apps 4 ghent as a co-creation event

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@BartRosseau E-Strategie Stad Gent Apps For Ghent 19/06/2013 KSF Eurocities Oulu

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  1. 1. @BartRosseauE-StrategieStad GentApps For Ghent19/06/2013KSF EurocitiesOulu
  2. 2. A co-creation event3d editionGhent Living Lab, GhentWeb Valley, iMinds, Cityof Ghent, OKFNbe
  3. 3. The preparation Online communication City Magazine Coding or Idea contest?
  4. 4. participants 15 teams 70 ppl Three student teams #code9000 IT companies Carambla Sumocoders Digipolis ! Individuals: learning experience
  5. 5. The data of
  6. 6. DatatalksNot just for codersImpact of open dataOpen data is more than App Development(fire dept, music production, OFKNFrance)
  7. 7. Inspiration Sessions Ghent Festival Geo Data Networkingbetweendevelopers,ideators and civilservants
  8. 8. The jury Ghent Jury Entrepreneurs IT professors Ghent Living Lab user panel International jury Holland Greece France Russia
  9. 9. Incentives Breakfast TedXGhent Speaking slot Code9000 fellowship award
  10. 10. And the winner is Energy awareness game ENERXIA 9K City builder Pharmacy App
  11. 11. FeedbackIdeation trackApps For EnergyBroader audience
  12. 12. A new direction? Datadives Ideation track More partners?
  13. 13. Challenges Keep the formula fresh Longevity of the ideas/apps AppsForEurope International aspect Promote open data with the companies
  14. 14. Questions?http://appsforghent.be