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PROSPECTUS Stay Connected on Social Media Watch and share Become a fan of our Follow us on twitter to Watch and share in facebook page to hear our latest tweets! videos of events and get regular updates! get regular updates! other activities on YouTube # 1 & 2, IIBS Campus, Opp. to KHB Quater’s, Main Road, R.T.Nagar Post, Bangalore - 560 032. Ph. : 080-23656117, Fax: 080-2365 8575 Mobile: 0 99864 15333, Mobile: 0 96202 48206, 0 96202 48218 0 96202 17612 E-mail :

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PROSPECTUSStay Connected on Social Media

Watch and share Become a fan of our Follow us on twitter to Watch and sharein facebook page to hear our latest tweets! videos of events andget regular updates! get regular updates! other activities on


# 1 & 2, IIBS Campus, Opp. to KHB Quater’s,Main Road, R.T.Nagar Post, Bangalore - 560 032.

Ph. : 080-23656117, Fax: 080-2365 8575 Mobile: 0 99864 15333,

Mobile: 0 96202 48206, 0 96202 48218 0 96202 17612

E-mail : [email protected]

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Contents Page No.

1. Vision 3

2. Message from Chairman's Desk 5

3. Message from Dean's Desk 6

4. Message from Admission Director 7

5. Get ready to be transformed 10

6. Mapping 11

7. Bangalore University 13

8. Course content 14

9. Dual Specialisation 16

10. BBM + Global Leadership Programme 18

11. BBM + Business Establishment 20

12. BBM + Information Technology 22

13. BBM + Accounting and Finance 24

14. BBM + Business and Marketing 26

15. BBM + Psychology with Counseling skills 28

16. BBM + International Tourism Management 30

17. Challenging the world 32

18. Internship 33

19. Beyond the classroom 37

20. Hostel 39

21. Placement 40

22. Student Activities 43

23. Facility & Advantages 44

24. code of conduct 45

25. How to apply 46


“The campus is extremely beautiful surrounded with MNC's,IT & BT Companies. The well designed infrastructure withconditioned library, computer lab, classrooms, academiccenter and the canteen in the campuses results in a veryproductive learning environment.”


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Our vision is to be:A leader in industry relevant educational services Provide professionalambience for teaching, training, research and consultancy Network withpremier global and national institutions.


Our mission to create a dynamic world-class education system that gives ourstudents an edge over others by imparting knowledge, skills and the rightattitude, which will help them to enhance their professional ability to foster astrong sense of responsibility and ethics.


Our objective is to develop EFFECTIVE managers and ENTREPRENEURSwith an ability to think GLOBALLY,ask the right QUESTIONS, conceiveSOLUTIONS with an ANALYTICAL RIGOUR and excel in effectivelyCOMMUNICATING their ideas.

3 4

Page 4: BBM Prospectus

Dr. Jay PrakashChairmanPh.D. (UK)

Master degree from Bangalore University,Promoter of Group of Companies in Indiaand an eminent educationist

In the changing and competitive environment of 21st century, organizations need performance enhancing competencies,i.e., knowledgeble, dynamic, self-driven and result orientated professionals.

To meet professional demands, we at IIBS constantly design and redesign the programs and curriculum as suited to ourcorporate partners in order to develop the students’ capabilities in such a way which would be relevant and compatible forthe ever changing needs of the corporate world. Here in IIBS through our innovative and flexible learning modules, wemetamorphose ordinary students into professional managers.

Professional learning is about dealing with business realities. At IIBS we provide high quality academic inputs to all ourstudents and try to bring out the best of their persona, so that they will be self driven in the path of success.

IIBS value system and culture is friendly and open. We insist that our students learn result driven attitude and discipline.We aim to promote freedom with accountability, equality, and uncompromising jest for performance with socialresponsibility, which involves learning beyond the class room.

I welcome you to experience a superior professionalism as you pass through IIBS and let the change begin within youthrough IIBS.


Prof. Sarit KumarDean


In a process driven world the most Important growth process for a student is to get graduated we in IIBS do that on a threefold growth process of theory practical application based learning which is the need of the hour in today's corporatescenario and more than a domestic professional we need to get global exposure on various business verticals on astrategic frame work of personality mapping to become a global manager.

We in IIBS has a simple principal that conventional education is the thing of the past. As the world grows smaller, presentand future professionals including managers and administrators need to plan out careers on global lines rather thanregional or national lines. It all demands the human resources to be sharper than ever to survive and succeed. IIBS hasmade an impact on students and parents alike because of the 'stress-free-learning'. It is this concept-based teachingmethodology and career based education that has caught the imagination of the student community at large andequipped them to devise their own success story.


