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Lasse Lovén Development manager Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services Finland


  • 1.Lasse LovnDevelopment managerMetshallitus Natural Heritage ServicesFinland

2. More practical than theoretic Ideas derived from Finnish mythology Ideas developed in Finnish wilderness Experiences and education Models for developing edu-services Connecting forest to us 3. Growth, increment, Renewing Ecologicaladaptation Resilience Learning Understanding Experiencing Self estimation Development Wilderness 4. Walden Civil Disobedience 5. 4000 BC 1000 AD 6. Shelter Source of nutrients Social environment Learning andgrowth Survival Innovations Spirit Language 7. Berries, mushrooms Herbs Biodiversity Recreation Health Information Ecosystemservices 8. Resilience 9. Forest land in managed forests, 3.5million haPoorly productive and non-productiveland, 1.5 million ha (excluded fromforestry)Protected areas, wilderness reservesand other areas, 4.0 million haWater areas, 3.4 million haPublic water areasIn total 12.4 million ha 9 10. For hobbyists For nature lovers For schools For nature tourists For scientists For locals For SMEs 11. Engaging people is the key not somuch administrative managing whichmay alienate people from the parks(Alan Watson, Aldo Leopold Institute) 12. Youth Schools Seniors Natureenthusiasts Naturetourist Families 13. Supporting Provisioning AestheticSpiritual RegulatingEducational CulturalRecreational Constituents for well-being 14. Research in METLA And universities Global network Health trails Forest therapy Wilderness therapy Nature therapy Green prescription 15. Oral education Moral code Over generations Knowing-understanding Knowledge-wisdom Role models Largest collection inworld Finnish identity 16. Old and young Deep understanding-thin knowledge Penalty and revenge Basic conflict New beginning New issues 17. Non-adaption Cultural conflict Poor self-esteem Miss-understanding Bullying Struggle Unfortunate War Curse Sisu - guts 18. Love War Challenges Learning Not learning 19. Light -enlighten Road - trail Walking abovewaters Wandering Transformation Natures spirits Metaphor asedu-method Allegory as atool 20. Spiritualconnection lost Institutions weaken Traditionsforgotten New wheels - arethey rolling 21. Experimental physics Applied sciences Experience orientedtourism Experience education Green education Hands-on Methodsfor learning andunderstanding Learning adventuringor what 22. Deweys four basics 1. social interference 2. research andinnovations 3. doing andconstructing 4. artistic Connect school withsociety 23. Extra mural school Camp school Nature school Curriculum nature Learning environment Learning modules Edu-service network 24. MaterialContent Activities Cultural touch Byond dailyborders Natural touch Network service Multi-functionalbenefits 25. Highdemand Safety aschallenge Responsibility forteacherand serviceproducer Monitoringthe results Communityresilience 26. EduTourism is: 3-4 helix model: formal or informal education and life long learning scientific knowledge in unique natural, historical & educationalmulti-cultural environments tourism program or product understandingoffering service designparticipants travel to a location learning environmentwith the primary purpose of a managementlearning experience 27. Step 1. Recognise Stakeholders, experts and actors, Step 2. Analyse the integration of differentobjectives and the players Step 3. Analyse and create commitments on theroles of the players in the development process Step 4. Create an organisation with structure tosolve the issues of integration Step 5. Organise the Know-flow in the forest-eduservice development process and monitor theoutcomes. Step 6. Organise an effective communication andmarketing 28. Common model for environmentaleducation; integrationPublic authorities Business EnterprisesEducation expert organisationIntegration of the sector interests in the forest-edu services 29. ResearchThe basic& Edu.stakeholders expertiserecognised for theNGOs National For-edu serviceparkdevelopment For-EDUTourism Tourism SMEsServices MunicipalitySchool Region Gov. organizations 30. KEY ACTOR EXPERT TEAMFOREST-EDU FORUMLayers of the organisationin developing the forest-edu service 31. The network for the Key Actorof the forest-edu servicesNetworks Science and Edu- expertise Key Actor ENVMarketing Service managercoordinatorSupporting services 32. Outside the normalday New and strange Not easy Wild Safe but risky Resilience skillsneeded There and backagain 33. Hero Stranger -clue Motive togo to thetrail Tools Borderscrossed Innovationneeded What wasfound andlearnt