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2. INTRODUCTIONTerm HONOR KILLING was first used byLeiden Ane Nauta in 1978.Also referred to as Customary Killing orDomestic Public Violence , it is a social evildominating the Middle East.Even males are also killed if they the socialcriminal. 3. A Global IssueMiddle EastIndiaPakistan Brazil Ecuador, Egypt, Israel, Italy, JordanMorocco, Sweden, Turkey, and Uganda. 4. Reasons Behind Honor KillingHonorKillingMarrying PersonOutside The CasteOr Religion.EngagingIn LesbianOr GayRelationshipsRefusingArrangedMarriage.Disobeying TheDress CodeGiven By TheCommunity ToThe Females. 5. A Diagrammatical Representation7.50%35.90%56.60%Honour Killings -Varying ReasonsLoveintriguesCasteismMarriagerelated 6. Cultural Defenses Purify The Community Or FamilyStatus . Tradition and tribal beliefs. The strong emphasis on familyrelationships . Belief that the demands ofwesterners deny the differentcultural traditions of those practicinghonor killings 7. Factors leading to Rise inKillings Political Support Gender discrimination. Persons Who Killed The Victims In Their Honor Are Almost NeverPunished .In Rare Case They Are Brought On Trial For ServingOnly For Three Months In Prison At Most .Moreover Most Of ThemAre Let Off. 8. Nirupama Pathak, a 22 year old journalist, reportedly 3 monthspregnant were allegedly killed by their family near their familyhome in Jharkhand on last week of April 2010 because offalling in love with a lower caste boy .In Shivganga district of South Indian State, Tamilnadu,a 20 year old girl Megala and a 24 year old boyShivkumar were killed by Megalas father and brotherafter being traced out when they eloped out after tendays of the marriage of Megala with another one. 9. Zahidas brother brutally attackedher because he alleged she hadbeen unfaithful and broughtshame to the family. He cut off herears, tongue, and nose, gougedout her eyes. Some women are burnedalive by their families toregain the family honor 10. Dua Khalil AswadAge: 17(Iraq)Stoned to death by members of hercommunity for falling in love with a SunniMuslim man.April 7, 2007 11. Babli(India)Drowned dead with husband Manojby relatives,for marrying within the same village gotraJune 15, 2007 12. Facts from surveys : According to Delhi-based Indian Population Statistics Survey (IPSS)in mid -2007 almost 655 homicidal cases have been registered ashonor killings in India .051015202530354045UttarPradeshHaryana NorthWesternKillings Percentage 13. Continued According to a data compiled by HaryanaPolice , 34 incidents of Honour Killings werereported in the state between 2008 and 2010 . In March 2010 , Haryana court sentenced 5people to death for murdering a couple on theorders of Khap Panchayats , a traditionalunofficial local council . All- India Democratic Womens Association(AIDWA) , an association since 1985 confirmsthat 6 to 7 cases of honor killings has beenreported every month in India . Moreover, ithas been reported that 10% of all womenkillings come under the category of HonourKillings . 14. Statistical graph :9856350Honour Killings in India - a Study200820092010 15. JUDICIARY SILENCE!!! Why is the judiciary silent ???Have police investigated these crimes thoroughly?Do we have transparency about how such investigations arecarried out?Why Indians families silently endure these killings?In a powerful democracy like India,it is a shame that we haveno legal safegaurd to address this crime that has steadily increasedover the last few decades. 16. What can we do ?Raise awareness througheducationSend letters to relevantheads of countrieswhere this is happeningand advise them to actimmediatelySet up a fund to raise 17. CONTINUED Youth of India should be mobilized. Amendment of IPC(Indian Panel Code) to includehonour killings as a separate offence. Public awareness about this issue, and fuel the peopleabout its evil impact on society and country as whole. 18. LOVE COMMANDOS