORE ChartdAcctnts 318CentreStS 652-3032Gerald L Coakwell Res 652-7648Wayne A Moore Res 652-7885Cameron W Crawford Res 652-3778Donald C Phillips Res 652-7920Darlene L Gehrke Res 652-1436Rodney L Baceda Res 652-3509Fax Line 652-7051

Coate C 322 12AvSW 652-7269Coate Laverne 413 BAvSE 652-7814Coates Gordon Si Doreen 601-6055Coates N 402 12AvSE 652-3893Cobban C 104 1400 9AvSE 652-4258Cobbe Jim 601-2337Coffee Escape The 28 12AvSE 652-4882Coffee Time Donuts lloSflB stSE 601-2448Fax Line 601-2515

Coffin Bill 652-7902Colbow C L 206 530 4AvW 652-5369Colbow H 3 405 9AvW 652-4957Coldham Gordon J 909 16 StSE 652-4440Cole D 652-2334Cole Greg 36 1400 9AvSE 652-3591Cole Robert 1606 9AvSE 652-5997Cole Robert J 501 8 StSE 652-7402Coleman Bob 821 5 StSE 652-3396Coleman F 3 112 9AvSW 601-2086Collar Dan 652-1709Collar Dan Fax Line 601-2116COLLEEN'S HAIR STUDIO103 2aAvSW 652-2570

Colliar Gordon 652-5356Colliar Gordon Faxline 601-2637Collins Gary V 7 721 1 StSW 652-1982Collyer Orval E 315DeForasCloseNW 652-2461Colter Lois & Leroy 103 4AvSE 652-3871Colwell Mike 902 17 stSE 652-7927Colwell W C 808 2 Stw 652-7847Comeau Gary St Lisa l 1002 llAvSE 652-2469Comeau J 421 4AvSE 652-1091


Companion Gail 652-1897

COMPTON PETROLEUMCORPORATIONMAZEPPA PLANT 652-0200If Busy Call 652-4631Control Room 652-0236In Case Of Emergency 652-0200Fax Line 652-4863Gladys Plant Blackie 684-3710Fax Line 684-3726

Comstock Wesley 4 114 BAvSE 601-2584Conrad Donald H 731 BAvSE 652-1047Conrad H L 108 l StSE 652-2263Conradson E 3TongueRd 652=3072Contain-A-Way Services 652-7752Contreras Franklin 2 118 8AvSE 652-1881Cook S V 314 SAvSE 652-2757Cook T & J 1305 9AvSE 652-4867Cook W H 135 SunsetWy 652-1094Cooke Raymond A 909 17 StSE 652-1571COOL SPRING WATER5355 8 StNE Calgary 275-0606

Cooney's Farm Services Ltd81 OCentreStS 652-1066

Coonfer C 652-5289Coonfer Doug 613 8 StSE 652-3963Coonfer Keitn l201HighCountryDrNW 652-2447Coonfer Keith 1201HighCountryDrNW 652-3340Cooper Lawrence J 84 2aStSE 652-3315



Cooper M J 801 1 StSE 652-5952Cooper S 416 3 StSE 652-4944Cooper S Faxline 652-1700CO-OPERATORS INSURANCE/FINANCIALSERVICES THESales 8( Claims

335B Macleod Tr SW 652-8665If Busy Call 652-8666


1905 20 Av Nanton 646-2877After Hours Emergency Service 1-800-465-2667

Copeland L lOSFreemanWyNW 601-2394CORBEH CHIROPRACTICDr Robert Corbett

Dr Jo-Anne Corbett 652-1020Corbett Richard l SulllvanRd 652-1309Corbett Richard 3 lis BAvSW 652-1965Corbett Robert & Jo-Anne 652-5307Corner T Wayne 652-4504Corner T Wayne Faxline 652-4574Corner W T Computer 652-4503Cornish H L 652-3895Corns D llOBhighGlenPlace 652-3102Cosgrove Barry 133FairwayVw 652-3122Cossette Jason 652-2016Costerton D 652-5661Costerton D 652-5673Cote D G 318 SAvSE 652-7353Cottonwood Bridal 9 104 3AvSE 652-4993Cottonwood Design Ltd 7 35 SAvSE 652-5534Cottrell Clay 507 6 StSE 652-7312COUEY AUCTION LTD cayiey 395-2271Couey C ...652-5339Couey Eldon 930 6 StW 652-4883Coulter Calvin 1713 6AvSE 652-2083COUNTRY CHRYSLER1103 14 StSE 652-4949Fax Line 652-7730

Countryside Taxidermy Boxl6 651-0930Cousineau M 652-7758Cousins Don 114HomeBay 652-2393Cousyn Michel 416RiversideDrNW 601-2676Cowan Brian 904RiversideDrNW 601-6044Cowell G 652-7876Cowell Glen 652-2566Cowles David 652-2367Cowley Frank 220CentreAvS 652-2171Cowling Barbara lOl 815 9 StSW 652-2843Cowling Carl R 334DeForasCloseNW 652-7619Cowling Dean 908HighiandGreenDrNW 652-5397Cowling Eric Box5706 652-2631Cowling Irene N 308 530 4AvW 652-7735Cowling R 325 8AvSE 601-2500Cowling Rob 325 8AvSE 601-2595Cowling Stan 4io 7 stw 652-2649Cowling W D 209HomesteadClose 652-2849Cox D Arthur 652-3693Cox David S 937 6 stw 652-7460Cox Murray 652-7608Coy Darren & Sherry6 2 7LinehamAcresNW 601-4963

Coy Darren & Sherry627Lineham AcresNW 652-1463

Craig Edgar Rev 1005 1 StW 652-3517Craig John Bsmt702 6 StSE 601-2103Craig K 652-3820Craig Karen M 140 2AvSE 652-3985Craig L 120 2AvSE 601-2665Craig Robert 92 2aStSE 652-2282Craig S L 652-1977Crane Miles & Lenora ii02HighGlenPlace..652-2993Crawford BobCrawford C Faxline 652-1789Crawford Cameron W i586GasconyLane ...652-3778Cravrford D & N 130 8AvSE 652-3907Crawford Don C 904HighCountryPlace 652-4839Crawford G 1 107 6AvSE 652-1123Crawford Judy 605 7 StSE 652-7246

000120 ° TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Cybulski T 652-5229Cyndl's Pet Palace & Foothills PetResort 652-7004If Busy Call Cayiey 395-2211

Czirfusz M 406HomesteadTrSE 601-2145Czirfusz M Faxline 406HomesteadTrSE 652-5324Czop V R 1521 lOAvSE 652-4057D M Plumbing 6TongueRd 652-4275D & S AUTO 805 llAvSE 652-1208

D S WHITFORD TRUCKINGNavajo Trucking 652-2208If Busy Call 652-21492 109 6 Av SE 652-4076

D W Sandblasting & AutobodyBox24RR3 Site3 Okotoks 803-3070

D W Short International Ltd12 AvSiCentre 652-7944

Daamen Cindy 102 510 2 StSE 652-3826Dade Steve 652-5358Dahl Ross 652-1846Dakin Budd Si Ellen DestlnyRldge 601-2223Dale H 202 131 BAvSW 652-2559Dale J C 652-3625Daley Wallace & Melva 326 6AvSE 652-2445Dallyn Rocky 601-2336Daipe J RR3 652-4559Dalzell George 301FairwayVwNW 601-2454Dand Harry 0 509RiversideDrNW 601-4645Danforth R R 704 5 StSE 652-3904Daniels J 652-3458Danilowich P.... 601-4942DANORR Custom Homes140 6HighCountryDrNW 652-5157

Dansie R 652-2678Danylak Walter 8i Marjorie 601-4961Dao Ruong 1806 6AvSE 652-1283D'Arcy V J 308AuroraDr 652-1544DATAPAC PUBLIC DIAL PORTS- TELUSHIGH RIVER (ALIA) (403)(Auto 110-300) Calgary 264-93401200 290-02132400 265-8292(Auto 0-9600) 265-4107

Davidson Bill 1302 lOAvSE 652-4741Davidson C 38 1400 9AvSE 652-5953Davidson C 38 1400 9AvSE 652-5994Davidson M K 652-3301)Davidson Ron lOSFalrwayVwNW 652-3213Davidson S 601-4974Davidson V 102 131 8AvSW 652-4421Davidson W A 16RiversideVillas 652-4483Davies C 3BakerRdSW 601-6086Davies Debra 902 15 StSE 652-5663Davies Michael W 652-3804Davies W H 652-4561Davis G W 4 115 8AvW 652-7024Davis Ken & Dawn 606 8 StSE 652-4857Davis Kirk 705 3 StSW 652-5656Davis R & J 652-2506Davis Robert B 507 8 StSE 652-5021Davis Shawn 608 18 StSE 652-5215Davison Betty 6 211BakerCreekPlaceSW 601-6063Dawe L 652-1212Dawson C 1006CrescentAv 652-2675Dawson EMTed 903 17 stSE 652-3786

DAWSON T PHOTO/GRAPHICS'LTD 617 1 Stw 652-3610Fax Line 652-5132

Day Alan 525HighViewPtNW ..652-7388Day Douglas F 820 SAvSE 652-7559Day Gerry Box5828 652-4264DAY'S GRAVEL PIT 00x5828...Deacon Gary 905 ll stSE 652-3345Dean Dennis 5i2bi8 stSE 652-5057Deans James 652-1531

Crawford Ted 153FairwayVwNW 652-4489

CRAWFORD TRUSS & FLOOR SYSTEMS-See Nu-Fah Building Products Truss& Floor Systems Division

CREATIVE CERAMIC TILE2 815Macl_eodTrSW... 652-7862

Creative Scissors Hair Studio317MacleodTrSW 601-6066

CREDIT UNION PIONEER"319CentreStSW 652-2919Fax Line 652-7587

Cress Robert 652-7555Cressman E J 132 7AvW 652-4530

CRIME STOPPERS(No Charge Dial) 1-800-222-8477




Cromarty R 652-4509Crooks S R 730 9AvSE 652-7230Crosby Gordon R 28 5AvSE 652-7334Cross Ernie 816RiversideDr 652-1181Cross L 652-4328Crossfield Wm 306 1400 9AvSE 652-5654Croteau Ken 908 ISaStSE 652-2590Crowder Perry 652-3429Crown Caisson3111 ShepardPlaceSE Calgary 215-5300

Crozier L Box7575 652-7197Cruikshank Bob 500 6 StSW 652-7760Cruikshank Kelly 652-1564Crysbi Crafts Inc RR3 652-1516CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING LTD437 36AvSE Calgary 243-5141

Culp B C 902 SaStSE 652-2031Culver L 925 7 stw 652-4945Cumberland Chris 95 2aStSE 652-3241Cumbers F 703 6 StSE 652-7688Curran F 652-5009

CURRIE DRUGS114 3AvW 652-2432If Busy Call 652-7782After Hours Call 652-4331

Currie Michael 716 9AvSE 652-7187Currie W F 210 2AveSE 652-2403Curry W S 652-5786Curtis Rick 232PolarAvSE 601-2533Cusick Reg 314AuroraDrSE 652-3860Cusson Gary 527 4 StSW 652-5687

CUSTOM DESIGN417 1 Stw 652-1696Fax Line 652-1755

Custom Land Contractors Ltd 652-8126Cutforth Gerald 929MacleodTr 652-2638


Cutting T 652-2963Cutting T 1515 lOAvSE 601-2049Cyanamid Customer Resource Centre(NoChargeDial) 1-800=387-5073


000120 ° lELUS Advertising Services 1999

Deans Joel 815 6 StSE 652-4484

dIeARING a GEORGE Lawyr'■ 103 14 2AvSE 652-2771

Fax Line 652-2699A George Dearing Res 652-2509

Dearlng M & G 703 l7aStSE 652-2509Dearman Gayle 402 SAvSE ,.652-3370Dearman Shannon 107 4AvSE 601-2594Deck Rick 707 2 StSW 652-1705Deck Rick 707 2 stw 652-3863Decker G Modem 652-5976Decker Gordon llTongueRd 652-2363Decker R 601-2733

DEER-COUNTRY EQUIPiVIENT404 21 StSE 652-7797Fax Line 652-1828

DeFreese Sherri 3 118 8AvSE 652-5122Degenstlen Roger 504RiversideDrNW 601-4611Degethoff D 652-3545Delbert M P 106 815 9 StSW 652-2071Delnes Barry 652-7639Delnes E l is 6AvSE 652-2801Dejnes K 1022 13 StSE 652-4991Delnes M C Aldersyde 652-7479De Jong Durk 7HomesteadWy 652-7625Dekelver Thomas 103PacificAvAldersyde 652-3920DeLaMare George RR2HighRiver.,.Longview 558-3698De La Mare Wade 109 8AvSE 652-5634De La Mothe 8 601-2776Delanoy Robert 1476 SaxonyLane 652-2027Delanoy Robert 1476 SaxonyLane 652-3986

DELANOY ZIEL Cert MngmntAcctnts 200 14 2AvSE 652-2955Calgary 264-2900Harry Ziel Res Calgary 256-7509Robert Delanoy Res 652-2027Fax Line 652-2521

Delay Dave 1802 6AvSE 652-4655


Delogu Terry 2 114 8AvSE 652-1244Demers N C & D M 652-4425Demetrow J 4 50 8AvSE 601-2476DEMPSEY DAVID D DR Vet

1104 18 StSE 652-1300Dempsey R Vernon soiRiversideDrNW 601-2569Denardi Peter & Luigl 652-3529Denette Christian 605 SunshineTr 652-1677Denette Christian Fax 652-2549Denney E 109 410 7 stSW 652-2265Dennie Frank 85 2aStSE 652-7514Dennis G M 116HighGlenPlace 652-4941Dentman Wesley l2TrappRd 652-3046De Paole Angelo & Elone 652-3401De Paoli B & L 508 8 stSE 652-7663De Paoli L Fax 508 8 StSE 652-5018Derbecker Renee 652-7154Derbyshire R 104 815 9 StSW 652-3876Derede J D300DeForasCloseNW 601-2295Derhousoff T J 652-1985Derksen Brian 652-1404Deroo John 652-1745Derrick A 612HighViewPk 652-1731Dersch Ray 652-1587Desbiens K 601-4935Deslgnworks Ltd 517HighViewPt 652-7574Desjarlais Robert SCataractRdSW 601-2719Despas Ray 6 115 lOAvW 652-2277

HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 149Doupe D E 116 815 9 StSW 652-3271Downey Dean 1 1001 IOAvSE 652-2028Downey Fergus J iil4HighViewPt 652-7543Downey George 2i2PolarAv 652-1864Downs A W 813 5 StSE 652-2782Doyle C 652-5988Doyle Michael E 652-7267Draper John 140 3AvSE 652-7641Draper Margaret 423KanellDrSE 652-4669Drebit Ed llSHomeBay 652-5084Drescher Randy & Cathy 508 18 StSE 601-2639Drinkwater B T 902 9 stw 652-1240Driver L & T 652-4201Drobot D B Okotoks 652-7405DRUMMOND PHILLIPS & SEVALRUD

900 521 3AvSW Calgary 221-8700Duarto K 601-2087Dube Bill 652-5593Dube L M 652-1425Duce Locke 652-4783Duce Rory 33 SAvSE 652-1853Duce Rory G Chartd Acctnt

117MacleodTr 652-7277Fax Line 652-7860

Ducvan Tan 609HomesteadPlaceSE 601-2281Dudgeon Ian 652-3036Dudgeon Ken 522 6AvSW 652-5033Dudley W E 112 1 StSE 652-2669Dudley's Pub 134PioneerSq 652-4995Dueck Jack 652-7333Dugdale R 601-2617Duguay Y 652-5301Duguid Clayton 201 616 19 StSE 652-5279Duguid Clayton 201 616 19 stSE 652-5391Dunbar Tom 652-1749Duncan Harry & Diane 192 l2AvSW 652-1036Duncan J M 614HighViewPkNW 652-7870Duncan Raymond RR2 652-7202Dunham R R 1213HighCountryDr 652-1237Dunham Ron 1213HighCountryDrNW 652-7693Dunlop Robert J 533 7 stw 652-1060Dunn Ted 20 423FreemanWyNW 652-1040Dunn Vernon & Yvonne siSHighViewPk 652-2988

DUNSMORE RICK o/c 652-7988Duperron Ray 912 15 StSE 652-2819Dupuis C 652-3894Durand J 652-1110Durante R G 652-5077Durbano Heather 1112HighCountryDr 652-4376Durieux Norm 8c Bev 402EiiisCrSE 652-5059Durnin Margaret 234 2AvSE 652-5932Duxbury J 714 5 StSE 652-4798Dyck Frank 607 8 StE 652-7675Dyck Kim 652-4536Dyck Leonard 625HighViewPk 652-3358Dyer Jack 520HomePlaceSE 652-3996Dykmans L ITrapRd 652-4401Dykstra Glenn 652-2534Dykstra R Fax Line 652-4891Dykstra Raymond 1708 7AvSE 652-4049Dymott A 652-1978Dymott M RR3 652-2381Dyrgas Tony 208PoiarAv 652-4030E C 0 Filtration Services 652-2882

Fax Line 652-3554E F W RADIOLOGY 560 9AvW... 652-0134Eadie L 652-4630Eadie Lome R 716 3 Stw 652-2169Eamor Glen & Marion 901RiversideDrNW...652-7702Eamor M 1013 5 Stw 652-1833EAMOR'S SADDLERY LIMITED

5 35 SAvSE 652-2614Fax Line 652-4319

Earl B RR2 652-2597Earl Bill RR2 652-7297Earl Harley RR2 652-7081Earl Harley Fax Line 652-5172

Desrochers J 652-1382Desrochers Johnnie 652-3088D'Esterre-Smith E J 652-1680Deswart Adrian 601-2526de Tremaudan A 323 520 2 stSE 601-2240DeVries Berend 1038 8 StW 652-2655DeVries Gary 1002 5 StW 601-4970DeVries Gary 1002 5 Stw .....652-7734Devries Rick 652-7553Dewitt B 115 815 9 StSW..'. 652-2557Dewolde M 521LinehamAcresDrNW 652-7742Dewolde M 512LinehamAcresDrNW 652-7746Dewolde M 512LinehamAcresDrNW 652-7872Dexter David & Stephanie

158 2GasconyLaneSW 601-6068Deyholos Arthur & Elenora

607 SunshineTrSE 652-5232Deyo Dale 204FreemanWyNW 652-3973Dhaliwal Sookie 652-2855Dial-A-Law (NoChargeDial) 1-800-332-1091Dickau G E 608 5 StSE 652-3161Dickson Jack 652-3475Diebel R 141 815 9 StSW 652-3296Diebolt G 652-2844Dierickse Leon 652-2724Dierickse Ted 652-1136Diet Centre 617 l StSW 652-5224

Fax Line 652-5244Dijker A J 623HighViewPk 652-1422Diller Gordon L 615 8 StSE 652-5149Dillman Art lOll 17 StSE 652-5015Dillon K 610 6 StSE 652-7678Dingwall G 652-5291DIRECTPROTECT

(NoChargeDial).. 1-800-810-4990Dirks Tammy 4 117 7AvSE 601-4615Ditzler Calyton & Shannon 105 lAvSE 652-4467Diversified Landscapes Box5877 652-2122

Fax Line 652-3622DIXON CHARLES A Lavoyr

126 Elizabeth St Okotoks 938-8131Dixon Dennis 904 7 stSE 652-1222Dixon M R 710 3 StW 652-7340Dixon Terry & Nora 708 3 StSE 601-6000Dixon Yvonne 8 7AvSE 652-2996Dobek Kelly 652-4793Dodds C 601-6022Doepel C 730 3 StSE 652-7658Doering Ivan 652-1453Doherty Ev 18 SheppardRd 652-3901Doll S L 29 SheppardRd 652-4411DOLPHIN HEALTH & MASSAGE


10771 180 StNW Edmonton 780-483-8001Donald Jim 508 6 StSE 652-5349Donesanouphith S 917 5 StSE 652-5781Dong Bobby 140 6AvW 652-2047Dong Suey Wah 20 4AvSE 652-2018Donnelly C 7 1400 9AvSE 652-1462Donnelly E Joan 10l7bl0AvSE 652-7794Donnelly R 652-3157Donnelly R A 652-4943Don's Auto Repair Bayl 805 llAvSE 652-5258Doran Geoff 630LinehamAcresDrNW 652-1873Dorman Thomas L 1006 ll stSE 652-4541Dormer D & S 1622 SunshineWySE 652-1530Dormer D & S Faxline

1622 SunshineWySE 652-1082Doucette John 601-2102Dougherty Fawn & Luther

1016HighGlenPlaceNW ..652-1964Dougherty J E 835 8 stw 652-2191Dougherty W C 402 9 stw 652-2438Douglas Homes Ltd Show Home

1412HighCountryDrNW 601-2342Doupe Arthur Box5021 652-7497

Office 652-3028



Earl Norman rr2 652-7293Earl S M 501 6 StSE 652-5038East M 652-2799East Side Liquor Il03dl8 StSE 652-3635Eberle M 121 SunsetWy 652-3637EBERLE MATT SADDLERYBoxllSl 652-2907

Eckes S 652-1265

ECOWATER CALGARY5355 8 StNE Calgary 275-0606

Eddolls David 610 6 Stw 652-2019Edge E R 652-7804Edgerton Gordon T Mrs 340 2AvSE 652-7454Edmond C 652-1550Edmond C 652-5900Edmonds B 652-5050Education Innovation 27 2 StSE 652-5964Fax Line 652-4436Or 652-5964

Education Plus 119CentreStS 601-4640Edwards Chris 702 6 StSE 601-6013Edwards Doug 805 9AvSE 652-7186Edwards Fred 317DeForasCloseNW 652-3339Edwards G B 905 15 StSE 652-1327Edwards Herman 817 7 stw 652-2014Edwards K li 721 1 StSW 652-4589Edwards M M 215 SAvSE 652-3615Edwards R 652-3428Edwards Rob 7li 18 StSE 652-3428Edwards' S 601-2747Edwards SL1198159 stSW 652-2681Edwards W & J 1311 lOAvSE 652-3179Egeland Brad & Julie 6l2al8 StSE 652-5610Egeland Eric 1020 9 stSW 652-5697Egeland Eric 1020 9 Stw 652-2037Eickhoff D 8i M 601-2697Eickhoft D & M Faxline 601-269818th Street Gas Bar 1103 18 StSE 652-5586Elder L 652-5281Eldridge D 314CentreStN . ".652-3151Eldridge Joe 652-7937Eldridge Max 652-4988ELECTROLUX CANADA10 430AcadiaDrSE Calgary 252'-1158

^2017 Centre St N Calgary 230-9033Elferzeli Claudale ll6a9AvSW 652-4917EIke Eugene 652-2002EIke Eugene 17HomesteadWySE 652-2785Ell Alvin 4 109FreemanWyNW 652-1841Ellice Corinne 120 SAvSE 652-5674Ellice Craig 701 lOAvSE 652-1289Ellice D 7 901MacleodTr 652-3577Ellice Dan 36 SheppardRd 652-3115Ellice Drew 652-4977Elliott Barry D 319 laStN ..".. ..".".652-7283Elljott Bob 80X596 Okotoks 938-6882Elliott C A 1519 llAvSE 652-1784Elliott Cara 652-3172Elliott Douglas 31 lAvSE 652-5184Elliott Karen 652-4389Elliott Kim 429HomesteadTrSE 652-3044Elliott Murray 902MacleodTrSW 601-6052Elliott Ron W 601-2371Elliott Viviane 134 815 9 StSW 652-4005Elliott Walter 1505 llAvSE 652-4581

000120® TELUS Advertising Services 1999

ELLIOTTS PAINTING &DECORATING LTD904 14 StSE 601-6045Fax Line 601-6049

Ellis Douglas S 705 3 StSE 652-2543Ellis E G 652-1639Ellis G M 515HomePlaceSE 652-2096Ellsworth D 601-2551Ellsworth R 652-2251Ellsworth R 652-4225Embretson A 205 1400 9AvSE 601-2117

EMPIRE FINANCIAL GROUP410 340 12AvSW Calgary 269-1000

Empringham Randy 118 3AvSE 601-4972Empringham Randy 118 3AvSE 652-4001ENCORE CATERING INC 652-7299Endres Felix 413 4AvSE 652-7123Endres 1 601-4997Engel Jeff 25 2 StSE 652-2860England Kenneth R529LinehamAcresDrNW 601-2531

Enloe J 117FairwayVwNW 652-3956Ensz Kerry 1724 7AvSE 652-5241Ensz Kevin 2 600CentreStS 652-2803Entner D 652-5717Entz Jacob 652-4203Entz N 601-2615Eppy Garry 601-2288Epton T & C 523LinehamAcresDrNW 601-2640Erdman B 811 6 StSE 652-4829Erfle D 652-3971Erickson B 8 SullivanRd 652-4359Erickson Guy 922CrescentAv 652-3282Erickson Lindsay 652-1489ERNIES TRUCK SERVICEBox5 9DeWinton Okotoks 938-7972

Ernst Bruce 244PoiarAvSE 652-1189Errson B J 652-5503Ersson B J 652-7279Esser John 652-5153Essig Rector S 409KanellDr 652-3830ESTATE MAINTENANCE &LANDSCAPING 652-4999

Esteves Paul 3 50 8AvSE 601-2335Evangelista M 601-2741Evans Brian 652-5641Evans Cathy Fax 652-5543Evans D 804 7 StW 652-3439Evans Jim 652-1725Evans John 6 211BakerCreekPlaceSW 601-6063Evans M 812HighCountryBay 652-2547Evans R P 1021 5 StSE 652-2258Evans Stephen 652-4873Eveline Nelson 706 5 stSE 601-2054Eveline Nelson 706 5 stSE 601-4693Ewanishin A M 309 IAvSE 652-2202Ewashen D 601-4636Ewing James 10I8 14 stSE - 652-4735Excel Geophysics Inc Mn O/c303 21 StSE 652-1068Fax Line 652-1085

EXELBY & PARTNERS LTD(No Charge Dial) 1-888—699-5999EXTRA FOODS PHARMACY1103 18 St IaMDoctor's Line OnlyCustomer Prescriptions Only 652-8650

F N A Foods Inc 652-1508FABRICON SYSTEMS (ALBERTA) INC102illisCrSE 652-2127Fax Line 652-3027

Fagan A R 1120HighCountryDr 652-3870Fagan John J HomesteadlrlrPk 652-3391Fallows J D 652-7409Fallwell Frank A Box57l0 652-7076FAMILY 8t COMMUNITY SUPPORTSERVICES 122 4AvSW 652-8620FAMILY FIRST FINANCIAL SERVICES

