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Schalter Technology

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As many other technology companies, our dream was conceived in a small garage. It began with checkbook printers, designed and manufactured to Carrefour Group.

After 23 years of hard working, we built a long history with major clients automation retail market. Mini Printers , POS Keyboards and Cash Registers made our client list grow up quickly.

Lojas Colombo, Ponto Frio, Ipiranga Petroil, Petrobrás, C&A

and so many other small or big clients experienced the Schalter devices. We reached #3 position at Brazilian market in 2004.

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Responsible for development, manufacturing , marketing and product sales strategies. Responsible for the maintenance and resellers technical support. The company also provides installation services and equipment rental to final consumers. Software development , focused on kiosk technology.

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Today our products are aligned with

present and future trends in the world:

• Self Service Kiosks

• Thin clients (virtualization and cloud


• Thin Computers (green IT)

• Media Players (Digital Signage)

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Why so many foreign companies are choosing to have a local supplier? Taxes and tax benefits – The Brazilian government stimulate local manufacturing. Some hardware taxes are reduced when you do it locally – this reduce the hardware cost. Local tax law complexity – Brazil has different laws between the states. A local supplier can solve this problem very fast. Delivery Lead Time – Local Supplier can deliver hardware faster because we do not have the shipment time between countries. Many times it is done by sea. Spare parts – Brazil is a huge country. A local supplier has spare parts spread all over Brazil to repair broken hardware fast . Specific Projects - several companies are developing projects that a local supplier is a differential to understand what is current working in Brazil.

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We are able to develop kiosks using numerous print mechanism types:

• ATM Thermal Print Mechanism

• CUSS Print Mechanisms (Airlines Tickets)

• Mini printers

• Paper roll solution up to 170 mm diameter - 340 mts

• Print width 76, 112 mm (A5 sheet) or A4

• Longer exchanges between coils

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S.A.W. Tecnology (Surface Acoustic Waves)

• Scratch resistant - does not affect performance;

• Always accurate, regardless of the environment (light, heat, cold);

• Activation for all contact types (hand, stylus or any other instrument);

• Anti- vandalism screens;

• Surface contamination immune (works even dirty grease);

• Brighter than TFT screens

• Up to 40” screens

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• CPU + GPU = APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) with two independent video output • Dual or Quad Core

• APU fully integrated with Schalter monitoring


• MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) – 280.000 hous – up to 25 times higher than a ITX CPU

• Low power consumption – only 18 watts on mother board

• Fanless motherboard option

• 2 video outputs – 2nd Screen option

• DirectX® 11 support lets you enjoy awesome graphics performance, stunning visual effects and dynamic interactivity up to 1080p

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Payment Kiosk

- 76mm thermal Printer,

- Pinpad

- Laser Scanner

- PCI Compliant

Mobile Kiosk Video Call Kiosk

- Keyboard

- Touch Screen

- Hi Definition Camera

- A4 Scanner

- A4 Printer

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• Wide adhesives area

• Touch screens up to 21 inches with Anti-vandalism

• Second monitor option

• No plastic parts

• Pin Pad - EMV 2000 level 1 & 2 and PCI 2.X

• Keypad Central alarm

• Door opening sensors

• Three access doors - access only the necessary

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Airport Kiosks

PCI Compliant

Athéa Self Check in System (Amadeus) Compliant


Check in

Passport reader

Payment – overweight luggage

Payment – purchase ticket


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• Touch screen up to 17 inches with Anti vandalism

• Pin Pad - EMV 2000 level 1 & 2 e PCI 2.X

• Ticket Print

• Key pad Central alarm

• Door opening sensors

• Frontal access to CPU

• Bag Weigh

• Bag Tag Printer

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45 kiosks all over state of Ceará, specially at

remote areas


Vídeo call

Document Scanner

Bill - Second copy (A4 paper)

New contracts negociation

Allows meet clients in distant locations, with a

low cost - the attendants are in a single call


Decreased the rate of Call Center idleness

because attendants can communicate with any


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Over 400 Kiosks in several clients throughout


Payer Solution – PCI compliance

Reducing significantly the queues for payment;

Option to a second screen to promote the


Remote kiosk monitoring – Printer, connectivity,

pin pad, CPU. We provide alarms when any

problem occurs

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Self service to process claims and


New plans sales

Payment slips

Issuance duplicate slips


Pin Pad

Kiosk Thermal printer

Barcode reader

Urn to collect documents

Presence sensor

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Public bidding - 585 kiosks from

ETICE - Empresa de Tecnologia da

Informação do Ceará

Several government agencies – Police

department, Fire department, many

pubic hospitals, General State Attorney,

Traffic department (DETRAN) and many

others pubic departments use this


Kiosks totally remote monitoring


Special Anti vandalism Keyboard

SAW touch Screen

A4 Laser print

76 mm thermal printing

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Kiosk for assistance coupon at

Sabesp customers centers

Thermal print coupon.

Paper bobbin with 340 mts

17” antivandalism touchscreen and

special keyboard

Embedded CPU, ready for second


Independent opening tos the CPU and

print mechanism.

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Interactive Digital

Signage Kiosks

Up to 40 inches

SAW touch Screnns

Print cupons option

Moinhos Shopping

Porto Alegre

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Petrobrás is the 4th biggest energy company in the world.

Schalter delivered a robust kiosk.

Registration kiosk for truckers and informing them

about the charges (local pump, content, quantity).


SAW Touch Screnn

Special IP65 Keyboard

Fanless CPU

Over 250 units sold in Brazil

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• Real Time monitoring all equipment on the field;

• Failure warning (CPU usage, Pin pad, Low paper level, connectivity , etc.);

• The user decides wich SLA Schalter will deliver – from a simple e-mail to entire equipment maintenance.

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• First class after sales service

Strategic alliance with national cover partner services: Formula Network, Scopus, Sonda Group and NCR - Expertise in national service with leading brands like Diebold, Star, NCR, among others

• Fully field Service management

• Service Level Agreement (SLA)

• Spare parts all over Brazil.