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Mr. Rahim KhanAdmission Director

An admission in IIBS is the stepping stone to a great career move. We have a dedicated faculity who has cometogether as an intellectual community to build a richly innovative teaching methodology. Bringing the frontiers ofcorporate world to the campus, they set a high standard of academic vigor which will be beneficial to students topass out Under-graduate in flying colours. College Infrastructure, Wi-Fi enabled Classrooms and the InteractiveSmart Boards in Class makes learning in IIBS a truly enriching world-class experience.

IIBS's mission is to provide an opportunity to all aspiring youngsters who are considered average by their academictrack record to learn and train in management discipline and convert these average individuals into first rateprofessionals. In nut shell our missions is to provide opportunities and support to average students to enable themto realize their ambition to join management profession and achieve their dream of a managerial career.

Our procedures, systems, pedagogy, faculty and infrastructure is totally geared towards achieving our vision andmission. There is a high degree of student participation in running the institution in its all activities alongwith thefaculty.

All efforts in IIBS are directed towards supporting our vision & mission and decisions are guided by theircontribution they are likely to make towards enhancing and strengthening our vision and mission.

7 8

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Get ready to be transformedIndustry Professional Faculty

The programme content and those whodesign and deliver the programme,

distinguish us from many other institutions.Our teaching faculty have expertise in a widevariety of fields of management andbusiness. So you can be sure that everythingyou are taught is extremely well-researchedand up to date. This is of course crucial inthe world of management and business,

which can change very quickly.

Fore Sight and Visionary

The course delivery methodology allowsstudents a combination of focused and broadbased learning experience. The teachingmethodology is an interactive learningprocess with case studies, role playing andconcept and technique sessions. This coursedelivery and teaching methodology is beingfollowed at renowned business schoolsaround the world. The institute follows aninternationally adopted Cumulative GradePoint Average (CGPA) grading system.

New Generation Education

We regularly review our courses to ensuretheir relevance and topicality. This is aforward-thinking institution where studentsare a vital part of the changing face ofeducation


Resource Capabilities

We believe that our students deserve the verybest facilities to study and develop. Fromstate-of-the-art multimedia lectures halls toexcellent library facilities and a wired campus,we aim to ensure that your experience will beas productive and enjoyable as possible

Employability Skill Development

Bachelor of Business Management degreeemploys quantitative and qualitativetechniques that will help you rapidly developthe key skills that employer’s value.

* Critical thinking and analysis* Real case studies

* Effective decision making* Business simulations

Your Future

Career Opportunity Center constantlyengages and interacts with the industry tounderstand the market trends and createplacement opportunities for the students. TheCenter organizes various panel discussions toexpose students to the industry leaders.Industry visits are organized to exposestudents to various career options. Studentsin the past have visited a number ofmanufacturing and service companies wherethey get to interact with the seniormanagement and the working professionalsand closely watch how various operations areperformed in an industry.


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MappingOur business outlook

FoundationA solid grounding in core management disciplines and concepts.

SpecialisationThe opportunity to explore and obtain a professional in Finance, Marketing HR and Enterpreneurship

ApplicationThe ability to apply theory and practice to real life business challenges.

IntegrationThe development of cross-disciplinary skills through seminars, workshops and debates.

DestinationSignificant development of personal and communication skills,focusing on the progression of your chosen career

11 12

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BBM-101 Language I / Adding / Hindi BBM-201 Language I

Bangalore University (BU) in the Garden City of Academically, the university is structured into six BBM-102 English Language II BBM-202 English Language II

Bangalore, Karnataka State, aptly hailed as the “IT faculties- Arts, Science, Commerce and Management, BBM-103 Fundamentals of Accounting BBM-203 Financial Accounting

capital of India” was established in July 1964. And is

renowned as one of the leading major universities in India.

The university is a part of The Association of Indian

Universities (AIU) and nears the status of "Potential for

Excellence" which is reserved for the top 10 universities

in India under the Guidelines of the University Grants

Commission (UGC).

Bangalore University has completed several years of

fruitful existence and has come to be hailed as one of the

largest universities of Asia. Though originally intended to

be a federal university, it has eventually emerged as an

affiliating university. In 2001, the University has been

accredited by NAAC and has received Five Star Status.

Education, Law and Engineering. It has 40 postgraduate

departments, one postgraduate centre (at Kolar, started

during 1994-95), three constituent colleges, more than

500 affiliated colleges (of which 84 have PG courses) and

several other centres and Directorates of Higher

learning and Research under its purview. At present, the

University offers over 50 post-graduate courses. The

Bangalore University has achieved a milestone by

establishing MoUs with 24 universities and institutions of

National and International repute. To be able to cater to a

student population of over three lakhs the University has

constantly striven to maintain quality and efficiency in

Higher Education.

