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Spring has arrived! To celebrate at Idh we are surrounding ourselves with the scent of flowers. Following the success of the launch issue, we are excited to announce that we'll be bringing you continued exposure to the lifestyle behind the scenes of the interior design world on a regular basis. This issue you'll meet the makers behind Sydney based textile duo Sixhands, take a peak into Melbourne-based contemporary artist MISO's studio and check out the floral workshop, Bloom Series, which we attended recently on pg 48.




    Interior DesignerSpotlight

    Issue #2September 2013


    Textile Designers




  • Spring has arrived! to celebrate at Idh we are surrounding ourselves with the scent of flowers. Following the success of the launch issue, we are excited to announce that we'll be bringing you continued exposure to the lifestyle behind the scenes of the interior design world on a regular basis.

    this issue you'll meet the makers behind Sydney based textile duo

    Sixhands, take a peak into Melbourne-based contemporary artist

    MISO's studio and check out the floral workshop, Bloom Series, which

    we attended recently on pg 48.


    Jamee Huntington, Founder& Deb Morgan, Designer // Editor

  • contentsI n t e r I O r D e S I G n e r S P O t L I G H t

    Mim Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 04

    M e e t t H e a r t I S t

    Miso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

    S t O r e S P O t L I G H t

    Fred International . . . . . . . . . . . 20

    t H I n G S w e L O v e

    Bindle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

    F a S H I O n P H O t O G r a P H e r

    Cara O'Dowd . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24

    B L O G w at C H

    Designer Man Cave . . . . . . . . . . 30

    O u t & a B O u t

    Movida, Melbourne . . . . . . . . . . . 34

    F e at u r e D P r O D u C t S

    In Store Now . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

    M e e t t H e D e S I G n e r S

    Sixhands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

    e v e n t

    Bloom Series . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50

    t r a v e L

    Destination Paris . . . . . . . . . . . 56

    I n t e r I O r I n S P I r at I O n S

    Live the Moment . . . . . . . . . . . 62

  • Mim Felicity

  • Miriam, you have been in the industry for over 20 years, how did you evolve your business into running a successful interiors company with a large team?

    the business evolved organically over the last 13 years. a passion for working on projects that are both varied and that challenge us, made for a diverse studio, which in turn lead to a business consisting of 17 staff members today. we love being able to work on new and exciting types of projects, pushing our imagination, our design ability and construction knowledge. Over the last 13 years we have been honoured to work with many amazing clients and like-minded creatives.

    "We love Working on neW AnD exciting types of projects pushing our iMAginAtion"


  • photos from your projects are used widely by stylists and interior designers on inspiration boards, including social media channels such as pinterest, is this something you have noticed or imagined evolving?

    Social media channels are forever evolving, we try to keep up with it as best we can! Having a Pinterest account - allows us to share our work with a large international audience. we update the mimdesignstudio Instagram daily which enables us to communicate within a fantastic community, whether followers are designers or not, we all have the same common passion. Social media outlets are a daily source of inspiration, keeping viewers up to date with the latest, and we love being a part of it.

    your collection of work includes residential, retail, commercial and hospitality projects. Do you have a preferred industry/type of project?

    we respect and love all types of projects, as they are all different. Our aim is to be continually inspired within the office. By working across a vast array of projects, this fuels our inspiration and encourages the team to try different techniques. there are still some types of projects we continually chase and as a designer it is important to always hold a level of aspiration and drive to achieve that elusive project! However if we had to pick a preferred industry/type of project;

    MIM: an example of projects I would like to work on would be; a holiday home in an exotic location, a boutique hotel or a well established brand with a built form aesthetic.

    FeL: I am spilt between two types of projects, hospitality and residential. whilst they seem worlds apart, the philosophy that we apply when designing them is the same. Listening and understanding the day-to-day needs, and then creating a space that not only looks and feels great, but services our clients practical needs - that is our focus. I am always inspired when speaking with clients that are passionate about what they do or where they live.


