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Further techniques Hannah Mizen

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  • 1. Further techniques Hannah Mizen

2. Multimedia Photography Multimedia photography is where an artist takes their photography, but combines it with other kinds of media, hence multimedia. Their photography can be combined with a number of different kinds of media, from print based to electronic, like paint or videos. There are two different ways to combine photography and other media together, this is electronically or by hand, also both can be combined. If an artist were to combine their photography with another media by hand they could use other photographs, to make a collage, they could also use thread by sewing into the photographs, painting or drawing on to photographs, sticking things on to the photographs like fabrics and text. Photographers who have used these techniques are Maurizio Anzeri, Annegret Soltau and David Cata. Another way artists can create multimedia photography is by using electronic media, with computers. Artists can include their photography into film or make their photos into film, like a stop motion film made with their photos. Their photos can also be created into gifs, which are images that continually repeat a pattern of switching around. Music can also be added with photos when shown in an exhibition and this would also be classed as multimedia as the music is changing the perspective of the images and how the are perceived. These photos can also be displayed in different ways, like on canvas, printed on a wall, framed, block mounted or projected on to a wall. Media done by hand and media done on the computer can also be combined by scanning the hand made piece into the computer makes it available to change on the computer. 3. Harris Shutter Photography The Harris Shutter photography was originally created in film cameras, by using a strip device with 3 different colour filters invented by Robert Harris. The different colours appear on the finished picture because of how the light is exposed on the film, the shutter is open for a long time so when the different colour filters are put through the lens at different times and the things that are moving are captured in the different colours, then the parts of the photo that have stayed still during the shutter being open will be displayed in normal colour, so on the finished image you get different colours of the moving subject matters, depending on the subject matter the colours can come out quite differently e.g. when water or clouds have been taken as a picture with Harris shutter the colours are more subtle and closer together. Traditionally this is done with a film camera, but now technology has advanced and it is possible to create a Harris shutter effect on photoshop using a digital camera and not using a long shutter speed, making this method more reliable. To create the Harris shutter on photo shop what you have to do is get 3 pictures all with the same background, but the subject matter will move into 3 different places. Then on photoshop you change the different layers to the green, purple and red, the opacity would also have to be changed so the layers look like they have been captured in the moment, and to also make it look more authentic and close to the real Harris shutter. 4. Multiple Exposure Photography Multiple exposure photography is where two or more images are taken and layered over each other to create one layered image. Traditionally double or multiple exposures were first created on film, where the photographer would have already taken one image, which that piece of film is already used, but then they use it again a second time to take another image, so there is essentially 2 images on one piece of film creating a textured and layered single image. Usually photographers would chose one subject matter as an object or a scene then the subject matter for the second exposure would be an added person to create a ghostly like feel to the image. Now technology has advanced a great deal and you can now create double exposures on photoshop using layers and opacity images can be layered on top of each other with speed and ease, photos can also be cut out into shapes to edit the photo even further to give it texture and a different feeling.