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Ferrer Bassa: A Man of Mystery

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Ferrer Bassa: A Man of Mystery

Ferrer Bassa: A Man of Mystery Lindsey ManasBackgroundOne of the most prolific artists who came from Catalonia region of Spain Although commissioned for many works, only few surviveMajor 2 surviving worksHis fresco in PedralbesHis Book of Hours of Mary of Navarre

ThesisAlthough Ferrer Bassa is known for being a facet of Catalonian art in the middle ages, his most notable works: The Book of Hours for Maria of Navarre and St. Michaels Chapel in Pedralbes are essentially Italian for clear employment of highly similar technique. Book of Hours1342, King Pedro inquires for his wife Maria of Navarre to receive a book of hours in ValenciaSiennese influence Millard MeissUse of quatrocento figure

Basic Info about Pedralbes1326, Elisonda de Moncado, Queen of Jaime II (crown of Aragon) created Pedralbes as a convent for the Poor ClaresHer niece Francesca Saportella I of Pine, commissioned Bassa in 1346 to paint a fresco in St. Michaels Chapel within The name comes from the Latin, petras albas (white stones), which evolved into the Catalan pedras albas, named after the high quality of white stone used St. Michaels Chapel (Pedralbes)


Notable scenes within PedralbesSt. Peters arrestMary at the foot of the crossThe descent of Nicodermos Expressiveness, personality, individualizationOverall depicts scenes from the life of Christ and Franciscan saints

MaterialsAzurite that has oxidized to malachite greenFlesh tones were painted in lead white that has oxidized into blackKnown for smooth brush strokes,diffusionwithouthardnessorchromatic contrasts


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