  • Have you thought of collating and designing a furniture collection under the Mim brand?

    absolutely! we've been in discussions with different companies over the years and would love the opportunity to showcase one of our passions for custom crafted pieces. So it's definitely on our to do list', now it's just a matter of finding the time to do it and choosing what to focus on.

    What is something our readers would be surprised to know about you?

    MIM: I have a thing for anything turquoise whether it be the beach, a fabric design or a jewellery piece. I have always wanted to invent something and I also envy graphic designers.

    FeL: I actually started my career at Mim Design as the receptionist! after completing a 4 year degree in Interior & exhibition Design, I was hesitant to throw myself into the industry whole-hog. I decided to source an administration role within a design firm so that I could gain some inside perspective on the industry and get a taste for how it all worked. I committed myself to growth and development of my position within the business and at the start of 2010 became the Co-Director of Mim Design. It just goes to show, the opportunities are endless if you are willing to work hard for what you want.

    Many draw inspiration from you. Where does your creative process start and where do you draw your inspiration from?

    Inspiration is drawn differently for each and every project. we dont find ourselves walking into a new project with intentions of designing toward the latest trend, or utilising the most exclusive product on the market. Inspiration is derived organically based on the client and/or brand and how it is perceived or viewed. Our designs are forever changing and evolving, one common thread is that each project is well thought through in every process. we often ask ourselves is there anymore we can do? have we covered all aspects? and finally we like to ensure that all our projects are of a consistent quality and level of assessed design.


  • Who are your favourite designers/design stores and which pieces will our readers find there?

    MIM: I love the detail of Fashion House Proenza Schouler, the elegance of Balenciaga, Patricia urquiola for furniture, richard neutra and richard Meier for architecture, fabulous stores such as Hub, Luke Furniture, temperature, Great Dane and Safari!! I could go on forever!

    FeL: when on the hunt for a timeless furniture piece you cant go passed Luke Furniture or Cult Design by Corporate Culture. For unique accessories, we head online to new Zealand based Douglas and Bec (, and we are loving the Paulig teppiche rug collection from Halcyon Lakes at the moment.

    tell us a little about the interiors in your own home and how you like to style your every day environment.

    MIM: Our home is tailored to suit our family. Our passion for artwork drove our decision for the wall dimensions. the individual rooms themselves had to be practical, usable and have a lived-in approach. Our South facing living room was designed to essentially be bathed in light so it is a wonderful space to spend time in. even after finishing a renovation we are still finding things to finish off, thankfully built form is complete and it is only furniture items. there is too much to choose from to make that illusive final decision!

    FeL: Our home is a relaxed, character filled, Californian Bungalow, which is ideal for our little family. I am full of ideas and inspiration for future interior updates.

    for More on MiM Design visit: WWW.MiMDesign.coM.Au


  • m-i-s-o i n t e rv i e w // a rt i s t

  • how would you describe your artistic style?

    I try not to! I feel that if I rely on words too much, then I might not

    put those thoughts into my work.

    Describe the space you work from?

    I've been subletting studio spaces all year, jumping around cities and right now I'm in the nicholas in Melbourne, it's such a dream.

    It's a quite an old and incredibly beautiful building in the very centre of the city with ten floors of all sorts of studio spaces, like a real human beehive. the nicholas is really good for mysteries and strange tenants - you never know who you'll bump into in the lifts.

    apparently half the eighth floor is just some guy's shoe collection and vali Myers was once in here. I think that says a lot about the building.

    It also has the most beautiful rooftop over the old church and train station, and we can climb out on the wide studio window ledge and dangle our feet over Flinders Lane.

    It also has the last attendant operated lift in the city, which I'll find so hard to part with when my sublet is over. It's really ancient, breaks down all the time and has never been sealed, so you just ride through the exposed layers of the building with a joystick, and the floor numbers are just chalked into the plaster and tiles. But the attendants are usually amazing eccentrics and long-time residents of the building with a lot of good stories - they know everything going on and I really, really love that.

    i n t e rv i e w // a rt i s t

    soMeone once tolD Me to MAke your Work your best frienD, AnD i reAlly love thAt iDeA.