Uttier Dougherty 652-5963Fax Line 652-4927

Fancourt Bill 652-5239

Farm Credit Corporation Canada (Fcc)-See Government Of Canada BluePages 495-9978

Farm Meats Canada Ltd 652-4300If Busy Call 652-4785


90 12 Av SE

If Busy CallFax Line


Farrelly P J 809 7 stw 652-7669Farrow P RR3 652-7548Farrow Ron 615 7 StSE 652-3543Farthing I M 503FlighViewPk 652-1019Fas Gas High Wood Service219CentreStSE 652-7525

Faubert Marcus A 652-7053Faubert Maurice 652-7655Fawcett Dennis 652-3303Fawcett J Bliff rr3 652-5780Feddema Dr 31 SAvSE 652-7184Federal Express Canada Ltd(No Charge Dial) 1-800-463-3339

Fedoruk B 1811 SAvSE 652-2815Feeney Patrick J 528HighViewPt 652-4570Fehr H & M 900RiversideDr 652-5696 !Fehr J 652-3184Felton D 601-4962Ferguson Jim 1520 iiavSE 652-4879 1Ferguson K F 410KanellDrSE 652-1004 [Ferguson Les Boxl435 652-4415Ferguson M J 104 530 4AvSW 601-6082Ferguson Scott 918EmersonRdSW 652-7683Fernell Darlene 9l4EllisCrSE 652-1295Fernell J E 6 405 9AvSW 601-4692Fernell S 601-2003Ferrige K 601-2568Ferrill C R 652-4663Fiala Andy & Yana 652-1742Field Kenneth 905RiversideDrNW 652-4230Field Y 652-1843Fields Stores ill 3AvW 652-4845Allan Clark 652-5144Fingler H W 652-7329Finkensiep Peter 652-4299Finkensiep Peter Fax 652-4223Finlay D'Arcy 604 6AvSE 652-3743Finlay Edward G 608 8 StSE 652:4899Finlayson Harry 14 1400 9AvSE 652-4642FINNING (CANADA)6735 11 StNE Calgary 275-3340

Finnman G & J 601-2435Finnman James 652-2508Florentine A 601-2388Florentine A Faxline 652-4112


Firkola D 652-7547Firkola Frank 652-2736Fischer Dani 303 29 4AvSE 652-2365Fish Elsie M 403 6AvSW 652-5166Fisher Don 616 8 StSE 652-4499Fisher K 316 7AvSE 652-5991Fisher W 319 3AvSE 652-3069Fit Brand 119 8AvSE 601-258SFitch Corey 601-2426Fitness Factory 143 8AvSE 652- 1400Fitzgerald Jack W 20RileySt 652-2999Fitzgerald Jack W Faxline 652-7579Fitzgerald S 601-4965Fitzherbert Delbert 652-1906Fitzherbert John 1012 9 stw 652-1377Fitzpatric MFlack L 652-5987Flaig Ken 417 BAvSE 652-4705Flamand DFlaterud E 334 2AvSE 652-279®Flegel Leslie 10 SheppardRdSW 652-2794


000120^ TEIUS Advertising Services 1999 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 151Frankow Robert 601-6028Franson S Einar 652-7740Fraser Bob Box5819 652-2422Fraser D 652-3152Fraser G W Box817 652-7377Fraser Janet 704 19 stSE 652-5910Fraser Kim 652-5537Fraser Ned W 29 SAvSE 652-3766Fraser Paul 911 8 StSW 652-4080Fraser Pete RR3 652-7629Fraser R 652-1622Fraser Ronald C Box5819 652-2422Freeman C & J 601-2130Freeman D 340 8AvSE 652-2604Freeman Grant 402 7AvSE 652-1899Frehlich C & L 652-1351Frey Lincoln 2iCataractRdSW 601-2573Frey P L 652-3846Fridfinnson Barry J 1531 llAvSE 652-2662Friendship Centre 504 7 stSW 652-4149Friesen Brad 908 5 StSE 652-2548Friesen Gary 601-2517Friesen Henry 652-1665Friesen Menno & Liz 601-2210Friis Irish 601-2161Froese Annie 652-3997Frost A 652-7180Frost Peter 908 8 StSE 652-4229Frostad B L llTrapRd 652-3745Fulks Richard 903HighCountryDrNW 601-2364FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE117 2AvSE 652-2633Fax Line 652-5992After Hours Res Phone 652-7789

Fulowski Ed 1009 5 StW 652-3495Fyfe D 607 7 StSE 652-7390G GOSS & SON CONSTRUCTIONRRl-Okotoks Longview 558-3793G & J D CONSTRUCTION LTDBox730 Nanton 646-2233

G L E Construction Ltd Box5l78 652-4558


Gabourie Ken 207PolarAvSE 601-2387Gadd Rachelle 652-2838Gaede Don 4 405 9AvSW 652-4930Gaede K 905 12 StSE 652-3420Gaffney E F 614 8 stSE 652-3775Gaffney Edward F 614 8 StSE 652-2138Gage D 406FairwayLane 652-5617Gagnon R 652-2987Gaia A 1517 lOAvSE 652-7984Gaia Alan 1517 lOAvSE 652-1794Gaia John 1534 llAvSE 652-7345Gallagher B 303 105 7AvSE 652-4554Gallant Mike J 1009 7 stW 652-3598Galley A 315 5AvSE 601-4905Gammel B 232 3AvSE 652-3217Gander F T 652-4199


Gannon Shari lllLlnhamAcresGroveNW 652-4621Gannon Shari lllUnhamAcresGroveNW 652-5010Gannon Shari lllLlnhamAcresGroveNW 652-5041Ganske Bruce 908HighCountryPlace 652-3991Gardiner W S 652-3794Gardiner W S 652-3816Gardner Doug 302 l2AvW 652-7842Gardner Richard 124 815 9 StSW 652-4824Garlock G 1007HighGlenPlaceNW 652-1470

GARLOCK GLENN OROptmtrst 601-2713

Garrett Ross RR3 652-4889Garrison J & E 221 520 2 StSE 601-2367

Fleischman Milt 410 l2AvSE 652-2226Fleming R E 516RiversideDrNW 652-5511Fleming W & L Fax Line 652-1664Fleming Wayne & Lorae' 1124HighCountryDrNW 652-1620

Fletcher A 1217HighCountryDrNW 652-5251Fletcher Curtis 604 6 StSE 652-5657Fleury Cameron 814 SaStSE 652-4842Flinn Len 601-4968Flowers Charlie 652-3867Flug Larry 1013 14 StSE 652-1370Flug Larry 1013 14 StSE 652-1372Flundra Andy Box6004 StnMain 652-7315Flundra Andy Fax Line 652-7352Flundra Stephanie 120 SunsetWySE 652-5325FLUTERS OILFIELD CONSTRUCTION24 Hour Service

BlackDiamond Turner Valley 933-2882Flynn L 2PekiskoRdSW 652-4375Foat M 652-7680Fogarty W H 12 SheppardRd 652-3580Foley K 652-4126Foley K M 224 3AvSE 652-4186Foose R E 908 17 StSE 652-5522FOOTHILLS ADVOCACY IN MOTION(AIM) SOCIETYConsumer Support

104 3AvSE 652-4161Fax Line 652-4679Employment & Training Centre 652-2716

Foothills Composite High SchoolOkotoks Direct Line (No Charge) 652-7239

Foothills Continuing Education Council119CentreStS 652-3392

FOOTHILLS CUSTOM MEAT PROCESSORSLTDTop Quality MeatsCustom Slaughtering & Curing

60 12AvS 652-2204After Hours Res 652-3214

i^OOTHILLS FOUNDATIONCentral Administration

Community Housing 652-8600MEDICINE TREE PLACE 652-3104Spitzee HouseSoderberg House

HIGH COUNTRYLODGE BIk Diamond 933-4028

Glen-mead Park >Valley VillaSheep River House

SANDSTONE LODGE Okotoks 938-6404

FOOTHILLS HEALTH UNIT-SeeHeadwaters Health Authority


Foothills Home Support Services Ltd8 104 3AvSE 652-4292

Foothills motelf 67 SAvSE 652-1395

Foothills Pet Resort Cyndl's Pet PalaceHighRiver 652-7004If Busy Call Cayley 395-2211

FOOTHILLS PIPE LINES LTD'3100 707 8 Av SW Calgary 294-4111Foothills Regional EMS 560 9AvSW 652-2133Foothills Regional Waste ManagementAuthority Okotoks 938-5224



School Bus Garage (Aldersyde)MaintenancePurchasing

Central Ofc 120 5AvW 652-3001Okotoks .Direct Line (No Charge) 938-6436Transportation 652-6547Instructional Material Ctr 652-6533Maintenance After Hours 652-3001

Big Rock School Okotoks 938-6666Blackie School 684-3666C Ian McLaren School....'. Black Diamond 933-4234Cayley School 395-3787Cayley Colony School 395-2135Dr Morris Gibson School Okotoks 938-6221Education Plus (High River) 601-4640Foothills Composite High School Okotoks 938-6116Counselling Services Okotoks 938-6116Attendance Line (No Charge) 652-7239

Highwood High School 652-5500Joe Clark School 652-2020Longview School 558-3945MacMillan Colony School Cayley 395-2220Millarville Community School 931-3202Oilfields Jr-Sr High School Black Diamond 933-4373Okotoks Jr High School 938-4426Percy Pegler Elementary School Okotoks 938-4449Red Deer Lake School Calgary 256-4906Senator Riley School 652^2346Sheep River School Okotoks 938-6072Spitzee Elementary School 652-2376Stampede Boys Ranch Longview 558-2190Turner Valley School 933-4361

Foothills Tae Kwon Do Academy55 8AvSE 652-1434

Foran L Computer 601-6092Foran Laverne 1006 13 StSE 652-5552Forbes Ian 908 14 StSE 652-1218Forbes Scott 506 7 StSE 652-4302Ford Jim 605MacleodTrSW 652-1121Ford Jim 605MacleodTr 652-7701Foreman Neil l007bl0AvSE 601-2146Foreman Rosalind E llSFreemanWyNW 652-7264Forgham Phil 601-2231Forman Ken 1516 llAvSE 652-1988Forrest Doug 652-7427Forsythe A Cameron 908 6 StSE 601-2441Fortin Catherine 652-5548Fortin H 601-4937Fortin Jacques 652-5372Fortin Jacques 652-5972Fortin Richard 917 17 stSE 652-7391Fossen B R 652-4583Fossen Bernard T RR3 652-4396Fossen Joel 922 7 stSW 652-3590Foster Barry Jr 431HomesteadTr 652-2185Foster G L 652-5778


Fotheringham C 601-4911Foulkes S 601-2482

FOUNTAIN TIRE720 llAvSE 652-2255

Fowler Bill 715 3 StSE 652-7306Fowler C 601-2069Fowler H SOORiversideDrNW 601-2401Fox Rapond 523 4 StSW 652-4931Fox W Douglas 228CentreAvS 652-3749Fradsham Allan 652-7214Fralick D l 115 8AvSW 601-6077Francis David & Eileen l2l2HighViewPt 652-1969Frank Block Investors 709 l7aStSE 652-2227


152 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVERGartley C P 2 310 2 StSE 652-2927Gasper Anthony 8 310 2 StSE 652-5571Gates Dorian 63'IHighViewPk 652-2136Gau 0 B 652-2036Gauiln Frank 618 8 StSE 652-5578Gaulin S & N 618 8 StSE 652-5561Gaunce K S 252 560 9AvSW 652-7243Gavel C 528CentreStN 652-3835Gavel Carey 528CentreStN 652-5658Gavol Gary 317HomesteadBaySE 652-3338Geerlinks George 914 9 Stw 652-3957Gehrke Allan 652-3077Gehrke Raymond 616 7 stSE 652-1436George J 652-2440Geres A W 218 l2AvW 652-2147Gerlitz John 634LinehamAcresDrNW 652-5748Gerlitz Petroleum Inc Bulk Fuel80x5634 652-24 04Fax Line 652-1581

Germaniuk Jeff 903 11 StSE 652-7912Germaniuk Jeff Computer 652-3631Gerrard D 652-7714Giacomuzzi Guido 125 7AvW 652-1785Gibbs Colin 1016 14 StSE 652-3716Gibeau Richard 652-2132Gibson D C 801 7 Stw 652-7499Gjbson David P 652-4649Gibson Donald E 527HighViewPt 652-1055Gibson Roy 720 9AvSE 652-7502Gibson Roy Children's Phone 652-7516Gibson Ryan 17 2AvSE 652-4577Gibson S 207 530 4AvSW 652-7321Giesbrecht B 601-2027Gifford M R 652-1501Gifford Ron 652-1077Gilbert Carol 652-5636Gilbert John 201 815 9 stSW 652-7466Gi Christ Wayne 652-1007Gi es Lloyd 80x5478. . 652-3451^.' 65 Ross 652-3066Gi es Ross Fax Line 601-2023Gi nam s M 202 510 2 StSE 652-1654Gill Bruce Masonry 652-4515Gill Gordon 34 1400 9AvSE 652-7527Gill Ranjit S 204 510 2 stSE 601-2365Gillanders David 1001 15 stSE 652-7925Gillanders Sicily I68 815 9 StSW 652-7716Gillespie G Fax 652-1117Gillespie Gordon & Helen514MarshailRiseNW 652-5310

Gillespie Roy G 210 4io 7 stw 652-3793Gillham W 512HonfiePlace 652-1944Gillich Bernard 809 ioavSE 652-2816Gillich D 601-2230Gillis Ken 652-2847Gillis Walter S 601-2138Gillmann K 5 310 2 StSE 652-5070Gilmer Dean & Marlene 601-2522Gimblett Ken 652-2881Gingras G 406 8AvSE 652-2178Gingrich R 652-4124Giokas George 628HighViewPI< 652-1662Giokas George 628HighViewPkNW 652-3363Girard Lori 1005al0AvSE 601-4947


Gittel Darcy 430 8 StW 652-5154Gladden K 405 2AvSE 652-1907Gladlsh Robert A 906 4 StW 652-4971Glasman Jennifer 103 616 19 StSE 652-4524Glass C 652-5155Glass I RR3 652-7461Glass Jason RR3 652-1547Glass K 652-1921Glass Reginald RR3 652-7787Glass Tom 652-4151

000120 ® TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Glass Tom 652-4153Glover C 652-1239Glover Gary 527LinehamAcresDrNW 601-2727Glover John 400LinehamAcresGroveNW 652-5644Gluckie R 901 8 StSE 652-3211Godfrey D 652-7624Godfrey Roy 902 6 StSE 601-2093Godkin M N 811 3 Stw 652-4468Goerzen T 652-1521Goettler G W 824 8 Stw 652-2612Goffinet A 314 2AvSE 652-7494Goffinet Andrew 612bl8 StSE 652-5679

Gouvernement Du Canada Incriptions- VoirLes Pages Bleues

I i.


Goldsmith J 652-1255Goldthorpe D & K 509 7 StSE 652-5078Goldthorpe Gary 704 lOAvSE 652-1246Gooch M 905 17 StSE 652-3667Good Company Travel 601-8366Good Country Renovations 650-1919Good D R 652-5003Goodchild D L 652-3690Goode Douglas A 104 131 8AvW 652-2812Goode H 2 SheppardRd 652-4985Goode Robert 652-1992Goode S 1562BeachWy 652-7825Goode W H L02-2AvSE 652-2606Goodfellow Eric 904l\/lacleodTrSW 601-6075Goodman Cory 1021 l StSW 652-5545Goodman L G 205 lOAvSW 652-7653Goodwin Herbert 926 17 StSE 652-7356Goodwin Jim & Darlene 652-7416Goodwin N A 302 4AvSE 652-2467Goodwin R 652-1553Gordon B 104 612 19 StSE 652-1825Gordon Blair 625 3 StSE 652-2121Gordon Blair 625 3 StSE 652-3862Gordon Charlie Box43 652-7290Gordon Glenn 12 6AvSE 652-7070Gordon 1 0 77 2aStSE 652-2328Gordon Laurie M Law OfficeA2019 20Av Nanton 646-6111Fax Line 646-6112

Gordon M 652-4575Gord's Auto Body RR3 652-7531


Gorman P 601-4909Gorman Peter 36 8AvSE 652-4422Gorsche Ron Dr 652-7736

GORSCHE RON DR Family Phys117MacleodTr 652-2929

Gosling E 416HomesteadTrSE 652-5587Gosling John R 416HomesteadTr 652-5575Goss C 1030 8 Stw 652-3600Gossen Phillip 652-1641Gostola B 443HomesteadTr 652-4018Gostola D 652-4481Gostola S 652-4198Gothard Chad 652-5527Gouin A 652-3350Goulding Belinda 652-3393

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Government Of Canada Listings- See BluePages

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Gow Betty I20cl StSW 652-2683Gowans K 8CataractRdSW 601-2719

Gowing Robert A 914 4 StSW 652-3049Goyette J Mark Bsmt224 SAvSE 652-2057Graefer Ralph C 408FreemanWyNW 652-4962Graft B 30 4AvSE 652-2541Graham J 652-7204Graham Jim 324 8AvSE 652-3903Graham Ron D 601-2044

Granson E 810 lOAvSE 652-4279Grant Gary & Betty 212 SAvSE 652-1757Grant Gary & Betty Faxline 652-5700Grant Gerald 226FreemanWyNW 652-5733Grant Kim & Terry 652-4666Grant Landscape & Irrigation Ltd 652-8126Grant N 652-3445Gratrix Gil 906 8 StSE 652-4384Gray Barry 337 lAvSE 652-3882Gray Robert 1201HighViewPt 652-1792Gray Robert H 1109 5 StSE 652-1543Grbic R 217 4AvSE 652-4875Great Garb Boutique 127 3AvSW 652-5528Green C 812 8 stw 652-4335Green Don Box3l00 652-3900Green Doug 9io 4 stSW 601-2543Green Ernest A lOTongueRd 652-1109Green George W 198 i2AvW 652-5270Green Murray & Nancy 1705 6AvSE 652-2629Green Ripk & Deanna 133 SunsetWy 652-7167Green Warren 652-1083Green William G 436MacleodTr 652-2348Greenfield Harold ... 652-1435Greenwood D & J 652-4647Greenwood Royden Bsmt803CrescentAv 652-4269Greer Contracting Ltd ll2lHighViewPt 652-4286Fax Line 652-4173

Greer Gerald ll2lHighViewPt 652-3146Gregor Clint 209 lOAvSW 652-3783Gregor M L 652-4471Gregor V 128 5AvSE 652-7013Gregory Gordon 652-3074Greidanus Sidney Box5504 652-7647Greig C S 413 7AvSE 652-4796Greig Irwin 340 7AvSE 601-2056Grem M 6aBakerRd 652-7463Greydanus Kerry & Pam 420 7AvSE 652-3694,GREYHOUND CANADABus-Courier Info

6011 St w 652^2562After Hour Passenger Info

Call Calgary 265-9111Grier K L 222 2 StSE 652-2776Grieve John 652-2672Griffiths R R 903 8 StSW 652-5909Griffiths R R Faxline 652-5908Groeneveld C WRR 3 High River Okotoks 938-7843

Groeneveld Darrell 805 6AvSE 652-1630Groeneveld David 652-7232Groeneveld J 652-1927Groeneveld Jacqueline 614 18 StSE 652-4954Groeneveld M 601-2374Groeneveld Ronnie 90l 17 StSE 652-5093GROENWOLD CONSTRUCTION LTD58 lOAvSE 652-2156Cellular 651-8407Cellular 651-8406

Groenwold Cornelius 652-4355


000120° TElUSAdvertisfngServices 1999

Groenwold J 652-4261

Groenwold Jack no 6AvSE 652-7397Groff Stan l 40 4AvSE 652-1294Groff Stan 1 40 4AvSE 652-7190

GROFF STAN SADDLERY608CentreStS 652-7190

Groh Alvin L 29 7AvSE 652-1676

Gross John 652-1406Grover R & A 652-1583

GROVES GREENERY 424 6AvSE.... 652-2086If Busy Call 652-4090Fax Line 652-7392

GROWER DIRECT FLOWERS601 1 StW 652-7001Fax Line 652-4909

Guengerich M 420 BAvSE 652-2769Guengerich R 420 SAvSE 652-2769Gugala Ted J 721 BAvSE 652-3624Guiller Fridrikh 810 5AvW 652-2294Gullion Beau 15 126 8AvSW 601-4954Gullion D 652-7817Gustafson Murray 238PolarAv 652-1192H And H Crane & Equipment Ltd 651-8660H & R BLOCK 2 28 12AvSE 652-7266

H T S LTD112CentreStS 652-1251Fax Line 652-3414

Haakenson D 601-6007Haakenson M 652-5632Haaland A 652-4277Hackman Jim 219HoinesteadCloseSE 601-4616Hainer Don 601-2213Haiste J R 1036 6 StW 652-2746Halas Lawrence P RR3 652-4217Hale-Matthews J B 652-3421Hale-Matthews Rob 652-4898Hall Albert RR3 652-7237Hall E 652-2824Hall John 833 7 StW 652-1213Hall V 652-1770Halstead D W 507HighViewPk 652-1373Halverson Charles 652-2626Halvorsen Rodger D 652-5535Halvorsen Rodger D Faxline 652-5623Halvorson W 652-5195Hambling Vern 652-7020Hambling Vern RR3 652-7346Hambling Vern Children's Line 601-4960Hambly B lois 14 StSE 601-2113Hamilton C 151 815 9 stSW 652-7723Hamilton E 652-4180Hamilton Harvey 90l 12 stSE 652-7439Hamilton Ruth 117 815 9 stSW 652-4210Hamm Abe B ii23HighViewPtNW 601-2238Hamm Abe B Fax Line 601-2239Hamm Don & Carol 652-5672Hamm Don & Carol Fax Line 652-5102Hancherow D 652-1764handi-bus high river413 7AVSE 652-3844

Hansen Ejner 652-1498Hansen Harold 309 5AvE 652-3732Hansen Melvin S OOlHighViewGate 652-2591Hansen Mike & Bonnie1616 SunshineWySE 652-5538

Hansen P J 601-6004Hanson A G 652-4036


Hanson A G 401FreemanWyNWHanson Brent A 609 lOAvSEHanson BrianHanson Carl R 813RiversideDrNWHanson EHanson Ernie 1503 llAvSEHanson Hugh 4lOMacieodTrHanson Mary & Mel 508River$ideDrNW.Hanson Vivian l6RileyStHarbidge RickHarbidge S 712 5 StSEHarder P 1029 l StWHardie D M 129FairwayVwNWHarding MHardwick J W Box5565Hardwicke DarylHardy C FHardy Ken 8t Ann-Marie29 1400 9AvSE

Hare Charles iTongueRdHare CraigHari Harj'i Box5422Hari Harnet SHari Jesse Box547lHarlton V & S FaxlineHarlton Vern & Sharon1585GasconyLane

Harper J 319HomesteadBaySEHarriman AHarriman DonHarris B J















Harris Jack ll2HomeBay 652-3790Harris Lome 914 15 StSE ..652-2335Harris R E 915HighCountryDr 652-4953Harris W 1519 lOAvSE 652-2243Harrison Ken Si Deborah Box6067 652-3323Harrison Ross & Donna 9 132 9AvW 652-3561Hart G 112 5AvSE 652-4738Hart J S .....652-7535Hart K 615HomesteadPlace 652-7233Hartell Harold 310 l2AvW 652-2533Hartig L 3 132 9AvW 652-3941Hartig S K 652-4425Hartwick N 515 9 StW 652-2406Harty Colleen 652-1031Hasegawa K 601-2207Hassler George 8i Heather 601-2481Hastings Laurie St Heidi RR3 652-1938Hauck William 1113HighCountryDr 652-3231Haverfield Mary 538 4 StW 652-4317Hawkins Alix 652-1663Hawkins R Si J 903 10 StSE 601-2349

HAWKINS ROBERT DR DentllSaPioneerSq 652-2131

Haworth-Macartney C 652-5177Hay J 652-5134Hay Murray 505 18 StSE 652-7422HAYDEN'S MACHINE SHOP LTDBox6 Longview 558-3911

Hayes J 652-3442Hayes S E 813 7 StSW 601-6091Haylow N 652-4802Haynes R 652-4750Hays Ranches RR2HighRiver Cayley 395-2264A McKinnon Ranch Mgr 395-2264Office Calgary 245-6923

Hayter Debra 9015 StSW 652-7097Hazelwood Dale B1013 lOAvSE 652-1049

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HEADS UP HAIR DESIGN302CentreStS 652-7458


REGIONAL OFFICES- HIGH RIVERRegional Admin 4 28-12 Av SE 601-8330Fax Line 652-2129Finance 310 Macleod Tr 652-3297Fax Line 652-5308Environmental Health Services Okotoks 938-4911Fax Line 938-2783

HIGH RIVER HOSPITAL & NURSINGHOME560 9 Av W 652-2200Administration 652-0102Fax Line 652-0199Beauty Parlor 652-0175Diabetic Clinic 652-0117Emergency Department 652-0143Engineering Services 652-0105Food &. Nutrition Services 652-0127Foundation 652-0129Nursing-Maternity/Surgical 652-0147Nursing-Medical Floor 652-0181Nursing Unit 2 Floor-East 652-0177Nursing Unit 2 Floor-West 652-0168Occupational Therapy 652-0170Physiotherapy 652-0115Purchasing Services 652-0124Volunteer Department 652-0113

HEADWATERS ADULT DAY SUPPORTPROGRAM813 3 St sw 601-1790Fax Line 601-1791

Health Hut The 120 4AvSW 652-2420If Busy Call 652-3609

HEALTH UNIT- See Headwaters HealthAuthority

HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRADER(NoChargeDial) 1-800-652-3139HEAVY TRUCK TRADER(NoChargeDial) 1-800-652-3139

Hebbes L 601-2414Heck J Kenneth DeWinton 256-3209Hedley Harvey 1105 5 StSE 652-1329Heggaton Mick 8i Sue1115 HighGlenPlaceNW 601-4914

Heggs Clarence 123 6AvSE 652-3760Heggs Jerry 652-4520Heggs Jerry Fax Line 652-4060Heidebrecht Randy 652-3908Hein Conrad 712 19 StSE 652-5949Heintz Guy R 707 6 StSE 652-2852Heintz Roger 652-7452Helman M 652-3898Helpard Francis soi 5 StSE 652-3806Hemminger H 915 15 StSE 652-7218Henderson Allister 922 8 StSW 652-7955Henderson Ernst 213 815 9 stSW 652-1191Henderson Hal 1209HighCountryDrNW 601-2369Henderson Robert B 124 3AvSE 652-3513Hendrioan D 902 6 stw 652-3454Henheffer Alan 904 8 StSE 652-3969Henheffer F J 524 9 stw 652-2220Henheffer J 652-3460Henker S 4 409 2 StSE 652-3972Hennigar Bryce RR3 652-4388


154 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 000120° TELUS Advertising Services 19W