BBM-104 Business Organisation & Environment

BBM-105 Quantitative Methods for Business - I

BBM-106 Market Behaviour & Cost Analysis

BBM-107 Management Process


BBM-301 Language

BBM-302 Soft Skills for Business

BBM-303 Corporate Accounting

BBM-304 Human Resource Management

BBM-305 Services Management

BBM-204 Quantitative Methods for Business - II

BBM-205 Organisational Behaviour

BBM-206 Production and OperationsManagement

BBM-207 Environment Studies


BBM-401 Language

BBM-402 Business Research Methods

BBM-403 Marketing Management

BBM-404 Financial Management

BBM-405 Business Regulations

BBM-306 Corporate Enviornment BBM-406 Cost Accounting

BBM-307 Computer Fundamentals BBM-407 Indian Constitution


BBM-501 Enterpreneurial Management BBM-601 International Business

BBM-502 Computer Applications in Business BBM-602 E-Business

BBM-503 Banking Regulations& Operations BBM-603 Income Tax

BBM-504 Corporate Governance BBM-604 Strategic Management

BBM-505 Management Accounting BBM-605 Elective- III

BBM-506 Elective - I BBM-606 Elective- IV

BBM-507 Elective- II BBM-607 Project Report & Viva-voce (75 marks + 25 marks)

Finance Group ELECTIVE GROUPS Finance Group

BBM-506 Advanced Financial Management BBM-605 Investment & Portfolio Management

BBM-507 Financial Markets & Services BBM-606 Stock and Commodity Markets

Marketing Group Marketing Group

BBM-506 Consumer Behavior BBM-605 Brand Management

BBM-507 Advertising & Media Management BBM-606 Retail Management

Human Resource Group Human Resource Group

BBM-506 Employee Welfare & Social Security BBM-605 Organizational Change & Developement

BBM-507 Strategic HRM BBM-606 Compensation Management

International Business Group International Business Group

BBM-506 International Marketing Management BBM-605 International HRM

BBM-507 International Financial Management BBM-606 Exim & Forex Management

Information & Technology Group Information & Technology Group

BBM-506 Accounting Information Systems BBM-605 Information Technology And Audit

13 BBM-507 Enterprise Resource Planning BBM-606 Banking Technology and Management


Page 9: BBM Prospectus


About the Course : Management is the art of gettingthings done through others. BBM is an under-graduateBusiness Management course that is designed to trainthe students to acquire necessary Managerial skills. Asper the changing need of industries, to develop suchskills, the students have to undertake a series ofacademic activities such as lectures, seminars, casestudies, role plays, workshops, group discussions, quizcompetitions, industrial visit etc., which expose them tothe practical knowledge. In a nutshell, the course equipsthe students with the Managerial skills or employment inany organisation.

Dual Specialisation:This dual specialization explores the multi-facetedworld of challenging the world. It combines apractical approach based on sound theory to create alearning experience that is both challenging andstimulating. IIBS offers several options to cater to theexact need of students to aid them accomplish theircareer related ambition.


* BBM + Global Leadership

* BBM + Business Establishment

* BBM + Information Technology

* BBM + Accounting & Finance

* BBM + Business and Marketing

* BBM + Psychology with counselling Skill

* BBM + International Tourism Management


Outline of the Course: The course covers all the majorareas of management like Marketing, HumanResource Management, Finance, Business Law,Banking, Computers, Communication skills.Personality development, Management InformationSystems, Taxation, Production Management etc., Ineach area, topics/units are arranged in such a way thatthe student learns from the concepts in logical style tomaintain perfect harmony and continuity. Subjectadvancement is made in subsequently succeedingyears where the students specialize in specific areas.


Page 10: BBM Prospectus

Dual Qualification

The global leadership programme (GLS) is designed to trainbusiness students in multi-cultural international businessenvironment. GLS students visit a new country every year to

understand culture and business practices. Each visit is organizedaround a session of rich learning experience that would facilitatea broader understanding of the subjects. GLS students are

mentored by top academicians both from India and foreignuniversities.

Programme Details:

· A 3 year (Six semesters) Bachelor of Business Management

· Programme from IIBS and 2 months international Intenship with adual qualification in China / Thailand from professional institute likeNanjing / Stamford.

Certificate body:

Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University.Dual specialization Autonomous Certificate from IIBS

Career prospects:

Students who successfully complete the BBM + Global leadershipprogramme will find careers in a wide range of positions depending onthe specialization chosen. These might include positions in internationalrecruitment, international marketing, international banking, publicrelations, general management and consultancy in companies worldwide.Throughout their careers, the IIBS alumni continue to have an upper handover other graduates.





