capitalising the full potential of online-collaboration for sme innovation support horizon 2020 call...

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Capitalising the full potential of online- collaboration for SME innovation support Horizon 2020 call Innosup-6-2015 (Participant Portal code: H2020-INNOSUP-2015-2) Agnieszka Stasiakowska

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  • Capitalising the full potential of online-collaboration for SME innovation support Horizon 2020 call Innosup-6-2015 (Participant Portal code: H2020-INNOSUP-2015-2) Agnieszka Stasiakowska EASME A2 SME
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  • Introduction DG GROW Presentation of the call's objective and background followed by Q&A - DG GROW Submission/evaluation/granting modalities followed by Q&A - Agnieszka Stasiakowska, EASME Program
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  • Call modalities Funding scheme: Coordination and Support Action (CSA) Consortium eligibility: min. one partner from MS or AC, but consortia are encouraged in order to come up with a full range of expertise required 2- stage procedure: 1 st stage: 10/03/2015, 2 nd stage: 12/08/2015 Total budget available: 2,350,000 EUR 2-3 proposals to be funded Indicative budget per project: 0,8M 1,5M EU Contribution 100%
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  • 1 st Stage Evaluation (3 months) 2 nd Stage Proposal preparation 2 nd Stage Evaluation (max. 5 months) Two Stage evaluation procedure TIMELINE Submission Deadline 10/03/2015 Invitation to submit 2 nd stage proposal 06/2015 Submission Deadline 12/08/2015
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  • Submission Stage 1 (10/03/2015)Stage 2 (12/08/2015) Short outline proposalFull proposal PART A Only details for Coordinator PART A Coordinator + full list of partners PART A only a figure for a total budget requested PART A provide a full budgetary table PART B- Max 15 pages (pages above will be watermarked and experts will be asked to ignore them) PART B - Max 50 pages Fill in only parts on 1.Excellence (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) 2.Impact (2.1) Marked in the proposal template with } Fill in all parts of the proposal template
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  • Stage 1 Proposal Template only }
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  • Evaluation Criteria: Excellence, Impact, Implementation Stage 1 : Only Excellence and Impact criteria will be evaluated with threshold 4/5 each Stage 2 : Excellence, Impact and Implementation are evaluated No negotiation of Grant Agreement - Consequence for evaluation: - The proposal is evaluated as submitted - You receive feedback but no recommendations - Any proposal with scores above the thresholds and for which there is sufficient budget will be selected
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  • Evaluation: EXCELLENCE Excellence of your concept and approach Clarity and pertinence of the objectives; Credibility of the proposed approach; Soundness of the concept; Extent that proposed work is ambitious
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  • Evaluation: IMPACT Contribution to expected impacts from the Work Programme: New services assisting online collaboration for innovation help SMEs to access a broader range of potential innovation partners and mobilise them in a timely manner for concrete projects. The qualification profile and training material are made available to SME innovation support agencies interested in enhancing the skills of their staff. The efficiency of innovation support service provision - for example but not limited to the services of Enterprise Europe Network is enhanced. Resources in public innovation support are reoriented from information and brokerage functions which can to a large extend be automated to higher value added functions like the identification of opportunities and the animation of project development. Measures to achieve impact (2 nd stage only) draft plan for the exploitation and dissemination of the results (only for the second stage)
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  • Evaluation: IMPLEMENTATION (2 nd Stage Only) Coherence and effectiveness of the work plan, including appropriateness of the allocation of tasks and resources Complementarity of the participants within the consortium Appropriateness of the management structures and procedures, including risk management Convince evaluators that you will make it!!
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  • You need to provide: A description of the profile of the persons responsible for carrying out the proposed activities A list of up to five relevant publications, and/or products, services (including widely-used datasets or software), or other achievements relevant to the call content; A list of up to five relevant previous projects or activities, connected to the subject of this proposal; A description of any third parties that are not represented as project partners, but who will nonetheless be contributing towards the work (e.g. providing facilities, computing resources) Evaluation: Operational Capacity (2 nd Stage Only)
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  • Granting No negotiation Max 3 months after 2 nd stage evaluation results Duration of the project to be proposed by applicants (between 18-36 months) Pre-financing : The amount depends on the number of reporting periods and duration of the project. The formula is amount requested/number of reporting periods i.e. Project duration 24 months, two reporting periods of 12M each = pre- financing 50%. 5% is retained by the guarantee fund, beneficiary receives 45%. The balance payment at the end of the project will be of 50% + 5% retained by the guarantee fund.
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  • Participant portal : sktop/en/opportunities/h2020/calls/h2020-innosup- 2015-2.html Contact: - [email protected] - [email protected] More information at: