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  1. 1. Credance Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Presents Technology Makes the difference!
  2. 2. Hotels Get easy on apps Quality Service On Mobile Apps
  3. 3. Why mobile apps a successful tool? * Almost 1 in 4 hotels queries come on mobile phone. * Over 68% people uses mobile for hotel-booking information. * Mobiles phone have become dominant web access. * It's an additional resource to generate income and raise brand awareness allowing your potential clients to place the icon with your brand on their mobile screen. * Clients can make spa reservations and add-ons, use mobile coupons. * Also, search for local restaurants and attractions, make some purchases with the help of m-commerce solutions or be aware of special events at your hotel.
  4. 4. How are you profited? * Its a better opportunity to create a close connection with your guests. * One can make reservations on the spot and always receive the Best Rate Guarantee. * View, modify, and cancel upcoming stays. * Check-in and check-out using the app, forget about those lines at the front desk. * Browse hotel photos and features, click-to-call feature. * Having a mobile app also sends a message that the hotel is up to date with the latest trends and implies that the rest of your services are high quality. * You can communicate with your targeted audience before, during and after their lodging. * Access your past stays and receipts
  5. 5. Ways to promote apps: Its not enough to only create a mobile app, in order to be successful it should also be included in the marketing mix - * The app should be promoted on hotels website. * Leverage Your Mobile Website. * In booking confirmation emails. * In the correspondence with your guests. * Encourage people to download app such as discounts for products or services, special offer. * Include app download information on hotel brochures, key cards, on napkins, etc.
  6. 6. How to get started Any advanced technology is equivalent to magic to others. * Our company is stepping up with a lot of new technologies advancements and we wish you to upgrade along with us. * You must be asking yourself, with which platform should I start, do I need to have both an iOS and an Android app? * The answer is in your websites analytics, checkout how many people from which devices are accessing it and start with the biggest platform, then move to the rest of them.
  7. 7. Customer Satisfaction
  8. 8. Lets create w rld an easy place to live at