Duration3 year (Six semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2


Twice a year


Page 11: BBM Prospectus

Dual Qualification

The programme is an ideal choice for those who are younginnovators and enjoy the challenge of practically nurturing theirown enterprise while acquiring the management and leadershipskills of true business leaders. It is a progamme designed forthose young minds nurtured in a business background butstruggling to understand how to realize their aspirations.

Programme Details:

· A 3 year (Six semesters) Bachelor of Business Management

· Programme from IIBS and 2 months international Intenship with a

dual qualification in China / Thailand from professional institute likeNanjing / Stamford.

Certificate body:

Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University.Dual specialization Autonomous Certificate from IIBS

Career prospects:

An innovative layout of the programme:

· An opportunity to launch your own small business venture withguidance from experts on the nuances of running a business.

· In a professional environment you do business in partnership with thecollege

· In true spirit of partnership we share profits as we collaborate in thebusiness deal

· While strengthening your professional acumen we also mould youwith the discipline of academic expertise

· This provides ample scope for you to pursue your business interest

· A course content to enlighten your intelligence and enhance yourbusiness skills.




Duration3 year (Six semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2


Twice a year


Page 12: BBM Prospectus

Dual Qualification

This programme will equip you with the necessary skills andunderstanding to develop your career in the wider area of ITproject development where practical web, database and

multimedia skills are required. This provides the ability to criticallyevaluate, design, meet specifications, ascertain requirements,create solutions and communicate your ideas to other computingprofessionals-end users these are the also important elements ofthe BBM Honours Information Technology degree .

Programme Details:

· A 3 year (Six semesters) Bachelor of Business Management

· Programme from IIBS and 2 months international Intenship with adual qualification in China / Thailand from professional institute likeNanjing / Stamford.

Certificate body:

Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University.Dual specialization Autonomous Certificate from IIBS

Career prospects:

This programme will appeal to students considering careers as ApplicationsDeveloper, Multimedia Programme, Software Engineer, SystemsDevelopers, Web Designers, or Information Systems Manager.

Special features:

· Develop a sound understanding of computers and communicationtechnology in relation to the world of business and commerce.

· Newly-built and well-equipped specialised labs.




Duration3 year (Six semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2


Twice a year


Page 13: BBM Prospectus

Dual Qualification

On this programme, you explore finance and managementaccounting, law, economics, statistics, tax and options includingauditing, human resource management, business and relatedstudies. This programme provides vocationally useful andacademically rigorous education that prepares you for a graduatecareer as an accountant.

Programme Details:

· A 3 year (Six semesters) Bachelor of Business Management

· Programme from IIBS and 2 months international Intenship with adual qualification in China / Thailand from professional institute likeNanjing / Stamford.

Certificate body:

Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University.Dual specialization Autonomous Certificate from IIBS

Career prospects:

Every year many of our graduates gain lucrative contracts at companies likepricewaterhouse Coopers, Emst and Young, and Deloitle Touche as well asmany medium and small size accounting firms. There are a number ofcareer pathways to choose from including audit, taxation, budget analysis,financial accounting and management accounting.

Special Features

· Prizes are offered to second and third year students who demonstrateoutstanding ability.





Duration3 year (Six semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2


Twice a year


Page 14: BBM Prospectus

Dual Qualification

Business Marketing is the practice ofindividuals, or organizations, including

commercial businesses, governments andinstitutions, facilitating the sale of theirproducts or services to other companiesor organizations that in turn resell them,use them as components in products orservices they offer, or use them to supporttheir operations. Also known as industrialmarketing, business marketing is alsocalled business-to-business marketing, orB2B marketing, for short.


An ideal course for marketing specialists in service business andin smaller enterprises, working closely with managers from otherdepartments. The programme has a backone in marketing, andgeneral aspects of business receive substantial coverage as well.

Programme Details:

· A 3 year (Six semesters) Bachelor of Business Management

· Programme from IIBS and 2 months international Intenship with adual qualification in China / Thailand from professional institute likeNanjing / Stamford.

Certificate body:

Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University.Dual specialization Autonomous Certificate from IIBS

Career prospects:

This programme will help you to develop professional business andmarketing abilities essential for jobs in market research, public relations,sales management and advertising.

Special Features

· A board range of study, including general business topics as well asspecialist marketing knowledge

· Equips you for board range of marketing activities




Duration3 year (Six semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2


Twice a year


Page 15: BBM Prospectus

Dual QualificationIt's all about maximising the prime asset ofany organisation - its people. This is achievedby recognising the impact behavioural issues

have on the bottom line of any enterprise andcreating the most synergistic balance througheducation, information and teamwork.