High River Inn Restaurant 503 l StW 652-7733HIGH RIVER LIQUOR STORE129 4AvW 652-2004

High River Lock & Key (1993) 652-4366HIGH RIVER MINI STORAGE28 lOAvSE 652-1666


High River Motor Sports SOACentreStS 652-7600Fax Line 652-7006


High River Nursery School Assn115 SAvSE 652-4698


HIGH RIVER PET SHOP938CentreStS: 652-2851

HIGH RIVER POWER PRODUCTS LTD3 llAvSE 652-4877Fax Line 652-5011

High River RV Corral & Mini Storage 652-4853

HIGH RIVER RENTALS INC11 lOAvSE 652-4445Fax Line 652-1011

High River River-Liquor Store129 4AvSW 652-4228

HIGH RIVER SEPTIC TANKCLEANING 652-4685Cellular 651-3958

HIGH RIVER SUNSHINETENDERCARE1006 llAvSE 652-4564If Busy Call 652-7922

HIGH RIVER TAXI 650^65HIGH RIVER TIMES 618CentreStS... 652-2034Fax Line 652-3962

HIGH RIVER TOYOTA901 llAvSE 652-1365

HIGH RIVER TRANSMISSION &AUTO REPAIR 42 llAvSE 652-2765If Busy Call 652-4687

High River Truck Wash 652-2664

HIGH RIVER 2 FOR 1 PIZZA625 5 StSE 652-21001


3 938CentreStS 652-7963HIGH RIVER VISION CENTRE 601-2713Higham E & R 3MistRd 652-3650HIGHVIEW ANIMAL CLINIC LTDDr David D Dempsey

1104 18 St SE 652-1300HIGHWOOD ALIGNMENT SERVICE7 llAvSE 652-7711After Hours Res 652-248S

Highwood Arts 81i Framing l 66 lOAvSE .652-3538

Hennin G 652-5579Henrie S J 601-4958Henry Charles Box79l 652-3415Henry D J lllSHighViewPt 652-1466Henry Scott Box5416 652-2199Herbert Gunther & Audrey 810 8AvSE 652-4140Hergert C 652-1009

HERITAGE INN1104 llAvSE 652-3834Fax Line 652-4432

Herks E Lyie Bsmt804 2 StSWHerman S 19 1400 9AvSEHermann L 2 107 6AvSEHermanson C L 203 4io 7 stWHermanson LyieHern M L 840 7 StWHernandez Jose 632LinehamAcresDrNW.Hernandez Jose 632LinetiannAcresDrNW.Herr BHerr Kirby 503 18 StSEHerr MHerriman Geo 204 131 8AvWHerriman Kenneth FaxlineHerriman Kenneth R RRl..Herriman Kenneth R RRlHerriman Lawrence & Marlene729RiversideDrNW

Herriman Lome 803 9AvSEHerriman Lynden 1308 lOAvSEHeslipFEHetcalfe Darren olGHighlandGrnOrNWHetcaife Darren FaxHewson B M AOlRiversideDrNWHewton Doug 702 3 StWHeytend M A 3li 2AvSEHeywood M E 120 lAvSE





313 1 StW 652-2224Calgary Area Customers (No Charge) , 264-7735Fax Line 652-2697

Hi-Alta Special Risk 313 i StSW 601-2452



Hicken Alfred G 652-2940Hicks Robert & Maxine721RiversideDrNW 652-5772

HIFAB HIGH RIVER TRANSPORT80x5664 652-7831Fax Line 652-7755



High Country Milk 652-3135High Country Overhead Doors 652-3435High Level Chem-Dry 601-2600High River Agricultural SocietyRodeoGrounds 652-7349


High River Autoplex & RV1810 12aAvSE 652-3171

High River Aviation Services Ltd80x5352 652-3872


HIGH RIVER BOTTLE DEPOT29 lOAvSE 652-2632Fax Line,,,., 652-2647

High River Centennial Library909 1 StW 652-2917

High River Club 509 l StW 652-2784


High River Dairy Queen 1202 16 StSE 601-8420



120dl StW 652-2545





High River Flight Centre Box5337 652-3444HIGH RIVER FURNITURE413 1 StW 652-3777


98CentreStS 652-5515

HIGH RIVER HOME HARDWAREBUILDING CENTER LTD170 12AvSE 652-2214If Busy Call 652-2207Or 652-7473

HIGH RIVER HONDA905 llAvSE 652-7324

HIGH RIVER HOSPITAL & NURSINGHOME-See Headwaters Health Authority 652-2200

HIGH RIVER (I D A) PHARMACY415 1 StW 652-2284Front Store 652-2286After Hours Res-Gail 652-1651


000120° TEIUS Advertising Services 1999


604CentreStS 652-2832HIghwood Books 112 3AvSW 652-3302

Fax Line 652-5396



HIGHWOOD CONSTITUENCY OFFICETannasDonMLA 125 4AvSw.... 652-7100Fax Line 652-7757

HIGHWOOD COURIER SERVICE1008 17 St SE 652-4775Cellular 651-9415

Highwood Crossing Farm Ltd Aldersyde 652-1910Fax Line 652-7511

Highwood Curling Club 200 l2Av 652-2774Fax Line 652-4526

Highwood Custom MeatsBay4 35 8AvSE 652-5939

Highwood Distillers Ltd 114 lOAvSE 652-3202Fax 652-4227

Highwood Employment Services Centre28 12AvSE 652-1800Fax Line 652-1984

highwood furnace & DUCTCLEANERS INC 652-5566

highwood golf & COUNTRYCLUBPro Shop-Tee Times 652-2402Maintenance Shop 652-3741Office 652-3644Fax Line 652-1316Restaurant 652-3644

Highwood Grocery Cart 60l l StSW 652-1336Highwood Heating 54 ioavE 652-3017Highwood High School 652-5500Homework Hotline Bagl4 652-5269

{TiGHWOOD livestock AUCTIONBox5850 652-3343Pax Line 652-3446Calgary Direct Line 294-0265Bob Dyck Res 652-0599Bill Perlich Res 540-1884Ken McLean Res 652-7238

HIGHWOOD LOCK & KEY•ltd 652-4366Cellular 601-0131

Highwood Memorial Centre322MacleodTr 652-4404

highwood mobile home park304 115 5 stNE 652-7676

^GHWOOD PRINTING INC• 515 1 StW 652-3101Fax Line 652-3143

hTghwood roofing6l8LinehamAcresDrNW 652-4046

Highwood Telecommunication Service- SeeHTSLtd

Highwood Travel 88 Ltd- See AdvantageHighwood Travel


HOLT RENFREW & CO LTDCalgary Eaton's Centre

751 3 StSW Calgary 269-7341Holterman Lome 652-1339HOLY SPIRIT ACADEMYGrade K- 10

ISOOHighCountryDrNW 652-2231Fax Line 652-1576

HOME CARE- See Headwaters HealthAuthority


Honch Ronald D 724 8AvSE 652-4006Honeyman M 91i 9 stSE 652-2437Hong D 601-4623Hoogwerf L iSMistRd 652-7661Hoover H & A 652-4152Hoover Robert R RR3 652-7281Hopkins D 652-4697Hoppa C 652-1614Horel Mike 1132HighGlenPlaceNW 652-7385Homer Victor L 8f Joann110 OHighCountryDrNW 652-4062

Horrell John 519HighViewPk 652-2409Horsman C D IslHeritageDr 601-4609Horton Dave 433HomesteadTr 652-1053Horton John T 1526 llAvSE 652-4498Hoshizaki J 652-2035

HOSPITALSee Headwaters Health AuthorityFor Detailed Listings

HIGH RIVER 652-2200

Houghton Bernard 713 2 StW 652-1171Houlden L 652-5346Houlden Lanaya 409 8 StSW 652-4154Houlden Lanaya Fax Line 652-4135Houngmany Khamloun K 917 5 StSE 652-5016Houze Ernie 206PolarAv 652-7591Hovdebo H R RR3 652-7105Hoveland John 228 2AvSE 652-2583How C 652-3079Howard George 1017 14 StSE 601-2256Howden Joseph 309FairwayVw 652-2906Howden Richard Box5962 652-2797Howden Richard Box5962 652-4982Howe Brian 442HomesteadTr 652-4428Howe Dorothy 652-2645Howe J A 703 6 StSE 652-7982Howe L L 239 3AvSE 652-3734Howe Owen 652-3998Howe Stan lOlBEllisCr 652-4746Howett E Ray lOl 131 8AvW 652-2890Howey Doug 652-1682Howie D J 4iOEllisCr 652-3073Howie J R Box5563 652-2788HUB CAPS WAREHOUSE NEW & USED ^(NoChargeOial) 1-800-667-8021

Hubbard Bruce 403 lAvSE 652-5171Huber Kent 428KaneilDr 652-2336Hucik D 652-7057Hudson A David 504 6 StSE 652-3137Hudson Gary 904 6 StSE 652-3515Hudson Gerald L 1706 7AvSE 652-4263Hudson J 601-4948Hudson J 601-4948Hudson L W BoxlBAIdersyde 652-7040Hudson R RR3 652-7343Hughes Douglas 62lRiversideDrNW 601-2232Hughes Ed 804 6AvSE 652-1710Hughes Floyd 207 iavSE 652-7645Hughes M E 302 1400 9AvSE 652-2211Huftifrey Bruce E Jr RR3 652-7436

HIGHWOOD TRUSSES710 llAvSE.... 652-3462Fax Line 652-1535

HIGHWOOD UPHOLSTERY 1988336 3AvSE 652-2462

HILDEBRAND CORINNA OR ~Dent 143MacleodTr 652-2182

Hill D 652-7W

HILL GRANT M PBox 430 Okotoks 938-5005

Hill John 337FairwayVw ...652-5086Hill K 1307 9AvSE 652-5551Hill R 652-4940Hill Roland John 308 2AvSE 652-3817Hill Scott 9 2 StSE 652-7690

HILTI (CANADA) LIMITED(NoChargeDial) 1-800-363-4458

Hilz Norman 217 llAvSW 652-2874Hirani S 652-2708Hirsche Glen 652-4886Hirsche Grant 652-1173Hirsche Grant 652-4706Hirtle T l 409 2 StSE 652-4115Hiscott G 0 428 2AvSE ..> 652-5708

HITCHIN POST DRIVE-IN12Av&CentreStS 652-2966

Hltchner Greg 3 130 SAvSW 652-7634Hitchner Keith Box44HighRiver Longview 558-3640Hoare Bryan 906 16 StSE 652-3237Hobman Mark 601-4697Hochstein Alan & Doris6 2 ORiversideDrNW 601-2022

Hodge J 4 416 7 StW 652-5032Hodges Lee . 652-2802Hodges Lee 652-3090Hodges Tim & Carmen 652-2865Hodgins R L 824RiversideDr 601-2002Hodkin John 302 29 4AvSE 601-2538Hofer Tim 652-5730Hofer Toby 15 7AvSE 601-2073Hoffart C 339 SAvSE. 652-1065Hoffart G 652-7109Hoffman D AlderHgts 652-2875Hoffman Gordon 916 15 StSE 652-2003Hoffman Jason 322 2AvSE 652-2276

HOFFMANN-LA RQCHE LIMITED1007 20 StSE 652-7272If Busy Call 652-5250Fax Line 652-4699

Hoffmann M 210 2 StSE 652-3185Hoffmann T 1002 lOAvSE 652-1041Hoffort Roger 652-7310HoffortS. 601-4913

HOFLAND IMAGES 609 7 stSE 652-2118Hofland R G rr3 652-7132Hofland S 609 7 stSE 652-2148Hogarth Bill & Pat 72ORiversideDrNW 652-7389Hogg William 204 815 9 StSW 652-2038Holbrok Allen 652-3874Holbrok Garry R 652-1861Holden Don L 506MarshallRiseNW 601-2703Holden Mike & Lou 652-1560Holick J & S 103LinehamAcresGroveNW 652-1608Holland Raymond A 516HomePlace 652-4512Holle Michael 611 SunshineTr 652-4431Holmes Bill 601 9 StSE 652-2925Holmes Bill & Cheryl 901 16 StSE 601-2190Holowath B 652-4123Holowaychuk Dave 608RiversideDrNW 652-3266


156 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 000120® TELUS Advertising Services 199?

Jensen Niels Jr RR3 652-7027Jensen Trevor 652-5513Jewell E 19 901MacleodTr 652-3245Joanne's Diner Ltd 133 5AvSW 652-3170

JOB JAR MAINTENANCE i6,20RiversideDrNW 652-1638

JOE CLARK SCHOOL1208 9AvSE 652-2020

Johannson Jason 501 18 stSE 601-2122Johansen Deanne 652-1877Johansen R D rR2 652-3884Johnson Arnold 652-7618Johnson Catherine 337 7AvSE 652-3558Johnson Clarke 1216HighViewPt 652-3906 ,Johnson D 652-5718 'Johnson K J 220 2AvSE 652-4117Johnson Karl S 652-3410Johnson Keith R l205HighViewPt 652-1820Johnson Keith R Fax 652-5715Johnson Kevin 652-4310Johnson Larry HighRiver 652-2527Johnson Martin slOHighViewPt 652-2170Johnson R 149FairwayVw 652-1170Johnson Robert 908 9 stSE 652-7713Johnson Roger 619HomesteadPlace 652-2050Johnson V 209BakerCreekPlace 601-4966Johnson Wendy 5 555 9AvSW 601-2356Johnson Wendy 5 555 9AvSW 601-2708Johnson Wilfred 9ll 15aStSE ...652-5048Johnston Alexander 652-7183Johnston Bob 14 7AvSE 652-4125Johnston C R 601-2552Johnston Conrad 601-2072Johnston D 652-7537Johnston J F 1200HighCountryDrNW 601-2270Johnston Ray D 515 8 Stw 652-2510Johnston T 652-2500Johnstone Brian 652-4237Jolly S 652-5979Jomha Ahmed 652-3579Jomha Y Fax Line 652-4296Jomha Yousra & Sid 652-4220Jones A Gordon 9lOCrescentAv 652-7373Jones Alan 109 3AvSE 652-7614Jones Billy & Tammy 1304 lOAvSE 652-1225Jones Brian A 652-2714Jones D Fax Line 652-4329Jones Danica 104 613 19 StSE 652-2498Jones Darcy 23 IAvSE 652-1995Jones Dave Box5414 652-4888Jones Doris 506 4 StW 652-2702Jones Ernie 1322RiversideDrNW 652-5226Jones G 539HighViewPt 652-7562Jones H L & S 652-7652Jones K 652-7182Jones K A H 652-3316Jones Karen 212 9AvSW 652-1916Jones Ken 239PolarAv 652-1409Jones Kevin 1134HighGlenPlaceNW ..652-7986Jones L 915EllisCr 652-4748Jones Merle 503 9 stw 652-4175Jones 0 R 141FairwayVwNW 601-2366Jones R 13 132 9AvSW 601-2438Jones Ray 601-2355Jones Robert D 1008 7 Stw 652-2786Jones Ronald M 607HomesteadPlace 652-3752JONES TRUMP & LUKEY DRSOptmtrsts

739LakeBonavistaDrSE Calgary 271-2818Jopp Alec 905 15aStSE 652-5055Jopp Alec 905 ISaStSE 652-5950Jordan C 24RiieyStNE 652-7074Jorgensen Jason 27 2AvSE 652-1615Jorstad E N .. .652-2689Joseph Fred 1009 17 StSE 652-4181Joyce C 900HighGlenPlaceNW 652-2331Joyce Hugh J 524 4 stw 652-5966

Humfrey Bruce Farm Shop RR3 652Humfrey Bruce Faxline 652Humfrey Bruce H Sr 1009 l Stw 652Humfrey Clint 652Hummel Ralph 309 laStNE 601Humphrey A Mrs ill 815 9 StSW 652Humphrey Darren RR3 652Humphrey Wayne RR3 652Hunt M Faxine 114 5AvSE 601Hunt M & J 114 5AvSE 601Hunt Reginald 201 105 7AvSE 601Hunter JF2098159 StSW 652Hunter Les & Carolyn 652Hunter R A 505 6 StSE 652Hunters RV & Marine Ltd ill 3AvNE 601Hurd Monty 105 29 4AvSE 652Hurd Theron 502MarshailRiseNW 652Hurl Edward M 321 llAvW 652Hurl J 601Huriburt L & B 652Hurlburt M 522MacleodTrSW 652Hurst J William Box908 652Hurst Wilfred 103HomeBay 652Husty William l 310 2 StSE 601'Hutchinson D 652'Hutterian Brethren Church Of HighRiver Cayley 395'

Huysmans Rita & Tony 652-Hyde Brad 601-Hyrve A T 524HighViewPk 652-Hyslop Peter 1514 9AvSE 601-Hyslop Peter 1514 9AvSE 601-

I D A DRUGS-See High River (IDA) Pharmacy ....652-




G A- See High River Garden MarketIG A

Ikebuchi Jim 629HighViewPkNW 652-2337Illustration & Design Call High River 652-1756




IMPERIAL OIL LIMITEDGerlltz Petroleum Inc-Agents Oil 8i Gas


Fax Line...


Inform Brokerage 601-6010Fax Line 601-6029

Ingram Ethel 932 5 Stw 652-5529Innes D M 652-1392


Intercontinental Transportation IncBay3 35 8AvSE 652-5377Fax Line 652-4323

Iredale Gordon E 42lFreemanWyNW 652-1857Ireland Ken & Kate 652-3532Ironside Alfred 652-3020Irvine Robert 944 5 stw 652-2141IRVINES WESTERN WEAR2 21ElizabethSt Okotoks 938-4110

Irving C 931 8 stw 652-2480Irving Leigh 120 815 9 StSW 652-2523Irving Thomas 2llHomesteadCloseSE 601-2577Irwin M 652-5110Irwin Randy Box52l2 652-7929Isbell Lark R 210BakerCreekPlaceSW 652-2792Isberg L 601-2262Izyk Henry 525HighViewPkNW 652-3033

J B's Bobcat & Concrete 652-7937

J ROSS REAL ESTATE LTDl45MacleodTr 652-4020Fax Line 652-2392

J B Decorating Ltd Cellular 560-6975Or Call 652-5946Or 652-1150

Jack Richard 14TrapRdSW 652-4434Jack's Electric 1994 1722 7AvSE 652-3055Jackson D,94l 5 Stw 652-7270Jackson Don 652-4189Jackson Doug 652-4638Jackson Doug lOOSalGAvSE 601-4947Jackson Doug Faxline 652-7852Jackson Glen 32 SheppardRd 652-7322Jackson Gordon 924Emer$onRdSW 601-4663Jackson H & S lOlOCrescentAv 652-4000Jackson Harvey E Box5798 652-7496Jackson J A 306 12AvW 652-3114Jackson J K 618 3 StSE 652-4576Jackson M 917MacleodTrSW 652-3386Jackson Realty Ltd 103 3AvSW 652-4455Fax Line 652-2892

Jacobs T 104 SAvSE 652-1866Jacobson Dennis 504 8 StSE 652-7709Jacobson Dennis Second Line504 8 StSE 652-1644

Jacobson Olaf 6TrapRd 652-3522JACQUES FUNERAL HOME1270 OMacleodl rS Calgary 297-0711

Jaeger Donna & Waldmar 652-1134Jaggard G W Fax Line 652-3186Jaggard Garry W ISIS llAvSE 652-2998Jamal A 405 4AvSE 602-9996James S 601-2125James D Smith Bsmt422 2AvSE 652-1245Jamison Boyd RR3 652-3468Janicki Dan 1026 lOAvSE 652-3864Janke Bernie lOlO IOAvE 652-3839Jantz Jim 937MacleodTr 652-5362Jantzen Scott 1707 6AvSE .601-2613Jantzie Scott 652-3052Janz D 502 6 StSE 652-4163Janz R & L 652-7018Janz Vern 913 5 StSE 652-7743Jarman Dan 615 2 StSW 652-1758Jasken Rick & Lori 70l lOAvSE 652-1771JASTER CONCRETE PUMPING LTD

Cellular 850-5383Jaster Doug 707 18 StSE 652-1338Jaws Plant Maintenance Services Ltd304 21 StSE 652-7503

Jaybees Sewing & Cleanitizing103 3AvW 652-7207

Jeeva A M Dr 1105 4 StSE 652-2807JEEVA A M DR Phys 97MacleodTr..652-2682Jeffers A P Box373 652-7429Jeffers Bruce Boxllll 652-7091Jeffers Thomas 652-5681Jeffrey M 652-2601Jeffrey M 652-3943Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall119 6AvSE 652-4595If No Answer Call Res 652-3641

Jenkins James M 652-3307Jenkins P 838 8 Stw 652-2755Jenkins R K 104FreemanWyNW 652-3321Jense Tiffany 652-5622Jensen B C 304 131 8AvW 652-5701Jensen Brian Dr 1477 SaxonyLane 652-4580JENSEN BRIAN DR FamUy Phys121 4AvW 652-7993

Jensen C 104 510 2 StSE 652-3719Jensen Keith 823CrescentAv 652-2939Jensen Keith 2ll 815 9 StSW 652-2670Jensen Larry 400RiversideDrNW 601-2215


Advertising Services 1999

Jug Steve 330 6AveSE 601-2153Junio A & S 601-2655j) r C 601 lAvSW 652-3663Kabeary Bill 652-7973Kabeary Bill 825CrescentAvSE 652-5104Kabeary Doug 652-2619Kaglea Vance 652-1326KaWer Paul H I121HighCountryDr 652-4586Kajser Denny & Stacey 909 15 StSE 652-5220Kaiser S 652-3739Kamarous Richard 6 108 8AvSE 652-3189Kapatin R 652-5935Kashuba Walter 652-7837Kasko G & D 652-1133Kay Michael 26 lAOO 9AvSE 601-6037Kayfish Lawrence 907 12 StSE 652-5568Kaytar P 601-2226Kazmar M 652-7329Kean Dana & Sharon 605 6AvSE 652-1554Keeling F B Box38 Site2RR3 652-2338Keep It Clean 652-5506KEITH PONTIAC BUICK CMC LTDlOOWoodgateRd Okotoks 938-7874

Keith Ralph C 13 SuiiivanRd 652-3994Keith Robin 652-1200Kell Brian 652-4035Keller Barry 12RileyPiace . 652-1097Keller L 906HighlandGrnDrNW 652-2077Keller Lauretta 134 8AvSE 652-1074Keller Sandra 201 iiavW 652-4460Kellock G & B 652-1541Kelly Kevin 903 16 StSE 652-7287Kelly Michael 5DeibertClose 652-3337Kem-Bak Holding Ltd 9io 17 StSE 652-2471Kemery Mandy 930 8 stw 652-1957Kemp Wallace H 523 6AvW 652-3290Kempt V 652-7917Kendall C 608 6 StSE 652-5214Kendel L 107HomeBay 652-4806Kennedy Doug Box542l 652-7318Kennedy E A 1130HighGlenPlaceNW 652-7337Kennedy Graham & Joan1012HighGlenPlaceNW 652-2371

Kennedy H Eileen 158 815 9 stsw 652-3005Kennedy Jack 7i5HighCountryDr 652-1402Kennedy S 652-3976Kennedy Shaun 601-6053Kent Howard Stanley 2l6FreemanWyNW...652-7747Kernaghan A 1614 SunshineWySE 652-4002Kernaghan L I6I4 SunshineWySE 652-3809Kerner Brian 652-3261Kerr Glendon 301 lllMacleodTrSW 652-1268Kerr Julian 821 7 stw 652-1062Kerr Kevin 7ii 19 StSE 601-2024Kerr Kevin Fax 601-2668

KETCH TRANSPORT LTD2415PegasusRdNE Calgary 299-9100

Kewley Vivian 16 895MacleodTr 652-4552KiddD 601-2331Kidd Kory 652-1324Kidwai S T 652-1247Kiemele B 652-1708Kiemele Don 1014 5 stsw 652-7509Kiemele Don Faxline 1014 5 stsw 652-7983Kienitz B 812 9avSE 652-3082Kienitz George 652-1786Stz Mark 652-3819Kilborn Dan Box39l3 652-4347Kilgour R 906 SaStSE 652-4653Killam R H RRI 652-7533Killam R H Fax RRi 652-5942KIM WILKOWICH GOLF SALESLTD 652-2402

Kimmitt Randy BoxlOOAldersyde 601-2611Kimura Vincent l204HighViewPt 652-7396Kinch J 215PolarAvSE 652-3875King Barry 652-7261King Barry & Diane rri 652-7419


Kraus Les 20TongueRd 652-2731Krause Kelly 652-2160Krause Robert 320HomesteadBay 652-3198Krell Glen Boxl044 652-7164Krell J & B 901 lOAvSE 652-1889Kri-Tech Power Products Ltd 652-1669Kriekle Dennis 817RlversideDrNW ...652-3861Krisch M 420MacleodTr 652-3292Kroeker Norm 120 4AvSE 652-4351Kroeker R & J 652-3721Kroeker Ron 236PolarAv 652-5920Kroening Leeanne 652-3064Krown E 103 815 9 StSW 652-2054Krsa V 820MacleodTr 652-5091Krueger Robert 616 6 StSE 652-1740Krush L W Or 652-5159Ku Y K 332 SAvSE 652-3618Kubicek John A 652-4293Kubota Metal Corp 652-2899If Busy Call 601-2395Fax Line 652-2642

Kumlin H E 815 9 Stw 652-7813Kumon Canada fnc(No Charge Dial) 1-800-222-6284Kumon (Highwood) Math & Reading High River SrOkotoks 652-1747

Kunicky Tom & Therese 652-1597Kunitski N 652-5247Kunz G P 424 8AvSE 652-5393Kunz Wes 909 9 StSE 652-2001

KURJI DR S N Optmtrst2207 20 St Nanton 646-3200

Kurta T 516 9 StW 652-5546Kurtz C 2 409 2 StSE 601-2623Kuruliak Cameron 652-2272Kuziw K 113 lAvSE .....652-2453Kuziw Ken 113 lAvSE 652-3885Kuziw Robert 1002 17 StSE 652-5024Kyle John L 720RiversideDrNW 652-4701Labre M 652-7900Labre R 217 3AvSE 652-5113Lacarte Chris 652-7456Lachance George 652-3654Lackten Jim OlBLinehamAcresDrNW 652-4046

King Carman 717 2 stsw 652-2395King Charles 1036 7 stsw 652-7889King Chas W 2009 4AvSE 652-4830King Dave 652-3754King Dave R 919HighCountryDr 652-7170King Donald 1026 7 StW 652-3080King F William 253a560 9AvW ...652-4604King John 652-1127King John 203HomesteadCloseSE 652-4433King John 2l3PolarAvSE 652-4400King John & Vickie203HomesteadCloseSE 652-2558

