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    10 Inexpensive After School Activities For Kids

    Struggling to keep the kids amused after school and on weekends? Try these cheap and

    cheerful ideas for your kids.

    1. Bike Rides

    You dot eed to go far to ejoy a good ike ride. Why ot yle to the loal park equipped with a picnic basket once the kids get back from school?

    Getting out and about on a bike is both great fun and great exercise for you and the kids.

    Introducing your child to the excitement of cycling is a real rite of passage and valuable life skill.

    2. Local Library

    If your little ones love books, find out what activities your local library has organized this year.

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    Special reading groups, play sessions and story-themed craft events will be happening up and

    down the country so isit your loal authoritys esite for iforatio o hats goig o near you.

    3. CINEMA: Latest Movie Releases

    Feeling tired but want to get out the house? Why not take the kids to see some of the latest

    releases at the cinema?

    Most cinemas will have their own family discounts or special offers for kids. Check your local

    cinema online for ay deals. Dot forget to uy popor ad driks, that should help to keep them happy!

    4. Museums and Galleries

    Share a little koledge. Youll e surprised ho uh your kids ill loe it. Borig is the last thing that comes to mind.

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    Soe of the outrys ost ipressie useus ad galleries dot harge for etry. So consider taking your children along to see art and exhibitions like the National Portrait Gallery,

    Imperial War Museum, Science Museum, V&A Museum and British Museum.

    5. Arts and Crafts

    Struggling to keep the kids busy after school?

    Grab some brushes and test your kids creativity. Let them go wild and paint pictures of things

    they can find. Keep an eye on them, otherwise you might end up with freshly painted walls.

    Why not cut up some old magazine to make collages, experiment with paper mache, make

    birthday cards, or use unwanted clothes to create a fashion show!

    6. Cooking and Baking

    Fancy a hand in the kitchen?

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    Cooking with your children can teach them a whole range of skills and give them an

    understanding of food and where it comes from. It is a good way to bond and get them to

    appreciate the effort that goes into cooking. You might even discover a little hidden chef. If you

    dot ko hat to ook, searh olie for e reipes.

    7. National Parks

    Visiting a National Park can make a great day out for the whole faily, ad its free!

    8. Sports Day

    Got a bit of spare room in your garden? Why ot hold your o Sports afteroo?

    If your family like sports, then why not host your own tournament? Use things you can find

    lying around to re-create your kids favourite events. Mark lines for races, get the tape measure

    for long jump. Why not use a frisbee as a discus or tennis ball as a shot put?

    Invite relatives, neighbours or friends around to join in!

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    9. Eating Out

    Hungry? Forget cooking!

    Why not take the family out to dinner. Before you do, look online for deals and money off.

    There is always a bargain to be had! Many restaurants offer family discounts and sometimes let

    kids eat for free!

    10. Do a Good Deed

    Why not encourage your kids to do a good deed?

    Why not spend the afternoon with the kids sorting out unwanted toys, clothing and

    possessions. Aythig your kids dot at or hae gro out of a e doated to harity for those who are less fortunate.

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