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  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    Cas Study: Wat Kisks

    How th comination of ow-cost tchnoog, po-poo financing

    and guation ads to th scaing up of wat supp svicpovision to th poo

    Vsion fo th 5th Wod Wat Foum, Istanu

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    1. Itducti

    In od to achiv th MDGs fo wat supp in Zamia, an ad-ditiona 2.85 miion sidnts of ow-incom aas nd to gain

    accss to saf and ia wat. Duing th nationa stak-

    hod consutation pocss that foowd th MDG pocss,

    th Zamian govnmnt and coopation patns mphasisd

    that, in od to ach this goa, aout on miion mo pop

    shoud svd mid-2011.

    Wat Kiosks, wh foma wat povids supp saf wat

    at affoda pics, hav povn to an appopiat and f-

    ficint soution, poviding wat to a ag num of sidntsin uan ow-incom aas. Impmntation of this ow-cost

    tchnoog is faciitatd though muti-dono askt funds that

    povid po-poo funding to commcia utiitis (CUs), imp-

    mntation suppot and post-impmntation monitoing.


    Photo: Wat kiosk in Zamia

    A wat kisk is a utlt tu wic fal watvids dliv saf ad liabl wat at affdabl

    ics t sidts f lw-ic aas.

    Gman Dvopmnt Coopation (GDC) is suppoting wat

    scto fom pocsss in man countis in Su-Sahaan Af-

    ica. Th appoach takn tpica incuds th dcntaisation

    and commciaisation of wat supp and sanitation (WSS)

    svics, taking into account th nds of th poo in paticua.

    On amp of st pactic impmntation is th cas of

    Zamia. Now, with th suppot of Gman Dvopmnt Coop-ation, th succssfu concpt of wat kiosks is ing adaptd

    and tansfd to oth countis in Su-Sahaan Afica. Th

    mutipication of th concpt gos hand in hand with pofs-

    siona patnships and th chang of pincs twn

    dvopmnt patns in th diffnt countis. Kna is adapt-

    ing th concpt and stting up a ag num of kiosks whi

    a piot pojct is cunt unning in Tanzania.

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    2. T Cas f Zabia

    POPUlATION (2008 FIGUreS) 10.7 miion




    WSS SerVICe PrOVIDerS FOr UrbAN AreAS 11 commcia utiitis (CUs), oca authoitis (lAs),

    INClUDING lOW-INCOMe AreAS pivat schms


    reGUlATOry FrAMeWOrK Nationa Wat Supp and Sanitation Counci (NWASCO)



    WATer KIOSKS, IF AVAIlAble 70 %

    AVerAGe NUMber OF CUSTOMerS Per KIOSK 1500




    APPrOxIMATe COSTS FOr 20 lITreS OF WATer AT THe KIOSK eUr 0.01

    WATer CONSUMPTION AT WATer KIOSKS 20 it / capita / da

    Oftn, th phsica infastuctu fo th cnta

    wat supp can not tndd into ow-incom

    aas du to th high dnsit of housing.

    Wat supp infoma WSS svic povids is

    as much as 10 tims mo pnsiv than guatd

    svic povision foma wat povids. Th

    quait of th wat suppid infoma povids

    is oftn poo, posing a tmndous hath isk

    fom wat-on disass. In addition, infoma

    wat povids a off a gua wat supp,

    which can thatn vn minima wat nds.

    eisting puic standpips a poo maintaind du

    to thi infio tchnica dsign, ack of

    ownship, a high v of vandaism and th ack of

    an appopiat managmnt concpt.

    Poo maintaind swag pips and aking

    wat ntwoks caus wat poution and a a

    sious hath hazad.

    K Facts Zamia, 2008

    2.1. Th chang: A ag num ofhoushods a not svd in ow-incom aas; infoma svics,oftn unsustaina, a usd instad

    As in man oth dvoping countis, sinc th 1990s Zam-

    ia has pincd ag-sca migation to what a oftn

    infoma-uit, ow-incom uan aas. This incas in th

    uan popuation has not n matchd adquat dvop-

    mnts in WSS svics. Th foowing k poms hav to


    Th majoit of th sidnts can not affod to pa

    fo and maintain a houshod connction. Houss in

    ow-incom aas a oftn ntd out to mo than

    on fami. Th own of th popt fuss to

    insta a mtd houshod connction, faing that

    th wat i woud not paid.