King L 819FlighCountryBay 652-1307King N P 607 6 StSE 652-1220King Sheldon & Gail 652-3084King Trevor 652-7437Kinghorn Jamie 601-2142Kinj'erski S. 652-1262Kinney G & C 706 18 StSE 601-2269Kinsella R lOSFreemanWyNW 652-5771Kirby Don 224 SAvSE 652-3220Kirby Paul 206HomesteadClose 652-4872Kiriaka Jason l013al0AvSE 601-2193Kirk A W Dr 621HighViewPk 652-5040Kirkland David 3DeibertCloseSW 652-7904Kirkpatrick D 405KanellDr 652-1033Kirsch J P 314 4AvSE 601-2445Kirton Les 817 8 StW 652-3670Kitchen Plan-It BoxlSSTurnerValley 818-8694Kits Kor 113 SunsetWy 652-4429Kjinserdahl Brent .. .652-2889Klassen Alan E 309 llAvW .'652-4894Klassen Myron 702 17aStSE 601-6020Klean K ..652-1987Klein James F 652-3676Klemm C IDIebertClose 652-7841Kletzsch Mark 432MacleodTrSW 652-4859Klimov F 1025 6 Stw 652-4673Klippenstein F i200HighViewPt 652-1930Kluehn Henry 103 2 StSE 652-2934Kluserits Ron l564BeachWySW 652-4353Klywak L 913 16 StSE 652-5398Knaebel M 1008 6 stw 652-3653Knappe C & R 804 9AvSE 652-5280Knaus Glen 700RiversideDrNW 601-4622Knetsch Everdina 652-3236Knight J 108 9AvSE 601-2685Knodell C 334 7AvSE 652-7802Knowles E D 652-3841Knowles Keith 503 SunshlneTr 652-5115Knowles Norman 1023 14 stSE 652-3913Knox Hal 906 6 StSE 652-4458Knox Murray Eastl2 6AvSE 601-4634Kochalyk Denise 652-3551Koester K 601-2112Koester K 601-2616Kohler M 601-2260Kohlhammer Fred 1002 15 StSE 652-1118Kohlruss Chris 1702 7AvSE 652-5655Kohrs Harold 652-5299Kohut S 652-3995KohutT 601-4953Kolner Ben 140 2AvW 652-2835Kolpac-Jarvis S 652-4058Koopman-Kat E Box736 652-2155Koprnicky Petr 729 9AvSE 652-1037Korecki G & A 652-5320Korol 0 RR3 652-4354Koskinen Marjo 333 SAvSE 652-1359Koster Jack 601-2106Koster L 652-5727Koteles Frank L 30i los 7AvSE 601-2439Koury K C 1230HighCountryDrNW 601-2263Kovacs Eva & Alex 217 SAvSE 601-2465Kozak R 652-2491Kramer E 312 3AvSE 652-3436Kramer Maurice 652-2055Kranendonk D 635HighViewPk 652-1023Kratchmer Todd 901 10 StSE 652-7150


710 20 StSE 652-2828

Lahd Bill 601-2416Laidlaw R Gordon 1306 lOAvSE 652-7286Lainchbury Robert 128 7AvSE 652-2957Laing Bruce 120 7AvSE 652-2513Lair Arnold 410 7AvSE 652-4942Laird Robert 652-1746Laitre S 652-1005Lalonde J & W 807 8AvSE 601-4635Lamb Florence 514CentreStN 652-7481Lambourn C & K 652-2017Lambrecht Don 652-2119Lammers A 652-4952Lamon Karen 1008 17 stSE 601-2107Lamon Krys li7a4AvSE 652-2194Lamothe J & H 601-2267Lamoureux Oscar 418 SAvSE °62-162bLancaster S 27 1400 9AvSE 652-5071LANDMARK FEEDS INC1475 Wheatland Tr Strathmore 934-6024Or Call (Toll Free) 1-800-266-9365

Lang A M OOlRlversldeDrNW 601-2144Langen H L 517HighViewPkNW 652-4510Langenberger J D 507 9 stw 652-4382Langenberger J D Faxline 507 9 stw 601-2600Langenhofi Floyd 601-2474Langenhoff John A 831 8 stw 652-7408Langenhoff L 601-2470Langford Allen 652-1732



Langkowski E PoloPark 652-5342Langner Kary RR2 652-7773Laninga D & R 208CentreStS 652-3019Lapierre Oscar 23Pekisl<oR(i 652-3119LaPlante L 1028 lOAvSE 652-4951Larocke Amy IPekiskoRdSW 652-4756Larocque Alvin 652-4459Larocque Alvin Fax 652-3223LaRose Jack l ill 6AvSE 652-4794Larsen D 230 SAvSE 652-1475Larson D 601-2198Larson Dan 606HighViewPkNW :....601-6051Larson Dan Faxline 601-2286Larson J 4 815MacleodTr 652-1646

LASER TAG ADVENTURE1912MacKayRdNW Calgary 247-8885

Lask Homes Ltd 32CimarronDr Okotoks 938-3996Lasseter Richard 4 1002 llAvSE 652-4641Laver J 601-2711Lavoie Corey 430HomesteadTr 652-1585Lavoie Yvon lOllblOAvSE 652-4682Law William Aldersyde 652-7085Lawley P 601-2274Lawrence Bruce 652-2810Lawrence D J 310 530 4AvSW 601-4933Lawrence John W 122 SAvSE 652-1440Lawrence Vera Mrs 163 815 9 stsw 652-2013Lay Mark 3 115 8AvSW 652-7354Laycraft Clifford 604HomesteadPlace 652-1035Laycraft Lyie 711 3 Stw 652-2951Laycraft M R 125 815 9 StSW 652-2476Layton M 652-5555Layton M 908 16 StSE 652-5965LDS Missionaries 652-2820Lea A E 923HighCountryPlace 652-1183Leadbeater Glenn 1704 6AvSE 652-7339Leask Keith 652-3617Leask Ken & Audrey 911HighCountryDr 652-4066Leathers T 206 410 7 stw 652-2926Leavitt Joan ll9HomeBay 652-3403Leavitt Paul 1004 lOAvSE 652-7086Leavitt W M 908EmersonRdSW 652-3546LeBlanc Wayne 409 lAvSE 652-1618LeBorgne P 652-7933Lebsack Allan 524HighViewPt 652-2952Leckie P 601-2431Leclerc Denise lOl 616 19 StSE 652-1960Ledgerwood M 601-4932Ledoux Percy 220 3AvSE 652-4150Lee Barry 652-1686Lee Barry 652-2867Lee Barry Faxline 601-2605Lee Bob 323HomesteadBaySE 601-2162Lee Derryl 810 SaStSE 652-4162Lee P 3 131 8AvSE 601-2606Lee W A 13BakerRd 652-3268Leeferink Hank 1014 lOAvSE 652-3965Lees R A 318AuroraDr 652-2738Legare Lyia 601-2483Legault G 652-4752Leger Eric 329FairwayVwNW 601-2241Leger Eric Faxline 601-2271Le Gros L 652-1908Lehan D i so BAvSE 652-1270Lehan F J Rick 903EmersonRd 652-3608Lehner Carl 803 BAvSE 652-3699Lejgh Gordon 920 7 stw 652-7770Leisen K L RRlHighRiver Longview 558-2284Leith Karen 652-5213Lejeune M 601-2691Lejeune Yvan A rR2 Site2Box6 652-3194Leman Robert 652-3050Lemieux Robert 652-7059Lemieux Robert 652-7188Lemley A 652-4707Lemoal Marcel 1113 5 StSE 652-2701Lencucha Donald 652-1594Lencucha Todd 652-1803Lencucha Todd 652-7832

000120® TELUS Advertising Services 1959

LONG RIVER RESTAURANT327aMacleodTr 652-3824

Long Robert 624HighViewPk 652-1393Long V 652-5287Longson John M 1510 lOAvSE 652-4916Longson Wilf & Gladys 1012 3 StSW 652-2502Lonsberry N 652-2505Loosley D A 909 ISaStSE 652-4069Loosley S 909 iSaStSE :...652-5039Looy Gerrit 652-4414Lopaschuk A 8 721 l StSW 601-2628Lord D J 652-1361Lord Douglas J 652-3993Lorenz N F 916RiversideDr 652-2074Lorenzen D 1012 8 Stw 652-1051Lorenzen Len RR3 Site2 652-7616Lorman Betty 307 1400 9AvSE 652-1780Louth B J 652-7911Louwerse G 652-1523Lovell J 652-3419Lovell Jeff 1012 17 StSE 652-5376Lovell Jeff Faxline 1012 17 StSE 652-2826Lovell Susan 419LinehamAcresGroveNW 652-1940Loven M 1014 13 StSE 652-1221Lower N 938 8 Stw 652-2728Lowrey Bruce 240PolarAv 652-3221Lowrey John 622LinehamAcresDrNW 652-3588Lowrey S 652-1151Lowry Leonard S 624LinehamAcresDrNW 652-5151Lowry P 513LinehamAcresDrNW 601-2630Lucas J W & 0 M RR3 652-4333Lucas Vicki 616HomesteadPlace 652-4838Lukey-Robertson Susan & David 652-3953Lund Norman 6l2HighViewPk 652-1731Lundberg Gerald 403FreemanWyNW 652-1517Lundberg Gerald Faxline403FreemanWyNW 652-5956

Lunn R 652-2565Lusche Daryl 1710 SAvSE 601-4939Lusign J 652-1457

LUTES BUILDING CENTRE710 llAvSE 652-3422Fax Line 652-2478Or 652-52M '

Lutes L M 710 llAvSE 601- 2104 ILutes Laurie 710 liAvSE 601-2105Lutes Melanie 428 BAvSE 652-1317Lutes Willard 404RiversideDrNW 652-1496LUTHERAN CHURCH 910 12AvW.. 652-2992Fax Line 652-2049

Lutz D 4 559 9AvSW 652-1539LutZ D R 926EmersonRdSW 652-4417Lutz Mark 652-2368Lutze J Boxl4 652-1647Lychuk Todd 200261619 stSE 601-2491LyIe Marty 652-1050LyIe Neil 305BakerCreekRise 601-4951Lyman Oren 709RiversideDrNW 652-7977Lynch Robert D 652-3596Lynnwood Holdings Ltd 652-2653Fax Line 652-2997

Lynx Masonry & Stucco 652-9690Lyon M A 926 6 StW 652-2759Lyons B 652-5770Lyons B 652-5916Lyons Donald E 713 ioavSE 652-2729Lyons Noble 22 2AvSE 652-3379Lyons P 600CentreStS 652-4928Lvttle Brian Box5697HighRiver Longview 558-3638M C LIMOUSINE & TAXI 652-7966M D Cycle 327bMacleodTr 652-1529Maberley G A 652-7133filacartney William M 432 9 stw 652-5178MacAulay Donald 1801 6AvSE 652-3769MacCarl Scott & Laura 652-3811

Lencucha Todd Rltr 317MacleodTrSW 652-3432Lendrum J 652-7298Leneveu D 3 SullivanRd 652-3858Leneveu Kevin 3 SullivanRdSW 652-5507Lennox B 652-1793Lenz Hans 1005 11 StSE 652-1835Leonard J & A l709a7AvSE 652-7139LePatourel G 302 131 8AvW 652-7686LePatourel R 8 2 stNE 652-4252Lepp Harry G 106FairwayVwNW 652-5968Lerner Greg 1019 8 Stw 652-1689Leroux Bert 201 612 19 StSE 601-2178Leroux R Fax .601-2718Leroux Raymond C 325 6AvSE 652-1578Leslie H 601-2080Leslie Harvey 601-2088Leslie Harvey 601-2174Leslie Harvey 652-2209Leslie J 107 815 9 StSW 652-7791Lester B 1517 8AvSE 652-1271Leswick E 18 895MacleodTrW 652-4710Levacque Kevin iSCataractRdSW 601-2118LEVESQUE SECURITIES INC205 103 3AvSW 652-3939

Lewis Earl T 652-2658Lewis Frank G 10 1400 9AvSE 652-3494Lewis Owen R 652-5665

LIBERTY HEALTH325 525 28 StSE Calgary 235-5816


Liddell G & S 709 18 StSE 652-1038Liddell T R Box5487 652-2140Lifecall (NoChargeDial) 1-800-661-5433Lightfoot Nicole Bsmtll4 SAvSE 652-4960

LIGHTHOUSE MUSIC & BOOKS LTD120al Stw 652-5611Fax Line 652=5590

Lilburn G 652-5969Lind R 601-6067Lindblad Roy 652-1933Lindholm Edith 260 560 9AvSW 652-3093Lindquist Douglas 5l3HighViewPt 652-2223Lindsay G 652-2166Lindsay M 652-3134Lindsay M 652-7715Lindsay R D Bob 627HighViewPk 652-3364Lindsay William 159 815 9 stsw 601-2181Linford Ken 120BakerCreekDrSW 652-7149Ling Leonard 533 4 stw 652-1519Link Audie 301 3AvSE 652-7958Lissell Dale 722 8AvSE 652-4331Little Bow Feeders Association Limited14 9MacleodTrSW 652-4905


Fax Line. 652-2806

Little David C 9 1400 9AvSE 652-7635Lively Kurtis 1507 llAvSE 652-1129Livestock Identification Services LtdBrand Ofc 652-3980Fax Line 652-4644

Lloyd Murray 233 6AvSE....; 652-7434Lloyd Trevor 922 17 StSE 652-7994Lobe Eugene R Box5825 652-2948Loeffler Ben 52lHomePiace 652-3465Logan James W 509HighViewPt 652-1791Lok S 906 9 StSE 652-4365Lomenda Jason 652-2158Lomheim LeRoy R 900 6AvSE 652-3127Long Bill 1010 17 StSE 652-5626Long Leiand 5l3HighViewPk 652-1383Long Lynn 925 6 Stw 652-4494Long Lynn L 652-4321


000120^ TEIUS Advertising Services 1999 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 159

MkDonald Danny 652-2725Macdonald Danny 407KanellDr 652-5541MacDonald David F 810 9AvSE 652-7822MacDonald J 601-4671MacDonald John A 1523 lOAvSE 601-2720MacDonald M 652-2691MacDonald Marc C 1618 SunshineWySE 601-2547MacDonald S Rev 652-3813MacDonnell Tracey & Billy 652-1727MacDougall B 413 9 StW 652-5678MacGuire Brad 908 11 StSE 652-1319Machacek Cyril F Box588l 601-2184Machan S ;..652-3989Macheson T 601-2738Maclntyre Michael D 403 6AvSE 652-5382Mackay B J 220HomesteadCloseSE 601-2203MacKenzle Alex Box5554 652-7369Mackenzie Brian Box5554 652-1107MacKenzie Hamish 113 lOAvW 652-7030Mackenzie Hamish 16 6AvSE 652-5742MacKenzie Hugh Box503i 652-3847MacKenzie Jakki 652-1890MacKenzie M J 1025 l StW 652-2618MacKenzie Shane 601-2403Mackie Mike 603LinehamAcresDr 652-1415MacKillop Bill 419 6AvSE 652-4034


MacKillop Gaylord 652-7162MacKillop L T Box54 652-3497MacKillop Lloyd Box54 652-7413MacKillop R W G 419 6AvSE 652-2833MacKinnon Lorna 1004 7 Stw 652-2915MacKinnon Mark 112 9AvSE 652-2873Macklin Michael & Debra 652-2732Macklin P & S Box5211 652-4224Macklin Rod 652-5930Mackow W RR3 652-4033MacLean Darren 5 559 9AvSW 652-3947Maclean N 652-1894MacLean S 652-3394MacLellan M 6 310 2 stSE 652-3065MacLeod A 1674MacleodTrSW 652-7520Macleod Art 601-4600Macleod Art 601-4601MacLeod Ben 652-7607Macleod Cory 625LinehamAcresNW 652-1353Macleod Darren 731 9AvSE .652-7697MacLeod Dean 404 5AvSE 652-5099MacLeod Gordon 620 8 StSE 652-4508Macleod S 204 2AvSE 652-4040MacMillan James B 533HighViewPt 652-5007MacMIIIan L 601-4949MacRae D 652-1971MAC'S CONVENIENCE STORES LIMITED62555 StSE 652-2660

Mac Smiley's Liquor Outlet404CentreStS 652-1738

Macza Frank 1705 7AvSE 652-5140Macza Frank Fax 652-5150Macza S 418HomesteadTrSE 601-6065Macza W 605HomesteadPlaceSE 652-1394Madden R i2MistRd 652-3274Madill B 601-2702Magdall James D 601-2504Maguire Owen 3 o 9DeForasCloseNW 652-5128

magwood motors ltd" Auto/Farm NAPA

1307 21Av Nanton 646-2215Fax Line. 646-2759

Mahaffy E,.,.. 652-7181Mahoney E J J 652-7824Mahura Gary & Joanne

■lll9HighGlenPlaceNW 601-2131MaierStan 652-7667

Main Rod 652-7099Maisay Donna 325DeForasCloseNW ...652-5156Malsey Anna 167 815 9 StSW 652-3648Maisey Larry 426 9 StW 652-2918Maitland G A 707HighCountryDr 652-1378Maichrowski Matt B1709 7AvSE 652-5562Maior K & D 652-3525Major Ray 732 9AvSE 652-4047Makeechak Isobel 123 3AvSE 652-7451Makeechak Linda 229 3AvSE 652-5980Makeiki Andy 903 9 StSE 652-2332Makeiki Andy Faxline 903 9 StSE 652-7764Maki M P 520HighViewPt 652-1824Makortoff L 652-4732Malcolm B 203BakerCreekPlaceSW 601-2681Malech B St N 1527 llAvSE 601-2693Malka Gary 601-2399Malmberg D 652-2680Malmberg Donald 931EmersonRd 652-2576Malmberg E 601-2503Malmberg June P 301 131 8AvW 652-7673Malmberg L 305 131 BAvW 652-7140MALMBERG MUTH & CO

19 3AvSE 652-4272Malmberg R E 904 17 stSE 652-1911Malta Greenhouse Ltd- See ProGrow

Greenhouses IncMaltby Roy l 130 8AvSW 652-3521MANAGEMENT SERVICES

618CentreStS 652-3028Mandel J l 109 6AvSE 652-5072Mandel K 601-2030Mandel T 652-1330Mangan E 341 laStNE 652-3269Manhattan Farms . ..652-5165Mann Graham 652-4537Mannerfeldt J 652-1723MANNERFELDT JMDRFmty Phys

106b3AvW 652-2044Manning Brian 216 llAvW 652-1996Mansbridge B 536 8 Stw 652-1285Manson C 13TongueRdSW 652-4232Manson David 652-5235Manson Don 123 3AvSE 652-1149Mantel Barry & Linda 1701 SAvSE 601-2050Mantel Gerald 1007 15 StSE 652-7386Mantei Gerald Fax Line 1007 15 StSE 652-5691Marceniuk C 1 652-7777March A M 13MistRd 652-2167MARCRAFT MARINE in 3Avn 652-2877

Fax Line 652-2857Margo Supplies Ltd 652-1932

Fax Line 652-3511MARIAH PROJECTS RR2 Cayley 395-2322Mark Colin & Hazel 908RiversideDrNW 652-4284Mark Leroy G 1716 7AvSE 652-7786Markert Gavin 652-2456Marks Jeff 652-2893Marley Jeff 652-3123

MARLIN TRAVEL ^108 4AvSW 652-5666Fax Line 652-5613

Marsh Dennis C 233 2AvSE 652-4004Marshall D W 409FairwayLane 652-1146Marshall G P 724RiversideDrNW 652-1052Marshall Harold G 652-7643Marshall J C 14 StimsonRd 652-2066Marshall L J 612 3 stw 652-4722Marshall Penny & Tony 652-2650Marshall Robert 125 SunsetWy 652-2361Marshman Gordon 14 SheppardRdSW 652-2878Marshman Kevin 610 3 StSE 601-2258Marshman Korey K 652-4031Marthaller Jerome 528 8 Stw 652-4051Marthaller Lloyd 652-1241

Marthaller Robert 652-1430Martin A & E Children's Phone 652-5520Martin Allen 1501 8AvSE 652-5388Martin D 601-2182Martin Gerald D 652-1753Martin Gerald L 122FairwayVw 652-4538Martin Jerry 3 StimsonRd 652-4505Martin M 601-4908Martin N 902 10 StSE 652-3671Martinez Pedro 417 l StSW 601-2641Martin-Goodwin M 652-4914Martz S J 610HighViewPk 652-1836Martz S J Faxline 610HighViewPk 601-2587Mascher F 124 7AvSW 652-1526Masear Brian 70l 6 StSE 652-7071Mason Donald H l522alOAvSE 652-3979Mason E M 508 5 stSE 652-7148Mason L 720 8AvSE 652-3397Mason M 652-2802Mason P 230 6AvSE 652-7725Mason Robert 652-3037Masonic Hall Corner Stone Lodge

306 4 StSE 652-2058MASSEY FERGUSON INDUSTRIES LTDwww.farmway.ab.ca

90 12AvSE 652-2414Massong Kim 520 4 Stw 652-3643Mastel Patrick Box4007 652-4593Masterman Bruce 405 6AvSE 652-3750Mathers D 16RiversideViila 652-5915Matheson Frank H 214HomesteadClose 652-5257Mathews Chris 204 2 stSE 601-2280Mathews Chris Fax Line 601-2273Mathieson George 436HomesteadTr 652-3319Matter Armin 502CentreStN 652-4866Matthews Kelly 652-1334Matthews R G 652-7957Matthews Shawn 41 7AvSE 652-7046Matthews Shawn 41 7AvSE 652-7206Matthewson Neil 1510 liAvSE 652-5628Mattson Jane 652-5574Mattson Wayne 20l llAvW 652-4529Matwychuk-Goodman Joe 652-4169Maude George Faxline 652-4628Maude George Jr 708 5 StSE 652-3763Mauza Anthony 831 6 Stw 652-7962Mawer Frank 130 815 9 StSW 652-3408Mawson 0 402HomesteadTr 652-7717Maxwell James A 1317 9AvSE 652-2098May Allan HomesteadTr 652-2490Mayberry J 652-5370Mayes David B 531HighViewPt 652-1989Maynard G B 908 9 StW 652-1197Mayr Charles 652-3449MAZEPPA GAS PLANT- See Compton

Petroleum CorporationMBANX

A Division Of Bank Of MontrealGen Inquiries (No Charge

Dial) 1-888-622-6911Member Services Line

(NoChargeDial) 1-888-491-0000McAlester M 901 iSaStSE 652-4297McAllister W L 147 815 9 stSW 652-2261McAndrew Ray 652-3656McAndrew S 652-4184McArthur R G 632HighViewPk 652-1648McAtee Arthur RR3 652-2507McAteer P & S 652-5271McAulay Thomas 208HomesteadCiose 652-3441McBean Dave 652-7253McCallum Gerry 16 SheppardRd 652-2756McCance Dennis 1607 ilAvSE 601-2068McCance J 601-2737McCarthy K J 652-5948McCartney A H7FairwayVwNW 652-3956McCartney L 652-4870McCartney P J 327DeForasCloseNW 652-3278



McCartney V Box5712 652-3225McCaughan Brian 652-1703McCaughan Brian 652-5510McCaughan S 652-7703McCauiey Jason 207HomesteadCloseSE 652-3736McCauley S 1716 SAvSE 652-3744McClain E 652-2151McColl M Neil & Rita 652-1144McCormick George1129HighGlenPlaceNW 652-4327

McCormick P 1028 lOAvSE 652-4951McCormick P F 503 6 StSE 652-3498McCourt Murray SOOHighCountryBayNW 652-1955McCracken Don 37 6AvSE 652-4226McCracken Robert & Lynette 652-2977McCracken W 310 2 StSE 652-1072McCracken Wayne 2 SullivanRd 652-3457McCracken Wayne Fax Line 2 SuliivanRd...652-5005McCredie Drew lABakerRd 652-1159McCredie Graham 108 SAvSE 652-4171McCrimmon Byron 616HighViewPk 652-5723McCrindle A 237 lOAvW 652-2639McCuaig Joanne 12BakerRd 652-7066McCubbin L 652-1971McCulloch C F Dr 652-7104McCulloch Murray 4 403 9AvW 652-2145McCutcheon Mark 22 7AvSE 652-1034McDannald Virgil 319 lAvSE 652-7627McDell Drilling Ltd 1626 SunshineWySE 652-7776McDonald Dan 1003 9 stSE 652-3696McDonald E 652-4234McDonald HL101213 StSE 652-4156McDonald J Roger Box5275 652-2198McDonald Jack 905 16 StSE 652-1797McDonald L 910EHisCr 652-5689McDonald L J 816 5 StSE 652-3630McDonald Lawrence 112 lAvNE ...652-4139McDonald Lloyd 202 105 7AvSE 652-7362McDonald R D 520HighViewPk 652-4754McDonald Richard 518HomePlace 652-4625McDonald Ryan 1003 9 StSE 652-3704McDonald William J2218159 stsw 652-4929McDonalds 120516 stSE 652-7771Fax Line 652-1919

McDougall D T 9MlstRd 652-3628McDowell Leslie 9ll 12 StSE 652-2056McElman Royce 1026 14 StSE 652-3782McFadden Brock l674MacleodTrSW 652-7520McGill Joseph 107 SunsetWySE 652-2454McGillvray W J 8 901MacLeodTrSW 652-2259McGlashan C 202 29 4AvSE 652-1972McGovern J 921EllisCrSE 652-7846McGowan L 652-7738McGrath K 601-6069McGregor Robert 20 SheppardRd 652-3604McGuigan Peter J Dr 1578GasconyLane 652-3822

MCGUtGAN PETER J DROptmtrst 103 3AvW 652-2424

McGuinness Thomas 81 3 StSE 652-2894McGuire B 129 3AvSE 652-2137McGuire Paul 601-2645McGuire Paul 1133HighGlenPlaceNW 652-7357McHale A 132 4AvSE 652-5112McHale K 652-3466McHale L G 652-4477McHale-Fraser K 911 8 StSW 652-4080McHugh Betty 652-1741McHugh Douglas 652-7464McHugh F 601-6083McHugh R D & Charlotte 652-1096Mcllride Glen 220FreemanWyNW 652-4194Mclnerney John 14 SulllvanRdSW 652-7538Mclnnis Wayne 601-2287MclntOSh Lil 160 815 9 stsw 652-4814

000120 ® TEIUS Advertising Services 19S9


Mclntosh Ron & Ann Box5447 652-4188Mclntosh-Doris Joy 601-2466Mclntyre B 652-1211Mclntyre G W 5 416 7 Stw 652-7621Mclntyre Gerald J 39 SAvSE 652-1946Mclntyre H 652-7545Mclntyre Scott & Joy1576GasconyLaneSW 652-7556

