7 tips for promoting applicant tracking software user adoption

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Effective user adoption is the absolute best predictor of a successful applicant tracking software purchase.


  • User Adoption is the Most Important Feature.

    Effective user adoption is the absolute best predictor of a successful applicant tracking software purchase.7 Tips for Promoting Applicant Tracking Software User Adoption

  • We know a little something about user adoption.

    Newton has the highest user adoption rate in the applicant tracking software industry.

    Set-up and train hiring managers and team members in less than 5 minutes.

    By the way, adding hiring managers to Newton costs - as in FREE.

  • 1. Your users dont care about the technology. What counts is what it does for them.

    The best tool is the one that doesnt require your team to change the way they work.

  • 2. Forget about that one killer feature. Say hello to the age of the killer user-experience.

    When an ATS integrates into your day to day routine without being distracting, only then does it live up to its potential.

  • Do the key features reinforce and support the core functionality?

    3. No one likes software training. Any ATS that requires extensive training will only be adopted by a small number of users.

    Learning how to use an ATS, even if by mandate, is a real issue: nobody has the time.

  • 4. Avoid confusion. Its a deal-breaker.

    Confuse a hiring manager, and you lose him. Confusion begins with complex features and unintuitive interfaces.

  • 5. Remember, only features that provide a good user experience will be used.

    If an ATS is full of intimidating or confusing features, its chances of success are slim.

  • 6. The 80/20 rule applies to user adoption. Choose an ATS that does well what 80 percent of your company does all the time.

    Create a positive user experience by avoiding piles of features in favor of great core functionality.

  • 7. Shop for usability. You wont make ATS software easier to adopt by shopping for the most features.

    Simplicity means getting things done in a minimum number of steps. Adding more features doesnt make things simpler.

  • Contact us to learn more about Newton, applicant tracking software with the industrys highest user adoption rates.