  • you have recently collaborated with gorman in designing a collection of sneakers for charity, how did this opportunity evolve for you?

    they e-mailed me! I love Gorman so much and I couldn't believe they even knew who I was, so I did a really stupid, excited dance and I'm really glad no-one saw it.

    While you're based in Melbourne, what is your cultural heritage and do you draw inspiration from this?

    I'm definitely based in Melbourne, but I travel so much throughout the year that I'm not sure where it all comes from anymore - which is a good thing! It's a real pleasure being a bit transient - I'm home around six months through the year, in scattered bits.

    I'm originally from the ukraine, but I spend a large part of each year travelling in places such as tokyo, Berlin and the u.S. next year I will be spending a lot more time in Paris. I'm really, really lucky. I'm also a bit obsessed to go and stay with a Berber community in Morocco for as long as I can. So it's definitely a bit more of a mesh right now, lots of very different influences -- but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    how did you come to work in this industry and what would be your advice for our readers if they were looking to take this path?

    I feel like it was a real accident! Someone once told me to make your work your best friend, and I really love that idea. I think as long as you do what you do with a lot of thought and sincerity, and put it out there, the rest will happen.

  • your art has been exposed in tattoo form, do you personally have any tattoos or are you looking at designing one for yourself?

    Of course! I'm a self-taught tattooist, so a lot of that knowledge comes from being tattooed myself.

    I really, really love it - I think it's one of the best things I've ever done as an artist. I'm only tattooing friends right now, for trades - it's a bit too intimate and important for me to take money for. It's so nice to work to the challenge of making artworks embodied and permanent.

    Having a practice outside of currency is really just one of the best and most rewarding things I've ever done - I've traded tattoos for so many skills I've learnt, for amazing artworks I could have never been able to afford, for catalogue essays, for incredible dinners, technician advice, photography work, jewellery, clothes, assistant work, installation help, everything. really special experiences that would have never happened otherwise.

    and I think it's so nice to trade - everyone leaves with a really good feeling about their talents, full of adrenaline. I usually only tattoo at the end of an evening in my studio, have a few drinks together afterwards, and walk home in a really great mood feeling super productive.


    for you, what has been your standout achievement in the art industry?

    I think it might have been the couple of times the national Gallery has bought works - I don't think I could ever go past that.

    the last work bought was a big pin-prick moon drawing, filled with a map of my home-town in the ukraine. It was a few weeks ago, right as I turned 25, and a bit of a marker for how far things had come. I usually try not to dwell on these things too much, but that one had me beaming for weeks.

  • My house is built on top of an old victorian hospital on Gertrude Street in Melbourne. It's basically a closed off balcony, and we're the only little house on the roof of the building. the whole house opens as big shutters in the summer into a big, open balcony - because the house is so narrow and long, it's like living outside. I really love it.

    we haven't got any neighbours, and my bedroom looks right onto the old Federation dome tower. I've been here seven years with cheap rent and two brilliant housemates, and I would hate to think about ever leaving. It's a pretty social house, friends always come over to cook here.

    I'm pretty minimal, I don't own much - except I have a house-plant on absolutely every surface of the house. I don't even know how many! two fig trees, orchids, monsteras, a great philodendron, bromeliads, a couple of Devil's Ivy plants, chillies, cacti, an avocado tree, ferns, lilies, climbing hoyas - anything I can grow inside. It's also a rental, which means we all have big art works on the floor, leaning against each other in rows, never nailed into the wall for seven years. But I think it's a good look.

    can you describe your home and what items you surround yourself with?

    Miso Will be speAking At this yeArs seMi-perMAnent in Melbourne Which runs on the 25 & 26th october - get tickets here. for More on Miso & her upcoMing solo shoWs visit: WWW.M-i-s-o.coM

  • PhotograPher //Bernard Winter

  • | | feAtureD store


  • Fred was established in 2007 with the Sydney office

    servicing the whole of australia boasting products

    suitable for commercial, retail and residential

    spaces. Fred values quality Scandinavian design

    and a friendly personalised service.

    each piece is hand selected by Michael of Fred

    International and the collection ranges from seating

    & coat stands to tables & Candleholders. we hope

    you love Fred as much as we do and look forward

    to releasing the next store soon.

    watch this space.


    the latest store to be added to the growing list of Bricks & Mortar store fronts

    on Idh is Fred. Fred is described as a nice guy; friendly and very helpful.

