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http://www.websiteinindia.com/ If you want to gain more opportunities in online business then you have to make your website SEO friendly. It will help you to rank higher in search engine and to generate more leads. In this presentation web have described some tips that will surely help you to make your website SEO friendly, If you have any query then please visit us at. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


5 Killer tips to Make your website SEO Friendly

5 Killer tips to Make your website SEO Friendly

Website Designing is a piece of cake in todays time but the actual task is to achieve the higher rankings on search engine results. This is done with the help of a process called search engine optimization or SEO. Now this is also to specify that for the sake of getting the better and quicker results of SEO, the Web Designing of a website must be done search engine optimization friendly. For the sake of this, what one needs to do is to focus in the following areas to create a website SEO friendly:

BlogAn option for blog must be included in the website. In todays Web Designing, blog has its utter most importance because it is considered as one of the optimization booster for a website.

TestimonialsA separate page for testimonials must be avoided, but in Website Designing each page should contain an area for placing the testimonials. This creates and impressive expression on a website and help targeting many keywords searched on google and other search engines by far.

ContentBulk of content writing work should be done and in a way that it is SEO friendly. Do not use complicated sentences and hard vocabulary. Keep the description on first page short, interesting, friendly and understandable.

HeadingsUse images and short videos with catchy titles and unique headings in Web Designing in order to create it SEO friendly. Today, people want to share the images and videos more than the content and articles. Focus on the audience that has this sort of mentality and approach and which exist in high numbers.

PDFAlso create an area of PDF versions of content. In Best Web Designing of this era, the task is not just to create a website and make its existence on the domain but also this is the time when a developer has to create the website in a way that it is easy and quick in achieving its goals.

All tips are some of the secrets, a designer and developer should give focus on to create a website which is productive and SEO friendly.

These all tips are provided you by Web Design India. A web design and Best Internet Marketing Services Company located in Delhi, India. If you have any query then feel free to contact us.

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