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1. I like this photo because there is goodlighting and the blue of the tardis reallycatches peoples attention. I also like itbecause not only is the effect usedabstract but also the item in the photo.Although it is clear the tardis is ripped Ithink this adds to the overall effect ofsomething a bit more homemade andunusual. 2. I like this photo because the light at thebottom of the photo draws your eyestowards the lower centre of the photo.The blank expression on the subjects faceevokes a raw and sombre feeling.Monochrome adds to the overall effect ofbeing a bare minimum photo and it alsohelps the shine of the light be the mainfocus of the photograph. 3. I like this photo because it is very eyecatching. The background is unfocusedwhich helps the bright colour of theflower stand out. The flower is nearly inthe centre of the photograph whichcreates a clear focal point and drawsattention to the small, dark insect on theflower; creating a strong contrast. 4. I like this photo because the use ofmonochrome creates a more classic feelto the picture and helps the viewer focussolely on the foreground of thephotograph. The picture is not initiallystriking however small details such as thefootballs and the posture of the girls adddepth to the photo.