180 degree rule using advanced camera shots, movements and editing to keep continuity

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180 Degree Rule

180 Degree Rule Using advanced camera shots, movements and editing to keep continuityTwo Shot

Over Shoulder Shot

Over Shoulder Shot Reverse

Action line180 Degree Rule

180 degree ruleThere is an invisible line between them (Line of Action) The camera should only be positioned on one side of the line - within 180 degrees. "Crossing the line" results in a jump cut, discontinuity. Very disorienting to viewer. 30 degrees30 degrees30 degrees30 degreesAction line30 Degree RuleAction ScenesIf an actor exits left, we expect them to return from the left; if they exit right, thats where they should re-enter.

However with a chase or running scene the actor will exit right (usually) and re-enter left, showing us that the action is constantly in the same direction, left to right then left to right again.


Establishing Shot: A shottypically at the beginning of a scenethat establishes the whole space (examples - Initial two-shot of characters in dialogue; image of entire room of people; city or landscape when where film takes place)Two-shot: a shot composed of two people

Shot/Reverse Shot: Any pair of shots in which the second shot reveals what is on the other side of the previous shot

Takes: shots made during the production of a film

Eyeline Matches: continuity editing dictates that if a character is looking in a certain direction in one shot, he/she should be looking in the same direction in the following shot

180-Degree Rule Over-the-Shoulder Cutting(aspects of Classical Hollywood Style)

Establishing Shot

Shot angle? Camera distance? Other film terms?

High Angle Medium Close Up Symmetricalwhat else?

Which film terms could you bring to bear here?

Over-the-Shoulder Cutting from Actors P.O.V. (notice 180-Degree Rule)

How could you describe this shot using film terminology?

Over-the-Shoulder Cutting from Actresss P.O.V. (notice 180-Degree Rule)

Another Over-the-Shoulder Shot from Actresss P.O.V. (notice 180-Degree Rule) More intimacy

Another Over-the-Shoulder Shot from Actors P.O.V. (notice 180-Degree Rule) Maintaining intimacy

Return of the Establishing Shot - EquilibriumUse 14 shots in your Documentary

Refer to handout. 3 examples:

Which one is better?

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