  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    2.2. Pogss: Th fom of th Zamianwat scto Commciaisation ofWSS svics and guatd povision

    Zamias Nationa Wat Poic and its k scto pincips

    w adoptd in 1994. This fomd th asis fo th imp-

    mntation of a wat scto fom which w passd into

    aw with th Wat Supp and Sanitation Act (WSS Act) in

    1997, and which hav sutd in a nw institutiona fam-

    wok. On of th constons of th Zamian wat sc-

    to foms is th commciaisation of uan WSS sv-ics. Th oca authoitis, which a ga sponsi

    fo WSS svics, w ncouagd to dgat this func-

    tion to giona commcia utiitis (CUs). Psnt, aound

    92 pcnt of th uan and pi-uan popuation iv in th

    svic aa of on of th vn CUs.

    Sinc 2002 Zamia has n impmnting a Povt rduc-

    tion Statg (PrS). Th WSS scto is cognisd as an im-

    potant componnt of th PrS, with paticua mphasis on

    wat supp and sanitation fo ow-incom aas. Ov-

    a, th Zamian WSS statg has a stong po-poo focus.

    If ffctiv impmntd, it woud significant addss

    th asic nds of poo communitis not on in uan

    aas and as thi ng fo poductiv socioconomic


    At th sam tim, th constitution of Zamia oigs th stat

    to povid can and saf wat (Constitution of Zamia,

    1996, Pat Ix, Atic 112(d)) which thus contiuts to an na-

    ing nvionmnt fo a succssfu scto fom.

    2.3. Soution: Wat kiosks A catast foow-incom, uan wat supp, sma-sca tad and awanss-aising

    effctiv soutions a ndd fo unia and unsaf wat

    supp which has man ngativ impacts on puic hath, and

    which imits conomic dvopmnt in dns popuatd and

    ow-incom aas. To this nd, Zamia has dvopd a sstm

    of wat kiosks opatd foma wat povids. This is an

    ffctiv appoach to th povision of saf wat at affoda

    pics; th kiosks supp a ag num of sidnts in ow-in-com uan aas, usua within fiv minuts waking distanc.

    Th pic fo 20 its of saf wat fom Zamian wat kiosks

    has n fid at th quivant of aout eUr 0.01. This is th

    sam as th owst pic chagd fo wat suppid though a

    hous connction. Th pic of wat at kiosks is usua coss-

    susidisd fom th sa of wat to individua houshods and

    fom commcia connctions. To nsu that th pic of th

    wat matchs th at st th Nationa Wat Supp and

    Sanitation Counci (NWASCO) Zamias wat scto guato

    th kiosk is oigd to dispa th wat taiff.

    In addition to its supp of saf, affoda and ia wat, a

    wat kiosk povids oth nfits. Th dsign of th kiosks in-

    cuds spac to dispa infomation and snsitisation matias,

    such as utins fom th CUs. Th is aso spac fo posts

    on HIV/AIDS pvntion. Moov, th kiosks a quippd with

    shvs, which mans th can usd th opatos to pu-

    su oth commcia activitis. Th kiosk opatos oftn s

    hath poducts, such as condoms and soap, as w as goc-

    is. Th a aso cass of kiosks ing opatd taios

    who st up thi wokshop insid. This a hps to nsu that

    wat can sod at an affoda pic whi th kiosk op-

    atos an sufficint incom to mak th kiosk an attactiv

    usinss. Aound 50 pcnt of th wat kiosk opatos a

    womn, which maks this sma-sca tad a paticua good

    activit fo th pomotion of incom gnation fo womn.

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    3. T Wat Kisk Cct


    3.1. Appopiat, ow-cost tchnoog fosupping wat to ow-incom aas

    Th a not man tchnica fasi options fo svic po-

    vision to ow-incom uan aas caus th funds a ack-

    ing fo an ag-sca haiitation and tnsion of isting

    cnta wat supp sstms. Aso, th is on a imitd

    aiit to pa fo such svics. Thfo, ffots to achiv th

    MDGs fo wat nd to focus on ow-cost tchnoog, such as

    puic outts mddd in a fid-oofd housing stuctu.

    Dpnding on th num of customs pctd to us thkiosk, two o th wat taps, which can usd simutan-

    ous, a tpica instad. A wat kiosks a mtd to

    aow pop accounting fo th wat suppid th foma

    wat povid.

