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Engaging Events Easy Ways and Green Suggestions To Connect Virtual and Natural Worlds Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center @ronmader • planeta.com • 01.2015

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Upgrading conferences, congresses and workshops with on the ground and online interaction More info on Planeta.com http://planeta.wikispaces.com/events How is your conference green? http://planeta.wikispaces.com/ecoconference Wi-Fi http://planeta.wikispaces.com/wifi LinkedIn http://lnkd.in/7_7FnU


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Engaging Events Easy Ways and Green Suggestions

To Connect Virtual and Natural Worlds

Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

@ r o n m a d e r • p l a n e t a . c o m •  0 1 . 2 0 1 5

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Proposal It’s time to upgrade conferences, congresses, trade shows and workshops

with on the ground AND online interaction

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All events can be •  more eco •  more open

•  more inclusive •  more fun

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Natural World

Virtual World

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Upcoming Events

Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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Social Web Checklist for Event Organizers

1.  What is the event’s hashtag? 2.  Are you scheduling Google+ hangouts? 3.  Do you share the Twitter handles of your

speakers, sponsors and participants? 4.  Does the event have live streaming video? 5.  What are recommendations for remote


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Social Web Scenarios for Event Organizers

1.  If you do not tweet, we cannot retweet you 2.  If the event does not have a hashtag, we cannot

follow the conversation 3.  If the event does not have live video, we cannot

livetweet the conversation 4.  If you do not register remote participants, you

won’t know how many the event has touched

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Empowering Locals Checklist for Event Organizers

1.  How will locals benefit during the event? 2.  Can locals host satellite events? 3.  What are your recommendations for locals?

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Legacy Checklist for Event Organizers

1.  What will be the legacy of the event and how can this be monitored?

2.  How will you encourage follow-up? 3.  Where will documents be archived? 4.  Where will videos be archived? 5.  Will there be post event Google+ hangouts?

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photo @ronmader

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Photo: NASA, Curiosity landing on Mars

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#NetHui Twitter Wall

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Photo: Rodger Hanson

9-11 JULY

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Those not in the room play a critical role in event feedback and amplification loops.

Remote Participants

Aivar Ruukel

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How is your conference


¿Cómo es tu conferencia verde? @ r o n m a d e r

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Photo: Dermot O'Gorman

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2o Congreso de Áreas Protegidas

Foto @ParquesColombia Bogota, Colombia

parquesnacionales.gov.co • #iicongresoareas

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t w i t t e r . c o m / a d z e b i l l

S k e t c h n o t e s f o r @ b r e w s t e r _ k a h l e ’ s k e y n o t e a t # N D F 2 0 1 4

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#whtravelbloggers Twitter Wall

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Photo: Kanyinke Sena

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Decentralizing Events •  Are there satellite events?

•  Are there parallel events?

•  How open is event preparation?

•  How open is event evaluation?

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Satellite Events Photo: NASA

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Photo: Black Country Museums

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You can't just throw people who come from different perspectives in a room, lock the door and come back in an hour and expect them to have solved these problems. It takes time for people to develop a shared vernacular. It takes engineered serendipity, the creation of serendipitous moments in which people can begin to decode each other's professional vernacular and build their own shared vocabulary. And it's from there that we see an emergent soup of nascent collaborations emerge. – Andrew Zolli


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The Law of Two Feet

If people find themselves in situations where they are neither learning nor contributing, they are responsible for moving to another place -- using their two feet to find a place where their participation is more meaningful.


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Photo @ Tripbod

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Minimum Standards What are minimum standards for …

•  An international event?

•  A local event?

•  An online event?

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Evaluating Events •  Are provocative questions asked?

•  Are provocative questions answered?

•  Are there ways to connect with locals?

•  What sort of preview is available? And when?

•  What sort of recap is available? And when?

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Good Practices •  Accessibility

•  Diversity and Local Engagement

•  Food Recycling or Compost

•  Free Wi-Fi and Live streaming

•  Public Transportation

•  Transparency

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@ Martin Hatchuel, This Tourism Week

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What do we expect from events?

photo @ronmader

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photo @ronmader

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photo @ronmader

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Local Shopping

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Connecting Worlds •  Free Wi-Fi

•  Live streaming Video

•  Directory of Participants

•  Event Hashtag

•  Integrated use of the Social Web

Page 83: Engaging events

Social Web Starters •  Hashtag

•  Live Video and Archive

•  Flickr Albums and Groups

•  Google+ Hangouts / Google Docs Transcript

•  Slideshare archive of presentations

•  Wiki

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When events fail to

meet expectations, what are our options?

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Red Flag Events •  Closed Door Sessions

•  Speakers not paid

•  Locals excluded

•  Reading presentations

•  Dictating what can be tweeted

Photo @ Rutger van Waveren

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Are speakers spending more time in transit than at the event?

Photo @ Rutger van Waveren

Red Flag!

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Evaluating Events •  How does the event benefit participants?

•  How does the event benefit locals?

•  Does the event benefit those not in the room?

•  Is there a survey to rate the event?

Page 88: Engaging events

Recommendations •  Free Wi-Fi

•  Live streaming and Archived Videos

•  Public Photo Safaris and Sound Walks

•  Contests and Awards

•  Wiki !

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What are your suggestions for more engaging events?

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KUDOS Kurt Ackermann

Aurora Bazan Rogelio Ballesteros

Ethan Gelber Martin Hatchuel

Oliver Hillel Anders Kärrstedt Catherine Mack

Aivar Ruukel Kanyinke Sena

Carlos and Lucero Topete Grupo Lula’a

Guerreros de Oaxaca Creative Commons

First Friday Las Vegas Parques Nacionales de Colombia

Future Tense NASA


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