Business psychology operates at four differentlevels.




This programme combines a broad education in psychology with aspecialist strand to develop counseling and interpersonal skillstogether with an understanding of the theory and practice ofcounseling. It prepares students to take specialized postgraduatetraining to become qualified as a counselor and or otherpsychology related careers. This a strong focus on practicalinvestigation and gives an opportunity to undertake independentpiece of research in final year.

Programme Details:

· A 3 year (Six semesters) Bachelor of Business Management

· Programme from IIBS and 2 months international Intenship with a

dual qualification in China / Thailand from professional institute likeNanjing / Stamford.

Certificate body:

Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University.Dual specialization Autonomous Certificate from IIBS

Career prospects:

Psychology graduates can enter into a range of careers locally, as well asinternationally, where understanding human behaviour and communicationis required. This course acts as a stepping stone for those who wish to purseother psychology related careers like counseling, Clinical, educational orforensic psychology.

Special FeaturesWe use variety of teaching and assessment methods depending upon theContents of the module being taught. Each module has a handbook providingdetailed information for the course, along with the comprehensive range ofonline resources.



Duration3 year (Six semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2


Twice a year


Page 16: BBM Prospectus

Dual Qualification

This programme builds on the strengths of two academic areas inthe Business School and the School of Health and Social Science.The programme embraces both academic and applied aspects.

Programme Details:

· A 3 year (Six semesters) Bachelor of Business Management

· Programme from IIBS and 2 months international Intenship with adual qualification in China / Thailand from professional institute likeNanjing / Stamford.

Certificate body:

Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University.Dual specialization Autonomous Certificate from IIBS

Career prospects:

Potential posts for the gradates include marketing officers, managers,travel consultants, and tour guides. Opportunities exist in areas such as thetravel media, travel agencies, cruise ships, clubs hotels and otherorganizations in the hospitality, tourism and recreation industry.

Special Features· Study in Thailand / China being the international centres of tourism

· Modules are threaded with tourism case studies offering a trulyinternational perspective with an emphasis on sustainable tourism.

· Course includes topics such as heritage tourism, green tourism andcultural tourism




Duration3 year (Six semesters)

Eligibility Criteria

10 + 2


Twice a year


Page 17: BBM Prospectus

Challenging the World

A challenge is an opportunity to prove your ability toyourself, and others….

Most never reach the level of achievement of whichthey are capable…

Because they don't challenge themselves enough ….

31 32

Page 18: BBM Prospectus


Course Delivery

The course delivery methodologyallows students a combination offocused and broad based learningexperience. The six term deliverymethodology with each term ofeight weeks duration with sevencourses covered in every termensures high level of academicinput and fast paced learning. Theteaching methodology is aninteractive learning process withcase studies, role playing andconcept and technique sessions.

This course delivery and teachingmethodology is being followed atrenowned business schools aroundthe world. The institute follows aninternationally adopted CumulativeGrade Point Average (CGPA)

grading system.

Industry Focus

Apart from the subject ofspecialization, students at IIBS areexposed to subjects with specificindustry focus.


IIBS faculty constantly works onvarious emerging areas in

Management. IIBS along withQuality Council of India, hosted thefirst conference titled 'EmergingTrends in ProfessionalManagement Education inKnowledge Economy in India', inJanuary, 2010. The Conference hadparticipation from eminent peopleacross the country and abroad. IIBSis now holding the second

conference along with QualityCouncil of India, titled 'Impact ofGlobalization on Management

Education: Curriculum to Careers'.These initiatives have establishedIIBS as thought leaders in the fieldof Management Education.

Accomplished Faculty

IIBS brings together some of thebest faculty in the world. The

experience of faculty memberscomes from around the globe, withdiverse specializations and industryknowledge. The quality of academicinputs is one of the key

differentiator of IIBS.

Campus Infrastructure

The campus infrastructure atBangalore consists of all modernfacilities including computer lab,well stocked library, integrated Wi-Fi enabled campuses, spacious airconditioned class rooms andexecutive board room.


IIBS has excellent classrooms at allits campuses, to ensure effectivedelivery of courses. All classroomsare good conditioned with latestaudio-video technology. Flexibilityin terms of seating arrangementsin the classrooms providesopportunity to conduct exercises,workshops and group discussionsin different seating formats.


The library at Bangalore is well-stocked with a good collection ofbooks, magazines and journals onBusiness Management, Financeand Banking, Economics,Marketing, Information Technology,Operations Management andHuman Resource Management,along with books and journals onself development. The library alsosubscribes to many national andinternational journals andperiodicals for students to enhancestudents learning experience.

