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  • 1. Market Analysis The Thailand Inkjet industry value 140.072 million Baht in September 2011 with 8.8% growth rate printer users choose CISS 63% for Non CISS is 37%. From the total Inkjet market (1.367million units)

2. Market Need Who is using the product? -Mostly female students with a bachelor degree -Income less than 10,000 Baht -Their family has an influence in making purchase decisions. Why do they use the product? - Quantity over quality" that is they prefer to use (CISS) ink tank system rather than authentic branded ink cartridges is because the prices are cheaper. When do they use the product? -To print a lot of worksheets and project reports of their university work. How is the product used? -It should take the bare minimum operating time and print out smoothly with a fast speed. 3. External Environmental Analysis: (PESTEL) Political Economic Social Technology Environmental Legal 4. Competition Analysis Canon Target Market ServedEPSONTrendy Life Style market Economic printingBrother Support SME market-Flight to Old Trafford : -At Your Side : get 50% Lucky draw for tour package discount for cartridge when BKK-UK with Manchester buy Brother Printer United VS Liverpool football ticketPromotion-Discount 1,300 Baht for student who show the student ID card for buying Printer Service- Register the customer warrantee online -Canon Hot line- Register the customer -Service center in all warrantee via Epson website provinces in Thailand -Facebook fan page -Hot line -EPSON Hotline 5. StrengthweaknessCanon -Brand recognition -Be Trendy Be Canon With a cloud technology called Canon PIXMA Cloud PrintingEPSON -High printing quality with 5760 x 1440 dpi -There is EPSON genuine ink tankBrother -Support SME to help organizations manage the cost of operations -There is consulting business-Price quite high compare -EPSON print head is -There is some model with its quality sensitive and also easy to has problem with get blocked and clogged MAC -Paper is easily jammed 6. Product offering 7. Destjet A4Price: 1,290 - 2,290 BahtDJ 2050 all in one DJ 1050 all in onePhotosmart A4HP Envy AIOOJ 7500AOJ and OJP A4Mobile 100DJ 2000OJP 8600 Plus eAIO OJP 8500A eAIOPS 6510 AIOOJ 6500 A PlusPS 5510 AIO OJ 350 APrice: 6,900 - 12,900 BahtOJ pro K8600Price: 2,990 - 12,900 BahtDJ 1000Price: 3,200 - 9,900 BahtPS 7510 AIOOJ and OJP A3OJ and OJP A4OJ pro K8600OJ J4660 AIOOJ 4500 All in oneOJ 4500 desktopPrice: 3,590 - 10,900 BahtOJ pro 8100OJ 6000HP Printer Line Up 8. Competitors Positioning Map 9. Marketing Strategy 10. Mission - Customer Loyalty - Profit - Market Leadership - Growth - Employee Commitment - Leadership Capability - Global Citizenship 11. Marketing Objectives - to increase their market share for ink- jet printers 25% to 50% - Increase the sales of ink-jet printers up to 50% and also encourage consumers to use authentic HP ink cartridges - Make an effort to change consumer perceptions 12. Financial Objectives To gain sales growth at 10 % To achieve the marketing objective To manage the budget in IMC to get the most efficiency outcomes 13. Positioning 14. Product Name: HP Deskjet Ink Advantage K109G, K209g Logo: Has not evolved much over the years Campaign Logo: Based on theme Solve your Life Original Slogan: HP invent: They are an innovative bran Packaging: Simple and elegant Product: 15. Pricing Strategy: (Penetration)1.) HP DeskJet Ink Advantage Printer K109g @ 2,900 Baht 2.) HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer K209g All-in One @ 3,900 Baht 16. Distribution: Official Resellers: 509 stores throughout Thailand Retail Corporations: Power Buy = 64 Branches Power mall = 8 Branches E-Commerce: 17. Sales Force: 18. TVC 1: Join the Jigsaw 19. TVC 2: The Jigsaw Detective 20. Print ad: Missing Pieces 21. Print ad 2: Jumbled Words 22. Building WrapPhone Booths 23. Transit Ad 24. Online Collage 25. Website Banner: Horizontal 26. Website Banner: Vertical 27. E-NewsletterOnline Facebook Game 28. Photography Contest 29. YouTube Music VideoTwitter Skins 30. YouTube Music VideoCrazy CartridgeCrystal Solutions 31. Build a School 32. Contest: Giant jigsawPremium: To give at contest 33. SweepstakesLoyalty Card