when it all goes wrong, dont waste the crisis bruce faulkner

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When it all goes wrong, don’t waste the crisis. Bruce Faulkner

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When it all goes wrong, don't waste the crisis. This presentation will share with you a strategy for leveraging a crises. The talk will draw on real life examples to show you how to identify the opportunities presented in a crisis. The talk will then focus on the tactics of how to set the stage for creating a new expectations with the executive management team and then how to re-engage and lead the delivery team to success.


  • 1. When it all goes wrong, dont waste the crisis. Bruce Faulkner

2. The overwhelming sensation that you could have seen this coming 3. Nowyoureresponsible for this mess 4. Everything appears to be on fire 5. Find a little bit of heaven in a disaster area 6. Engage the team and find the obstacles 7. Exactly how deep is this hole? 8. Deliver the punch 9. Create the new expectation 10. When leading the herd check to see if they are still following 11. Get them interested again 12. Make yourselves busy doing the right things 13. Gradually the breaks show up 14. Reflect on the past 15. Identify the reinforcing non-value adding activities 16. Make the plan easy to understand 17. You are now older, wiser and on a different path