    Th stuctua dsign of th wat kiosk is not on cucia fo

    its accptanc th sidnts in th svic aa, ut aso

    fo th succssfu and sustaina opation of th kiosk. Th

    incom gnatd fom th sa of wat might nough to

    cov a povids costs athough it is insufficint to kp th

    kiosk opato motivatd. Thfo, povision is mad fo th

    kiosks to usd fo additiona incom gnating activitis,

    such as sing oth goods (.g. th dsign incuds shvs

    and adquat spac).

    Th num of wat kiosks uilt in a ctain aa is dtmind

    y assssing th potntial incom fo th kiosk opatos. This

    must tak into considation th num of customs, thi av-

    ag daily consumption, and thi aility and/o willingnss to pay.

    Using ths citia nsus th sustainaility of th systm and

    allows th wat povid to cov th opating and maintnanc

    costs of th kiosk. Th sulting distancs fom thi homs (in

    gnal not mo than fiv minuts walk) maks th kiosks asily

    accssil fo all sidnts. Involving th community in slct-

    ing th sits fo kiosks has n shown to impov thi sns

    of ownship and pvnt vandalism. Wat kiosks a usually

    locatd on pulic gound, which maks it asi fo th CU to -

    plac kiosk opatos if thy a found culpal of misconduct.

    Spac is availal in th kiosk to display posts on HIV/AIDS

    pvntion. Moov, th lockal typ kiosks allow th opatoto pusu oth commcial activitis and gain xta incom.

    Additiona infastuctu is pannd, such as stoag tanks and

    pips to connct th kiosks to th cnta wat ntwok, whichwi cat fo thos who want and can affod individua hous-

    hod connctions.

    Th tchnica concpt of th kiosks is gua assssd

    and futh impovmnts a mad. Cunt, th fasiiit

    incuding financia viaiit of using p-faicatd kiosks

    is ing pod.

    3.2. Commcia utiitis as impmntingand opating oganisations

    Th wat kiosks a ownd th commcia utiitis, which

    ca fu sponsiiit fo thi constuction and opation. Th

    opation and maintnanc of th instaations a thfo

    intgatd into th utiitis dai wokfow.

    Cucial to th opation and maintnanc of th wat kiosks on

    th gound is th stalishmnt of a so-calld pi-uan unit

    which hlps kp th focus fimly on sving th poo. each CUs

    pi-uan unit consists of a dicto, a Pr assistant and a com-

    munity svic assistant, as wll as th cashis/kiosk opa-

    tos and th plums. Pi-uan units intoduc th ncssay

    masus, guidlins, pocdus and sanctions to assu th

    pop functioning of th wat kiosks. Thy also monito wat

    kiosk opation, collct th mony paid y customs and mu-

    nat th kiosk opatos. Th main challngs a to achiv

    succss though clos monitoing of th kiosk opatos and th

    svics thy povid, and gula collctions lading to high

    collction fficincy.

    Th managmnt of th kiosks and th supvision of th opa-

    tos a th sponsiility of th pi-uan units of th CUs.

    Th day-to-day opation of th kiosk, howv, is dlgatd

    to a wat kiosk opato, pfaly a woman, who has n

    cuitd with th consnt of th community. Th kiosk opato

    is not an mploy of th CU ut woks on a commission asis

    and signs a contact with th CU stipulating th ights and -

    sponsiilitis of all patis.

    Kiosk opatos civ appoimat 30 to 40 pcnt of

    sas as commission. bcaus th sa of wat on po-

    vids thm with a sma incom, it oftn nds to

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    Pofssiona taining of kiosk opatos, Zamia


    suppmntd though th sa of oth goods at th kiosk.

    A kiosk sstm can on achiv a th stakhods

    ojctivs if th ationship twn th CU and th kiosk

    opato is good. This mans that th CU has to supvis th

    kiosk opatos. Supvision impis:

    staishing a psnc in th pi-uan aas

    and visiting th kiosks and th kiosk opatos on

    a gua asis

    istning to th compaints and poposas mad

    kiosk opatos and thi customs

    apping sanctions and pacing kiosk opatos who

    do not pa thi is

    making su that kiosk opatos a cos sup-

    visd. This is impotant caus it is on though

    thi psnc and gua supvision that th kiosk

    opatos wi undstand that wat supp to ow-in-

    com uan aas is a pioit of th CU and that th

    us and guidins mntiond in thi contact hav

    to foowd.