    He is totally obsessed with Scandinavian furniture & lighting and imports

    brands like Swedese, Secto Design, Karl andersson, By Lassen & ruben

    Lighting just to name a few.

    eAch piece is hAnD selecteD by MichAel of freD internAtionAl

    check out freDs rAnge: WWW.inADesignerhoMe.coM.Au

  • things We love


    traditionally a 'Bindle' is a bundle of possessions carried by a

    hobo. Creative license has been embraced when referring to gift

    packages as 'Bindles'. each Bindle is a compilation of several

    talented individuals that brings to it his or her own personality and

    creativity. Its the interrelationships that make each Bindle unique.

    the fact is that giving a gift to someone is and should be a very

    personal experience, a chance to show that person how much

    they mean to you.

    Sourcing only boutique australian products, mostly local

    (Melbourne), Bindle is in sync with those who wish to fulfil a

    social responsibility by purchasing australian. In fact everything

    about Bindle is australian, from the products in the Bindles, to the

    boxes that contain them, to the hand that wraps them.

    for More on binDle visit: WWW.binDle.coM.Au

    Meet our frienD; he's cute, fAst AnD coMes lovingly hAnDWrAppeD to your Door step fAster thAn you cAn sAy "binDle"


  • photogrApher // cArA o'DoWD

    stylist // sArAh rugg

    MAkeup // cAsey gore

    hAir // Michelle MAe

    MoDel // phillipA froM chic

    WWW. cArAoDoWD.coM

  • //Designer MAn cAve//



    "An online hub of inspiring, interActive, lifestyle iDeAs, proDucts AnD spAces for Men."

    DeSIGner Man Cave is an online hub of inspiring, interactive, lifestyle ideas, products and spaces for men, it offers readers a creative view of a mans world, providing insight and information about a range of categories.

    Kate is an interior decorator and designer based in Sydney. although a girly girl, she has a curiosity about all things masculine from bachelor pads, to fashion, to boys toys.

    the blog allows Kate to take the opportunity to combine this inquisitiveness and interest and combine it with her passion for life and design.

    Kate takes a very real, non-eletist approach to DMC and likes to give readers a wide variety of topics. She sources and recommends products from anything between op shops to designer brands and small businesses to established big brands.

  • for More visit: WWW.DesignerMAncAve.coM

  • MoviDAMelbourne

    Out &About Firstly, book in advance to be sure you do not miss out on this experience, Movida is a must when in Melbourne and something I lookforwardto each time I return. Once you have defrosted from being outside in the crisp Melbourne climate, you will relax very quickly with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    For those of you have been to Movida you willunderstandit can be a littletrickyto find in a tinylanewayfilled with street art. In the many times visiting this restaurant I am still yet to find a cab driver who knows where on earth I am talking about which makes the journey best on foot.

    we opt for acontinuousarray of tapas dishes which arrive at our table in perfectly timed intervals allowing you to digest and enjoy each serving and some how manage to "make room" to eat more. I will warn you that when you leave Movida you will be in some kind of Food Coma, once you order one plate and try it you cannot resist another, inparticularthe Queso (Quince Paste Cigar with whipped Goats Milk Cheese) which tastes like toffee and just melts - divine. Once we had made our way through the tapa options we moved ontoCarrillera De Buey (Slowly Braised Beef Cheek in Pedro Ximenez on Cauliflower Puree) from the raciones section of the menu, you will never experience such a tender plate of meat, I did not want it to end.

    Finally after allowing 20 minutes of digestion and preparing my stomach and mind for dessert, we ordered the Creme Caramel.trulythe ideal finishing to mypalette and experience of Frank Camorra's Movida Melbourne.

