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This proposal was presented to the Franklin, MA School Committee meeting on 12/8/09. This is a teacher lead proposal for integrating arts and traditional curriculum to better meet student educational requirements.


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The Franklin Arts Academy

Alec Marshall

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Mission Statement

The Franklin Arts Academy will inspire students to learn through the Arts. As a nurturing community, the Academy will be a space where students can flourish within an academic and cultural climate

that promotes creation, individuality, and critical thinking through an

integrated, project-based curriculum.

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The Vision

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Overarching Goals

To create a small learning community that provides students with the skills and opportunities that will foster artistic growth through active participation, engaging them in their own learning.

To connect with and provide culture for the community-at-large. To teach the students 21st century skills for our ever-changing

and interdependent world. To provide a learning environment that is heterogeneous, where

students can demonstrate their abilities and growth through assessments that meet the levels of proficiency for college entrance.

To introduce work experience through the exploration of employment, internships, and graduate educational opportunities.

To create a thriving art scene.

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The Franklin Arts Academy

Teacher Driven Small Learning Community Student Engagement Budget Neutral Same High Standards 2010 Start with 11th grade(25-30 students) 2012 Fully up and running with Grades10-12

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FAA Fall 2010

Start with 11th Grade 25-30 Students Cohort Model Arts = ‘Creative Literacy’ Rigorous Curriculum integrating the arts with

academics utilizing a common theme, content, and skills.

The Arts are Social commentary: Creative Literacy in the 20h Century.

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New Courses

FAA Creative Literacy: This 11th grade year long, integrated studio course is designed to build skills in each of the five arts areas (Music Production, Theater, Video Production, Visual Arts, and Architecture) while developing creative problem-solving, and risk-taking abilities.

FAA Humanities: This 11th grade integrated Humanities course allows

students to make connections focusing on culture and events in literature’s context or background as they relate to plot, theme, and character development. This integration furthers the progression of verbal, perceptual, imaginative, critical thinking , reading, and writing skills.

FAA Mathematics and Science III: This 11th grade integrated math and physical science course will emphasize the relationship and application of mathematics and physical science principles to real-life situations encountered in the arts.

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Areas of Arts Integration

Visual Art Into Humanities:• The Sun Also Rises• Art as protest-Art of Post WWI

and early 1920’s• Study Late Cubism (Picasso)

and German Expressionism• Students identify 21st Century

topics of protest• Students create a collage or

print to embody their protest message in visual form

Art Connections with Math/Science:• Video Production: Parabola, arch

of a basketball• Theater-Use logarithms to map

the sound intensity of the auditorium

• Architecture: Understanding the physical science of load, structure, and force.

• Music: Using trigonometry to…?

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FAA Student Profile

Open to all students Students apply for admission Application procedure looks at the

whole student: grades, arts ability, and passion

Panel of teachers and support personnel review applications

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Student Eligibility

The application process is designed to give all students a sufficient opportunity to demonstrate their ability, commitment, and passion. All students with all levels of abilities, skill, and experience are encouraged to apply.

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Student Support

Dedicated Guidance Counselor to the program

Dedicated Special Education Liason

Students will be assigned to a teacher as mentor

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FAA…. a work in Progress