    The WATer KIoSK mAnAgemenT ConCepT:

    Th foowing points outin th main mnts of a

    wat kiosk managmnt sstm. Som dtais ma va

    and shoud awas taiod to th spcific nvionmnt of

    th wat svic povid in chag.

    Th wat kiosk and latd infastuctu a ownd

    y th fomal wat svic povid, which is also

    fully sponsil fo opation and maintnanc. each wat kiosk is managd y a kiosk opato

    contactd to th CU.

    Th kiosk opato is monitod and contolld y th

    pi-uan unit (PUU) of th CU. On mploy of th

    CU is sponsil fo th supvision of all kiosk

    opatos in a spcific low-incom aa. Th CU (PUU)

    visits ach kiosk at last onc a wk at th outst,

    and thaft onc vy two wks.

    Th kiosk opato slls wat at an affoda l st

    pic, as stipulatd y th wat scto gulato


    Th kiosk opato dposits a th cash h o sh

    has coctd. Cash can dpositd at a pa point of

    th CU o mittd to th PUU. each tim a dposit is

    mad th kiosk opato is issud with a cipt.

    Th kiosk opato has to pa th CU accoding to th

    month mt adings. Th kiosk opato civs

    a commission (a pcntag of th vnu) fo v

    cuic mt of wat sod. This figu aso incuds a

    p-dtmind pcntag of ova sas, which th

    CU cacuats fo tchnica osss.

    Th kiosk opato ma s oth goods at th kiosk

    with th cption of som poducts such as mat,

    fish and ctain chmicas (spcifid in th contact).

    Th kiosk opato has to kp th kiosk can and

    pot damag and poo wat quait to th CU.

    Th kiosk opato must psnt duing th opning

    hous, which a agd upon with th customs.

    Customs a aowd to us v sma quantitis of

    wat f of chag in od to can thi uckts o

    contains. V dit contains ma not cand

    at th kiosk.

    Th communit, th rsidntia Dvopmnt Commit-

    t and oth Communit basd Oganisations

    a invovd in th impmntation of th kiosk sstm(ocaisation, sction of kiosk opatos, snsitisa-

    tion and pvntion of vandaism) ut th do not

    hand cash.

    Whn a kiosk opato is una to stt th i,

    h o sh is givn th das to pa th outstanding

    amount. If an opato is una o unwiing to pa

    dts within this piod, his o h contact with th

    CU wi tminatd and th opato wi -


    Th CU nsus that a infomation gading thkiosk opatos pamnts, wat is, and dts a

    avaia at a vant vs within th CU and int-

    gatd into th accounting sstm.

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks



    3.3. rguation: Stting ca and und-standa us fo poviding accssto wat fo th poo

    Th Nationa Wat Supp and Sanitation Counci (NWASCO),

    staishd in Octo 2000, guats uan WSS svic po-

    vision in Zamia. It thfo ovss th activitis of th

    CUs nsuing that th comp with staishd nationa wat

    standads. A thos who povid WSS svics oth than fo

    thi own us a quid th Wat Supp and Sanitation

    Act of 1997 to otain an opatos icnc fom th gu-ato. Oth k functions of th guato incud guating

    taiffs, stimuating th fficinc of CUs using taiff-stting

    mchanisms which hps avoid conficts and faciitating

    judicia appas th CUs o th guato in od to sov


    b pomoting socia taiffs using incasing ock ats, NWASCO

    maks su that th svic povision tagts th poo. Duing

    taiff ngotiations, NWASCO can off incntivs to th svic

    povids, such as adjustmnts to th taiff vs in ctain

    ackts, to faciitat coss-susidisation. This hps th CUs to

    tnd svic povision to th poo whi sti coving th op-

    ation and maintnanc costs fo wat suppid th wat

    kiosks. NWASCO nsus that th taiff fo th poo is st ac-

    coding to th kiosk customs wiingnss and aiit to pa.

    evy ya NWASCO pulishs its Uan and Pi-uan Wat

    Supply and Sanitation Scto rpot in which th pfomanc of

    th svic povids is assssd and compad using a num of

    ky indicatos. This pot also outlins in dtail th quantity and

    chaactistics of th wat kiosk pojcts implmntd y ach

    CU, including th num of nficiais.

