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Our kiosks and bubbles are mobile stands designed for independent exhibition in aisles, halls, open spaces common areas in general.


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Pyramidal flat roof kiosk

Curved roof kiosk

Double kiosk

Its main characteristic is its squared roof in form of a chess providing natural ventilation and illumination,

count with an advertising oval.

The main characteristic is its curved roof, with advertising oval in the superior front park.

The main characteristic is its pyramidal roof that emerges from an advertising trimming that wraps the

entire Kiosk.

This type of kiosk enables establishing 2 stores simultaneously in a divided space. Its roof can be flat or


Flat roof kiosk

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A.RoofThey can be: flat, curved or pyramidal.>Flat-Dimensions: front and depth equal to the kiosk, height 20 cm.-Components: lateral modules, union uprights and cen-tral plate.-Materials: square piping of 1 1/2”, holed plate caliber 20.>Curve-Dimensions: front and depth are equal to the kiosk, height 40 cm.-Components: Curved pipe, top pipes, and central pipes, partial covering.• Round piping 1 ½”• Squared piping 1 ½”• Hole plate caliber 20 • Polycarbonate alveolar plate.

>Pyramidal -Dimensions: front and depth equals to the kiosk. height 45 cm.-Components: pyramid and trimming.-Materials: Round Piping 1 ½”, plate caliber 20, piping 3/8, plate caliber 20 with sliding rail, plate caliber 16.>Piramidal with acrilyc trimming-Dimensions: front and depth equal to the kiosk, height 45 cm.-Components: pyramid and trimming.-Materials: front hardware squared piping ¾ with acrylic guidance rail , piping support ¾.


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D.Mobile shelving

F.Corner mobile

G.Inferior corner shelving

E.Fixed Shelving

-Dimensions: height 240 cm.-Components: 4 uprights with punching JJ, electric plug terminals of 120 volts in each upright, voice and data system in uprights 1 and 3.-Materials: plate caliber 16, regular pipe 2*1 caliber 18.

-Dimensions: height 151 cm ( including the cup), fronts: 133-88-53-183 cm, Lama fronts: 124-74-44-174 cm.-Components: exterior cover, cups, internal spring sys-tem, wrapping curtain-closing system, (aluminum) door strap, curtain upright. -Materials: plate caliber 14-20, rounded piping axis 5/8, stainless steel caliber 20, square piping hub 1”, polyurethane.

-Dimensions: height 95 cm (with no rollers) - Fronts: 145 - 195 - 95 – 65 cm- Depth: 40 cms-Components: side frame (folded plate caliber 18)- Internal and external cups (MDF 9mm)- Appliance( stainless steel caliber 20)- Hardwearing( rectangular piping 40*20)- 3 posterior uprights - Inferior and superior cup. Warehouse (MDF 18)- Guidance Rail, inferior and superior doors.- Anodized aluminum- Giraffe type racks ( plate caliber 16)- Giraffe type racks ( plate caliber 16)- Doors (MDF-15)- Sheet and hanging rail- Electric system tray- Superior illumination tray- Front side glass and shelving( glass 6mm)- Superior glass (glass 10mm)- Rollers- Superior/side illumination (optional)

-Dimensions: Height 95 cm ( with no rollers)- Front: 73cm.- Depth: 40cm.-Components: Platen base ( plate caliber 14)- Appliance ( stainless Steel caliber 20)- Front glass support ( plate caliber 14)- 2 glass shelving ( glass 4mm)- Curved front glass 6mm- Illumination screen ( plate caliber 20)- Superior illumination- Rollers.

*Has the same characteristics of the Corner mobile shelving device, it only changes the fact that this one has levelers instead of rollers.

H.Superior corner shelving-Dimensions: Height 95cm, Front: 73cm, depth 40cm-Components: - Base (MDF 30)- Superior cup (MDF 15)- Posterior Cup ( MDF 18 and 9)- Supporting pipe (round piping 1” caliber 18)- Side glasses (glass 6mm)- Superior illumination

*Has the same characteristics of the mobile shelving device, it only changes the fact that this one has level-ers instead of rollers.

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A.Totem E.Corner inferior mobile

F.Corner inferior fixed

B.Mobile shelving

D.Corner superior

-Dimensions: Height 240 cm-Components: Upright (200cm, plate caliber 14)- Voice and data recorders- Cup (plate caliber 16)- Platen base fixation ( plate caliber 11)- Advertising screen.

-Dimensions : Height 95cm ( no rollers)- Front: 73 cm- Depth: 40 cm-Components: warehousing (rectangular piping 1* ½- caliber 18)- Front glass ( glass 6mm)- Superior Cup (MDF 25)- Superior and inferior appliance and rail- Guide ( stainless steel)- Shelving (glass 4mm)- Superior illumination- rollers

*It has the same characteristics of the corner inferior mobile, but instead of rollers this one has levelers.

*It has the same characteristics of the Kiosk Mobile Shelving.

*It has the same characteristics of the Kiosk Fixed Shelving

-Dimensions: Height 91 cm- Front : 73 cm- Depth 40 cm-Components: Glass door (glass 6mm)- Glass body (glass 6mm)- Superior glass (glass 10mm)







C.Fixed Shelving