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    E Lichtbericht 88

    Published in July 2009

    Sheikh Zayed Mosque

    Outstanding achievements byartists, craftsmen and technicians

    from around the world, combined

    in a majestic act to provide an over-all view of fascinating opulence:

    the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu

    Dhabi, the ultimate in religiousbuildings. Speirs and Major Associ-

    ates, the lighting designers, opted

    for vertical illuminance and con-

    cealed light sources a conceptthat seems made for ERCO light-

    ing tools.

  • 7/27/2019 En Erco Lb88


    ERCO Lichtbericht 88 1

    Over the past 75 years, ERCO has advancedfrom a supplier of individual luminaires forprivate use to a leading manufacturer of pro-fessional lighting systems for architecturalapplications. Based on our ongoing concept ofLight, not luminaires, we continue to occupya strong position that will actively enable usto help shape the changes taking place in theluminaire industry. Energy efficiency innova-tions for lighting installations introduced bycombining lighting control systems and LEDlight systems lead us to believe that there is stilla great deal more potential for us to continue

    to make a relevant contribution to architecturallighting in the future.

    Barely 75 years young, we are thus at thebeginning of an exciting development that isonce again set to change the company over thenext few years. At ERCO, we are all the moredelighted that we can present numerous newproducts and technologies relating to LEDs andother major lighting control developments inthe year of our anniversary. Under the motto ofefficient visual comfort, these developmentsexcellently complement each other in provid-ing a modern lighting system; both efficient inits use of energy and effective in ensuring visualcomfort and all based on cutting-edge lightingtechnology.

    Our products are developed within theconflicting nature of culture and technology.It gets exciting whenever we are involved intechnical solutions to cultural challenges of aspecific nature. One such example is the SheikhZayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Even to experi-enced lighting professionals, the mosque mustappear like a dream from the Thousand andOne Nights. Speirs and Major Associates havemade this dream become a lighting design real-ity. We were privileged to be involved in both

    indoor and outdoor aspects of this project.One of the success secrets of ERCOs founder,

    Arnold Reininghaus, was his boundless trust inthe younger generation. Well trust is good, buteducation is better. In addition to our own in-house training and f urther education measures,ERCO has also offered lighting seminars for stu-dents and architects in the past few years. Onesuch student workshop of a very special naturewas held within the scope of the great AnnieLeibovitz Retrospective exhibition in Berlin.Guided by curator Felix Hoffmann and aided byERCO staff, students here had the opportunityto apply themselves and arrange the lightingfor the exhibition. No doubt, an intensive andenriching experience for all those involved.ERCO Lichtbericht

    ImprintPublisher: Tim H. MaackEditor in Chief: Martin KrautterDesign/Layout: Simone Heinze, Christoph SteinkePrinting: Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH, Gtersloh

    1028732000 2009 ERCO

    Tim Henrik Maack


    Background: Light follows thecurator not the reverseby Werner Lippert

    Curatorial lightAn object study

    Lighting LeibovitzWithin the setting of an ERCO LightingWorkshop, students place the greatAnnie Leibovitz Retrospective in Berlinin the right light.







    In addition to many exciting projects, our anni-versary Lichtbericht also features an article onERCO itself. 75 light years describes the historyof change at ERCO: from the basic idea of theindustrial production of luminaires to the trans-formation into an architectural lighting pro-vider and onto a specialist in l ighting softwareand hardware. In the change from the analogueto the digital world of lighting, the chronicles ofERCO present a piece of retrospective industrialhistory, reflecting the culture of innovation atthe company. We have already progressed somedistance along this exciting path and we can-

    not wait to see what is still ahead of us. At thispoint, I particularly want to thank our custom-ers without whom this development would nothave been possible; and a big thank you also toall our staff, who have dedicated themselves toour development with amazing creativity.

    New Products 2009LED technology spotlights

    Efficient visual comfort

    FocusLighting design using lumen categories:Technology

    Double focusLighting design using lumen categories:Design











    Museo Superior de Bellas ArtesPalacio Ferreyra, CrdobaThe redesigned Palacio Ferreyra featuresa Light System DALI installation to pro-vide optimal lighting conditions.

    L'Almoina Archaeological Centre,ValenciaThe redesigned Archaeological Centresets the scene most effectively for awalk into the past.

    Museo de Bellas Artes, GranadaNew light for the art collection inthe building complex of the famousAlhambra of Granada

    Igreja da Santssima Trindade, FtimaThe sanctuary of this contemporary reli-gious building at the Portuguese placeof pilgrimage has some 8800 seats,

    making it one of the largest churches inthe world.