    3.4. Stakhod paticipation: Invovingoca communitis and fostingmanagmnt sstms fo ttimpmntation of wat kiosks

    On of th fomost issus fo nsuing sustainaiit is thaccptanc of th wat kiosks th consums in th tagt

    aas. Paticua ca is thfo takn to invov a stak-

    hods fom a v a stag in th panning and impmn-

    tation. each CU staishs a task foc compisd of a th

    stakhods (th municipa counci, th sidnts dvopmnt

    committ (rDC), th sidnts, th hath oad, NGOs, th

    poic tc.). Th invovmnt of womn and gis is sn as

    paticua impotant, as it is th who usua ftch wat

    fom th kiosks.

    A stp--stp appoach is takn to stakhod paticipation,

    stating with data coction, communit mtings, dtmina-

    tion of zons (wat kiosk catchmnt aas), zona mtings,

    kiosk ocaisation and th snsitisation of sidnts (dama

    goups, posts, announcmnts, mdia at th inauguation

    tc.), foowd th panning, dsigning and constuction of

    th kiosks, as w as th taining of kiosk opatoswith

    pfnc givn to womn.

    3.5. Th Dvoution Tust Fund: Povisionof po-poo financing, impmntationconcpt and tchnical assistanc to CUs

    Th Dvoution Tust Fund (DTF) was catd in 2003 and op-

    ats indpndnt und NWASCO. It is a muti-dono askt

    fund. Th DTF is an instumnt spcifica dsignd to povid

    financing to th CUs to na thm to tnd WWS svics to

    ow-incom uan aas. At th sam tim it suppots thm in

    th us of appopiat, ow-cost tchnoogis fo wat supp

    and sanitation, and in staishing sustaina managmnt


    In 2004/05 a dtaid asin stud assssd th situationin a ow-incom aas of Zamia. With this ia infoma-

    tion as, NWASCO was a to st th CUs spcific tagts

    and aso povid incntivs fo svic tnsion into th most

    nd aas. Toda, th DTF Statgic Pan aows fo th pi-

    oitisation of pojct poposas in od to nsu th most

    fficint tagting of funds.

    Th DTF assists th CUs in constucting WSS infastuctu

    poviding dtaid guidanc and spcific impmntation con-

    cpts. It has issud inding guidins fo th us of DTF funds

    as w as fo svic povision to th poo (communit patici-

    pation, dsign, managmnt tc.).

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks



    Cos coopation twn th DTF and NWASCO guaants a

    minimum svic v and th sustainaiit of th sstms.

    Figu 1: Oganisationa stuctu of DTF

    Pojct sction DTF uss a ca-fo-poposas appoach

    which nsus that th CUs thmsvs dfin and impmnt

    th pojcts. Th DTF concntats on (i) th sction of po-

    posas accoding to dfind citia, (ii) tchnica assistanc

    duing pojct impmntation and (iii) monitoing th opationof th wat kiosks aft th pojcts a comptd.

    Figu 2: DTF impmntation concpt

    Cos coopation twn th DTF and NWASCO is nficia

    fo oth institutions as w as fo th CUs. Infomation shaing,

    dono hamonisation, stamining of activitis and th shaing

    of pincs a va man sngis; this ducs opa-

    tion costs fo th vant institutions and consqunt fo th

    consums. This coodinatd appoach to a su-scto-wid

    pogamm faciitats oca ownship and scus funding

    fom donos. Utimat, th funds a divd to wh th

    a most ndd.

    Cunt, th DTF is a to hand an invstmnt voum of

    appoimat USD 2.5 to 3.5 miion ach a. Th patns in

    th askt fund a Gman Dvopmnt Coopation (p-

    sntd KfW dvopmnt ank), DANIDA, th euopan Union

    and th Govnmnt of th rpuic of Zamia.