The Digital Library

Our Digital Library which isequipped with over nationals andinternational journals, texts,references and periodicals and canbe accessed from any computer inthe campus using unique user IDand password.

The liberalization of Indianeconomy has resulted in

i) A highly competitiveenvironment

ii) Indian business going global

iii) All round emphasis ontechnology, quality and cost

iv) Greater concern in society forenvironmental issues

v) Unprecedented shortage ofskilled manpower

vi) Tremendous growth in theknowledge based Industries

Student Activities

IIBS's emphasis on developing astrong sense of community

encourages students to get to knowone another. Students have anopportunity to participate and leadnumber of clubs. This helps

students to develop leadershipskills and continue the learningprocess outside the classroom.


The successful placement of alleligible students with an averageincrease of over 100% in potentialoutgoing salary to incoming salaryis a result of the strong interfacewith industry and preparation ofstudents to recruitment centric

requirements by the excellentfaculty of Career OpportunityCenter.

33 34

Page 19: BBM Prospectus

Interface with Industry

Career Opportunity Centerconstantly engages and interactswith the industry to understand themarket trends and create

placement opportunities for thestudents. The Center organizesvarious panel discussions toexpose students to the industryleaders. Industry visits are

organized to expose students tovarious career options. Students inthe past have visited a number ofmanufacturing and service

companies where they get tointeract with the senior

management and the workingprofessionals and closely watchhow various operations are

performed in an industry.

Mentoring and Counselling

The Career Opportunity Centerorganizes workshops on resumewriting, cover letters, interview

skills, job search skills, networkingand counselling sessions to

prepare students to developeffective interpersonal andpresentation skills.

As part of the mentoring program,a small group of students areassigned to a faculty to mentor andcounsel them for personal and

professional development.

Recruiting Activities

The Center organizes on-campusand off-campus recruiting eventswhere companies are invited toparticipate and discuss variouscareer opportunities in theirorganization. The out-going BBMbatch got opportunities in numberof top multi-national companiesacross various industry sectors.IIBS has achieved a 100%placement record since the verybeginning.

A challenge is an opportunity toprove your ability to yourself, andothers….

Most never reach the level ofachievement of which they arecapable…

Because they don't challengethemselves enough ….

Life at its best is a series ofchallenges. A big enough

Challenge will bring out Strengthsand abilities You never knew youhad. Take on Challenges and Youwill bring Yourself to life.

To meet the challenges of thishighly competitive business

environment, it is mandatory tohave a continuous industry

interaction to understand thechanging needs of the industry. Toaccomplish this, the curriculumand the pedagogy of the IIBS aredesigned with a maximum

emphasis on the Industry Interface.

All student activities at IIBS areconceptualized and coordinatedexclusively by the students club.Through their exceptionalcapabilities and leadership skillsthey take up responsibilities andexecute them.

The activities in the club would beactual responsibilities given to thestudents which would be part ofthe curriculum which would givethe students a better edge overtheir competitors.

COMPUTER LABSOur spacious computer labs areequipped with the latest technologyand is backed up by a server with 24hours dedicated lease lineuninterrupted internet connection.

Wi-Fi CAMPUSAs each one of the students of IIBSare provided with personalizedlaptops, they can access WI-FIconnection any where in thecampus.

24 HOURS POWER BACK-UPKeeping the learning processsmooth and to avoid any wastage oftime, we are providing round theclock uninterrupted power supply.

STATE-OF-THE-ART DISCUSSIONROOM111STo give every student that extraedge, we have well equippeddiscussion rooms to build a livelyatmosphere.

ROOFTOP GARDEN CAFETARIACUM READING ROOMTo beat the stress the roof topgarden cafeteria makes an idealplace to unwind and socialize. Thereading room will make sure to giveyou a productive leisure time.

35 36

Page 20: BBM Prospectus

Beyond the Classroom

At IIBS, we turn conventionalclassroom learning on its head. Weapply technology, innovation, and alot of enthusiasm to make sure yourBBM experience in extraordiaryeven outside of the classroom -from speakers, competitions andcutting-edge technology toinnovative programs. We firmlybelieve that it’s not just what youlearn in the classroom that countsmost-it’s also how you experienceIIBS.

37 38

Page 21: BBM Prospectus

PLACEMENT To meet the challenges of this highly competitivebusiness environment, it is mandatory to have acontinuous industry interaction to understand thechanging needs of the industry. To accomplish this, thecurriculum and the pedagogy of the IIBS are designedwith a maximum emphasis on the Industry Interface.

The liberalization of Indian economy has resulted ini) A highly competitive environment

ii) Indian business going global

iii) All round emphasis on technology, quality and cost

iv) Greater concern in society for environmental issues

v) Unprecedented shortage of skilled manpower

vi) Tremendous growth in the knowledge based Industries



1 The institution provides separate hostel accommodation for boys &girls.

2 Boys hostel is managed by a male warden and girls' hostel is managedby a female warden.

3 To ensure safety, both the hostels are provided with 24 hours security.

4 Extra emphasis is given on discipline

5 Homely atmosphere and nutritious food is provided in the hostel

6 IIBS hostels are “A home away from home”

Note: Boys and Girls need to apply for hostel facilities separately onceadmitted to IIBS programme. The hostel seats are limited.


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LIST OF PLACEMENT PARTNERSRed Apple Health Care Bajaj AllianzSolutions Bizruntime

Reliance Communication Café Coffee Day

Reliance digital Cbay Systems

Reliance Retail Continental Tyres

Religare Laboratories Crowne Plaza

Royal Orchid Decathalon

RR Donnelley Edista Testing

Sagacious Infosystems Eureka Forbes

Saint Gobain Future Focus Infotech

SanSoft Global Vision

Sharp Business Systems Head Hunters Helios & Matheson

Shobha Developers IBM

Shoppers Stop Indegene

Silicon India Inspiration Manpower

SMS Country Jetking

Space Craft JVS Electronics

Span Outsourcing Komli Media

SPS Intrad Leela Palace

SPSS India Limberlink Technology

Standard Chartered Bank Mac Millian

Stonarts Mafoi Randstads

Sudarshan Technologies Mast KalandharSynergy Business Solution Merit Trac

Systek Integrators Metai Technologies

Taj Gateway Metro Cash & Carry

TCS Minds Direct

Think Way Ocwen Financials

Thrillophilia P4P Consulting

Toyota Powersoft Technology

Transcend Pylon Consulting

Value Leaf Quest Solutions

Venpro Infomedia Solutions Reliance Trends

Verace Market Research Shakti Aerosoft

Wilis( Dubai) Silicon India


Agies Global

Analage HRO

ANSR Sources

Ascent Consulting

Axis Bank

Bharti Wallmart

BradyBrowne & Mohan

Café Coffee Day


Capital One

Coface India


Cross Domain

E & Y

Easi Process

Financial software services

Global Automation

Global Data


India Infoline

IndiaBulls Financial Services

ING Vysya Financial Services

IRIS Business Solution


JBA Infotech

JP Morgan Chase

Live Tips Market Research


Monsanto Holdings


Northern Trust

Ocwen Financials

Odessa Technologies


We understand your world



Wipro Infotech SLK Software

World Biz Express Spark Info Solutions

You Broadband Teksystems

Zenith Software Total Mall

Zycus Transcend

Trident Hyundai

Tritium ConsultingHUMAN RESOURCES Ujwal Management Services

Acculogix Value Leaf

AMK Solutions Volvo

AMK Technology Wegner & WatsonANSR Sources

Antal International

Asterion Consulting



State Street Global Advisor

TE Connectivity

Thomson Reuters

Vibrant AsiaViteos

Wells Fargo

Willis (Saudi Arabia)


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All student activities at IIBS are conceptualized and coordinated exclusively by the students club. Through their

exceptional capabilities and leadership skills they take up responsibilities and execute them.

The activities in the club would be actual responsibilities given to the students which would be part of the

curriculum which would give the students a better edge over their competitors.



1 Global exposure through freeInternational Internship.

2 Free Mini Notebook to each student

3 Wi-fi campus

4 Dual degree with dual specialization

5 Technology enabled classroom withinteractive panel

6 Highly qualified and experienced faculty

7 Continuous interaction with theindustry through Guest Lectures,Seminars & workshops

8 Corporate knowledge enhancementthrough current events & business quiz

9 Industry-Institute interface, with better

corporate relation

10 Digital Library and state of the artinformation centre

11 Well equipped computer lab

1224 hours Internet facilities (campus)

13 Soft-Skills training by the industry experts

14 Comfortable and separate hostel for Boys and Girls with homelyand hygienic food

15 Well-designed seminar hall with convenient seatingarrangement and audio-visual facilities

16 Roof top garden canteen & reading room

17Scholarship for the meritorious students

18 Educational loan facilities provided by major public sector banks

19Student financial assistance partner - IDBI Bank

20 Corporate oriented pedagogy

21 A beautiful campus in the heart of the city.

22Foreign language

23 Global BBM

24 Corporate Integrated BBM

25IIBS Finishing School

26 Minimum 10 campus interview exposure to every student


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1 All the students are required to be in the institute's prescribed dress code as and when required by the Institute.

2 Attendance is compulsory for all workshops, corporate seminars, guest lectures and any other activities, which areconducted by the Institute.

