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2010 & Beyond – Seven Travel Trends. About Me. 2010 & Beyond – Seven Travel Trends. Michael Boult – Chief Commercial Officer - Lanyon Co-Founder / CEO – GroundRez President / CEO – StarCite Founder / COO – eCLIPSE Advisors (now Amex Advisory Services) Founder / President – myTravelbid.com - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • About MeMichael Boult Chief Commercial Officer - LanyonCo-Founder / CEO GroundRezPresident / CEO StarCiteFounder / COO eCLIPSE Advisors (now Amex Advisory Services)Founder / President myTravelbid.comSVP Supplier & Network Partner Relations Rosenbluth InternationalBe wary of anyone talking about the future (with confidence)2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • February 20, 1910 Washington Post 2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • July 20, 2008 Washington Post 2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • "Expect Movies to be Produced in Every Home," Cecil B. DeMille predicts not only home movies of the future, but the rise of the amateur filmmaker as a force in the film industry. September 5, 1925 Charleston Gazette2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • Founded in a garage in Feb 2005,acquired by Google 15,400 hourslater for $1.65B = $107,143 / hour2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • What May Happen In The Next Hundred YearsLadies Home Journal (1900)Man will See Around the World. Persons and things ofall kinds will be brought within focus of cameras connectedelectrically with screens at opposite ends of circuits, thou-sands of miles at a span. American audiences in their theatres will view upon huge curtains before them thecoronations of kings in Europe or the progress of battlesin the Orient. The instrument bringing these distant scenes to the very doors of people will be connected witha giant telephone apparatus transmitting each incidentalsound in its appropriate place. Thus the guns of a distantbattle will be heard to boom when seen to blaze, and thus the lips of a remote actor or singer will be heard to utter words or music when seen to move.2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • Iraq War 2005Fox News Coverage2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • Procurement - RefresherEconomic







    Causal Drivers2010 & Beyond Seven Travel Trends

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond Economic

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond EconomicPrediction: Despite new scientific studies, business travel will suffer the same cycle of expansion and contraction as the general economic cycle, with normal range of amplification (+/- 15%) ROI - Travel more, less or the same? Opportunity to benchmark category leaders

  • 2010 & Beyond Social

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond Social To reduce net carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2050, compared with 2005 levels. To make all industry growth carbon-neutral by 2020. To cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5% per year over the next decade. To submit plans for joining a global carbon trading scheme to the UN by November 2010.The British Airways chief executive, Willie Walsh, will unveil an agreement between airlines, airports and aircraft companies to cut emissions to 50% below 2005 levels by 2050. In a bid to seize the initiative from environmental groups clamoring for higher taxes on the industry, the plan will be presented to world leaders at the United Nations forum on climate change in New York.21 September 2009 Airlines vow to halve carbon emissions by 2050

  • Increased Number Think Global Warming Is Exaggerated

    Most believe global warming is happening, but urgency has stalled

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond SocialPrediction: (Air) Impact will be regional and sporadic with EMEA, Aus/NZ leading and Nth Am., Asia lagging. Expect higher taxes, levies and price increases. New technology (alternative fuels, fuel efficiency) not widespread until after 2020. (Hotel) Niche brands will reflect lifestyle choices (Car) Rental firms will offer Eco-Fleet Options How will CSR (Global Warming) impact travel? Opportunity to implement greener solutions

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond CultureWill Cisco's "Telepresence" kill business travel? In Person vs. Virtual Travel SolutionsMarriott Becomes the Largest Hotel Company to Offer Telepresence Globally, Giving Customers the Widest Array of Meeting Options Using AT&T Telepresence Solution, Marriott Will Increase Opportunities for Small Meetings Business and Create New Revenue Streams for Its Hotels

  • CWT To Launch Videoconferencing Strategy By Amon Cohen OCTOBER 26, 2009 -- Carlson Wagonlit Travel president Doug Anderson told BTN today that the company shortly would announce a videoconferencing management strategy, including a partnership with a technology provider. "We are very close to making an announcement on a relationship with a strategic partner to offer our clients access to videoconferencing facilities," Anderson said. Anderson added that CWT will help customers to develop policies and booking processes for integrated management of travel and videoconferencing. "I view it as no different than what we do to help clients with air, hotel and other supplier categories," he said. "We will help them to access the inventory, which in some cases will be that of our partner and in others the client's own facilities." 2010 & Beyond Culture