    NWASCO Counci

    DTF Committ

    DTF Manag

    Socio-economistWSS engin Accountant


    Dicto Nwasco


    Financing Ag-

    mnt & Contact


    Vification of

    Data in Poposa

    Vification of


    Woks &




    Consutant &

    Pojct Tam

    Socia Consut-

    ant & Pojct




    Mutua Coopation

    Assistanc in

    Taining, Hath &

    Hgin Pomotion,

    Stting up Faciit

    Managmnt Sstm

    Taining and Capacit buiding

    Assistanc in Impmntation

    Supvision of Woks


    Tust Fund


    Patn Ogani-

    sations if ndd

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    4. Iact 5. Calls ad outlk

    Sinc thi intoduction, DTF-suppotd wat kiosk sstms

    hav povidd accss to saf wat fo aound 500,000 pop.

    Appoimat 300 wat kiosks and th atd wat supp

    infastuctu (.g. o hos, wat pips and wat stoag

    tanks) hav n constuctd. Wat kiosk sstms can p-

    icatd on a ag sca.

    Wat kiosks staishd with th stp--stp paticipation of th

    stakhods and opatd th CUs as foma wat povids

    a a sustaina option fo poviding saf and ia wat to

    ow-incom aas.

    Cost savings can achivd standadising th concpt.

    Institutiona aning is nsud and ptition of mistaks is


    Custom suvs hav shown a satisfacto v of accpt-

    anc of wat kiosks th sidnts of ow-incom aas,

    and that consumption ats of saf and ia wat hav

    significant impovd in aas wh wat kiosks a in pac.

    On avag, consums coct 20 its p capita/da fom

    wat kiosks.

    A Zamian CUs a committd to th wat kiosk concpt

    and a a to impmnt th concpt accoding to th DTF

    guidins. Th gua sumit pojct poposas to th DTF,

    and so continu to povid accss to saf and ia wat

    in ow-incom aas which noma a conomica ss at-

    tactiv to th CUs.

    Ov 50 pcnt of th kiosk opatos a womn, who can

    gnat incom fo thi famiis sing wat and oth

    goods and svics. As a sut thi iving conditions hav


    Wat kiosks hav n succssfu dsignd fo

    us sma usinsss aongsid th sing of

    wat to an commission pamnts fom th CU.

    Wat kiosks pomot HIV/AIDS snsitisation offing spac

    fo posts on HIV/AIDS pvntion. HIV/AIDS snsitisation is

    incudd in th panning cc and stakhod paticipation


    Th DTF is a to faciitat wat kiosk pojcts on a ag

    sca and is aso dvoping and impmnting additiona con-

    cpts to pomot th incasd fficinc of th CUs as w as

    sanitation pojcts in ow-incom aas.

    bsids th succssfu impmntation of wat kiosks and

    wid accptanc among th customs th a sti som

    houshods that do not ftch thi wat at th kiosks. Th

    asons fo this ma th distanc to th wat kiosk, sp-

    cia in sma towns with ow popuation dnsitis, th pic

    of th wat o th istnc of atnativ f wat soucs

    (.g. shaow ws). Somtims, poo hginic conditions at th

    kiosks pvnt consums fom gtting wat. Taining fo th

    kiosk opatos and gua inspctions CU staff thfo

    main impotant activitis.

    Impotant changs main in impoving th communication

    twn th stakhods (CU, DTF, communit, tc.) as w

    as addssing das to tchnica wok, and th somtims

    poo quait of that wok. Wat kiosk opatos oftn ack

    th ncssa capita to puchas goods to s at th kiosk

    to incas thi tunov fom non-wat sas. In this, cas

    mico-cdits might ing an impovmnt.

    Zamias aim is to com a midd-incom count 2030.

    Th DTF has thfo statd to suppot nw initiativs in-tndd to incas th fficinc of wat povids (.g. -

    duction of non-vnu wat and impovmnts in ng f-

    ficinc). Futhmo, togth with its patns, th DTF has

    dvopd a sanitation concpt which is cunt ing imp-

    mntd. This aso invovs a comphnsiv communit patici-

    pation appoach (CPA), and it focuss stong on tchnoogis

    fo dcntaisd, ow-cost wast wat tatmnt (DeWATS).

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


    6. T rl f ga Dvlt Cati

    T wat kisk jcts a a adatd sluti dvld

    i atsi btw ga Dvlt Cati

    ad its Zabia cutats.

    Gman Dvopmnt Coopation (GDC) has n poviding fi-

    nancia and tchnica suppot to th Zamian wat scto fo

    mo than 20 as. This suppot has incasd sustantia

    sinc th adoption of th Nationa Wat Poic th Zamian

    govnmnt in 1994.

