8-5.1 development of reconstruction plans, black codes...

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8-5.1 Development of reconstruction plans, Black codes & Freedman’s Bureau

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  • 8-5.1 Development of reconstruction plans, Black codes & Freedman’s Bureau

  • I. Reconstruction policy

    1. Reconstruction Era - 1865 ⇢ 18772. After The Civil War Southern States Were Faced With

    Three large scale issues:A. Significant Economic ProblemsB. Political Issues C. Social Issues

  • I. Reconstruction

    3. Fed. Gov. Believed That Southern Local & State Gov’sShould Be Responsible For the cost & payment to fix their Post War Recovery

    4. The Federal Policy did not include Reconstructing-TownsFactoriesFarms / PlantationsTransportation Systems.

  • II. reconstructIon through Freedmen’s Bureau

    1. Freedmen's Bureau Was a Federal Agency Established By An ACT of Congress

    2. 1st Line Of Government Assistance:A. Destitute Freedmen ( Former Slaves )B. Poor WhitesC. Widows & Children

  • II. reconstructIon through Freedmen’s Bureau

    3. Under The Control Of The U.S. Army (UNION) The Federal *Agency Provided…*Food*Clothing*Medical Care*Help Finding Work/Jobs*Education*Protection From Hostile Whites*Judicial Court Sysytem*Distributed Abandoned Lands To Freedmen

  • II. reconstructIon through Freedmen’s Bureau

    4. Problems With The Freedmen’s Bureau:

    *President Johnson ( A sympathizer of the poor white southerner)A. Gave Pardons To White Landowners & The F-B Had To Return Lands and Property

    B. A Majority Of AA’s Never Received Any Land

  • II.

    5. The F-B Helped Create & Establish Sharecropping Relationships Between Freedmen and Landoweners

    6. Greatest Accomplishment of The F-B:1000 schools were built by the Agency

  • III. Presidential reconstruction: lincoln

    1. End War As Quickly As Possible.

    2. Require 10% Of Each Southern States Population to Swear Allegiance To U.S.A

    After 10% Allegiance– States could Re-Constitute their State Governments And Send Representatives To Congress

    3. Required State Government To Recognize The End Of Slavery

  • IV. Congressional Reconstruction

    1. Goals: ** Protect Rights Of Newly Freed Slaves-** Protect Republican Political Power-**Refused To Admit Returning Southern Officials To Congress-

  • v. Presidential reconstruction: johnson

    1. Presidnet Johnson (Grew Up Very Poor)

    *Humiliate Southern Elite By Requiring Them To Personally Request A Pardon For Their Secession

    **Quickly Pardoned Those Who Asked ** Continue 10% PLAN

    2. Forced Southern States to Ratify 13th Amendment

  • V. Presidential reconstruction: johnson


    2. HE: A. Vetoed The Extension Of the Freedmen's Bureau B. Opposed The 14th Amendment.

    C. Pardoned Confederate Leaders who became members of Congress and Leaders in Southern States’sGovernments

  • VI. Congress fights President Johnson:

    1. The South Had A RiseIn Violence Towards Freedmen( former slaves )

    2. White politicians Enforced “BLACK CODES”

    3. This resulted in the Election of “Radical Republicans” from Northern States to Congress

  • VIi. “radIcal repuBlIcan” reconstructIon plan

    Radical Republicans: Wanted to prevent the leaders of the confederacy from returning to power after the war, they wanted the Republican party to become a PowerfulInstitution in the south, and they wanted the Federal Government to help African-Americans achieve political equality by guaranteeing their rights to vote in the south.

  • VIi. “radIcal repuBlIcan” reconstructIon plan

    1. “Radical Republican Plan”**Military Occupation**Split Former Confederacy Into 5 Military Districts **South Carolina Was In District # 2

    Each District Had....** A Military Governor**Union-Army Enforced Laws/Provisions**Congress Impeached Johnson So He Couldn’t

    Undermine Congressional Efforts.

  • VIi. “radIcal repuBlIcan” reconstructIon plan

    2. The Union Army attempted to ENFORCE the 13th 14th

    and 15th AMENDMENTS to the Constitution.

    13th Freed the Slaves

    14th Grants ALL African-Americans Citizenship

    15th Grants ALL A-A Males 21 and older the right to VOTE

  • VIiI. Southern reaction to reconstruction

    2. Black Codes Continued to be Enforced** Social & Political Rights were not recognized

    3. Blacks & Whites Maintained Distance** Blacks Build their own churches** Abandon Slave Quarters & Build their own homes** Blacks Built their own communities

    4. Some whites feared retaliation and form the Ku Klux Klan to keep Blacks 2nd class citiznes

  • IX. The 14th amendment

    1. The 14th Overturned the Dred Scott Ruling

    **Recognizes the Citizenship of AA’s **Equal Protection for All Citizens **Due Process for All Citizens

    2. The 14th was used by the Republicans to Secure Political Power in the South.

  • IX. The 14th amendment

    2. The A-A vote in the South got Pres. Grant Elected

    ** S.C. Legislature Originally refused to Ratify the14th & 15th Amend.

    3. The Military Governor of S.C. AKA District #2 Forced SC to write a new Constitution to uphold the

    New Amendments !