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English Test Unit 3 Name:_____________________________ Date:__________________ Grade: SeventhOFV: Escuchar textos simples y reconocer informacin especfica. Leer textos simples e identificar informacin especfica. Reconocer vocabulario y estructuras gramaticales bsicas. Aprendizaje esperado 1. Escuchar texto simple y seleccionar la informacin correcta. 2. Leer texto simple e identificar informacin especfica. 3. Utilizar estructuras gramaticales y vocabulario clave.






Parte 1 Aprendizaje Esperado N1


Indicador 1: Escuchar texto y completar las oraciones con las palabras faltantes. 1. Listen to the recording and fill in the blanks in the following sentences. (9 points) a. __________________________ is the most _________ ____________ in the world. b. Each __________________ tries to control the ____________________. c. The ____________________ is to _________ __ _________. Indicador 2: Escuchar texto y encerrar las partes del cuerpo correctas. 2. Listen to the recording and circle the parts of the body that are used when playing this sport. (5 points)

Parte 2 Aprendizaje Esperado N2

Indicador 3: Leer texto e identificar a quien pertenece cada oracin. 3. Read the text and identify. (5 points) a. b. c. d. e. He came close to winning Wimbledon in 2000, but he didnt reach the final. ______________________ The origin of the score system in tennis. ____________________ A great male tennis player.___________________ The woman that won more titles at Wimbledon. ______________________________ The kind of court where this tournament is played. ____________________________

Indicador 4: Leer texto e identificar a quien pertenece cada oracin. 4. Read the text and match the phrases in columns A and B. (4 points) A When the tennis started. An important year for the Wimbledon tournament. Money that the womens champion gets. Money that the mens champion gets. B 1. 2. 3. 4. $750.000 1.000 years ago $750.000 1968

a. b. c. d.

Parte 3 Aprendizaje Esperado N3 Indicador 5: Escribir comparaciones usando los adjetivos dados. 5. Write comparisons using the adjectives in the box. (8 points)

a. b. c. d.

Football Golf ____________________________________________________________________________ Tennis Hockey __________________________________________________________________________ Parachuting Cycling. ______________________________________________________________________ Water rafting Swimming ___________________________________________________________________

Indicador 6: Escribir las formas pasadas de los verbos irregulares. 6. Write the past forms of the irregular verbs. (6 points) go ________________ buy _______________ do _______________ make ___________________ have _________________ take _______________

Indicador 7: Completar las oraciones usando pasado simple o pasado continuo segn correspinda. 7. Complete the sentences using past continuous or past simple. (6 points)