    - jAMee huntington

  • 1x 1.5 kg free-range chicken

    150ml extra virgin olive oil

    650g cleaned calamari, cut into 3cm squares

    Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

    1kg brown onions, roughly chopped (about 3 large)

    6 garlic cloves, finely chopped

    Good pinch of saffron threads

    6 bay leaves

    800g red capsicum, seeds removed and cut into 1cm dice

    750g green capsicum, seeds removed and cut into 1cm dice

    8 tomatoes, peeled, seeds removed and grated

    200ml fino sherry

    750g broad beans, podded

    13 handfuls (700g) somba rice

    3 lemons, cut into wedges



    Prepare the chicken by placing it breast-side up on a chopping board and slice down the breast on each side to remove the breast and wing, and thigh and leg. remove the wings from the breasts and cut off the wing tips. Discard the carcass and wing tips (or reserve to make stock, if you wish). Cut the wings in two at the joint. Cut the breasts lengthways. Cut the smaller pieces in two and the larger in three. trim and discard the excess skin. remove the thighs from the legs. remove the drumsticks from the thighs. trim the boney end off the drumsticks and discard (or add to the carcass). Cut the drumsticks in two. Cut the thighs in three. You should now have 24 pieces of chicken.

    Place a 60cm diameter paella pan over high heat and add 100 ml of the olive oil. add the calamari and season with a good pinch of salt and pepper. Cook, stirring continuously, for 1 -2 minutes or until firm and caramelised. remove from the pan, cover and set aside. add the chicken, season with salt and pepper and cook, stirring continuously, for 3-4 minutes or until lightly browned. Push the chicken to one side, reduce the heat to medium-low, add the remaining oil, the onion, garlic, saffron and bay leaves, season with a little salt and cook, stirring continuously, for 5 minutes or until the onion is golden.

    add the capsicum and cook for 10 minutes or until soft and a jammy consistency. Mix the chicken in with the onion and capsicum.

    Drain any liquid off the tomato and add to the pan. add the sherry, increase the heat to medium-high, season with salt and pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, for 15-20 minutes, scraping the base of the pan to deglaze as the sofrito cooks.

    at this stage, any liquid should have reduced and the paella should look like thick, chunky jam. add 2.6 litres of hot water from the tap, stir and continue cooking until it comes to a simmer. return the calamari to the pan and cook for 5 minutes. Stir in the broad beans and cook for 5 minutes. Sprinkle in the rice and stir evenly through. Do not stir again.

    Continue cooking for 15 minutes, then remove from the heat and cover with 2 clean tea towels. Set aside for 15 minutes to steam.

    Divide among plates and serve with the lemon wedges.

    for More visit: WWW.MoviDA.coM.Au


  • 1. fred store - large bowl by lasson $176 small, $297 large / 2. broth cushions by enoki $110 small, $160 large 3. tall shell Wrap vase by Dinosaur Design $378 4. hex boxes set in bronze, gold and silver by evie $140 / 5. Artwork by urban road from $120 / 6. tomtom - letterbox by Design by them $330 / 7. popper light (long) by labdestu $550

  • "the spAce hAs A reAlly positive vibe & our teAM is like A fAMily!"

  • on entering the sixhands studios we are greeted by two beautiful and stylish ladies draped in colours and patterns, Anna & brianna live and breathe their passion for design both in fashion and interiors. these girls have two of the biggest hearts and this inspiration streams into their prints.

    sixhands was established in 2006 and each of the designs are an artistic expression of their personalities, the collection from sixhands began with wallpapers & fabrics which has now evolved to include lampshades, rugs, cushions, Artworks & Accessories.

    the vision from these ladies is doing what they love, by way of what they believe. their philosophy is to introduce innovation and spirit within the Australian textile arena, delivering fresh print produce to the world, high quality interior products to a global market while nurturing positive and ethical business attitudes.


