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Habits Of Mind Physical Education

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  • 1. Habits Of MindPhysical Education

2. Whos WhoTHINK-PAIR-SHARE1. What sport is being played (RED)2. Who is the sports person (ORANGE)3. Why would they be topical in the news at the moment (GREEN) 3. Roy Hodgson has been made new England manager forfootball.Dwain Chambers The sprinter has been cleared andavailable for selection to run at the London Olympics afterhis lifetime ban was overturned.Fernando Torres Finds form for Chelsea and scores a hat-trick against QPR.Bradley Wiggins - Wins the Tour de Romandie. In doing sohe becomes the first Brit to win the race throughSwitzerland in its 64 year history.Beth Tweddle Has been ruled out of the EuropeanGymnastics championships after undergoing knee surgery.Tweddle is a three time world champion and one ofBritains most successful gymnasts. 4. Whats In The Bag1. Questions need to be closed with a yes or no answer.2. Question can be closed or open with a explained answer.3. In pairs come up with a good question using themes that have come up from previous questions4. Share questions with another pair and refine question making it as precise as you can. Who has the better question and why?5. Do you have enough answers to have a guess 5. QuestioningQuestions are more engaging than answers and take yousomewhereQuestions give you a chance to find your own answersQuestions can help you view yourself in a more positive lightQuestions can start your day in a productive direction Judge a person by their questions, rather than their answersVoltaire (1694-1778) French writer and historian How many questions are teacher led during a lesson?How often do you praise or reward a good questions rather than an answer?