Mclver Richard 28 1400 9AvSE' 652-1433McKay Brent 652-5605McKay Brian S 503 7 StSE 652-3570McKay Doug 6TongueRd 652-4275McKay G D 332DeFlorasCloseNW 652-4158McKeage A 913 5 Stw 652-5601McKeage H 652-2159McKeage Keith W 902CrescentAv 652-7510McKeage M 652-1854McKeage Richard L RR3 652-7489McKenna Brian 652-4096McKenna Brian 652-5765McKenna Brian 652-7382McKenna Dan 1OI6 17 StSE 652-7128McKenzie Kippy 652-2935McKerracher Dennis 652-1046McKie R J 12 SulllvanRdSW 652-3473McKie V 201 34 6AvSE.... 652-3869McKinlay S 601-2535McKinnon N E 422HomesteadTr 652-3987McKittrick F llOlHlghGlenPlaceNW 652-4448McLachlan Wayne 606 6 StSE 652-3747McLaren Gord 1512 9AvSE 652-1460McLaughlin Doug 605HighViewGate 652-5068McLean A Kelly 918 16 StSE 652-1500McLean Enterprises 652-3641McLean K RR3 652-5014McLean Kenneth Boxl Site2RR3 652-7238McLean L 601-4607McLean L 1511 lOAvSE 652-4910McLean M M 227 lAvSE 652-2180McLean Nathan 335 7AvSE 652-3641McLean Rob A1017 lOAvSE 652-5263McLean S A 724 9AvE 652-7775McLean S & C 652-1568McLean Scott 247PolarAvSE 652-2479McLean Shawn 334 3AvSE 601-2501McLean Tim 652-4947McLean Tim Faxline 652-7316McLennan Lewis 1626 SunshineWySE 652-4072McLennan T 601-4971McLeod A John 507HighViewPt 652-4852McLeod & Co Certified General Accountant1 717 1 stsw t 652-7457

McLeod D J 652-4603McLeod D J Fax Line 652-4650McLeod Roger 652-7834McManus B J 652-4924McManus M E 201 1400 9AvSE 652-5739McMeckan Terry & Diane 333 8AvSE.. 652-1761McNeill William V 503HomePlaceSE 652-1187McNicol Jim & Vera 422KanellDrSE 652-4301McNiven D 652-1610McNiven Megan 652-5248McNutt K 1006 6 Stw 652-2938McPeak Donald 652-3096McPeak Ian 652-7335McPhee D 301MacleodTrSW 601-2159McPherson Jack 1024 7 stsw 652-4176McRorie G 1532 llAvSE 652-1914McWilliam Phyllis lOOOEilisCr 652-7443McWilliam R J 11 SullivanRd 652-3377McWilliams E R 930 7 stw 652-2928Meadows Charles F 1305 IOAvSE 652-3768Meadows Eric 902 8 StSE 652-7737Meadows 6 652-5294

MEDI-PLUS 139 SAvW 652-30412Store Front 652-3057After Hours Res 652-1149Or Res 652-3390

MEDICINE TREE MEDICAL SUPPLY109 4AvSW 652-4155Fax Line 652-3612

Medicine Tree Place- See FoothillsFoundation

Medivet Pharmaceuticals 55 9AvSE 652-4441Fax Line 652-3692

Meek Brian 903 8 StSE 652-3169Meena D 901CrescentAv 652-3150Meier R D 120HomeBay 652-4674Mekonenn Lema 1808 6AvSE 601-4919Mel Wilson Music Rearl23 3AvSW 652-5061Melland C J 308CentreStN 652-2643Mellis Norman T lllOHighViewPt 652-4961MEMORIES CREMATORIUM12700MacloedTrS Calgary 297-0711

Memory Lane Old Fashioned Ice Cream118b4AvSW 652-1887

Menge S 652-3054Mental Health Clinic 309 1 stw 652-8340Mercer Dennis Dr 652-2126MERCER DENNIS DR o/c106b3AvW 652-2044

Mercier Gerard A 1117HighCountryDr 652-7380Mercier Gerard A 1117HighCountryDrNW ....652-7724Mercier Gerard A O/c 120dl stW 652-2545Merkel Alma J l2l4HighViewPt 652-2213Merkel Mechanical Ltd Box3i82 652-4646Merkley M 652-3512Merriam E 307 530 4AvSW 652-3038

MERRILL LYNCH CANADA INCJohn Durham ' j250 ,6AvSW Calgary 231-3380

Merritt D L 609 6 StSE 652-7708


MESQUITE MOVING LTD810CentreStS 652-1066

Metcalfe Darren 910HighlandGrnDrNW 601-4980Metcalfe John 921 4 Stw 652-2623Metcalfe R W 933 4 StW 652-3889Metro West Holdings Inc 915 8 stsw 652-2794If Busy Call 652-3609

Metzger Brian 822 7 StW 652-1683Meyer D & C 652-2340Meyer George & Pat 904 10 StSE 652-7781Meyer R L 515 6AvW 652-2970Michalchuk Will 652-7969Michalchuk Will Fax 652-7951Michaleski Walter 412RiversideDrNW . ..652-3710Michaud L Paul 805 lOAvSE 652-2770Michell Glenn & Deborah 331 6AvSE 652-2273Michieli Marcielle 652-3411Mickelson Judy 1 33 6AvSE 601- 2468Middleton Garth 652-3354Middleton R 419KanellDrSE 652-5198Mifflin R 1315 9AvSE 652-1528Mike's Barber Shop St Men's HairstylingBay24 30 3AvSE 652-4093

Mike's Fish & Chips 118CentreStS 652-735$Miles Bruce M 652-7689


Collin Simmons

125 4AvW 652-2722Fax Line 652-2862

Miller Anna & Mitch 4 1400 9AvSE 601-2361


000120® TELUSAdvertisingServices 1999

Miller April Main311 4AvSE 652-3110Mjller David 712 17aStSE 601-2199Miller John RRlHighRiver Longview 558-2196Miller Ken F 804 lOAvSE 652-3853Miller ten G 1125HighCountryDr 652-8647Miller Len G Faxline 652-5795Miller M C 414FreemanWyNW 652-2621Miller Richard Box252Blackie 652-7765Milliken M J 414KanellDrSE 652-3779Mills Ted 652-2584Milman L 601-2744Milner M 601-2726Minifie Ward 210 9AvSW 601-4915

MINUTE MUFFLER & BRAKE1103 E 18 StSE 601-4688Fax Line 652-5334

Miron R 652-2717Misner R 601-2725Mitchell C 652-1298Mitchell G W 520 6 StW 652-7136Mitchell J 652-7124Mitchell K 652-5293Mitchell Mark 601-2695Mitchell Phillip B 652-3930Mitchell R 652-3688Mitchell William 313FairwayVw 652-1642Mock B 130 7AvW 652-2879Model Tee Markers 652-7212Fax Line 652-1015

Moffat Bernard 204PolarAv 652-1966Moffat D 601-2583Moffat Douglas N Rev 630HighViewPk 652-1862Moffett Thomas ICataractRdSW 601-6038Mokry LMokry L 652-7045Moiloy Vince 512HighViewPk 652-4767Molloy Vince Fax 512HighviewPark 652-4721Monaghan E 652-1812Moncrieff J E 652-7056Moncrieff M 652-5627Moncrieff Marty 606 18 StSE :.652-1504Moncrieff Philip 614 6 stSE 652-7075Monk C & D 708 18 StSE 652-5181Monteith John 652-5260Monteith John Faxline 652-1582Montford Douglas 652-4366Montford Y 93 3 StSE ... 652-1684Montgomery I 1518 IOAvSE 652-3281Montgomery John D l37FairwayVw 652-7224Montgomery M J 652-3955Montgomery R Box5942 652-3360Montgomery Robert J Box6068 652-4950Montgomery Tucker Enterprises 652-5355Fax Line 652-5347

Mooney G S 1004 8 StW 652-2677Moor F 905EllisCr 652-2641Moor JD 652-7504Moorcroft J 601-2059Moore Allen N 805RiversideDrNW....i 652-2578Moore Barb 402FairwayLaneNW 652-3081Moore Brian 114 7AvSE ...652-7205Moore DMoore Dan 12 SuiiivanRdSW 652-3473Moore Fred llOl 4 stSE 652-2783Moore J D 408 8 Stw ..652-2161Moore Pam 541LinehamAcresDrNW 652-2473Moore Tracy ll 132 9AvSW 652-5210Moore Wayne A Aq?"s671Moore Kris R 652-56/1Moores T 601-4989moovie ranch the1103C18 StSE 652-5205

Morales Ricardo 707 lOAvSE 652-3092Morcom J 712 5 StSE 601-2282Morgan V 5 409 2 StSE 601-2472Morin J 652-4890Morissette K 601-2136Morley D Box5558 652-3216Morley S 652-1935


Moroz Mickey 1108HighViewPt 652-3456Morris D 652-1885Morris J & T llOlHighCountryDrNW 652-4902Morris T 652-1566Morrison A DonaldRRlHighRiver Longview 558-2204

Morrison C 601-4982Morrison D 601-2352Morrison David 612 6 StSW 652-7482Morrison G E 5 815MacieodTr 652-2706Morrison G E Fax Line 5 815MacieodTr 652-4054Morrison Glen 4 SheppardRd 652-7897Morrison Ken 1524 llAvSE 652-3829Morrison L 652-4804Morrison M 652-1865Morrison Peter Boxlll6 652-7584Morrow Ralph J l 50 8AvSE 652-5340Morse Becky & John 652-7438Morse Becky & John Fax Line 601-2341Morton Frank & Bette1119HighViewPtNW 652-5088

Morton Jim 652-4399Mosco A 3 117 7AvSE 601-2514Mosig Philip 652-3435Moss David. 601-2234Moss Jim & Gaye 902 l5aStSE 652-1154Motil A M 221 lAveSE ...652-2043Motruk P 652-1303Motuz D & M 652-4245Motuz D & M 652-5143Motz Scott & Marzena 414 6AvSE 601-2604Moulson E M 652-4592

MOUNT KIDD R VPARK Kananaskis 591-7700

Mountain View Developments LtdCellular....... 651-2270

Mountain View Janitorial Ltd428 2AvSE 601-0748

Mouser A 652-3659Mouser Allan W 912HighCountryPlaceNW.....652-7762

Movie Ranch The- See Moovie Ranch The

Mowat Douglas 604RiversideDrNW 601-2612Mowbray Ron Site2RiversideVillaTrlrCrt 652-3946Mueller Gunter & Janet 652-3926Mueller H Faxline 652-3484Mueller Helmut 652-1567Mueller Robert 416 2AvSE 601-4614Muir Kevin 203 lAvSE 652-3868Mulholland Brian D 1019 14 StSE 652-4507Mullen Transportation IncBox8 7Aldersyde 652-8888Fax 652-1368

MULLEN TRUCKING INCBox87Aldersyde 652-8888

Mulligan Brent 832 9 stw 652-2446Mumford N 5 334 laStNE 652-3902Munday J 4PekiskoRd 652-3761MUNICIPAL DISTRICT OF FOOTHILLS NO31 309MacleodTr 652-2341Fax Line 652-7880

Munn Doug 1006 15 StSE 652-5569Munn J llOBakerCreekDrSW 601-4988Munro R C R 1121HighGlenPlaceNW 601-2283Munroe Allan 652-3208Munson Mark 404 8 stw 652-4861Munson W 914 6 stw 652-2758Murakami Blain 324 SAvSE 652-3606Muraski B 652-1039Murchie J 912 17 stSE 652-3229Murchie J Fax 652-3256Murphy Daniel 405 7AvSE 601-2075Murphy Daniel Faxline 601-2692Murphy Eric E 317FairwayVw 652-2610Murphy Lisa 652-3277

Murray B 652-7213Murray B Faxline 652-7594Murray Brian 9BakerRd 652-4097Murray G Fax Line 652-1898Murray J W RR3 652-7467Murray Keith l014CrescentAv 652-3180Murray Lee 518MacleodTrSW 652-5098Murray R W 620HighViewPk 652-1432Murray Richard G 652-5352Murray Robert 917 5 Stw 652-1896Murray Robert Faxline 917 5 StSW 652-4876MURRAY'S APPLIANCE SERVICES LTD4 OEIizabethSt Okotoks 938-3267

Murrco Equipment Inc 652-5133Murrin B 652-7036Museum Of The Highwood 4Av8il Stw 652-7156Muth Steven 416 8AvSE 652-1325Mutual Group The 309 l StSW 652-3233Mutuchky Marie 652-7979MY PIZZA STEAK HOUSE & LOUNGEBayl 104 3AvSE 652-2262

Myck Karl 302DeForasCioseNW 652-5252Myers L 652-1830Myles R 652-4180Nacan Products Limited 652-1892Fax Line 652-1722

Naccour Mike 14 SAvSE 652-4964Nadarevic Fikret Dpi 12 9AvW 652-5620Nadeau B 652-2375Nadeau Gerald 534 9 StSW 652-4643Nadeau Remi 220 ilAvSW 652-1743Nadon Olga 601-4642Nagy A 601-2519Nash Dan 501 7 StSE 652-7636Nash Parrel 301 llAvSW 652-4990Nash Lyie M 1006 5 Stw 652-3062Nash Stanley RR3 652-7486Nason David 601-2289Nastiuk R 904 16 StSE 652-3823Nathe N 600HighViewPk 652-1518NATIONAL CAR RENTALCar 8( Truck RentalsFor Worldwide ReservationsIn 75 Countries Call(No Charge Dial) 1-800-227-7368

Nattrass FAC Shooting Lessons & Super SightsLocalCall Cayley 395-0005

Nattress Jeff 505 l StSE 652-5523Naugler Gerald F 521HighViewPt 652-1321Nault B 652-5341Nault R M 306 530 4AvW 652-1596Nauta Allen 652-1925Nauta Allen Box5368 652-7078Nauta Archie B 652-7350Nauta Randy Box5524 652-7265Navajo Trucking Ltd- See D S WhitfordTrucking

Neale Kenneth 38 7AvSE 601-6064Needham LyIe G 28 7AvSE 652-2245Needham T 5 39 4AvSE 652-4318Needham T 5 39 4AvSE 652-4398Neeser Walter 10 115 8AvSW 652-3182Neighbour Chad 1113 4 stSENeigum Don 506HomePlace 652-1231Neilson Lane 652-7012NeiS C 1015 lOAvSE 652-28^Neish John 652-7044Neish K 452MacleodTr 652-3395Neish William RRlNelson A 652-4028Nelson A WNelson Amanda 601-2724Nelson David 652-4981Nelson Debbie 652-7593Nelson Dewane 418 6AvSE 652-2903Nelson Doug & Patti 652-4213Nelson Gerry 34 7AvSE 601-4612Nelson Ha! & Ellen 801 lOAvSE 652-4136



Nelson J M 902 SaStSE 652-2031Nelson Joan 0 4 310 2 StSE 652-5344Nelson K 652-5361Nelson Laura 652-7296Nelson Leonard 809 9AvSE 652-1859Nelson Lloyd 0 652-7103Nelson Lumber Company Ltd1406RiversideDrNW 601-2006

Nelson N 411KanellDr 652-5737NELSON & NELSON Laioyrs268 1632 14AvNW Calgary 289-2525

Nelson R A 502HomePlaceSE 601-4923Nelson Ralph C RR2 652-7477Nelson Ralph Faxline RR2 652-5713Nelson Tea Box5790 652-3492Nelson W J 1558BeachWySW 652-4325Nesselbeck E 324 520 2 StSE 652-2165Neu Gordon 652-1449Neubeker W 1523 llAvSE 652-3585Neurauter Allan 601-2432Newland Ron 652-5295Newlands G Dr lOllHighGlenPlace 652-1022Newman D B 321 3AvSE 652-4082Newman Garry R 1012 14 StSE 652-4314Newman Gordon & Peggy RR2Biackie 652-7563Fax Line 652-2569

Newman Kevin 504LinehamAcresDrNW 652-4378Newman L A Fax 652-3684Newman Roy RR2Blackie 652-7050Newton J Frntl25 2AvSE 652-3469Newton William 906 ISaStreetSE 652-5392Ng Ron 1002 11 StSE 652-5918Nguyen Ut 1303 llAvSE 652-4313Nibourg John 912 9 StSE 652-4656Nichol Chris 209 4AvSE 652-7512Nichol Ed N Aldersyde 652-7043Nichol W E Aldersyde 652-7836Nichols Deanna 541 7 StSW 652-5709Nichols Eldon 213 3AveSE 652-1831Nichols KenNichols Ken A 65^4900Nichols Robert 652-4'?07Nicholson P JNielsen C & K JSJiSSNielsen Eric 205 6AvSE 601-24n?Nielsen H 709 3 Stw 65^76^Nielsen K 103 530 4AvW ■652-47'3n


Niemans Joe 715 3 stw 652-7657Niemans L Box5564 652-2493Niemans Peter Boxl42 !.1!.652-4142


Niemans W F Box5564 652-7867Nilsson Bert 417FreemanWyNW 652-1773Njlsson Bert 417FreemanWyNW 652-2741Nilsson Bert 417FreemanWyNW 652-2742NIssen Eric 652-7263Niven John 818 8 StSW 652-7759Niven-Lackten Jerri

10 0 4HighGlenPlaceNW 652-7793Nixey K 334 8AvSE 601-2732Noad Clair 907 9 stSE 652-4922Noad Frances Boxi 652-7478Noble Dwayne 652-4764Noble Frank 80x5672 652-77 28Noble George 26 SheppardRd 652-7155Nolan Ken 652-5368Nome Cyril 717 BAvSE 652-1668Norrie Glenn 605 9 StSE 652-3665Norrie Gordon M 1513 SAvSE 652-2229Norris-Jones Lionel B 652-2434

000120® TELUS Advertising Services 19^9


Norris-Jones Lionel B Fax 652-5741Norstrom 0 G 652-4534Norsworthy John A '.....652-2711Notenboom Pleun l2lOHighViewPt 652-7602


Nowak Stan 36 2AvSE 652-3647Nowakowski IVI J 200FreemanWyNW 652-1636Nowicki Mike 340 8AvSE 601-4956NU-FAB BUILDING PRODUCTS TRUSS &

FLOOR SYSTEMS DIVISIONIMapleleafRdAldersyde 652-4011Fax Line 652-4372

Nuance Health & Fitness 5 104 3AvSE 652-3199Nuhn Walter 209PolarAv 652-3593Nunweiler D & A 20PekiskoRdSW 652-1419Nye Beverly 652-3850Nyekadia Martin lOPeklskoRdSW 601-26750 Line Trophy Buckles Ltd 610CentreStS..652-78070 K Tire Store 127 4AvSW 652-2512

Ed Rempel Res 652-3866Oakes Robert 1016 lOAvSE 652-7165Oakes Travis 652-3053Oates Ken 907 17 stSE 652-2735Oates Ken 907 17 StSE 652-3148Obermeyer G R Aldersyde 652-7446O'Brien C2 04 612 19 StSE 652-5089O'Connell C M J 652-3506O'Connor Brad 652-3800Oczkowski Ron 652-1847Ogden T H 922 6 stw 652-2449Ogle Olivene M 80lMacleodTr.„ 652-3163OKOTOKS ANIMAL CLINIC LTD

Okotoks Direct Line (No Charge) 264-4956O'Laney Gary 8( Wendy i7MistRd 652-1214Olds Rae E lllOHighGlenPlaceNW 652-5670Olmsted Bruce 605 6 StSE 652-3139Olsen David 27 IAvSE 652-4921Olsen David Fax Line 652-4278Olsen Floyd lOOlEllisCr 652-2884Olson Gordon Box6126 652-3438Olson James N 652-3008Olson M 652-7160OLSON SILVER & LEATHER CO LTD

610CentreStS 652-2744Olstad D W 503HighViewPt 652-1951Olstad Joseph 1301 lOAvSE 652-4052Olstad Sandy 1301 lOAvSE 601-6081Ombudsmams Office

(TollFree)Dial310-0 0 OOThenDial 297-6185O'Neill Patrick 818 5 StSE 652-3140Orchard Arthur R 652-2554Orchard Gord 652-2841Ordon Joseph 9TrapRd 652-2981Ormstrup Henrik 910 is StSE 652-3060Orritt W. 601-6035Orser L 652-3402Orser M Arline 205 131 SAv 652-4075Osbak Gordon 652-1108Osberg M 601-4682Osborne F Fax 601-2188Osborne Robert 517HighViewPtNW 652-2415Oseen S M Box61l9 652-5794Oster P 652-4551Other Woman The 425HomesteadTr 652-3638Otteson C J 704 18 StSE 601-2652Ottewell J 8i G 652-3883Ottewell M 166 815 9 stSW ...652-3255Ottewell R 405CrescentAv 652-3024Ottewell Shawn soo 8 StSE 652-7898Ouwendyk Lawrence 705 6AvSE 652-4892OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS

Box 2 312 IConnaughtPostalOutlet Calgary 691-1030

Owen P 652-2973

Owens P & H 4 130 SAvSW 652-3589Owsley Albert 224FreemanWyNW 601-2148P & B LTD BOX5910 ZII652-3257

Fax Line 652-5127P L P Design Si Drafting 910 7 StSW 652-1499P 8( P Computers 3 3AvSE 652-5677P 8t P Enterprises 3 3AvSE 652-5677

Fax Line 652-5676P & P Media 3 3AvSE 652-5677P T L Trailers 652-2972

Fax Line 652-3311Paarup N D 704 6AvSE 652-4380Paarup N D 704 6AvSE 652-4627Pace Ian 510 8 StSE 652-2516Packford AT 652-4506Page D 1568BeachWy 652-2991Page Roy 17 901MacleodTr 652-4765Pages Ron 628LinehamAcresDrNW 652-5913Pain Stephen 652-5023PAINTBALL ADVENTURE

1912MacKayRdNW Calgary 247-8887PAINTERS CORNER THE

329 3AvSE 601-4666Fax Line 601-2521

Paisley-Chisholm Don 601-6033Pakenham W 608HighViewPkNW 652-1974Pakkala Brad 652-1826Palacsko H 601-4927Palfreyman Alan 323DeForasCloseNW 652-5539Pallister H G 902 16 StSE 652-5643Palmer D 4DeibertClose 652-4360Palmer Gary 652-7374Palmer George 511 6 StSE 652-3089PANAGOPOULOS PIZZA

BigRockCentreOkotoks 310-0001Pandachuk Randy 8i Brenda 652-7908Pantel Bruce 313 laStNE 652-4085Papineau J 652-1850Paradis A & L 1625 SunshineWySE 652-1257Paradis A & L 1625 SunshineWySE 652-3623Paradise Painting 652-3946Paradox Consulting Services Inc 652-2747PARCON CONSTRUCTION LTD

919 laStSE 652-2125Fax Line 652-4173

Parent Rhoda 3 33 6AvSE 652-3176Parent Rhoda Rltr 3l7MacLeodTrSW 601-2250Park Joe Box4ii 601-6031


Park Norman llRiversidelrlrCrt 652-1671Parker C A BTongueRd 652-4851Parker Lawrence 923HighCountryDr 652-3934Parker M A lOOSHighGlenPlace 652-4015Parks A 601-2064Parks E 327 SAvSE 652-7732Parkview Bookkeeping 28 12AvSE 652-1492

If Busy Call 652-3012Parmar M 32 7AvSE 601-2251Parnell J 601-2701Parschauer D H 652-3416Parsons Greg 325 laStN 652-4511Parsons Jo 1015HighGlenPlace 652-1491Parts-R-Us l 520CentreStS 652-1600Paschel R ...652-1292Pask Oliver E 601-2411Paslawski Frank 401 9 stw 652-3781Patel R 907 16 StSE 652-5619Patel R 907 16 StSE 652-7431Paterson John F 652-5686Paton Dale 4 40l 9AvSW 652-312SPatterson Garth l009HighGlenPlace 652-1970Patterson R L 104HomeBaySE 652-5037Pattison RobertPattison Robert Fax 652-2497Patzer FC1014107 Stw 652-4084


000120° TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Paul Bonnie & Phillip 652-5163Paul J A. 652-2901Pauley Glenn 652-3856Paulgaard Doug 652-3058Paulnus Robert 14TongueRdSW 652-1657Paulsen R & K 243PolarAvSE 652-4148Paulsen T P 313DeforasClosePoloPark 652-2162Paulson Ted E J 703 IGAvSE 652-1010Pawlitzki David 514 4 StSE 652-7828Pawlitzki David Children's 514 4 StSE 652-1258Payette J & S 323 3AvSE 601-2046Paziuk Tim 1504 9AvSE 652-3919

PEACOCK KERRY J DR Dent143Mac!eodTr 652-2182

Peake A 720 2 stsw 652-1323Peake Bert 510 6 StSE 601-2351Pearce Ruth M Mrs 121 520 2 StSE 652-7480Pearse D 405RiversideDrNW 601-6059Pearson C ... 652-4502Pearson Don W 52lHighViewPk 652-7314Pearson Robert 19 2AvSE 652-4110

PEAVEY MART1103al8 StSE 652-7956Fax Line 652-7816

Pedder E 652-3029Pedero Pipe Supports Systems 652-4251Pedersen A 396EllisCr 652-2596Pedersen Brenda 24 1400 9AvSE 601-6048Pedersen C A 825RiversideDrNW 652-2278Pedersen E 155 815 9 stsw 652-7941Pedersen Hans Aldersyde 652-7843Pedersen Karl Boxl966 652-4480Pedersen Karl Faxline 652-3678Pedersen Knut 330 2AvSE 652-1482Pedersen Paul 652-5576p^ersen Robert 6 131 8AvSE 652-3607Pederson L 16TrapRd 652-3942Pederson Lewis 601 lOAvSE 652-7818Pederson Mark Box5387 652-2651Peel Art 652-5343Pekisko Trading Company Ltd110 3AvSW 652-4545Fax Line 652-4533

Pelland K 823HighCountryBay 652-1198Penman Steven J 506 5 stE 652-7913Penner John 1228HighCountryDr 652-7568


peoples Vaughn & kathypeppin Dave 37 1400 9AvSE 652-5905Perceval D 652-5191Perensky Dave 3 600CentreStS ^652-1759perfect posies 2 938Centrests 601-2222Perkins C E 652-2477Perlich William t 19CataractRd 652-4518Permacoat Industries 504 17 stSEPerras Floyd C 914 9 stSEPerrett A °52-57l0Perrott Alana ... . 601-2074perrott James R 652-7302Perrott Kevin 652-1537Perry Brian 1300 ioavSE 652-2866perry 0 502 6 StW 652-3063perryman Donald iMlstRd 652-1837peri^man Scott - 652-3992Perryman's Machine & Auto Repair 652-3299


';7016FarrellRdSE Calgary fcXD-jXlX

Perwiznuik Michael 204 34 6AvSE 652-1876Petersen Henning 7i7RiversideDrNW 601-4669


Peterson A FaxlinePeterson Aline 205 llAvWPeterson BrucePeterson D & D 925 5 StSWPeterson Dennis 811 lOAvSEPeterson EarlPeterson J W 9 115 8AvSWPeterson Mark 910 9 StSEPeterson Randy 506 7 StWPeterson Ray 515 4 stwPeterson W 1120HighGlenPlacePetlak Don & Carol 5l9HighViewPt.







