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Collin County’s Doing More with Less. How Collin County’s ITIL Framework has worked to do more with less. Agenda. Background TAGITM 6/8/2008 – ITIL Presentation Where we were The Process Focus on individual areas defining the process The Results Customer Satisfaction Agility within IT. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Collin Countys Doing More with LessHow Collin Countys ITIL Framework has worked to do more with less.

AgendaBackground TAGITM 6/8/2008 ITIL PresentationWhere we wereThe ProcessFocus on individual areas defining the processThe ResultsCustomer SatisfactionAgility within ITThe Traditional Organization3IT Delivery & Support ModelFinancialManagementBudgeting Accounting ChargingService DeliveryService SupportService Level ManagementService Level ManagementAvailability ManagementCapacityManagementIT ServiceContinuityManagementIT Service Delivery & PlanningIncident & Problem Lifecycle ManagementIncidentManagementProblem ManagementChange ManagementConfiguration ManagementReleaseManagementInfrastructure Change ManagementFront OfficeBack Office4Support Process ModelITSM Process Meta-Data ModelThe Business, Customers, Or UsersIncidentsDifficulties, Queries, etc.Updates, Workaround, etc.Service Desk FunctionSystemsManagementToolsCustomer Survey ReportsReleasesIncidentManagementProblemManagementChangeManagementReleaseManagementConfigurationManagementChangesService ReportsIncidents StatsAudit ReportsProblem StatsTrend AnalysisProblem ReportsProblem ReviewsKnown ErrorsAudit ReportsChange ScheduleCAB MinutesChange StatsChange ReviewsAudit ReportsRelease ScheduleRelease StatsRelease ReviewsSecure LibraryAudit ReportsCMDB ReportsCMDM StatsPolicy StandardsInput AssessmentsAudit Reports5Delivery Process ModelITSM Process Meta-Data ModelThe Business, Customers, Or UsersServiceLevelManagementFinancialManagementAvailabilityManagementCapacityManagementIT ServiceContinuityManagementFinancial PlanTypes & ModelsCost & ChargesReportsBudget & ForecastsAudit ReportsAvailability PlanAMDBDesign CriteriaTargets/ThresholdsReportsAudit ReportsCapacity PlanCDBTargets/ThresholdsCapacity ReportsSchedulesAudit ReportsContinuity PlanRisk AnalysisControl CentersDR ContractsReportsAudit Reports

RequirementsTargetsAchievementsSystemsManagementToolsAlerts&ExceptionsSLA, SLRs, OLAsService ReportsService CatalogSIPException ReportsAudit Reports6ITILs Maturity ModelLevelITILs Maturity Model - Characterization5OptimizedProcess has strategic objectives that are institutionalized, self-contained improvements creating a pre-emptive capability.4ManagedProcess fully accepted in IT, with targets based on business goals. Proactive and integrated with other IT service management processes3DefinedDocumented process with process owner, but no formal recognition of its role in IT.Clearly defined and occasionally proactive2Repeatable

Process activities are uncoordinated, without direction, focused on process effectiveness.Defined processes and procedures, largely reactive1InitialLittle process management activity.Loosely defined processes and procedures, totally reactive, irregular unplanned activitiesSource: ITIL: Planning to Implement Service Management (2002, p.187-190)Collin County ITIL / ISOPlanTransformRunBuild Service Delivery Service SupportApplication Development and MaintenanceProblem ManagementDatabase AdministrationData WarehouseSystem Testing and Support Internet / IntranetService DeskLevel 1 and 2 Infrastructure Service SupportNetwork SupportServer SupportDesktop and Printer SupportMid-Range OperationsData Center Operations

Project Management and DeliveryChange ManagementIT Budget and MetricsDemand ManagementEnterprise Architecture ServicesIT Strategy and PlanningIT Quality AssuranceApplication and Data Architecture StandardsApplication Portfolio Management (CAP)R&D ResearchBusiness Continuity and Disaster RecoveryAudit LiaisonEnterprise Security Office

Process - Progress2008Day to Day Operations Service SupportTransform Team Focus on where were heading2009Infrastructure Building the foundationPMO Office Begins2010Enhance PMO with Business AnalysisFocus on Build / Applications Teams

09 Audit Measurements

09 Audit Results

09 Audit Results

Matrix Management for PFPs October 1, 2010 project managers wrote PFP objectives, matrix management extended past the EAS team into Security and PMO

Executive SummaryOrganizational Change Plan and Project teams moved to perspective areas Complete October 1, 2010

Initiate the Business Analyst Role Began training in October 2010 Customer Advocates ramped up business meetings.

Refocus on Project Management Office October 1, 2010 simplified PMO, completed additional awareness meetings and enforced PMO process for projects.

Plan alignment of goals to projects October 2010 goals align with business goals at that time.

Clearly define ITIL Processes This was part of the PFPs this year and divided among the management team to complete.Application / Development Roadmap in progressON TARGET

2010 Audit Results 2010 Audit Results

2010 Audit Results

Collin County InfrastructureThe Old and New Designs

The way it used to work showing a real rack diagram in the Collin County data centerCollin County Infrastructure

Collin County Virtual InfrastructureHow it works today with virtualization

ResultsThe IBM Beacon award information is on the IBM website now. ( )

The award page is where our solution (submitted by Sirius) won in the Technical Excellence Category beating Runners up Virtech Solutions (Jordan) and Sogeti (France) as the best Overall Technical solution in the world! Not just Collin county, or Texas, or USA, but beat out all solutions from all countries in the world for technical excellence.

Collin Countys Virtual Infrastructureand DMZ EnvironmentHow Collin Countys Virtual Environment Works Together