3 Any student who is not abiding by the rules and regulations of the Institute will be penalized suitably by themanagement. Any student penalized more than twice in whatever form, may be asked to withdraw from IIBS.

4 Students have to maintain attendance of minimum of 60% in first semester & 80% in second and third semesters tobecome eligible for International Tour and final placement, which are proposed to be conducted in the fourthsemester.

5 Students have to maintain minimum 40% or 50% marks in Internal Assessments as well as External Theory

Examination in each subject as per the concerned University regulations, to pass the subject; else Detailed MarksCard (DMC) for the semester will not be issued to the student.

6 Students have to participate in all internal assessments (including presentations / assignments submission / tasksassigned) of all subjects conducted by the institute both during semesters & vacation holidays and score more than40% or 50% marks in each subject in both internal assessments & external theory examination of BBM.

7 Students have to keep the passport ready well in advance and provide the same to the Institute for VISA purpose wellwithin the date announced later for the International Tour after becoming eligible.


Eligibility: The minimum eligibility for admission to theBachelor of Business Management (BBM), autonomousDual Qualification, 10 + 2 (PUC) is required with minimum50% marks.

Selection procedure: Candidates who wish to apply for theBachelor of Business Management (BBM), autonomousDual Qualification, in IIBS are required to take tests inCampus.

Procedure for applying to IIBS: Candidates who wish toobtain the IIBS prospectus by courier / Post should make aDemand Draft of Rs.450/- in favour of "InternationalInstitute of Business Studies" payable at Bangalore andsend it to Bangalore National Head Office address. The IIBSprospectus can also be obtained by paying Rs.400/- at theinstitute counter or coaching centers. Candidates can alsoapply online by visiting the institute


Online registration: The applicant can log on to thewebsite: and apply online. Theapplicant has to fill in his / her personal information, givethe payment particulars of demand draft number, dateand submit the form online. The applicant will proceed totake the printout of IIBS application form, fill in all thenecessary details, paste his / her recent photograph andsign across the photograph. The applicant has to enclosethe Demand Draft of Rs.450/- in favour of "InternationalInstitute of Business Studies" payable at Bangalore andsend it to Bangalore National Head Office along with theapplication form by courier / registered post / speed post.Cheques will not be accepted. Once we receive the DD thenwe will arrange to send the prospectus by courier or post.The application form and prospectus will be only in thename of the applicant who wishes to apply. The form isnon-transferable.

8 Students have to pay the tuition fee & other fees well in advance before the due date, otherwise they will not be

eligible to participate in International Internship as well as Placement process of the Institute and also they have topay the fine as stipulated by the Institute.

9 Students who decide to opt for the Institution hostel will have to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in thehostel application form. If any student is found to be violating the rules and regulations of the hostel then thatstudent will be expelled from the hostel and no money will be refunded to that student.


“Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.”

1 Alumni life membership fees: Rs.10,000/- at the time of admission (One time payment)

2 Library fees: Rs.5,000/- at the time of admission (One time payment)

3 Uniform fees: Rs.6,000/- at the time of admission (One time payment)

4 University Examination Fees and All government taxes, such as service tax as applicable, from time to time are to bepaid by student.

5 IIBS Management reserves the rights to make appropriate changes.

All legal disputes are subject to Bangalore jurisdiction only.

Any complaints, grievance and the cancellation of admission by the parents of students should be brought to the notice ofthe Chairman or Director.

Fees once paid are not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

IIBS is an activity oriented, self learning institution; where intellectual inputs are more than any conventional BBM Student Club Responsibilitiesprogramme. Participation in co-curricular activities is compulsory. No exemption is allowed on any ground, as all

processes are integral part of the programme. Students have absolute freedom to express their talents, ask for help to Professional development To arrange various personality enhancing sessions and knowledgeovercome weaknesses, assert, debate and express their views for improvement of the system and learning opportunities. workshop to help students face the corporate challenges ahead.

The school attaches great importance to integrity, honesty and discipline. A sense of responsibility and a high degree of

maturity is expected from all students inside or outside the campus and if any student indulges in behavior against the

norms of discipline (including attendance, punctuality, in attentive listening, indecent behavior etc.), the faculty

concerned will counsel the student suitably. The faculty will also be free to adopt suitable measures to regulate

attendance, maintain discipline and ensure smooth and undisturbed learning in the class.

Technology To manage information technology and systems within the institute.

Corporate Relations To conceptualize and organize guest lectures and workshops.

Digi eye To encourage creativity and provide a platform to showcase talent.

Event Management To organize and conduct various events

Placement Responsible for summer internship and final placement co-ordination

45 46