Gasoline & Diesel Fuels-Calgary.Lubricants-Herronton ResLubricants-Calgary :


Pettit Dave 338 6AvSEPettit Dave 338 6AvSEPeverell Sam 3lRiieyStPfeifer APhair J FaxlinePhair JoannePhair JoannePhillips Donald C 906 7 StSE.Phillips Gordon L 508 7 StSE.Phillips J E S 1003 7 stwPhillips John D Box5880Phillips Larry 1018 lOAvSEPhillips M LPhillips S JPhillips T Randy 1104HighViewPt.


PHOTO ENCOUNTERS106a3AvSW 652-7178Fax Line 652-4456

PICASSO'S PIZZA 1103bl8 StSE.... 652-5100Fax Line 652-5711

Piccirillo S 326 4AvSE 601-4910Pichur Danny 652-3910Pickering Consulting Ltd 652-3544Pjckering Dale 911 5 StSE 652-4685Pickering Leslie 2l8HomesteadClose 652-4897Pickering R & S 652-3534Pickersgill Jack Jr 939 8 StW 652-2560PICKERSGILL'S CLOTHING118 3AvW 652-2252

Piecharka D 652-2120Piereau Investments Ltd 3 55 9AvSE 652-7332Pike B & C 1303 lOAvSE 652-5255Pike Bob Faxline 1303 IOAvSE 652-5911Pilon P 428FreemanWyNW 652-1522

PINK HOUSE THE- See HeadwatersHealth Authority




Fax Line



Pipe D R RR3 652-7229Pippus W V 205FreenianWyNW 652-7521Pittman Garth 804 is StSE 652-1161Pitts Gerald 2 405 9AvW 652-2458

PIZZA 5200llBCentreStS

Placker A 652-5978Plante M 2ll 2AvSE 652-1635Plante Shane 652-5957Platt Gordon 901EilisCr 652-2737Play It Again SportsWesthillsTowneCentre Calgary 686-4228

Plester Darren i 209 SAvSE 601-2559Plett D & S Faxline 652-3125Plett Robyn 601-2539Plett S 652-4636Plew P B 226 2 StSE 652-3098Podgurny H 382EilisCr 652-7375Poelman W J & M E Fax 652-7168Poelman William J Box55l4 652-7198Poff D 652-5331Poirier Roger 601-2736Poirier Victor 1126HighGlenPlace 652-5272

POISON CENTRE(No Charge Dial) 1-800-332-1414If Busy Call Calgary 670-1414

Polanchek Alvin 611 8 StSE

POLICE RCMP-See Royal Canadian MountedPolice



Polinkas Isabelle 216 560 9AvW.Pollard Ken 914 7 stswPollett C 1311 9AvSEPollett's Plumbing & HeatingPolski R 819 6 stswPomeroy MarstonPope D D Boxl4




POPE DAVID Lau>vr 652-6827Fax Line 652-4758

Popowitch Brian 603 8 StSE 652-3725Porter B 402 2 StSE 652-4588Porter Gerald Fax Line 652-5695Porter Gerald R Box962 652-7118Porter J R 927EmersonRdSW 652-1782Porter M J 601-2332Porth Philip 427 SAve 652-3519Porth V 427 SAvSE 652-3301

Post Office- See Canada PostPost R 1 555 9AvSW 652-2152Postes Canada 1-900-565-2634(See Canada Post

For Service in English)(Pour les comptoirs postaux voirCanada Post)

Service A La Clientele

Reseignements sur les codes postauxLes frais factures a I'appelant sontexpliques en debut d'Appel 1-900-565-2634

Renseignements generaux et livraisonAucuns frais composez 1-800-267-1177

ATS (personnes sourdes ou malentendantes)Aucuns frais composez 1-800-267-2797

Postlewaite Scott 652-3639Potrie Rodney 652-2822Potyondi Allan D 907 li stSE 652-5180Potyondi C 652-5138Powell Anita i 559 9AvSW 601-6097Power G 903 7 Stw 652-3499Power Marie 217HomesteadClose 652-1215Powys-Lybbe R D 21 2 StSE 652-2150Pratt B 652-2215Preikschas H 652-4915Prescott C 652-5065Prestie Barry 652-4305Prestie Don 1520 9AvSE 652-3703Preston Ed 1013 5 StSE 652-4983Preston Kipp 123 lAvSE 652-2244Preston S 208 410 7 stsw 652-1125Prete Connie 652-1169Prete Connie Fax Line 601-2450


164 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 000120 ° TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Rempel Construction l678MacleodTr 652-4660Rempel Ed 507HomePlace 652-3866 ^Rempel Les 652-7808 IRenfree G H 224 llAvSW 652-1349Rensby Varley iSPekiskoRd 652-2076Repair Shop The 652-7082Retallick Geordie 1309 9AvSE 652-5158Retailick Geordie 1309 9AvSE 652-7539Retelbach H 229 6AvSE 652-3010 ,Revue's 114 4AvW 652-2910Reynolds David 117 IAvSE 652-3801Reynolds Ross & Sandra 652-7491Reznechenko Ken 652-7289 |Rhebergen M 652-2856 !Rhodes Charles 523HighViewPk 652-7137Rhodes Glenn lOll 15 StSE 652-4166Rhodes Jim 652-1480Ricci G 321 2AvSE 601-2294Rice K 652-4116Rice Ken 1517 llAvSE 652-2694 ,Rice Lome Faxline '617LinehamAcresDrNW 652-5764

Rice R 601-4676Richards A 210FairwayDr 652-4464iRichards Dave 416KanellDr 652-5323 iRichards N J lOOl 6 Stw 652-3009 ;Richardson Fred ll20HighViewPt 652-2078Richardson Harley 903 15 StSE 652-1998Richardson Harley Faxline 652-7528Richardson J & R 601-2601Richardson John B siSHighViewPk 652-1166Richardson John & Margaret 652-2579Richardson Ken 132 3AvSE 652-2984Richardson M2028159 StSW 652-2483Richardson W 17 1400 9AvSE 652-1976Richardson W 17 1400 9AvSE 652-1983Richer Robert 723 8AvSE 652-4282Riches Peter 1109 4 StSE 652-7928Richmond Michael 16 115 8AvSW 652-5147Ricketts Norman 224 4AvSE 652-7672Ridge Top Excavating 652-7088Residence 652-4409

Ridgeview Community Hall 652-3765Riehl Clarence 5 1002 llAvSE 652-3418Riehl J 3 401 9AvSW 652-5242Riehs Karl SllMacleodTr 652-2748Riehs Ken RR2 652-7505Riehs Ken Faxline RR2 652-5076Riehs Quinn 601-2590Riehs Tom RR2 652-4137Riehs William RR2 652-7101Ries Adam 326 3AvSE 652-3865Riffel Patrick 4 108 8AvSE 652-2959Rigaux H 7 lis 8AvSW 652-4447Rigstar Communications Inc 652-4088Fax Line 652-4099

Riley I 210 530 4AvSW 652-4868Ring Norman lOOl 5 StSW 652-1623Ringstrom Doug 652-3109RIO VISTA GOLF COURSE2 stE 652-1443

Ripley Paul 805 9 StSE 652-3818Ritz Al Boxl87 652-7079Ritz Dan 1004 11 StSE 652-2916Rjtz Marty 1014bl4 StSE 652-3116Ritz Troy 21HomesteadWy 652-1481Riva Cambrin D 652-5103River City Welding 725 iiAvSE 601-2040Fax Line 6OI-2433

Rivers R 60 8AvSE 601-2563Rivers Stan 6 SheppardRd 652-2285

RIVERSIDE FAMILY RESTAURANr62535 StSE 652-4744If Busy Call 652-4880

Roach L Dion ISCataractRdSW 601-2489Robbins Ervin 914EmersonRd 652-7513Roberts D & V 652-7835

Preuss Harold 203 6AvSE 601-2140Prevost Clifford 1002 14 stSE 652-3076Price Peg 652-2671Price W Lee 652-1674Pridie D Computer 601-2490Pridie David 601-2393Prieur D 601-2133Prill Dean Aldersyde 652-4780Primrose KathleenBox5 27BFIighRiver Okotoks 938-9959

Pringle D G 815 6 StSW 652-2353Pringle Winnifred 815 6 StSW 601-2553Prisnie Kelly 415 3 StSE 652-5266Procter G & G 601-4902Proctor Randy 900 8 StSE 652-7161ProGro Greenhouses Inc 652-7855Proline Filter Systems Inc 652-5124PROMOLAS LIQUID FEEDSBOX5340 652-72 78Fax Line 652-4718

Pronchuk Troy 708 17aStSE 652-4865Protea Homes Box5737 652-5030Proteau S & S 601-4964Protsch Parry & Michelle 910 7 StSW 652-1499Psychologist's Association Of Alberta520 10303 Jasper Av Edmonton (No Charge

Dial) 1-888-424-0297Purdy B A 1301 llAvSE 652-5917PUROLATOR COURIER LTDFor Pick Up Service OrDrop Off Locations Call 1-888-744-7123www.purolator.com

Purvis Allan & Verna 102 2AvSE 652-5933Pust H 652-3083pustHFax:::::: 652-3043Puttee R K 10 StimsonRd 652-7778Puttee R K Fax Line 10 StimsonRd 652-1512Quantum Exteriors Calgary 271-8343Quaschnick John 1604 9AvSE 652-1405Quaschnlck John 1604 9AvSE 652-1459Quigley Brian l310RiversideDrNW .652-4212

QUIGLEY ELECTRIC LTD206 Stockton Av Okotoks 938-4570

QUILL THE309 1 Stw.,



Quinn Floyd 652-1379Quinn Lloyd 652-4165Quinn Terry L 925 4 stW 652-3673Quinn W G 415CrescentAvSE 601-2261Quon B H 1002CrescentAv 652-2553R D'S CORRAL CLEANING16 126 8AvSW 652-7271

R J's Painting & Consulting14TrapRdSW 652-4434

R & B Power Products Ltd915HighCountryDrNW L.652-7003R B C DOMINION SECURITIES INC102 3Avsw 652-5850Fax 652-3784

RCMP-See Royal Canadian MountedPolice 652-2356


Radakovitch C 652-7874Radke P A 432HomesteadTr 652-7901Radway Norman 652-1234Raealta International Oilfield Equipment Ltd309 1 Stw 652-2814Fax Line 652-7368

Rainbow Esso Car Wash & Self Service701 llAvSE 652-7666

Rainbow Trucking 6 102 lOAvSE 652-7809Raine Glen is SullivanRd 652-1426Raitz Phil 204 612 19 StSE 652-5089Rakos Ron 1008 14 StSE 652-4731Rakos Ron 1008 14 stSE 652-4976Ralston W J 121FairwayVw 652-4027Ramsay M 164 815 9 StSW 652-2441Ramsey Patrick 652-1613RANCHLAND FORD MERCURY SALES INC1103 llAvSE 652-2134If Busy Call 652-2084

Randle Craig 306HomesteadBay 652-2296Randle Darwin RR3 652-2522Randle Fred Box5760 StnMain 652-2821Randle Gerald P 905 8 StSE 652-2630Randle Jim 652-7173Randle Reuben E Box92 652-7379Randle S 601-2589

RANGELAND AGENCIES 78 LTD14 2AvSE 652-4104Fax 652-1697

Ranger Rick 120 4AvW 652-7606Rasmussen J 652-1851Rasmussen Trinda 601-2498Rast S 652-3814Rau Rolf 617RiversideDrNW 652-2503Raven Gordon 652-7761Raven Peter 652-3288


Raycraft B V 27 SAvSE 652-3433Raymond Troy 652-3723Rea M 601-4637Reader W J 652-7430Reagh N E 201 410 7 StSW 652-3802Reagh Sybil 161 815 9 StSW 652-2205REAL ESTATE COUNCIL OF ALBERTA340 2424 4 StSW Calgary 228-2954

Rear Kevin 331 lAvSE 652-3709Reay S 903 6 stw 652-2750Rebalkin Cy Boxl83Vulcan 652-5600Recreation ComplexBob Snodgrass 24 Hr Information129 3AvSW 652-2110228 12 Av SE 652-4041If Busy Call 652-4042Office 652-4042Highwood Curling Club 652-2774

Rector Dewis 409KanellDr 652-3830Red Willow Outdoors 1028 lOAvSE 601-2334Reed E 20 901MacleodTr 652-2863Reed Keith l09FairwayVw 652-1844Reeder E1225202 StSE 652-5934Reeves L 652-3815REGIONAL CABLESYSTEMSEdm(NoChargeDial) 1-800-465-1000

Regnier P J l 108 8AvSE 652-1103Rehak Robert Dr Box3023 652-3759

REHAK ROBERT DR DentPioneerSq 652-2274

Reiffenstein-Thomas Mary113FairwayVw 652-5595

Reimer Abe 1015 2 stw 652-3039Reimer Arnold 428HomesteadAcres 652-3837Reimer Barry ll24HighGlenPlaceNW 652-3183Reinders H E 7MistRd 652-3045Reist D M 305 4AvSE 652-2846

RE/MAX FIRSTGraham Batchelor 652-0004

Remco Memorials Ltd 119CentreStS 652-1509Fax Line 652-3978

Remezoff Jason 601-2766Rempel Ben 1020 14 stSE 652-7143


000120 ° TEIUS Advertising Services 1999

Roberts Salyna 530 4 stsw 652-5951Roberts Stan 626HighViewPkNW 652-2408Robertson Cameron 1520 lOAvSE 652-4749Robertson Don lOlO 5 StSW 652-1071Robertson Keith 601-2343Robertson Kevin 1503 SAvSE 652-4832Robertson Morris E 22 SheppardRd 652-4332Robertson Morris E Fax 652-4934Robertson P 652-7517Robertson W J 1033 6 StSW 652-5645Robichaud E 652-5592Robichaud L & T 652-5787Robichaud Robert 652-5651Robins D W 325 llAvW 652-7017Robins E 507 SunshineTr 652-7222Robins E Fax 652-7700Robinson D 652-7887Robinson G 652-7729Robinson H 606MacleodTr 652-4395Robinson J S 652-1278Robinson Jim 1005 4 StW 652-3949Robinson Joanne 218FreemanWyNW 652-5621Robinson Kenneth 652-3798Robinson Robert 652-3508Robinson William 90l 7 StSE 652-3368Robson Jim 117FreemanWyNW 652-1179ROCHER CONSTRUCTION & CUSTOMDESIGNS 60x5917 652-7449Fax Line 652-5297

Rocher Emiie Box59l7 652-7449Rock Tony llnehamAcresDr 652-3805ROCKY MOUNTAIN BACKHOE SERVICE922 17 StSE.. 652-7994

Rocky Mountain Raceway Park Inc 652-2260rODDIE & MCLELLAN Lawyrs2113 20 St Nanton 646-2211Fax Line 646-3159

Roddy Bob R 611 2 StW 652-3258Roddy C 611 2 StSW 652-2703Rodewoldt Harry 530 9 StW 652-2146Rodgers Mel 412LinehamAcresGroveNW 652-2544Rodgers Mel Children's Line 652-2599Rodocker E 519HomePlace 652-3304Rodriguez Miguel 9ll 17 stSE 652-1834Roe David & Jacqueline 652-5348Roenisch Rich 652-4053Rogers Alex 603 6 StSE 652-4443Rogers Allan K RR3 652-4216Rogers Bill 652-7613Rogers H & J 502 5aStSE 652-4831Rogers Jean 652-5187Rogers K Allan 925EmersonRdSW 652-5616Rogers M 652-1064

ROGERS & ROGERS Lawyrs111 2aAvSW 652-1952Faxline 652-1962

Rogers W A 1117HighViewPt 652-1904Rojas JoseRo as Jose Fax 652-4416Rollheiser Ken & Brenda 1712 5AvSE 652-5117Rolls M Mrs 40 7AvSE 652-2709Rombough M Delace 418FreemanWyNW 601-2436Ronald George Gorsche Professional CorporationllZMacleodTr 652-2929

Ronneberg LRook Steve 909EiiisCrSE 652-4024Room To Ron Boarding Kennels ^80x5787 652-5002rose cottage gifts & ACCESSORIES.127 3AvSW 652-7868ROSEBURN RANCHES LTDbox591o 652-7410If Busy Call 652-5364Fax Line 652-2936Shop 652-3257


Rosell GregRosell JRosell J FaxRoss Donald W 701 19 StSE.




ROSS d REAL ESTATE LTD652-4020145MacleodTr.

Fax Line .652-2392

Ross James A 415 8 Stw 652-3974Ross Jim 238 3AvSE 652-2861Ross Sylvia 652-1704Ross Tara 601-2275


Fax Line


Roth Eric 86 2aStSE 652-3762Roth L 86 2aStSE 652-3983Roth Marty 86 2aStSE 652-1081Rouleau Ed 652-1997Rous A 125 7AvSE 652-3632Rousseau Marguerite 213 560 9AvSW 652-4986Rowbottom Larry 502 18 StSE 652-1424Rowe T 509 6 StSE 652-4773Rowland Brett Bsmt87 3 StSE 652-1216Rowland Deryl Blackie 652-3601Rowland Gene 540 4 stw 652-7021Rowland Glenn 912EmersonRd 652-2923Rowland J . 652-4283Rowland Lindsay419LinehamAcresGroveNW 652-3542

Rowland Mike 601-2696Rowland Phillip RR3 652-7288Rowland Robert 537 4 stw 652-4247Rowland Ron rr3 652-7242Rowley Clinton 1021 14 stSE 652-2439Roy C 652-5081RoyJAl024107 Stw 652-2585Roy S 652-1822ROYAL BANKROYAL DIRECT

24 Hour- Bank By PhoneSelf Service BankingBusiness Hours And Locations

(Toll-free) 1-800-769-2511Products & Services Information

(Toll-free) 1-800-769-2599TOD Hearing Impaired(Toll-free) 1-800-661-1275

ATME Appareil TelescripteurPour Malentendants

(Sans Frais) 1-800-561-7252HIGH RIVER BRANCHWheelchair Accessible

102 3 Av W 652-2351


ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTEDPOLICE Hwy2a&14 StSEEmergency Calls Only 911Dispatch 24 Hrs 652-2356Administration-Info 652-2357Foothills Victim Services 652-2359

Royal LePage Highwood Real Estate311 1 StSW 652-4222

Royce E G 105 SunsetWySE 652-4858Rozema S 652-3845Ruben John 2130 BAvSW 652-5223Ruddock Larry 652-7200Rudichuk Jerry T SOSRiversideOrNW 652-3356Rufmuffen H & C 652-4937

Runham Cliff 308 4AvSE 652-4864Runowski Leonora 652-3964Rural Properties Ltd Box5850 652-1798Fax Line 652-1730

Rush J. 652-1250Rush Richard 6 StimsonRd 652-3701Rush Richard Faxline 6 StimpsonRdSW 652-3576Rusnak Mildred 214 815 9 stsw 652-2848Russell Jane 310 laStNE 652-3131Russell Joe 310 laStN 652-7445Russell Lee 1805 6AvSE 652-5970Russell Lee Modem 601-4925Rustebakke Dale Or 652-7848Rustebakke Dale Or 652-7954

RUSTEBAKKE DALE OR DentllSaPioneerSq 652-2131

Ruth Fredrick 127 SunsetWy 652-4827Rutherford Gordon 405F3irwayLane 652-1106Rutherford James 652-2980Rutley N L 3 416 7 Stw 652-4836Ruzycki Fred RR3 652-7548Ryan Michael 129 lAvSE 652-4862Ryan Milton J 405 9 stw 652-7366Ryan W S 7 SullivanRd 652-2270S 8r P COMPUTER SALES & SERVICESINC Bay8 49ElizabethSt Okotoks 938-4165SAAN STORES LTD211 Centre St S 652-7662

Sabo M E 1004 9 StSW 652-4435Saddlebrook Industrial Park Ofc 652-7996Sadler Doug lOQlHighGlenBay 652-3390

SADLER MEDt-PLUS 301Dispensary 139 5AvW 652-3042Store Front.



Safety Codes Council602 10808 99 Av Edm (No Charge

Dial) 1-888-413-0099Fax Line (No Charge Dial) 1-888-424-5134

Sager R 652-1947St Jean Brenda 652-5120St Mars Rolland Box57il 652-1922St Francis de Sales Catholic Church206 9AvW 652-2203

Sajatovich J 701 17aStSE 652-3968Salazar Miguel 123 7AvW 652-5394Salazar Miguel 123 7AvW 652-7949Salvation Army 22 4AvSE 652-2195Fax Line 652-4855Thrift Store 119bCentreStS 652-7788If Busy Call 652-4936Family Services 22 4AvSE 652-7530Childrens Village 1006bllAvSE 652-5054

Samek Dennis 652-3842Sampson Jane E 409 2 StSE 652-2872Sandeman J C 652-1113Sanders G E llOFairwayVw 652-1043Sanderson B Lorn Box5356 652-7378Sanderson I L 18 115 8AvW 652-4591Sanderson W L 601-2060Sanderson W L 123 520 2 StSE 652-3247

SANDSTONE CATERING 652-2700Fax Line 652-3999

Sapergia S 652-3426Sapergia S 652-3472Sapinsky Walter 5 StimsonRd 652-2484Sarginson John & Vera 633HighViewPk 652-4003Sarsfield Donald D i224HighCountryDr 652-5136Sarsfield Equipment Ltd1224HighCountryDr 652-5136

Saucier E 419 l StSE 652-3715


166 HIGH RIVER^HIGH RIVER 000120 " TELUS Advertising Services 1999

SHAWNE EXCAVATING &TRUCKING LTD 'iBoxl21Brant Blackie 684-3636

Shay Duane l 40l 9AvW 652-7381Sherman Danny J 652-1687Sherman T 901 5 Stsw 601-2689Shiels Robert 24CataractRd 652-2094Shifflett Charles R 124 7AvSW 652-1526Shiffiett Charles R-Luthier 652-1526Shifflett D M 918 9 StW 652-7615Shing Yum Leung 132 6AvW 652-5371Shirley D 601-2509Short Cris 601-2278Short^D W ISBlGasconyLane 652-4017Short D W ISBlGasconylaneSW 652-4969Short Debbie 652-3481Short ER302105 7AvSE 652-2046Short Walter 1615 SunshineWySE 652-5034Short Walter 1615 SunshineWySE 652-7623Shruger Janice IBCataractRd 652-1586Shupe S 702 19 stSE 652-7111Shurmer J 315 lAvSE 652-2489Shygera Mick & Janet 601-2346Sicotte B M 601-2385Sicotte B M 652-4326Sicotte Debbie 1004 17 stSE 652-1451Sicotte P R 317 llAvW 652-2240Siemens J 244 llAvW 652-2080Siggelkow Rachelle 610 IB StSE 652-7620Siggelkow Tom & Beth 652-1525Sigglekow Merv 610 IB StSE 652-4772Signet Consulting 652-1095Sihaphom Jan l 132 9AvW 652-4273Siler Don 509HighViewPk 652-5961Sillanpaa R V Dr 707 9 stSE 652-3772

SILLANPAA R V DR Optmtrst109bCentreStS 652-7677Fax Line 652-1572Fax Line 652-5722 '

Simanton Robert ll7HomesteadAcres 652-1059]Simla B Bsmt90B 14 StSE 652-4984 'Simmill J D 34 6AvSE 652-3550Simmons J 652-1472,Simms R 652-1058'Simms Robert 652-5996'Simon J 601-4996Simonds J 6OI-4993Simpson Colin P 1726 7AvSE 652-2772Simpson Cutting Horses 652-2501Simpson Jim 652-5560Simpson Jim 924 17 StSE 652-1956Simpson Jim 924 17 stSE 652-3640Simpson Robin A 331 2AvSE 652-5026Simpson Roy F Box5354 652-3254Sinclair B 652-4466Sinclair G Stu 225 lOAvW 652-4700Sinclair Rhonda 702 i7aStSE 601- §020Sinclair Scott 652-7l3sSinclair W 652-4693Skeet Gerald W 316DeForasCloseNW ..652- ?087Skeet Gordon A lOBakerRd 652-1322Skilnick Jack Box743 652-7592Skinner C & H 705 19 StSE 652-2577Skinner Richard 25ia560 9AvW 652-5383Skory G Box5878 652-7707Skory Keven 900 7 StSE 652-7942Skory Timothy Box5804 652-4127Slack E D 306 1400 9AvSE 652-5654Sladkowski Roy 723 9AvSESlatford Rukeyha 10 6AvSESlavin P , ico"o?SiSlavin P E Box74Aldersyde 652-2176Sleeman Elmer G Box5784Slocombe Bob 395-3352Slocombe William 652-2279

Saunders Julian K C 652-4598Saunders R 23CataractRd 652-1057Saunders R Dean 505HighViewPt 652-4368Savage Adrian B04RiversideDrNW 652-7500Savrtka Joseph 241 lOAvW 652-2684Sawatzky Gary 652-4344Sawatzky Mark 904 15 StSE 652-3310Sawchuk 1 601-2052Sawchuk J C... 652-7344Sawchuk Steve 212CentreAvS 652-4260Sawers Bill 905 6AvSE 652-4108Sawicki Peter 652-2811Sawyer Thomas 602 5 StSE 652-3582Scarrett Edward D B2B B StSW 652-5790Schacht C 25 2AvSE 652-7189Schafer L M 202BakerCreekPlaceSW 652-4262Scharf P lOOLinehamAcresGroveNW 652-4609Scharf P Faxline 601-2032Schaufele Tim 1013HighGlenPlaceNW 601-2582Schaufert W J 907 6 StSE 652-5189Schaus A 652-1305Scheer D 652-2556Scheer K 652-4890Scheer Kim 652-3959Scheibner Mark 652-1961Scherer Erich 652-7492Schewaga Peter 652-5092Schieike Dean 652-4918Schieike Dean 327 2AvSE 652-4825Schieike William K 652-2435Schindel W S Rev 817 6 StSE 652-7789Schizophrenia Society Of Alberta(NoChargeDial) Edmonton 1-800-661-4644

Schmid Max 27 6AvSE 601-4945Schmidt Ed & Louise BOORiversideDrNW....601-2099Schmidt Edgar 726 9AvSE 652-3267Schmidt Gale 652-2593Schmidt Laury 652-4119Schmidt R V 2I6 6AvSE 652-4RdnSchmidty's 419 1 stw 652-9900Schmitke Ken & Maggie9DeibertCloseSW 652-3';}M