    75 light yearsA review of ERCOs company history onthe 75th anniversary of its foundation.

    About this issue


    Bright prospects




    Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

    The vision of a modern Islamic ruler hasbecome a reality with outstandingartistic and technical achievements fromall over the world.


    60 Backlights

    Contents About this issue

    Light & Technology

    Photographs (Page):Andreu Adrover (61), Frieder Blickle (3), CharlesCrowell (U1, 6-15), ERCO image archive (32-47),Andreas J. Focke (2, 3), Bernd Hoff (2, 58-59),Aksel Karcher (28), David Kuntzsch (22-25), JoshuaLieberman (3), Thomas Mayer (3, 52-55, 56-57 ),Rudi Meisel (2, 4-5), Thomas Pflaum (3), RogerioReis (49-51), Alexander Ring (20-21, 26-27), RupertSteiner (2), Kay-Chin Tay (61), Dirk Vogel (1, 60),Sabine Wenzel (U4).

    Translation: Lanzillotta Translations, Dsseldorf

  • 7/27/2019 En Erco Lb88


    ERCO Lichtbericht 88 ERCO Lichtbericht 88 3


    BarcelonaThe Crculo de Lectores book

    club foundation is an institutionin Spain and boasts famous honor-ary members such as King Juan

    Carlos and Gnter Grass. Its cul-tural centre is a fitting testimonyto functional elegance. Black mar-

    ble flooring and columns dictatethe appearance of the multifunc-tional rooms which are divided

    into a library, exhibition gallery andauditorium. The premises are illu-minated by ERCO. Optec spotlights

    add accents to the exhibits anddownlights provide the ambientlighting.

    Centro Cultural FundacinCrculo de Lectores, Barcelona

    Architect and lighting design:Jordi Garcs, Barcelona

    DsseldorfThe face of the E.ON energy con-

    cern is given a prestigious andmodern expression in the form ofthe new Corporate Centre. New

    kinds of high-quality materials anda lighting system with glare-freedownlights and wallwashers creat-

    ing an elegant unity between lightand the clean architectural lines.

    E.ON Corporate Centre, DsseldorfArchitect: bsp archtitekten,Bochum

    KarlsruheIn the modern, indoor water park,beneath the two roof halves that

    span the baths like giant wings,Parscoop wallwashers, Paratecrecessed spotlights and Cylinder

    downlights, all rated to IP65 pro-

    tection, provide safe and variablelighting for the various pool areasand spatial zones.

    Europabad, KarlsruheArchitect: Geier & Geier, Stuttgartwww.europabad-karlsruhe.de

    MeranTrauttmansdorff Castle near Meranis home to the South Tirol M useum

    of Tourism. Pollux and Jilly spot-lights and Starpoint pendant lumi-naires are used in the rooms. Prob-

    ably the most famous former guest,the Empress Elisabeth or Sissi, ishonoured with a sculpture in the

    entrance foyer, which is scenicallyilluminated with Beamer projec-tors.

    Touriseum, MeranArchitect: Tacus & Didon, Bozen


    StuttgartThe lighting concept for the newcafeteria at WGV insurers wonan IALD Award of Merit in May

    2009. The interplay of direct anddiffuse light is produced by theinteraction of Skim downlights,

    the ceiling shape and suspendedreflective elements.

    WGV Cafeteria, StuttgartInterior design: ippolito fleitzgroup, Stuttgart

    Lighting design: Gerd Pfarr,Pfarr Lighting Design, Munich

    Esch-sur-AlzetteThe lighting of the town-hallsquare in Luxembourgs secondlargest city concentrates purely on

    what is essential. Tesis in-groundluminaires illuminate the trees,while Beamer spotlights provide

    accent lighting on the square. Theyare mounted on three obelisks thatalso serve as flagpoles.

    Place de lhtel de ville, Esch-sur-Alzette

    Architect: cba Christian Bauer &Associs Architectures, LuxemburgLighting design: Gerd Pfarr,

    Pfarr Lighting Design, Munich

    ViennaOlafur Eliassons installation

    provides a fascinating spectaclealong the facade of the Verbund"building. With the onset of dark-

    ness, artificial fog, illuminated withyellow light by concealed vary-chrome Focalflood floodlights, rises

    from the ground in an installationintended to symbolise the change

    of the diurnal rhythm, the transi-tion from day to night.

    Yellow Fog, Verbund AG, ViennaArtist: Olafur Eliasson, Berlin

    BerlinFollowing a