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Guerilla marketing By Ryan Ball…

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Guerilla marketingBy Ryan Ball…


•What is Guerilla marketing -•Who developed G

uerilla marketing and why?-•What are its effect on advertising -•Examples -

What is Guerilla marketing?

•Guerilla marketing is a form advertising, in which pictures and words are cleverly used these can be about anything, and are a cheap and effective marketing strategy. They can be on floors, walls, busses or billboards.

•To see some of these strange yet clever adverts click here to see more.

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• The word Guerrilla marketing is named after Guerrilla warfare – a low cost type of warfare using the element of surprise. In marketing terms it means using low cost effective and startlingly positioned.

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Why is it effective?• It is effective as it is low cost and, if done well, easily

remembered it also can inspire people to make there own and it can also make people laugh, making it more likely they remember the project.

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