Schmuland E 10217 stw 652-2108Schmuland S & D 139MacleodTrSW "1652-7583Schroeder Greg 9l6EmersonRdSW 652-7819Schubert John 512RiversideDrNW... 652-477ASchuellerDaryl .652-2882Schultz Bruce 652-1817Schultz David C Box994 652-7159Schultz Gerald 511 7 stSE 652-3855SCHULTZ MAGNETIC SIGN & DECAL INC11 iiAvSE 652-7815

Schultz Phillip 804 2 stw 652-2174Schultz Robert 22CataractRd 652-7192Schuiz Chris 601-6094Schwan's Canada Ltd 9ll 20 stSE 652-1900If Busy Call 652-1920Or 652-1901

Schweighofer Joseph 652-7007Scientia Biological Ltd llAv&CentreSt 652-3603Fax Line 652-3672

Scobie Wayne 204 105 7AvSE 601-2249Scott Andy 413FreemanWyNW 601-2025Scott C Mrs RR3 652-7067Scott Duncan 917RiversideDr 652-7731Scott E & K 506 4 Stw 652-4569Scott H 601-4660Scott Herbert I004al4 StSE 652-1450Scott J 225 5AvSE 652-4602Scott James 652-7557Scott Janet 322DeForasCloseNW 652-1147Scott Jim 225 5AvSE 652-7565Scott S 915HighCountryPlace 652-7475Scragg Harold lOlFairwayVw 652-4992Scrimshaw M 714 9AvSE . 652-4629Sealy Adrian lOOSHIghGlenBayNW 652-3133


24 HOURS- 7 DAYS 1-800-267-3277CATALOGUE STORE



INQUIRIES 1-800-265-3675Sears Indoor Clean^ Air Services 1-888-634-8288

Sears T 601 B StSE 652-2009Sebry Alida l009EliisCrSE 601-2206Secrest A 652-1098Secrest C 652-5328Secrest N 652-7196

SECRETARIAL SERVICES CENTRE515 1 stsw 652-3717Fax Line 652-4195

Sedore Angle K 409 sAvE 652-4555Seebach Ronald C 652-1280Seguin M C BsmtB29 6 Stw 652-4778Seidel Elmer 1220HighCountryDr 601-2000Seime Stuart Boxiioi 652-7493Seitz P & C 652-5160Sekura J 427HomesteadTr 652-1814Semeniuk Dean 1525 llAvSE 652-7995Senat Du CanadaRenseignements GenerauxAucuns Frais Composez 1-800-267-7362

Senate Of CanadaGeneral Enquiries(No Charge Dial) 1-800-267-7362SENATOR RILEY SCHOOL338 lAvSE 652-2346

Seney Eldon F 613 7 stSE 652-7072Seney G 157 815 9 StSW 652-2460Seney Jay 710 5 StSE 652-5954Seney Ted 232 llAvW 652-7780Sentimental Journey Antiques & Collectibles708 3 StSE 601-6000

Sepkowski Phil 228 3AvSE 601-2077Sereda Henry 808RiversideDrNW 652-4111Serrano R 610 7 StSE.. 652-1172Service A L 817 6 stw 652-7741


Serypro.mmammmmm cwmeiw tm

323 41AvNE Calgary 276-3372

Seto Joe 1529 llAvSE 652-1863SetO W 1020 lOAvSE 652-4608Settee Victoria 1 117 7AvSE 652-55847 Eleven Food Store 50 3AvW 652-3773Postal Outlet 652-3755

Sexsmith Michael 209FairwayDrNW 601-6076SEXUALLY TRANSMITTEDDISEASE/AIDS/HIV INFORMATION(No Charge Dial) 1-800-772-2437Seymour Scott 652-2726Shacklady Veterinary Services208 StocktonAv Okotoks 938-6993

Shadygrove Bluegrass Festival124 7AvSW 652-5550

Shaw B 115FreemanWyNW 601-2344Shaw Gary 223 3AvSE 652-4822Shaw Maurice 1205HighCountryDr 652-3287Shaw Maurice 1205HighCountryDr 652-4618Shaw R.. 652-5135Shaw Winston 905EmersonRd 652-5298


000120* TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Sluys Jack 135 6AvW 652-3335Small S F 652-3121Smiley's Gateway Hotel A06CentreStS 652-2212Smit T 652-3836Smith A L Dr 925 8 StW 652-2451Smith Allan N rr3 652-7462Smith Buck 102 613 19 stSE 652-7506Smith D 652-1611Smith Danette 2 ill 6AvSE 652-1763Smith Danette 2 ill 6AvSE 652-1768Smith David F RRl 652-7201Smith Debbie & Ken 601-2599Smith Donald R 70l 2 StW 652-2466Smith Ernest W 321 6AvSE 652-2225Smith Gary B RR3 652-7465Smith George 8i Joan1318RiversideDrNW 652-3669

Smith Glenn A RR3 .....652-7830Smith H L 80 2 StSE 652-2743Smith Ken 652-3914Smith Ken Faxline .....652-7025Smith Lucy L Mrs 652-7642Smith M 652-7823Smith Norm & Peggy 652-4557Smith Richard 605LinehamAcresDr 652-3731Smith S 652-5183Smith Scott A 652-7441Smith Tom rr3 652-7883Smith Trevor A 3RileySt 652-1672Smith V E 1021 5 StW 652-7401Smith William L 123 6AvW 652-4197Smithdorf Ronald W 816 9 stW 652-2413Smithson Dale 4 334 laStNE 652-1385Smitty's Septic Service Box5525 652-6897Smyth M .652-4471Snider Ken 652-4521SNODGRASS FUNERAL HOMES LTD301MacleodTr 652-2222

Snodgrass Helen E 256b560 9AvSW :.601-2621Snodgrass K E 1208HighCountryDr 652-2836Snodgrass W L Box28 652-3177Snodgrass W P 652-1695Snoek Peter 504HomePlaceSE 652-4904Snowden Robert 320DeForasCloseNW 652-1115Snowdon Wayne R 652-4704Snowy Owl Transportation Inc 601-2220Fax Line 601-2266

Snyder Dan 708 3 StSW 652-4528Snyder G 652-3366Sobb Ron 652-7884Sobic Radomir 652-7448Sobie C 1314RiversideDrNW 652-5660Soby Donald H Piano Tuner911 7 StSW 652-3071


Soch Larry 652-4816Societe Canadienne des postes- VoirPastes Canada


Soderberg Ed 16 305FairwayVw 652-4769Soderberg House- See FoothillsFoundation

Sojer Erich RR3 652-7093Soier M 410 9 StSW 652-1979Sokoloski S 6TongueRd 652-4275Sokvitne K 652-1238Somerset Tree Service Ltd 652-3693

SOMERSET WASH & VACVacuum Sales & Service


Steele Ken 913 15 StSE 652-1649

STEELE'S IMPLEMENTS LTD810 McCoolSt Crossf ieid 946-4381

steer Peter 920 17 stSE 652-1659Stefan C 919 17 stSE 652-1054Steffen R 6 717 1 StSW 652-1551Stegmeier Fred 808 5AvW 652-7664Steinbach J 1025 5 StSW 652-2379Steiner Morgan l6MistRd 652-7918Steinhoff D 652-5791Stelter Paul 601-4685Stemler Phil 1528 llAvSE 652-4980Stenson V 601-2192Stephenson Bruce W 807 lOAvSE 652-3293Stephenson Ken 505 4 StW 652-2994Stephenson R Ed 8DeibertCloseSW 652-1559Stephenson William S 1024 8 StW 652-2496Stevens F Alvin 146 815 9 stSW 652-2280Stevens Len 4MistRd 652-3034Stevenson Jack Aidersyde 652-7599Stevenson Jim 652-3599Stewart D C 652-7331Stewart David 601-2499Stewart Dianne 601-2259Stewart Neil 652-5625Stewart Neil Fax Line 601-2567Stewart P 206FreemanWyNW 652-1643Stewart Roy 139 815 9 StSW 652-3206Stier H 410HomesteadTrSE 652-1754Stier Rob 205FairwayDr 652-7073Stilling Ada Mrs 104 6AvSE 652-2039Stirling Greg 725b2 StSE 652-5390Stirling James 96 2 StSE 652-2773Stirling M113815 9 stSW 652-1045Stober Kenneth M RR3 652-7720Stock L Fax 652-5152Stock L & L RRl 652-7518Stockhaus Dietmar 652-7580Stoddard Bruce A 1583GasconyLane 652-3270Stoen N 652-5521Stokes R J 617 8 StSE 652-7581Stolson Darcy 1014 17 stSE 601-2363Stolz Michael 35 lAvSE 652-1588Stone G 514 8 StW 652-4819Stoochnoff Alden C 652-2382Storch T W 652-3413Storey M 307DeForasCioseNW 652-5558Storoschuk Lawrence 324 7AvSE 652-7869Storvold C 525 8 StW 652-7886Storvold L 1010 2 StW 652-1855Storvold T 504CentreStN 652-4045Stothers R R 907EmersonRd 652-7932Stoyles A 652-4920Stoyles A 652-7845STRATHMORE SAFETY SUPPLIESLTD 652-1132

Straub A 203 530 4AvSW 652-4535Strickland Jim 922 9 stSW 652-3629Stroud Lynn 652-4077Strzalkowski Frank 652-2897Strzalkowski Frank 114 6AvSE 652-1360Strzalkowski J 652-1769Stuart Alan 820RiversideDr 652-5919Sturrock J P 904 8 StW 652-2825

STYLES DAY SPA148 6AvSW 652-5045

Styra Vida 2CataractRd 652-7965Subway Sandwiches & SaladsA119CentreStS 652-2563Fax Line 652-7131

Suddaby Mark 652-4472Suitor Chris 601-2189Suitor David A 901 5 StSE 652-1721Suitor David A 901 5 StSE 652-7605Suitor Helen Mrs 109 815 9 StSW 652-3592

425 7AvSE. 652-1401

Somerville V E 223 520 2 StSE 652-2989Something Al's Cafe 30 3AvSE 652-1008Sommerfeld A 1703 7AvSE 652-4393Son Sam 652-7919Sorensen Gordon 103 410 7 Stw 652-1658Sorkilmo Eric 830 7 StSW 652-3737Sorkilmo George P 135 815 9 StSW 652-7174Sorkilmo Peter 323 5AvSE 652-2740Soroka Steve 652-5337Sourisack Chanthana111 8HighGienPlaceNW 652-3112

South Fork 110 1 stw 652-3787

SOUTHCENTRE10 0 AndersonRdSE Calgary 225-9100Information Line Calgary 271-7670

Southern Alberta Land Trust Society14 132 9AvSW 652-4784

Southgate Eugene 904 iSaStSE 652-7626Spackman K Dr Fax Line 652-5591Spackman Keith Dr 652-2026SPACKMAN KEITH DR Family Pkys117MacleodTr 652-2929

Spackman R W 240 3AvSE 652-4462Spackman Ronald W Psychological Services240 3AvSE 652-4470

Spackman Travis 601-4952Spangler Craig RR3 652-7235Sparrow Larry 805 3 Stw 652-7305Spasoff Chris 924 17 StSE 652-5554Speer Tony 905 9 StSE 652-3879Speirs Al 502 8 StSE 652-2644SPENCER TERIS LIMITED5711 80AvSE Calgary 259-3588Call No Charge 1-800-265-2080

Spierenburg G C 652-1226SPITZEE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL409MacleodTr 652-2376

Spitzee House- See Foothills Foundation

Spitzer N 652-4486Springer Blake 921 5 StW 652-7726Springsteel G 906EmersonRd 652-7215Srigley J R 526HighViewPt 652-3388Stack Kelly 15 1400 9AvSE 652-5531Stadlwiser Larry 601-4907Stagg David 911 6 StSE 652-7476Stahf Walter 601-2740Staley Robert RR3 652-7595Staley S 5 115 8AvW 652-2391Stampede Ranch Boxl76 Longvlew 558-2180Standen Philip 601-2299Stang Alvin 1326RiversideDrNW 652-2754Stang E & S 652-5111Stanger D 652-7790Stanley B & G 1620 SunshineWySE 652-3931Stanley Challenge Custom Chemicals & Equipment36 2AvSE 652-1655

Stanley K 1620 SunshineWySE 652-5087Star Welding & Mechanical RR3 652-1464Starke J.. 601-4940Starke Ken 652-7888Starke T 652-4133STARLINE CARPET SERVICESLTD 652-3286

Staudzs Victor 2Bal<erRd 652-2079Staves K 1478 Saxonylane 652-3264Stayura A & D 652-1981Stead R 303 1400 9AvSE 652-1273Stecyk A 204a5AvSE 652-1014Steel P 18TongueRd 652-3452


Steele Barry 652-7490



Suitor Moe 652-3730Suitor R L 929EmersonRd 652-4562Sullivan E 601-4938Sullivan John 242PolarAvSE 652-7080Summers Claudette 245PolarAvSE 652-5532Summers Ivan K 509HomePlaceSE 652-7141Summers Robert 652-1815Sun Valley Music Ltd lllMacLeodTrSW 601-2440Sundberg Garry 652-3320Sundby Larry 1225HighCountryDrNW 652-1838Sundog Travel Ltd 103 3AvW 652-1093Sundqulst Ruth 102 815 9 stsw 652-7826Sunny Sunrooms Ltd lOOA 9 stSW 652-7444Sunset Pizza I20bl stw 652-1119Sutherland E 652-1328Sutherland E D 922EmersonRd 652-2749Sutherland Harley Box5556 652-7980Sutherland Harley Fax Line 652-4594Sutherland J D 1017 i stW 652-4452Sutherland Wilson J Box5556 652-7361Svendsen K 422 2AvSE 652-2595Swal ow ACMrsi62815 9 StSW/ 652-2613Swal ow Fred 214 4AvSE 652-2766Swa ow James 4i8EllisCrSE 601-6032Swallow N 214 4AvSE 652-3018Swanson Randy 601-2175Swanston D Fax Line 213 llAvw l'l'Z..652-3305Swanston Donald J 213 iiAvW 652-7756Swanston L Aco.TAVdSwartz Jason 652-4007Cm®®*^a'i 652-7795Sweet Alvin rr2 ^ro.yoSSwift Don 239 SAvSE 652-7468SwiSer" A M ? ""■'■■''■.■■■■'.r.652-3280cl^-H ^ SunsetWy 652-2829Switzer Gordon 114 iavNE 7171IS"?.'"" "2 31 Se::; eoilSS?? 137BmaStW 652.13nlSzostak LeonardSzturma J rr3 652-2858


000120 ° TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Tannas D G 930EmersonRd 652-7739TANNAS DON MLA 125 4AvSw.. 652-7100

Fax 652-7757Tannas Donald A 652-2289Tannas Lloyd 652-2218Tannas Scott 1577GasconyLaneSW 652-1716Tanner D 904 17 StSE 652-1911Tanner D M 601-2120Tanner Glenn & Fran rr3 652-7393Tanner Glenn & Fran rr3 652-7649Tanner R D 106 7AvSE 652-2780Tanner Tim 810 6AvSE 652-2187TANTASTIC Bayci201 stsw 652-4567Tarasoff David 325 7AvSE 652-2831Tarcon Sherryl 601-6087Tarleton C 817 5 StSE ...652-7341Tarrant Gary 805 8AvSE 652-7077Tarrant P & R 652-5363Tauber David 652-3785Tautfest Ray 416FreemanWyNW 652-7750Taylor A K 601-2678Taylor Cory 10 55 9AvSE 601-4628Taylor Doug Box604l 652-1438Taylor Duncan 511HomePlaceSE 652-3087Taylor Fred Box3934 652-4183Taylor J H 7ll 2 stsw 652-2012Taylor Kenneth 240 lAvSE 652-1286Taylor L 652-7301Taylor Lyie 34 BAvSE 652-1734Taylor R N 5 50 8AvSE 652-3047Taylor Ronald Box5995 652-3681

TEAM REALTY LTD618CentreSlS 652-7566Fax Line 652-7546

Tebbs F 601-2298Tebbs N 652-2975Telfer Daniel 333 laStN 652-7421Telfer M H 412 5AvSE 652-2540






T Two Industries Ltd Box6069 652-5233TD BANK FINANCIAL GROUP

TD Access Telephone Banking24 HR Sales/Service/TransactionsWWW.tDACCESS.cOMNo Charge Dial

TD VisaCardholder EnquiriesNo Charge DialMerchant EnquiriesNo Charge DialGM VisaNo Charge Dial

Branch315 Macleod Tr

THEE- The Home EducationExchange Sherwood Park 780-467-5511

TLCS Ladies Boutique Store103 3AvSW 652-5042

TMS Total Maintenance Srvc Ltd6 55 9AvSE 652-1810Fax Line 601-4610

T & S CUSTOM PAINT & BODY WORKSRR3 StnMain 652-1131Fax Line 601-2330

TAFEL CAFE 520MacleodTrSW 601-6017


Taggart H C 108 815 9 stsw 652-2163Taghvai Abbas T 901 is StSE 652-4753TALISMAN ENERGY INC

Field Office Turner Valley Longview 558-3757Emergency 24 Firs 558-3667

Tangkhtanya S 206 608 2 Stw 652-3984Tannas A SlSFIighCountryBayNW 652-2070

"T' Listings ContinuedOn Page 170

Following Telus Listings


000120® TELUS Advertising Services 1999 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 169




HOME SERVICE• Home Phone Service

• Long Distance Service .

• Internet Solutions

24 Hours - 7 Days


Touch Tone Phone 310-SELF (7353)Internet www.telus.com/selfserve




Outside Alberta 1-888-530-1612





No Charge 1-888-223-0300Visit TELUS Locations at

Market Mall, Calgary 1-403-530-3661Chinook Mall, Calgary 1-403-530-5401TELUS Customer Service Centre

411-lst St. SE, Main Floor

Calgary 1-403-530-5168Northwood Mall, Edmonton


Kingsway Garden Mall, Edmonton1-780-493-4975

West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton1-780-493-4991

Heritage Mall, Edmonton1-780-493-4970

The Downtown TELUS Customer

Service Centre

Jasper Avenue & 100 St.,TELUS Plaza,

Edmonton 1-780-493-4964

OUT OF PROVINCE CUSTOMERSNo Charge 1-800-400-2598REPAIR 24 Hours 611

BUSINESS SERVICE• Business Phone Service

• Long Distance Service

• Business Phone Systems

• Internet Solutions

• Service & Maintenance



No Charge 1-800-361-3311FAX Line 310-3000BILLING INQUIRIES 310-9900


No Charge 1-888-544-8244FAX Line 1-800-773-7796




No Charge 1-888-530-6900

PAYPHONE SERVICESNo Charge 1-800-472-9773




Calgary 1-403-530-5335


No Charge 1-800-242-3447

CALL ANSWER HELP LINENo Charge 1-800-661-3162

CALLING CARDS, LOST OR STOLENNo Charge 1-888-308-2222

CUSTOMER RELATIONS 310-1000Out Of Province Customers

1-800-567-0000DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE 411

INTERNET -TELUS PLAnet ®No Charge 310-4NET (4638)


TTY to VOICE 711TTY to TTY 1-800-855-1155VOICE to TTY 1-800-855-0511


• Cellular, Paging and

Wireless Data Solutions

• Radio Communications



Calgary 1-403-530-5280PAGING CUSTOMER SERVICE


HEAD OFFICE (CALGARY)3030-2 Avenue SE 1-403-530-5300




SERVICENo Charge 1-800-387-3869



Data Communication

Solutions for Your


4Flr, 355-4Ave. SW

Main Switchboard

No Charge

310-DATA (3282)


SERVICES•Yellow Pages™

• Other Market Directories

• Coupons

• alberta.com

A •AltaVista Canada• Web Solutions

•Video &Television Productions

• Consumer/Business Lists

• Purchase of Directories

8th Floor, 10044-108 St., Edmonton


2611-3rd Avenue, SE Calgary


No Charge 1-800-661-4260

Fax Line No Charge 1-800-563-0624

Email [email protected]


SERVICES 1-888-465-4535




Geographical Information

System Solutions &


No Charge



TELUS Plaza South,

10020 - 100 St., Edmonton


Career Line

No Charge 1-877-818-3587TELUS Switchboard 310-4248






Tennis Larry 1473 SaxonyLaneSW 652-3309Tenz Mike 614HomesteadPISE 652-1871Terletski C 601-2620Tettensor G 1208HighViewPt 652-2720Tetzlaff K 652-4514Teucher D lOl 530 4AvW 652-3317Teucher Nigel 652-1340Thacker J 652-5096Thacker Louis 4 403 9AvSW 652-5351Tharle Jim 652-3476


The Furnace Man 652-5585

THE OPTICAL PARLOR2207 20 St Nanton 646-3200

The Soup Spoon 103 3AvW 652-3556Theroux Ed 550 4 StSW 652-4147Theroux Ed 550 4 StSW 652-5743Theroux Edward Ned 546 4 StW 652-2401Theunissen Graham 652-4122Thew I 202FreemanWyNW 652-7240Thibodeau Steve & Tanya 601-2373Thibodeau Steve & Tanya 601-6040Thickett C J 1722 7AvSE 652-4205Thiessen Ed 205HomesteadCloseSE 652-7163Thiessen Jake 652-7319Thiessen John 506 6 StSE 652-3252Thiessep L 652-4973Thiessen M 652-7924Thiessen R 434HomesteadTrSE 601-2173Thiessen Raymond 315 7AvSE 652-4373Thiessen Raynold 40iCrescentAv 652-3188Thiessen Richard 507 7 StSE 601-2422Thiessen Walter F 104 410 7 stSW 652-7014Thomas B l565BeachWy 652-3664Thomas DThomas MThomas Michael J fiw ioaaThomas RichardThomasing Joyce aqiThompson Dallas C 1003 2 stw 652-107?Thompson Jennifer 652.5017Thompson Jim 907 7 StSE .. 652-454^Thompson Kevin & Jan113 5HigliGlenPlaceNW 652-7853

Thompson R 652-3215Thompson Ronald H 314deForasCloseNW..,652-2517Thompson S 652-4487Thompson Timothy 652-4571Thomson Isabell 9PekiskoRd 652-2913Thomson J 601-2742Thomson J Terence rr3 652-7231Thomson W E rr3 652-7231Thordarson P 652-1943Thome 1 652-3320Thornton J M 652-7638Thru The Looking Glass 133 5AvSW 652-2686Fax Line 652-1772

Thurber M E 409 1 StSE 652-4623Thurber R B 419 SAvSE 652-2842Thurlow Lee 1516 9AvSE 652-1488Thurlow Lee 1516 9AvSE 652-1548Thurlow Lee 1516 9AvSE 652-3344Thurston B 652-7252Tierney G 913RiversideDrNW 652-2246TIMBER WOLF CONSTRUCTION & ATTICINSULATION 71118 StSE 652-3428

Jmchak C 652-3330Timchak James 102514 StSE 601-2626Timeless Classics Antiques 120 6AvSW ....652-4021Timm Brian 1513 IGAvSE 652-3425Timmer-Koster G 804RiversideDrNW 652-7500Tindall H lll2HighViewPt 652-3051Tiny Tots Bay3 133 5AvSW 652-5221

000120 ° TEIUS Advertising Services 1999

Tri-Mak Electrical 903 9 StSE 601-0838Trimble G lOOBakerCreekPrSW 601-4921


TRIWEST TRADING (CANADA) LTD4415-73AvSE Calgary 279-7318Fax Line Calgary 279-3229Or Calgary 279-2076TRONNES SURVEYS (1976) LTD110 3030 3AvNE Calgary 207-0303After Hours Call Res 288-1474

Troth Peter S 518 8 Stw 652-3164

TRUCK EFFECTS INC ^1102 18 StSE 652-4755Fax Line 652-5784

Truong Nam 5 102 7AvSE 652-1210Truscott David 705 18 StSE 601-2009Trydor Industries (Canada) Ltd804HighCountryBayNW 652-7255

Tschetter K 1005 8 Stw 652-7801Tschetter Ted 1005 8 stw 652-2417Tsui Gilbert 600RiversideDrNW 652-3958Tupkal J Roy 106 4AvSE 652-4637Turbo410 Centre St N 652-7938Customer Enquiries(No Charge Dial) 1-800-661-1600Turman E 652-5196Turnbull L 21 1400 9AvSE 652-5062Turnbull S 301 34 6AvSE 652-2809Turner Frances 215 815 9 StSW 652-4717Turner H M S 530 3 StSE 652-2196Turner Jack 2 StimsonRd 652-7122Turner Ron 23RileySt 652-4386Tuttle Alan 1104HighCountryDrNW 601-6099Twerd Walter 708RiversideDrNW 652-74^Twin Pro Fax Line 652-4920Two Feathers Gallery l53MacleodTr 652-1024Fax Line 652-1026

U-Haul Co (Canada) Ltd 409 2AvSE 652-7800U A P/NAPA AUTO PARTS604CentreStS 652-2832

U F C W Local 1118 lllMacLeodTrSW 652-2063Ucan Fastening Products 1006 li StSE. .652-2062Fax Line 652-4349

Ully Don 1514 lOAvSE 652-3626Umbrite George lOTongueRd 652-3940United Church 123MacleodTr 652-3168


Industrial Park 652-2733Fax Line 652-165QPETROLEUM SALES AGENCY

710 Centre St S 652-2112Fax Line 652-5212After Hours Res 652-2916

Unsworth Gary T 408RiversideDrNW 652-4500Uppal L 652-4948Vaccher R M illSHighViewPt 652-5121Vachon Ivan 652-5019Valgardson Colin ll iavE 652-3l9iValgardson Doug 652-2760Valfe J 132 SunsetWySE 652-7146Vallee D 652-2250Valtins Z 1702 SAvSE 652-2648Valtins Ziggy 424KannelDrNE 652-15^Vance NVandale M & F 419FreemanWyNW 652-1248Van Dam J C 125FairwayVwNW 652-10%Vandam KVandam Kevin 107LinehamAcresGroveNW ....601-2525Vandenberge John 2 416 7 StSW 601-2202


821CentreStS 652-4820

Todd Alan R 126 2AvSE 601-2410Tollefson Arnold 415 IAvSE 652-4779

TONGUE CREEK FEEDERS LTDBOX5910 652-7410Fax Line 652-2936

Toomey Don 2 559 9AvSW 601-2292Toon Mark & Sharon 652-2539

Toronto Dominion Bank- See TD BankFinancial Group

Torrence John 1313 9AvSE 652-5218Tosh George 7DeibertClose 652-2779


Toth Frank J 909RiversideDrNW 601-2126Toth J A 229 4AvSE 652-3068Tourist Information MuseumHighwoodsBldg..652-3443Tovee Mary Mrs 156 815 9 StSW 652-2416Tovee Ron 652-7646Towards Wellness 652-1563Towers James B 206FairwayDr 652-4457

