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  • AIESECAIESEC Youth Leadership Development

    AIESEC, The International Platform for Young People to Discover and Develop their Potential Providing Leadership for a Positive

    Impact in Society

  • Introduction

    I know I am young and I look young

    H 24

    I know I am young and I look young

    Still, I promise that:

    - I will only talk about my own experience; How come a 24-year old kid who left

    university two years i i i

    I will only talk about my own experience;

    - I will only talk about what young people think, as a representative of the biggest

    th d i i ti i th ld ago is giving us a session about youth

    leadership development today?

    youth-driven organisation in the world;

    - I will only talk about what my business partners told me; development today?p

    The rest?

    Its up to you!

  • Who am I?

    - Graduated in 2006 from Solvay Business School in

    - Gave trainings and workshops on 4 continents Solvay Business School in

    Management, specialised in Marketing;

    workshops on 4 continents (between 10 & 1000 participants);

    - Erasmus in Denmark where I focused on International Marketing, Cultural Marketing

    - Worked at local, national and international level, coordinating teams and

    t i (i l & ) and Business Strategy;

    - Worked as analyst for a consultancy companies in M&A;

    countries (in sales & comm);

    - Started at 23 the national office of AIESEC in Rwanda; consultancy companies in M&A;

    - Dissertation on Entrepreneurship and business project valuation


    - Networked with a.o. EU Commissioners, top managers, people from over 100 countries project valuation.people from over 100 countries.

  • Objectives

    Objectives of the convention:

    Objectives of this workshop:

    - Network and share Good Case - Find answers to the

    main challenges of higher education;

    Practices GCPs;

    - Look at what young people expect;

    A l h t i t d - Network;- Award.

    - Analyse what society needs;

    - Find a way to link both and answer some of the main challenges.g

  • Time to discuss

    - Share GCPs

    - Share solutionsWhat are the main challenges you are facing in education? Share solutions

    - Share experiences

    you are facing in education?

    What are the main lacks you know in your current educationknow in your current education system?

    What are the main solutionsWhat are the main solutions you found to tackle those issues?issues?

  • Time to discuss

    Share GCPsWhat are the main topics about - Share GCPs- Share solutions

    - Share experiences

    What are the main topics about which youth should be educated? Share experiencesWhat are the main skills & competencies that societycompetencies that society needs (especially on the labour market)?

    How do current education systems develop them in y pstudents?

  • The AIESEC Way

    What is AIESEC?What we Envision?Our ImpactThe Way we do itOur ValuesThe AIESEC Way is not only a description of

    What is AIESEC?What we Envision?Our ImpactThe Way we do itOur Values

    - the way (manner) we aim to make a positive impact on society,

    but also describes

    - the way (road) we- the way (road) we are taking to achieve what we envision.

    Those values create a philosophy in which AIESECers believe, both as AIESECers and as individuals.

    Thereby, AIESEC develops not only responsible youth, but even more: values-driven leaders.

  • AIESEC members

    AIESEC membersAIESEC members aim to become agents of positive change bychange by developing competences associated to fourassociated to four characteristics:- entrepreneurship;

    - social responsibility;

    - cultural sensitivity;

    active learning- active learning.

  • The AIESEC eXPerience

    The AIESEC XP is based on 5 principles:

    - Take an active role in your learning and theyour learning and the learning of others

    - Challenge worldview

    M t iti d- Meta-cognition and personal reflexion skills

    - Increasing practical and th ti l k l dtheoretical knowledge

    - Creating a network of contacts

    Every AIESEC activity is articulated around this experience cycle and the AIESEC competences developped through the AIESEC global learningdevelopped through the AIESEC global learning environment.

  • The AIESEC global learning environment

    The different activities f AIESEC l tof AIESEC also turn

    around six main elements. For example conferencesexample, conferences include all of these elements.

    These represent the way AIESEC members go through their experience and acquire their knowledge while d l i th i killdeveloping their skillsand competencies.

  • The Issue-Based eXPeriences

    It uses the concept ofIt uses the concept of T-Leadership(1) a comprehensive set of leadership skillsset of leadership skills (listening, coshing, communicating, etc.)

    (2) An integral(2) An integral awareness of how to proactively use such skills to make a difference in a specific area, given his/her knowledge and understanding of the

    Examples of current issues members choose to work on: understanding of the

    issue in question.HIV/AIDS, Entrepreneurship, EU integration, Bridging the Gap, ICT education

  • Thank you for your attentionThank you for your attention

    AIESEC Youth Leadership Development