experimenting with ‘fun;’ ‘fun’ with experimenting

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Experimenting with ‘Fun;’ ‘Fun’ With Experimenting What the (Von) Hayek Do You Think You’re Doing?

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Experimenting with ‘Fun;’ ‘Fun’ With Experimenting. What the (Von) Hayek Do You Think You’re Doing?. The Content of the Audience is more important than The Content of the Talk. This Talk is About…. An Effective/Affective Innovation Methodology Emphasizing Competitive Experimental Designs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Experimenting with Fun;Fun With Experimenting What the (Von) Hayek Do You Think Youre Doing?

  • The Content of the Audienceis more important thanThe Content of the Talk

  • This Talk is About.An Effective/Affective Innovation MethodologyEmphasizing Competitive Experimental Designs

    - 5X5 X-Teams

  • Not Publish or Perish butDemo or Die

  • Demo or Die Dynamism - What else?Who else?How elseWhy not?

  • I research/advise/exploreBehavioral Economics of Experimentation & Innovation in Organizations

    Via their Models, Prototypes & Simulations

  • Games

  • Noun & VerbDesign Competition

  • Bruneschellis Dome 1419

  • X-Prize

  • ARDC 6.270

  • DeKas FIRST

  • What kind ofDesign Competition?

  • Combining Affect & EffectLightweight;Heavy Impact;Fun

  • My Unit of Design/CompetitionFromPlaying with Prototypes to Proposing Experiments Portfolios

  • Why Experiments?

  • Customer Focus? A Failed 80/20/20

  • You will be theCEO

  • You dont have to be the CEO to be the Chief Experiments Officer

  • The CEOs Deliverable:A Portfolio of Testable Business Hypotheses that Matter!

  • A Hypothesis Frames a Challenge An Organizing Principle for Convening Teams Can Identify, Incorporate & Influence Adoption

  • ExperimentA Structured, Easily Replicable Process to Test a Hypothesis

  • Designing The X-Teams5X5

  • 5X5 X-Teams 5 People/5 Days 5 Experiments $5,000 5 Weeks $5,000,000 [Growth or Savings]

  • X Teams: [Liberating Constraints] Cross-functional/Well-Regarded Talent Hard Deadline/Defined Deliverable/No Budget Self-Managing Present to Top Management Peer & Executive Review

  • The X-Format Whats the Perceived Problem/Issue/Opportunity? Why does It matter? Whats the Business Hypothesis? What Experiment(s) conform to the 5X5 criteria?

  • Make Compelling Business Hypotheses Simple & Simple Business Hypotheses Compelling

  • Seek to Perform Simple Experiments Fast

  • Seek to Perform Fast Experiments Cheap

  • Seek Results That Speak for Themselves

  • Fun-damental Value(s)Be Warren Buffetts of Experimentation

  • ideology:Do you experiment to extend your values or to challenge them?

  • The Design GameCompeting Hypotheses&Competing Experiments&Competing Portfolios&Competing Presentations

  • SeatMaps Contiguous Seating N>2

  • Gedankenexperiment: What text, call or site should an in-store customer make?

  • Amazon Recommendation Engine [Greg Linden]I hacked up a prototype. On a test site, I modified the Amazon.com shopping cart page to recommend other items you might enjoy adding to your cart. Looked pretty good to me. I started showing it around

    At this point, I was told I was forbidden to work on this any further. I was told Amazon was not ready to launch this feature. It should have stopped there. Instead, I prepared the feature for an online test. I believed in shopping cart recommendations. I wanted to measure the sales impact.

  • 5X5 X-teamsLessons Learned

  • Because when we stop, it feels good

  • Lessons LearnedProfessional Development

  • The Most Influential and Product of Simple, Fast, Cheap and Compelling Experiments Isnt The Results, Its The Experimenters

  • 5X5 X-teamsCrafting a Good Business Hypothesis is Hard

    (This surprised me!)

  • 5X5 X-teamsArticulating Their X-Portfolio Philosophy Proved Challenging

  • Lessons LearnedA Fantastic Window for Senior Leadership

  • 5X5 X-teamsPortfolio Gaps As Revealing as Portfolio Priorities

  • The X-HeuristicIf You Cant Afford to Have It Fail,It Isnt an Experiment

  • What Experiments Arent:Validation

  • Oxymoron AlertPassionatelyDispassionate

  • X-Team Issues: Single-Idea Zealots Frustration Follow-up Top Management Challenged Put Up or Shut Up Upsets Analysis Culture(s) Get Nervous

  • Lessons Learned/ Design vs Develop vs Deploy50%

  • Were not smarter or better but...

    The reason why we are on a higher imaginative level is not because we have finer imaginations, but because we have better instruments. In science, the most important thing that has happened over the last forty years is the advance in instrumental design.

    A.N. Whitehead An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Natural Knowledge Cambridge University Press 1925

  • in case of [email protected]

  • Innovation EconomicsThe 80/20/20 Vision

  • How can we model/capture:80% of the Necessary Information in 20% of the Time; and with20% of the Resources