TOWN OF HIGH RIVER o/c129 3 Av SW 652-2110Fax Line 652-2396


Town Shop 100 3AvNW 652-4657Culture Centre 251 9AvSW 652-4668Family 8i Community Support Services122 4AvSW ...652-8620

RECREATION COMPLEX 652-404224 Hr Information 652-4041Concession 652-4244

Highwood Curling Club 652-2774FIRE DEPT OFC loio s stSE 652-3774Centennial Library 652-2917Highwood Memorial Centre 652-4404Museum Of The Highwood 652-7156EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS CALLSONLY

PUBLIC WORKSP Sawicki Res 652-2811L Hunter Res 652-3877

Town Terry.Townsend Roger & Lynne4 207BakerCreekPlaceSW


Claims DeptTran Hoang 1003 lOAvSETran Manh i009bl0AvSETran Manh 1301 9AvSE



COMPANY OF... Calgary 261-30801-800-332-1301




Free) 1—800—667—2345For Outages Call PowerOut (TollFree) 1-800-332-1002

Treadgold John 403KaneiiDr 652-1137Treich L lllFreemanWyNW 652-4599Tremblay L & D l7l2b7AvSE 601-2026Tremblay Leslie 405 savSE 652-7894Tremblay R 22PekiskoRdSW 652-3758Trenholm R E 652-2713Trewin Garth 102 9AvSE 601-2627Trewin J lllHomeBay 652-7342


000120® TELUS Advertising Services 1999 HIGH RIVER—HIGH RIVER 171

Vanderkooi Henry 652-5638Vanderkooi Henry 1714 7AvSE 652-7336Vander Molen D & J 652-2399Vander Ploeg Andrew 331 laStN 652-7308Vander Ploeg Leonard 6CataractRdSW 652-2433Van Dine Jenny 6 SuilivanRd 652-4622Van Donzel F 516 4 StSW 652-7685Van Donzel F Faxllne 516 4 stsw 652-7384VanDyl F 652-7208Van Engelen Casey 1013 4 stw 652-3594Van Esch Chris 714 2 stw 652-5924Vangheluwe Lloyd 601-6060Van Ham Tom H 333DeForasCloseNW 652-4465Vanler J 1518 9AvSE 652-5265Van Kasteren Pete 609 SunshineTr 601-2437van Raalte B 652-4023Van Seggelen H lOis 8 stw 652-5311Van Seggelen H Modem 652-5313Vanstone S 652-3657Van Tighem L C 224CentreAvS 652-2659Varey Kevin 909 9 stSE 652-3503Varricchio N 903 ISaStSE 652-1626VEALE'S R V STORAGE LTDBox34 Okotoks 938-7515

Versa Services 652-4238If Busy Call 652-2932

Verstraete Amber 652-1546Vetter Patrick 3 114 bavSE 652-4821Vewchar Dan 131 6AvW 652-4739

VIA RAIL CANADA INC 1-800-561-8630Vicente John 90i ll stSE 652-4795Victorian Dreams Bed & Breakfast440MacleodTrSW .....601-2340

VICTORY CHURCH 304b2i stSE 652-2330Video Update Inc 98CentreStS 652-5139VIDEONCustomer Service

(No Charge Dial) 1-800-400-9605Repair Service(No Charge Dial) 1-800-400-9606

Viksush Ken 1512 llAvSE 652-1711Vlllemere T 601-2638Vlllneff J 652-2234Vincent Dean 330 BAvSE 652-7910Vincent L 417 4AvSE 652-2945Vincent M 652-1633Vincent W E 330DeForasCloseNW 652-3078Vipond Kent 652-1739Visentin D 517LinehamAcresDrNW 601-2663VIsentIn D Faxllne 601-2664Visions Stucco 652-4826Fax Line 652-2676

VIsser Jack P 1035 7 St 652-3017VISTA LAND LTD1012HighGlenBayNW 652-3226

Viva Mexico 536 7 StSW 652-5246Fax Line 652-3265

Void Wayne & Bonnie 652-7792Void Wayne & Bonnie Fax Line 652-5901Voiek Dave Box5936 stnMn 652-5736Voiker Stevin Contracting Ltd MaintnceVulcan 485-2671Fax Line 485-1912

Voll TriciaVollet Stacey & Jane is 1400 9AvSE 601-4605Von Kampen Peter R 713 8AvSE 652-2040Vooys Bill 1203HighViewPt 652-3431Vooys Leonard 240 llAvW 652-2937Vorstermans Luke 725MacleodTr 652-1487Vorstermans Luke 725MacleodTr 652-2407Vorstermans Luke Faxllne 725MacleodTr...652-4587VOXCOM (NoChargeDial) 1-888-671-1161Vu Long Father Faxllne 652-3660Vyse Adam 934 7 stsw 652-5106VYSE ADAM DR Fmly Phys121 4AvW 652-7999

VYSE NANCY DR Fmly Phys121 4AvW 652-7999W Plus 5 Auto Sales 4 805 llAvSE 652-7330Fax Line 652-1520

Wabick J A 652-7877Wagner David B l stimsonRd 652-1905Wagner G Box6051 652-1849Wagner H M AlderHeights 652-7134Wagner Lawrence P slSHighViewPt 652-5162Wagner Rick 1305 liAvSE 652-7403WAGS PETS SALON 109 4AvSW... 6!52-5752WakeE 652-3124Wakeford Earl RR3 652-7484Wakeford Earl E RR3 652-4849Wakeford Eric RR3 652-4409Wakeford Eric RR3 652-4525Wakeford Frank 601-2137Wakeford Frank RR3 652-5557Wakeford Richard 2 401 9AvW 652-7420Waldal M L 652-4584WALES THEATRE 42i i stw 652-4844Walker Brad 652-4179Walker C 21 7AvSE 601-2746Walker Darlene 718 9AvSE 652-5243Walker Dennis 516 17 StSE 652-5767Walker Dennis & Colleen 516 17 stSE 652-1692Walker E R 652-7617Walker I 652-1765Walker K 652-4179Walker K R 1703 5AvSE 652-1726Walker Lloyd & Mavis 919 7 Stw 652-2410Walker Water Systems 652-3616Wall Harley 911 16 StSE 601-4975Wall Jack 427 lAvSE 652-2589Wallace Kenneth A 333FairwayVw 652-2870Wallace M 652-1408Wallator Charles R llO 2AvSE 652-4667Wallebeck John 652-5549Walls James l7CataractRdSW 652-5684Wally's Shoe Repair 4 104 3AvSE 652-2958Walmark Henry G 2lPekiskoRd 652-3383Walsh Christina 7 18 6AvSE 601-2420Walters L 5 18 6AvSE 652-3526Walther H 417KannelDrNE 652-4374Wambeke Jacob ll 90iMacleodTrSW 652-3097Wambeke John Box5114 652-7258Wambeke Peter Box5114 652-7276Wambeke Peter C Fax Live 652-5309Wambeke Richard Box5640 652-7248Wambeke Sam & SonsRR 1 High River Longview 558-2184

Ward Brian 1014 2 stsw 601-6080Ward Emile 229 lOAvSW 652-5296Ward Jack 607 9 StSE 652-1056Wardley Ken 1474 SaxonyLane 652-7552Wardley Ken Fax Line 1474 SaxonyLane....652-4989Wardner George B 1527 lOAvSE 652-7821Wark Addlson l7l2a7AvSE 652-2666Wark B 919 is StSE 652-1562Wark Carol 123a4AvSW 652-7558Wark Jeremy 33 SheppardRdSW 601-2124Wark Lance 33 SheppardRdSW 601-4992Warne D 652-5633Warner D C 652-1157Warner D C RR3 652-2459Warner Ken 906 11 StSE 652-4410Warner Ken Faxllne 906 ll StSE 601-2649Warren Frank 601RiversideDrNW 601-2144Warren John E R 601-2272Warren L 652-2360Warren W R l2TongueRd 652-7554Wasko Frank E 828RiversideDrNW 652-5995Wasko Frank E Fax Line828RiversideDrNW 652-5985

Wasko N 652-1196Waslewsky W l206HighViewPt 652-3228Watamanuk Bob 4i4HomesteadTr 652-3718Watson D l013bl0AvSE 652-5606Watson D 1510 llAvSE 652-5602

Watson Karen 333 4AvSE 652-1476Watson Karen Faxllne 333 4AvSE 652-1416Watson Kevin & Cheryl 38b8AvSE 601-2549Watson Shawn 21 2AvSE 652-2710Wattle H 512MacieodTr 652-3322Watts M R 601-2290Way Cralg 2 1002 llAvSE 652-3797Way Donald 520 7 Stw 652-2418Way E R 652-2005Weatherlok Roofing Calgary Call .CalgaFy 720-2820Weaver Brian 652-5699Webb B 652-1341Webb Richard B559 9AvW 652-4714Webb Robert J 1018 7 Stw 652-3341Webb Sylvia 2MistRdSW 601-2090Webb Tannas 71 o 2 stsw 652-5179Webb Ted & Marnle 652-7529Webber C 652-1301Webber W J 328DeForasCioseNW.... 652-1306Weber Dennis & Brenda 708 19 StSE 652-3536Weber J Fax 601-2658Webster Eric DIx 1514 llAvSE 652-1332Webster R 652-3399Webster William R 929 4 stw 652-3105Weeks Albert & Roxanne 652-1233Weeks R 652-3569Weerstra C 652-1577Wegener C lOll 8 stw 652-4098Wegener C Children's Line 652-3025WEGENER CABINETRY &WOODWORKING LTD70 lOAvSE 652-2665Fax Line 652-5630

Wegener Dave & Katherlne 652-2615Wegener Don 1000 14 StSE 652-4926Wegener Elizabeth F 3 901MacleodTrSW...652-2777Wegener Homes 1701 7AvSE 652-1607If Busy Call 601-6061

Wegener Ken B 423 7 stw 652-3549Wegener L 624 8 StSE 652-2430Wegener M 652-5615Wegener Murray 1701 7AvSE 652-2344Wegener Neil 601-2523Wegener Randle 832 9 stw 652-2446Wegener William R 711 lOAvSE..... 652-3685WEIGHT WATCHERS(No Charge Dial) 1-800-651-600^0

Welnacker H & K 652-2173Welnacker Masonry Ltd 652-2173Fax Line 652-3668

Weir Alan J 1512 lOAvSEWelreter William RRi-OkotoksWelrmeir Eugene 403 4AvSE 652-1063Weiss Richard 138 4AvSE 652-4340Weiss V M 652-4808Wellman Ray C 308 105 7AvSE 652-2293Wells Donald W 1028 6 stw 652-4246Wellslte Consulting Services A Division Of 707655Alberta Inc 652-2727Fax Line 652-2739

Welsch Nicholas Bsmt609 2 StSW 652-1310Welwood D J 616RiversideDrNW 601-6011Wendel Cliff 652-4846Wendt Ed 624 8 StSE 652-2430Wendy G's Sewing & Needlecrafts13 SMacleodTrSW 652-1199

Wengel Richard 652-4358Wescott I 204BakerCreekPlaceSW 601-4986Weselak A 4 901MacleodTr 652-1917Weselak Lloyd 6io 8 StSE 652-1048Westcott B 211PolarAv 652-1362Westell Pipe Support Systems Ltd 652-4251Western Ag Supply Inc 1004 is StSE 601-2407Fax Line 601-2408WESTERN FEEDLOTS LTD 652-3933Fax Line 601-8328WESTERN TIRE SHREDDERS INCHv;y2aS 601-2477



Western Union Money TransferFor Nearest Agent Location & Information(No Charge Dial) 1-800-235-0000

Westersund Russell Boxl74Blackie 652-7280WestJet Airlines Ltd(No Charge Dial) 1-800-538-5696Weston Brent 1510 9AvSE 652-5148Weston Craig 652-5685Weston Ron 910 iSaStSE 652-7829Westrop Glen 1619 SunshineWySE 652-1254Westrop Glen 120 6AvSW 652-4021Wetherell M 652-1549Whaley William 652-5094Wheat Mike 1005 lOAvSE 652-2053Wheatley-Brown M 652-2895Wheeler Brian 705 6 StSE 601-2119Wheeler Brian 705 6 StSE 652-7019Wheeler El Roy 318 SAvSE 652-1718Wheeler Lucene 13 901MacleodTrSW 652-1486Whi lans Anne & Norm 601-2372Whjilans Ken 603HomesteadPlace 652-7694Whimbey W D 71lHighCountryDr 652-7117uiu'! ''06 1 StSW 652-7026E® w W '■ 804HighCountryBayNW 652-5704XSSI® V ChiWren's Phone 601-2565Xitljofd Garth 302 2AvSE 652-2008Whitford S 6'i2-3528Whiitpn D 51' ® Stw""".^."~Robert C 513RiversideDrNW 652-7404Wf JL 652-5798Wicke Harold Aldersyde 652-7090W}ckenheiser Wendel 652-1575w 5khn«» D ® SheppardRd 652-7501Wickhorst Brian 652-4959

Brian Fax ...6Wickhorst J & B 652-5749Wickson A F 203 1400 9AvSE......I'' 601-4673WiddowsJim AniWide World Of Metals 652-n08Wjebe Andrew 313 liAvw 652-2102Wiebe Bill 409CrescentAvSE 652-1990Wiebe Henry 904 9 stSE 652-78^

■■.■■.652-7551W pS J 1! ^OSHighViewPkNW 652-1259EtXnWP c 652-1261& Eva SlOMacleodTr 652-2525Wight 1 201 510 2 StSE 652-4720&A 652-2679Wild A 437HomesteadTr 652-7769WlIdD 652-7915Wild Edward C 1018 2 StW 652-7763WILD ROSE JEWELLERY & GIFTS LTD

2lElizabethSt Okotoks 938-2687Wilde L 118 815 9 StSW 652-2266WILDLIFE CLASSICS TAXIDERMY

814 sastSE 652-4842Fax Line 652-1352

Wilkie Don 652-3788Wjikie Kenneth lOll 14 StSE 652-2854Wilkie Kevin 4 stimpsonRdSW 652-3214Wilkinson A Jim 2CataractRd 652-7965Wilkinson Alex 821RiversideDrNW 652-7572Wilkinson I M 910 8 StW 652-2275Wilkinson R 817 l StSE 652-2374Williams B 652-2530Wjlljams Darryl 725 9AvSE 652-4215Williams Jack l009HighGlenBay 601-2121Williams Jack L 1005 5 StSE 652-7372Williams Michael SHomesteadWySE 601-2195Williams Pearl A 652-3909Williams S L 13 StimsonRd 652-3540Williams V A 652-5505Williams W 652-1603Williamson A F 205FairwayDr 652-7073Williamson Alma F Faxline 652-2550Willjamson L E 601-6085Williamson Murray 829RiversideDrNW 652-4737Williamson Murray Faxline

829RiversideDrNW 652-1640

000120 " TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Worsnop J Michael 209 6AvW 652-7833Worsnop Jason 601-2539Worthington Wayne i22iHighCountryDr 652-4113Wouda Ian 24 SheppardRdSW 652-7225Wren J 601-4699Wren Lewis 123 7AvSE 652-3162Wren P J... 601-4633Wright Doris l 405 9AvSW 652-1848Wright Grant 652-3565Wright John W A1015 lOAvSE 652-3505Wright Peter 215HomesteadClose 601-2111Wright Peter 215HomesteadClose 652-3195Wrinkles Autobody Call Cayley 395-2378Wudwud D 19 7AvSE 652-4397Wulff D 127 3AvW 652-4367Wutzke Alvin 905 7 StSE 652-4218Wyatt D R Paul 601-2710Wyatt Duane Bud

Boxl317HighRiver Longview 558-2285Wyatt Sydney

RR 1 High River Longview 558-2118Wyatt T 652-1766Wyatt T 652-3474Wyllie Kevin 652-1150XEROX CANADA LTD

General Enquiries112 4 Av SW Calgary 260-8800

Sales & Supplies 1-800-275-9376Service 1-800-939-3769

Yeager Eric & Leslie210HomesteadCloseSE 652-1895


Williamson Murray Short 601-2666Williamson Tom 617HomesteadPlaceSE 652-2971Willimont Gavin 652-3697Willocks William 918CrescentAv 652-3165Willoughby Bob R RR3 652-7453Willoughby J & R 652-1735Willoughby R 102HomeBaySE 652-1141Willoughby S 911 15 StSE 652-1832Willow Creek Homes Inc Box5381 652-1872

If Busy Call 652-1875Fax Line 652-1882

WILLOW CREEK SADDLE & LEATHER2505 21Av Nanton 646-2727

Willowghby R 143 815 9 StSW 652-7220Wills Danny Bsmtl03 3AvSE 601-2268Wills H P 311DeForasCloseNW 652-1787Wilson A 652-1290Wilson A Fax Line 652-5053Wilson A & G 903 12 StSE..... 652-3238Wilson Adam 309 530 4AvW 652-3722WILSON C C OR Chirptr

335MacleodTrSW 652-3803Wilson C Dr 80x5333 652-4029Wilson JC ^52-1006Wilson JanetWilson K 4CataractRdSW 652-1076Wilson Ken 1521 iiavSE ^01-2151Wilson Ken FaxWilson Kerry 652-4118Wilson Melvin 652-1513Wilson Merle 652-^05Wilson Peter 77 2 StSE 601-2^2Wilson Ray Box54ll 652-3448Wilson Ryan & Tracey 812 9 StSW 652-2090Wilson Shawn 1017 5 StSE 652-4736Wilton Brian 652-4091Wind Tom 1024 lOAvSE 652-5599Windecker M 602HomesteadPlace 652-5646Windshield Service & Repair- See

Perryman's Machine & Auto Repair

Winia G no 410 7 stW 652-1903Winter Gerry 652-2431Winter Gerry P 601-2143Winter Mary Lou 652-4361Winters Stanley 909 6 stW 652-3153Wipf William 1006HighGlenPlaceNW 652-5721Wise Arthur RR3 652-3117Wishart Bryce 936 9 stw 652-4074Witschi Tonianne 652-5974Witschi Tonianne & Matthew 652-1495Woellenstein Veronika & Wolfgang

20a5AvSE 652-4694Wohlberg Carl L 409FreemanWyNW 652-1018Wojcik M S 652-7291Wojcik S 15 895MacleodTr 652-3642Wojtowicz Anthony 1021 6 StSW 652-2946Wold A 1024 14 StSE 652-2109Wolden William 225Po!arAvSE 652-2673Wolfram Ted Box5054 652-4343Wolfram Ted Box5054 652-4605Wollersheim Jim 221 lOAvW 652-4254Wollersheim Leonard 11 StimpsonRdSW 652-3578Wollersheim Peter 532 7 stw 652-3674Wong Russell L 1005 5 Stw 652-2943Wood B Ronald SllHIghViewPark 652-7116Wood Bruce 652-5775Wood Bruce Fax 601-2729Wood Phillip 652-7245Wood-Johnson F Box5592 652-3070Woodland's Custom Landscaping Ltd 652-1616Woods Richards C ISTongueRd 652-3843Wooldridge S RR3 652-3489Woolridge J RR3 652-7063Worden Harold 652-4281Wordie A 114FairwayVw 652-7754WORK WORLD 109CentreStS

Fax Line 652-4553Worrall Bruce 240 6AvSE 652-5731



2611 3 Av SE Calgary 204-5400(Toll Free) 1-800-661-4260Fax Line 204-5422e-mail [email protected]

Yeomans L A 713RiversideDrNW 652-1086Yorgason Robert 118FairwayVw 652-1454York Bernard 652-2723Young D A SlOHomePlace 652-3487Young James 903 IOAvSE 652-2625Young John W 414 8AvSE 652-4103Young Sharon 117 4AvSE 652-4834

YOUR LAWYER8 112CentreStS 652-5203Fax Line.. 652-5209

Zacharias Kenneth 652-2931Zacharias Kenneth G 601-2636Zaitsoff J 510 6 StSW 652-4276Zamora Raul 652-7631Zarn Anita 808 9AvSE 652-4107Zdunich D 8MistRdSW 652-5031Zdunich D 8MistRdSW 652-5354Zebedee Cory 3 555 9AvSW 652-7032Zebedee Frank E 509 8 Stw 652-2859Zebedee Len 1006 17 stSE 652-2092Zeer Ian 652-3917Zeer Ian Faxline 652-1177Zelonka Randy 652-3437Zieike Joe l587GasconyLane 652-3520Zigante Loretta 902 7 StSE 652-5249Zimmerman H 316 3AvSE 652-14^Zimmerman Maurice 40l 8 Stw 652-5169Ziola Cyril 3HomesteadWySE 652-4782Zondervan James 407 6AvSW 652-1915


000120 ̂ TELUS Advertising Services 1999

Zoney Stan l4RiversideVillas 652-1471Zryd J ...601-4662Zuehike Ken lOTrapRd 652-7895Zurcher Heinz 419 2 StSE 652-7147

HOLMES MOUNTAIN AIRE LODGE-TollStationFor connection dial 0 zero & ask forthe Calgary Mobile Operator

HUBALTA— See Calgary

HIGH RIVER—HUSSAR 173Currie Lome Box264 787-2189Davison EInar 787-2242Dingley Joe 787-2412Don's Cafe & Lounge l97CentreSt 787-2525Dorothy Ranch Inc Ofc 787-2204Fax Line 787-2211

Douglass Stuart 787-2173

DOUG'S EARTHMOVING129 lAvW 787-3741Fax Line 787-3711

Drill Pipe Industries Ltd (Canada) 787-3602Duck Lake Community Association 787-2356Dundas Glen 787-3789Dundas W W Box248 787-2225Dundas Wayne 127 3AvW 787-3929DYNAGRA A DIVISION OF BEISEKERAGRI SERVICESStandard Fertilizer Center

Box 236 Standard 644-3707Calgary Direct Line 264-1289Fax Line 644-2136

Epier Dennis Box999 787-2126Epp Jeffery Box2l6 787-3709Epp L Box55 787-2209Fandry Leroy Box85 787-2123Fandry Russell 787-2133Fandry Steven 787-2280FARM CREDIT CORPORATION317 2116 27AvNE Calgary 292-6100Fax 292-6121

Faye L 787-2245Feradi A M Boxl44 787-3763Feradi A M Faxline 787-3801Filkohazy Brett 787-2516


Fisher Corey 220 lAvW 787-2263Fisher Marvin Box238 787-3916

FOOTHILLS PIPE LINES LTD3100 707 8AvSW Calgary 294-4111

Frank D 787-3751Frank Dan 787-2361Fraser Cam 787-2165Fraser Donald W 787-2261Fraser Geoff Box234 787-2469Fraser M M 787-2281Fraser Murray 787-2341Fraser Tom 787-3716Friesen L 787-2156GATES AGENCIES LTD Insce BrkrsBox279 Standard 644-3757

Gauthier Margaret H Box20l 787-2233George R Box2128Drumheller 787-2251Gleicnen/Standard Transport 1990Box328 Standard 934-7787

Good Jim 224 lAv 787-2159

Government Of Alberta Listings- See BluePag^

Government Of Canada Listings- See BluePages

Gouvernement Du Canada Inscriptions-Voir Les Pages Bleues

Gregory G 787=2553Gregory Gilbert 787-2163Gregorjf Gilbert 787-2460Gunton Andy 787-2171Gustafson G & T 787-0004Gustavsen Phil 787-2272H & W OILFIELD SERVICE LTDBox237 787-3761

Hagar B 787-3941Hale Brad 787-2506

HUSSARSee also Bassano for other

customers located in this area.

EMERGENCY CALLS(911 Does Not Apply)


Bassano 1-403-641-3677AMBULANCE Strathmore 934-3639HOSPITAL

Bassano 1-403-641-6100Strathmore 934-4204


(Toll-free) 1-800-332-1414If Busy Call Calgary 1-403-670-1414

Adamcewicz M Box99 787-2102Adamcewicz Randall Box99 787-2342Adamcewicz Randall Fax Line 787-2523ADRIAN DEGROOTCONSTRUCTION Rockyford 533-3860AGRICORECalgary Livestock Agro Centre Rosebud 677-2381Wheatland Agro Centre Lyalta 934-2885Hussar Elevator 787-3955Fax Line 787-2259After Mrs Emer (Toll Free) 1-888-321-3771

Allan J T Boxll2 787-3966

AMBULANCE Strathmore 934-3639

Anderson 8Anderson M & TAnderson PeterAnderson T



Boxll7..Fax Line..


Armstrong Ben BoxlizArmstrong C 224 lAvEArmstrong Gordon Box38Armstrong Gordon Faxline Box38.Armstrong JamieArmstrong Leonard Box 3 8Armstrong Rich Boxl4lArmstrong TomArmstrong W R Box39Arsenault D & V


ATCO GASNatural Gas Service

129 3 Av Strathmore 934-3444Fax Line 934-574824 Mr Meter ReadingsIf Long Distance (No Charge Dial) ...1-888-427-7323

Audet SergeBarber Perry Sundance 787-2573BASSANO automotive (1985)1001 5Av Bassano 641-3777bassano FARM EQUIPMENTLTD Bassano 641-3813BASSANO TIMES216 3 St Bassano 641-3636

Beaudreau Robert 787-2433

Bell James 787-2509

BERNARD GIBEAU REPAIR Shop918 2Av Bassano 641-3094

Bishop C W 787-2423Bishop Colby 787-2526Bishop Lome 787-2441Bishop Lome Fax Line 787-2397


Fax Line.


Brinton Earl ShallowWaterRanch 787-2186Brinton Wayne 787-2184Brooks James Walter 117 2AvE 787-0005Brown Doug Boxisi 787-3774Brown Gordon S 787-3740Brown Jim 787-2480Brown Murray 113 lAvW 787-3991Brown Randy 787-2255Brown Thomas M 787-2557

BURIED CABLE LOCATIONAlberta One Call No Charge.. 1-800-242-3447

C J S AGRO SERVICES LTDBoxl43 787-3931

CANADA POST(Voir Postes Canada

pour service en francais)Customer Service

Postal Code InformationCharges To Caller ApplyAs Explained On Call

General And Delivery InformationNo Charge Dial

TDD (Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing)No Charge Dial 1-800-267-2797

Postal Outlet For Products And ServicesHussar 787-3961





Charbec Agricultural 8i Industrial ServicesBox806 787-2288

Christensen Clifford Box836Rosedale 787-2258Christensen L 787-3934Christensen W Faxline 787-2496Christensen Wendell 787-2495Clark Neil Box598 787-2481


Or Call Cellular.

Or Call Cellular.


Collett Leo 787-3783Collett Scott 787-3942Comstock Y Box232 787-2128Conley L M Boxl89 787-2241CO-OPERATORS INSURANCEBox268 787-3969


Bsmt 4 419 2 St Strathmore 934-5444COURTNEY-WINTER'S FUNERAL CHAPEL2Av&2 StW.. Drumheller 823-2666


Crawling Valley Colony School 787-2121

CRIME STOPPERS(No Charge Dial) 1-800-222—8477