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  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSPriceThe price is RM10.00.The price is reasonable and it is not burn my pockets money. (my fathers pocket money)CostIt costs RM10.00It is very reasonable and I can afford it.FeeThe fee is RM10.00The fee is affordable.FareThe fare is RM10.00I have enough money to buy it.PaymentThe payment is RM10.00.It is expensive but I have enough money to pay it.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSDiscountThe discount is 30%.The offer is good.OfferIt offers a discount of 20%.I can save my money.VoucherIt offers a voucher of rm10.00.I can use the voucher to buy other things.Free giftThe free gift is a small towel.I like the free gift. It is useful.SaleThere is a sale.The things sold are cheap.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSSize/MeasurementIt is small/ large/ big in sizaThe size suits me.DistanceIt is 15 kilometres away.It is a stone throw away from my house. It is within walking distant. Weight It weights two kilogrammes.It is light. I can carry it easily.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSColourThe colour is blue.I like blue because it is the colour of the sky.It comes in two colours, blue and green.They are my favourite colour.It painted red with yellow designs.It is artistic and attractive.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSShapeIt is triangular/ rectangular/ oval/ round in shape.The shape is nice and unique.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSDateIt is held on 8 March.It is on a weekend and during my free time.TimeIt is held at 3.00p.m.It is after school hours and I am free on that time.Starts/ Begins/ Opens/ Ends Finished/ ClosesIt starts/opens at 9.00 a.m.I have ample time to go there.It closed / ends at 8.00 p.m.I can have a good time

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSManufacturedateIt was made on May 2011.It still new.Expiry dateThe expiry date is on 8 May 2012.It is still fresh.Use/ Best beforeIt is best to use before May 2012.I have ample time tu use it.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSHourIt last for two hours.I can enjoy myself.DayIt is held for three days.I have much time to enjoy it.WeekIt is held for a week.I can go during the weekend.MonthThe special discount is for a month.I can go there when I am free.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSAnimals / PetsIt is a Persian cat.It is tame, clever and beautiful.It feeds on fish/milk/grains/ vegetables.I can buy it at the shop near my house.It can fly/ swim/sing/talk.I love to see it fly/ swim/sing/talk.It has thick fur/feather.The fur is soft and beautiful.The feathers are coluorful.It lives in a cage.I have a cage at home.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSFoodIt serves local Malay food.It is mouth watering food and I love it.RecipesIt serves Indian delights.ServingThe filling is almonds and dates.It is nutritious and rich in vitamins.DrinksThere is fresh orange drink.It will quench my thirst also nutritious.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSService / WarrantyIt is opened for 24 hours.It is lasting and durable.It has a warranty at two years.I can get my refund if it is damaged.It is guaranteed by the factory.It will be no problem for me.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSAtmosphere/ Environment/ WeatherIt is cold and refreshing.It is comfortable and convenient for me.It is spacious and airy.I can have a good time.It is air-conditioned.I like the clean air and safe from air pollution.It is windy/ sunny/ warm/ soothing.It is suitable for me.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSThingsIt is made of plastic.It is long-lasting and will not break easily.It is made of cocunut shell.It has artistic value and unigue.It is made of woodI like things made of wood.It has the shape of a house.It is beautiful.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSProduct made inIt is made in Malaysia.It is local product. I trust local product and it is good quality.It is made in Japan.It is of high quality and imported goods.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSFacilities / featuresIt has a swimming pool.I can enjoy myself.It contains a lot of information.It is educational, informative and useful for me.It features articles on sportsIt is knowledgeable and I will enjoy it.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSTeacher/ FriendsThe teacher in charge is Puan Aini.She is my class teacher and I like her.She is helpful and caring person.She is twelve years old.We are of the same age.He is good in English.He can help me in my class.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSHobbies/ Interest/ AmbitionHis / Her hobby is fishing.We share the same hobby and interesting.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSClub / Society/ MembershipHe / She is member of the Science Society.We are the same movement.Games / Sport/ ActivityBadminton is played in the court.There is a badminton court near my house.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSEvent / FestivalTeachers Day is celebrated on 16 May.It is important event.

  • ASPECTSCONTENTSREASONSClothing / Uniform / Shirt / Dress / shoes/ Raincoat/ PocketIt is made of cotton.It is comfortable to wear