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young avengers explained by me by spidcrgwen sorry

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  1. 1. young avengers explained by me by spidcrgwen sorry
  2. 2. the teams the team from vol 1 the team from vol 2 *sad tears in the distance b/c of vol 1*
  3. 3. idk who this guy is basically mini iron-man oh right iron lad was supposed to grow up to be a villain he died after like 5 issues but came back to life at the end nathaniel was his name i think but his name was also kang cassie liked him how did they kiss thru his mask
  4. 4. cassie lang aka stature daughter of scott lang (ant-man) could be very large or very small had a thing for iron lad and the vision who were almost the same person dead *sad violin music* are u confused yet stole pym particles from her dad before he died
  5. 5. eli bradley aka patriot grandson of the black captain america he said he got his powers b/c of a blood transfusion with his grandpa but he lied he was taking mgh (mutant growth hormone) dated kate for a little bit left the team after cassie and the vision died co-leader of the team with kate
  6. 6. robot boythe vision (aka jonas) he is the vision but younger romance with cassie had all the memories of iron lad his arm got stuck thru cassies chest once killed by iron lad costume has a hideous color scheme
  7. 7. alien beard guy marvel boy (yes i know) aka noh-varr kind of a douche dated kate but they broke up grew a beard and then shaved it off is a kree alien why did he shave off his beard not straight
  8. 8. the flash actually called speed tommy shepherd twin of billy but they are also not biological twinsmini pietro maximoff wow two boys in a row with white hair was kidnapped sort of by strange alien thing dressed in elis costume kind of went on a date with kate once all of the boys have tbh kissed david by accident sort of the child of wanda maximoff and the original vision
  9. 9. kid loki speech bubbles have fancy font not entirely sure how he was de-aged or whatever does he even have hair is not actually kid loki copy of regular evil loki taking over kid lokis body feels guilty tho he made a deal with the mother the mother is an interdimensional parasite
  10. 10. brainiac prodigy aka david alleyne was a mutant (de- powered by m-day) met tommy at his work told the young avengers tommy was taken by patriot (not actually eli)openly bisexual had a crush on teddy mutation was absorbing information from others
  11. 11. that one shapeshifter every team has hulkling (teddy altman) 50% kree, 50% skrull, 100% gay dad was captain marvel the guy captain mar-vell mom was skrull princess, raised by her maid when she was killed almost accidentally started a war between the kree and the skrulls dating billy kind of thought that billy might have wished him into existence and then left for a bit until then tricked by leah (lokis bff)
  12. 12. the one everyone loves sort of the child of wanda maximoff and the original vision but not really also kind of twin of tommy but not really billy kaplan (wiccan) magic-y powers powers are also super dangerous gay dating teddy is destined to become the demiurge
  13. 13. not the hawkguy hawkeye (kate bishop) daughter of a millionaire doesnt have any actual superpowers only one on the team thats straight haha has dated: eli, tommy (not really), and noh-varr hangs out with clint barton during free time always wore purple even before she joined the team co-leader of the team with eli
  14. 14. america the beautiful miss america (america chavez) comes from the utopian parallel where everyone worships the demiurge (actually billy) everyone from the utopian parallel is a girl also gay only wears clothes themed like the american flag but shes not even human likes to punch things also kick interdimensional travel is one of her superpowers