greek gods and goddesses

Entertainment, values of society, and explanation of nature

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Entertainment, values of society, and explanation of nature. Greek gods and goddesses. Uranos. King of Heaven Children were the Titans Wife of Gaia (old Mother Earth) Scared of children Overthrown by Titans Blood dripped into the sea and made Aphrodite. Gaia (Mother Earth). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Greek gods  and goddesses

Entertainment, values of society, and explanation of nature

Page 2: Greek gods  and goddesses

Uranos•King of Heaven

•Children were the Titans

•Wife of Gaia (old Mother Earth)

•Scared of children

•Overthrown by Titans

•Blood dripped into the sea and made Aphrodite

Page 3: Greek gods  and goddesses

Gaia (Mother Earth)•Married to Uranos

•Mother of the Titans

•Convinced Titans to overthrow Uranos

Page 4: Greek gods  and goddesses

Cyclops•Three cyclopes named: Thunderer, Lightener, and Shiner

•Some of the first Titans

•Parents were Uranos and Gaia

Page 5: Greek gods  and goddesses

Cronos and Rheia•Children were Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades

•Cronos feared children and swallowed them whole

•This relief depicts Rheia giving Cronos the rock wrapped in a blanket

•Brother and sister

•Both were Titans

Page 6: Greek gods  and goddesses

Prometheus•Son of a Titan

•Brother to Epimetheus

•Name means Forethought


•Made man out of clay

•Stole fire from heaven and gave to man

•Punished-chained to rock and an eagle ate his liver

Page 7: Greek gods  and goddesses

Epimetheus and Pandora•Married to each other

•Pandora opened jar of evil given to Epimetheus from Prometheus

•Epimetheus means afterthought

•Pandora gift from Zeus

Page 8: Greek gods  and goddesses

Zeus•Overthrew Cronos•Took Prometheus’ advice•Given lightning, thunderbolt, and thunder by cyclopes•Father/King of Heaven•Most powerful and strongest•Twelve wives•Feared Metis•Annoyed by Metis and Hera•Hung Hera from Heaven•Threw Hephaistos down•Head of the Olympian Household

Page 9: Greek gods  and goddesses

Poseidon•God of Sea


•Brother to Zeus

Page 10: Greek gods  and goddesses

Hades•God of the underworld

•Stole Persephone with Zeus’ help

•Tricked her into returning

•Guard dog Cerberos

•Given cap to make him invisible

Page 11: Greek gods  and goddesses

Hera•Wife/sister to Zeus

•Mother to Ares-god of war, Hebe-goddess of youth, and Eileithyia-goddess of birth

•Mother of Hephaistos

•Goddess of marriage

•Annoyed Zeus so he hung her from Heaven

Page 12: Greek gods  and goddesses

Hestia•Goddess of the hearth (hospitality, domesticity, family)

•Sister to Zeus


•Given high place in Olympian household by Zeus

Page 13: Greek gods  and goddesses

Demeter•Mother to Persephone

•Goddess of agriculture

•When Persephone is in Hades, Demeter kills all vegetation

•Explains the seasons

•Known as “New Mother Earth”

Page 14: Greek gods  and goddesses

Athena•Born from Zeus headache

•Daughter of Zeus and Metis

•Goddess of war or battles, skill, justice, crafts

•Born with full armor

•Became dressmaker

•Taught man to do many things

•Manly goddess

Page 15: Greek gods  and goddesses

Hephaistos•Son of Hera and Zeus



•Thrown from Heaven

•Married to Aphrodite

•Split open Zeus’ head

Page 16: Greek gods  and goddesses

Aphrodite•Goddess of love and beauty

•Married to Hephaistos

•Born from the sea

•Name means ocean foam

Page 17: Greek gods  and goddesses

Apollo•God of music and the bow•Twin brother of Artemis•Changed into a dolphin to guide a ship•Son of Leto and Zeus•Killed the dragon to save mankind•Built temple in Crissa•Born on Delos•Took over the sun•More feminine than Artemis

Page 18: Greek gods  and goddesses

Artemis•Twin sister of Apollo

•Goddess of hunting and archery


•Animals both protected and hunted by Artemis

•Took over the moon

•More manly than Apollo

Page 19: Greek gods  and goddesses

Pan•Half man and half goat

•Played the pan flute

•Fell in love with Echo

•Called to her and she returned it

•Herdsmen loved and feared him

Page 20: Greek gods  and goddesses

Hermes•Messenger of Zeus

•Stole Apollo’s cattle

•Made tortoise harp

•Leads ghosts of men down to Hades

•Overseer of contests at Olympos


•Did all of these things as a baby

•Son of Zeus and Maia

Page 21: Greek gods  and goddesses

Horai (seasons)•Law, Justice, Peace

•Controlled orderly life

•Represented values of society

Page 22: Greek gods  and goddesses

Nine muses (with Apollo)•More children of Zeus

•Muses inspired artists of all kinds

Page 23: Greek gods  and goddesses

Spinner, Portioner, Never-turn-back•Controllers of thread of life

•Daughters of Zeus

•Known as three fates

•Referred to destiny

Page 24: Greek gods  and goddesses

Bloom, Brightness, Merryheart (three graces)•Three other children of Zeus

•Look at photo

•What do you see?