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Are you ”Transformation” ready? An introduction to OpenConnect an ActiveOps Company

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  • Are you ”Transformation” ready?An introduction to OpenConnect an ActiveOps Company

  • Digital TransformationCultural TransformationProcess Transformation


    • digital transformation• process transformation• cultural transformation• RPA• AI/ML• Upskilling• conversation bots

    • What else do you have on your to do list?

  • Let’s reflect for a moment

    • Name one thing that would make this perfect image, seem less perfect?

    BTW the picture is from 2017 Housatonic River in Connecticut

  • What does any of this have to do with Agile Operations?

  • opportunity for a better outcome? right time for a particular move? manage competitor or market moves? Observe – React – Manage in line with your Strategy…..

    But most importantly have the data and the methodology to Manage

    Welcome to the new opportunity to Race differently (you now have a bigger race crew)

  • Introducing new members of Workware+

  • RPA Mainframe interactions



    Real-time workforce data

    intelligence & visibility



    Forecast & Plan, Control & Learn

    Embedded Operational Agility


  • WorkiQ Overview

    Collectors capture very detailed data – in real-time

    Analyzes ALL data instead of taking samplings, ensuring accuracy

    Captures applications & time with no user intervention

    Report wizard enables you to create your own dashboards

    WorkiQ is real-time workforce data gathering & intelligence that helps you manage and improve your operations


  • WorkiQ collects time-stamped activity

    data for each agent and can also monitor

    RPA robots.

    WorkiQ presents real-time,

    customizableactivity reports on

    process counts, times & outcomes.

    How it works…

    Desktop Collectors are installed on agent desktops

    (including Citrix).

    Applications are defined as work or


  • Complexity from the legacy IT…• 71 Percent of Fortune 500 Companies Use Mainframes.• Mainframes handle 87 percent of all credit card transactions.• Mainframes handle 68 percent of the world’s production IT workloads, yet they account for

    only 6 percent of IT costs.• IBM’s z13 system can support up to 10 terabytes of memory• A z13 mainframe can survive an earthquake having a magnitude of at least 8.0 on the Richter

    scale.• Mainframes handle 30 billion business transactions each day.• Revenue from z System sales increased 64 percent in 2017, compared to the previous year.• As of 2017, 92 of the world’s top 100 banks continued to use mainframes.• The median mainframe programmer salary is about $73,000, according to PayScale.

  • Mainframe integration

    ConnectiQ Highlights

    Automate 3270 mainframe applications without using emulators.

    Easily modernize mainframe applications with modern HTML5 web interfaces.

    Leverage mainframe data for customer portals and other systems.

    Tasks can be created to provide specific functionality Can include business logic for self-contained processing

    Can simply pass data for external processing

    Allows you to re-use AutoiQ tasks

    AdvantagesNon-Intrusive – Nothing installed on the mainframe (uses existing 3270 connection)

    Scalable – Thousands of sessions on a single platform

    Secure – Supports encrypted connections

    Simple – Quickly extend mainframe data and applications

  • How ConnectiQ works with your RPA…

    ConnectiQ easily to link to your existing

    mainframe applications.

    Configure services to perform desired mainframe activities and generate web


    Configure robots to access mainframe tasks via web


  • AI generated process intelligence and documentation to help understand your team’s actual tasks and variants.

    Making sense of complexity is the future

  • Final comment

    Move37 & Move78AlphaGo vs Lee Sedul

    Although machines are now capable of moments of genius, humans have hardly lost the ability to generate their own.

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