    Cunt, GDC suppots diffnt Zamian wat scto insti-

    tutions to achiv th Minnium Dvopmnt Goas (MDGs).

    Whi th main focus is on consoidating th suts of th sc-

    to fom fo uan WSS and spcia fo th uan poo, th

    Gman govnmnt aso suppots ua WSS and th intgatd

    managmnt of Zamias wat soucs.

    As pat of GDC, th Dutsch Gsschaft f Tchnisch Zusam-

    mnait (GTZ) GmH has, though its suppot fo NWASCO,

    contiutd to th staishmnt of an ffctiv guato ss-

    tm, incuding th stting-up of NWASCOs scto-wid info-

    mation sstm and a po-poo taiff sstm. In addition to this,

    GTZ povids suppot fo th opationaisation of th DTF and,

    at th svic povid v, assists in th staishmnt and

    opations of th CUs.

    Th Gman suppot fo th Zamian Wat Scto is w ha-

    monisd with th nationa wat poic and th conctd f-

    fots of oth coopation patns.

  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks



    publisd by

    Dutsch Gsllschaft f

    Tchnisch Zusammnait (GTZ) GmH

    Wat Sction

    PO box 5180, 65726 eschon, Gmany

    Phon: +496196 79-1327

    Fax: +496196 79-80 1327

    [email protected]



    Si Klawitt (GTZ Zamia; Wat Scto rfom

    Pogamm Zamia)

    Stai Lk (GTZ eschon; Scto Pojct Intnationa

    Wat Poic and Infastuctu)

    Dik Scaf (GTZ eschon; Wat Sction)Ad Ladi (GTZ Knia; Wat Scto rfom

    Pogamm Kna)

    pt cdits

    Han Su, Simon Klawitt, Anda Gotl

    Dsi ad Layut

    di basis | Kommunikation. Idnwk. Dsign.

    pitd by

    Ducki Klaus Koch, Wisadn

    plac ad ya f ublicati

    eschon, Mach 2009

    In Tanzania, Gman Dvopmnt Coopation is suppoting s-

    ctd wat utiitis to adapt and impmnt th wat kiosk

    concpt in piot pojcts. Knowdg tansf is ing oganisd

    twn Zamian and Tanzanian scto institutions. So fa, Tan-

    zania has no povt-ointd funding mchanism fo th wat

    scto such as thos in Zamia and Kna. Howv, it is imp-

    mnting a ag voum scto-wid appoach (SWAP), athough

    it mains a chang to nsu that funding is amakd fo

    svic povision in ow-incom aas.

    In Kna, th Wat Svics Tust Fund (WSTF), which is simi-

    a to th DTF, was staishd as a copoat od und th

    Wat Act of 2002. It opats though a askt fund aang-

    mnt suppotd th Knan govnmnt and a num of

    coopation patns. Th WSTFs mandat is to hp financ

    th povision of wat and sanitation svics to und-svd,

    ow-incom ua and uan aas. With suppot fom Gman

    Dvopmnt Coopation, it gan doing this in 2008. basd

    on th pincs acquid in Zamia and nfiting fom th

    cos coopation twn th diffnt GTZ wat pogamms

    and with th DTF, th toos and concpts w adaptd to Kn-

    an conditions and thn undwnt futh dvopmnt. With

    funding of eUr 15.5 miion fom KfW and th euopan Com-

    mission (eUWF), th WSTF intnds to povid 1.4 miion pop

    with sustaina accss to saf wat and mo than 100,000

    pop with accss to individua houshod sanitation facii-

    tis. Th fist ca fo poposas fo commcia un Knan

    wat utiitis was aunchd in Fua 2009. Th WSTF wi

    aso fund th staishmnt of puic faciitis, ach of which

    wi consist of a wat kiosk, two toit ocks and two show

    ocks. Ths faciitis wi uit in ow-incom uan aas,

    in us puic pacs such as makts and us tminas. WSTF

    is aso assssing th viaiit of using pfaicatd kiosks and

    ppaid mts. loca socia and dmogaphic conditions might

    qui th intoduction of ad taps o simpifid kiosks.

    7. Dvlts i Tazaia ad Kya:

    Cati btw gTZ Wat pas

    ad t Adatati f Ccts


  • 8/6/2019 Case Study_GIZ_Water Kiosks


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