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  • 7/27/2019 Around the Town Classroom Activities


    The Richmond Vodcast Series

    Richmond Publishing, 2011

    BournemouthQuestClassroom Activities

    Language focus

    VOCABULARY/FUNCTION: asking for and giving directions

    SKILLS PRACTICE: speaking

    Before the activity

    Students watch BournemouthQuest Vodcast at home or in the classroom. Each student will

    need a copy of Worksheet 1. Prior to starting the activities, you may like to revise language for

    asking for and giving directions (go straight on, take the third right, etc.).


    1 Elicit from the class what they can remember from the vodcast. What did Tom and Alessandra

    have to nd? Was it easy or difcult? What did they have to bring back from each place? Ask theclass if any of them have been to Bournemouth. Did they like it? What did they visit there?

    2 Hold up a copy of Worksheet 1 and elicit some suggestions for the function of each marked

    building (tourist information, bank, library, arts centre, souvenir shop, etc.). The students should

    write the names of the buildings in the spaces at the bottom of the worksheet as the class

    decides them. When you have nished, everyone in the class will have the same map.

    3 Organise the class into pairs. In each pair, Student A species a start point and asks directions

    to another point on the map. Student B then gives directions. The students then reverse roles.

    Repeat the procedure as many times as you wish. You may nd it helpful to set up the activity

    with a demonstration rst.

    Homework extension activity

    Using the internet, students research and preparea report about the city of Bournemouth. This couldinclude photos, interesting facts about the city itselfand about its history. Bournemouth is a good choicefor a research task, partly because it is only 200 yearsold and so its history is of a manageable size, andpartly because the changes it has been throughsymbolise some of the social changes that haveoccurred in Britain over that time.

    Alternatively, you may wish students to write a reportbased on the following:

    A recent survey found that Bournemouth is thehappiest place in Britain, with 82% of peoplequestioned saying they were happy with their lives.Find out about Bournemouth, and suggest possiblereasons for this.

  • 7/27/2019 Around the Town Classroom Activities


    The Richmond Vodcast Series

    Richmond Publishing, 2011

    Where are Toms fathers family from?


    1 ____________________________________________ 2 ____________________________________________ 3 ____________________________________________

    4 ____________________________________________ 5 ____________________________________________ 6 ____________________________________________

    7 ____________________________________________ 8 ____________________________________________ 9 ____________________________________________


    2 3

    4 5