  • 2010 & Beyond Culture'Ultimately, we believe that both virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings should be components of a best-in-class corporate travel and expense program, particularly in this environment,' said Mr. Petruccelli. 'By being able to rely on an automated process, companies can feel confident that employees are making the right decision when it comes to travel versus virtual meetings, and taking advantage of every opportunity to save while maintaining travel that is strategically essential.'

    19th August 2009 Proprietary, Patent-Pending Solution Includes Automated Process Advising Clients at Point of Sale on Optimal Scenario for Selecting Telepresence Option Versus Face-to-Face Travel Amex Dives into Virtual Meetings

  • 2010 & Beyond CultureApril 2009 Survey of 192 Travel Management Professionals NA & EMEA

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond CulturePrediction: Most corporations will invest in new HD conference travel substitution solutions. Hotels will provide systems as a public utility option and adoption will slow traditional in person travel demand. In Person vs. Virtual Travel Solutions Opportunity to integrate new processes

  • 2010 & Beyond Category Evolution Identifying new sources of opportunity?GDS - E-Tickets -Self Booking - Web T&E -

    SMM -

    Call Centers - Virtual Travel

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond Category EvolutionPrediction: Ground Multi-Mode Optimization Small Meetings Research and Book Data Management Predictive Insight Total Hotel Spend Management Whats next on the To-Do list? Opportunity to create new value; reduce waste

  • Airline Networks Born in 1997 with Star Alliance Travel Management Amex 80s & CWL since 1994 Hotels >1990s IC, STR, MAR, Cendant, HL Car Rental Hertz, Avis leading from 80s GDS Sabre EMEA 1985, Amadeus 1987, Galileo 1993

    After 20 (ish) years, the urgency and interest to globalize has lost some energy and momentum

    Travel remains a largely regional and fractured category

    Will growth in India, China, Brazil stimulate innovation?2010 & Beyond Globalization Where is the beef, boeuf, rundvlees?

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond GlobalizationPrediction: G5000 corporations will continue to push suppliers to provide tangible multinational benefits. Smaller firms will struggle to identify ROI from consolidation and oversight. Where is the beef, beouf, rundvlees? Opportunity to leverage ww spend and process

  • The great democratization of decision making, cohort consumer experience, anti-mass media marketing, power shifting to those who share and express opinions

    What influence will this have in business travel?

    2010 & Beyond Technology Social Media Web 2.0 What impact?

  • Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Oh My! Working with information technology, communications and other departments within Cisco, Lichtenstein said, travel "changed our Web presence to make it more interactive and created a forum to find out what our travelers were thinking."

    The travel team used blogs, forums and wikis to open the communication channels with its 66,000 travelers. The new travel policy, booking tool enhancements, reporting, blogs, forums and wikis debuted on April 2, 2008. The team also added online training via on-demand videos and presentations that detailed the booking tool, meeting technology and airline programs.

    "One year and 51,000 hits later, we are the highest-viewed forum at Cisco," Lichtenstein said. "You know why? Travel is personal. What's great about social networking is I get to hear how we're doing from our travelers every day, one-on-one. Successful social networking requires monitoring, daily." For that, Lichtenstein relies on her seven-person team of travel professionals located around the globe. Each member of the team spends a half hour each day responding to questions. An added bonus, Lichtenstein said, is that she gets to see quickly how the team is doing with collaboration and communication. 2010 & Beyond Technology Social Media Web 2.0 What impact?June 2009

  • Procurement - Refresher2010 & Beyond TechnologyPrediction: Private and professional habits will converge and accelerate as younger workers enter the workforce. Real time feedback, opinions, training, policy, forum use will increase. (i-Meet, Yammer, Present.ly, Floopo) Opportunity for enhanced communication Social Media Web 2.0 What impact?

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