  • sixhands began designing for fashion, what inspired you to shift into home wares?

    anna & Brianna: we started Sixhands as a textile design studio creating exclusive artwork for the fashion industry, at that stage we didnt produce any fabric or other products under our own brand, we were more a design resource than a label. after following our fashion roots for a few years & working with an extensive portfolio of designers, we launched the Sixhands Collection. this bridge to Interior textiles was a natural progression into high quality, locally made, dcor and lifestyle products for the home, it meant we could continue working with all our fashion clients without putting ourselves in competition with them. we have continually sought to refine production methods, seek innovative techniques and explore new textile terrain. the Sixhands label still reflects its couture roots, we have transitioned from a well-guarded secret of the australian fashion underground to the dynamic lifestyle brand we are today.

    you have some exciting news on the tip of your tongues - you have just re-located to a new space - what encouraged your move and tell us what you love most about your new creative digs.

    anna & Brianna: the business has grown substantially over the last couple of years, its gone through some really exciting changes and we needed to increase the capacity of our space for stocking product with national Distribution and international agencies and the way we used our space changed. where in the past we had to accommodate our design studio and a sales showroom in a storefront, now we have a studio warehouse in an old textile building. the space houses a stockroom, design space, private bar [essential to any busy textile business!], a workroom cutting and yardage table, casual lounge area and It work stations set-up in different areas. Its expansive and luxurious with high ceilings and big vintage windows, but at the same time very homely and industrial, the space has a really positive vibe & our team is like a family!


  • your prints are filled with divine colours and delicious prints - walk our readers through the design process from beginning to end in designing a new fabric to be used throughout your collection.

    anna & Brianna: we Draw inspiration from a blend of genesis such as nature, street culture, new technologies & day-to-day life. Our prints start out as hand-painted art or photographs, which we scan or translate into digital files to further develop.

    the way we intend to print or weave our artworks dictates the amount of colours we design in and the type of detail and textures we use. whilst we study and project trends, we dont aim for textiles that reflect popular fashion, our goal is to produce designs which are unique, seriously collectable, and chronicle our experiences and perspective.

    we plan ranges and work on artworks as a team, we also embrace the creative process and try not to over think things, sometimes a design takes on a life of its own, especially during the print or weaving process. Once we have printed or woven samples of our designs, we start developing products and accessories that showcase the textiles natural qualities.

    Which custom colour ways and designs have stood out most for you and your clients?

    anna & Brianna: Its hard to say, over the past seven years we have explored the entire spectrum of colours. Many of our most popular designs are some of our oldest artworks. we do a lot of custom work in conjunction with our collection, each of these projects are completely unique but something that remains consistent in our work is that people always come to us for colour and statement pieces. Its really satisfying that our customer embraces our brands vibrant confidence in celebrating colour



    you have just launched a range of rugs which have been produced in india, what was most important to "the hands" in the production of these rugs and when will they be available?

    anna & Brianna: we were hesitant at first to explore manufacturing for a range of rugs outside of australia, as everything else we produce is 100% australian made. India has a rich culture and history in textiles and is a country abundant with craftsman, we have been blown away by the diversity in techniques and a willingness to innovate and experiment with textures.

    we have always manufactured in australia as we have been very passionate about supporting and growing our local industry and we are extremely conscious about making the most environmentally sustainable choices in production available and manufacturing in an ethical way.

    we are very hands on with the printing, weaving and development of our textiles and so it was important to find a company to work with in India that shared our principles. Sixhands rugs are manufactured in India by a cottage industry trade of carpet artisans. Sixhands rug artisans work under the Care and fair trading certification. this certification guarantees that all Sixhands rugs were not manufactured using illegal child labour.

    the care and fair foundation has provided 13 schools and 5 health care centres as well as 5 adult education projects and student health care program for the benefit of local families working in carpet manufacturing.


    to purchAse sixhAnDs proDucts visit: WWW.inADesignerhoMe.coM.Au

    you have been working together for many years now - which means you are one lovely little family. What are your homes away from work like and what in your home is something you could not live without?

    anna: Yes we are like a family, Brianna & I regularly contact each other in our private time to share ideas and chat about inspiration, its not something you think about, its very natural like calling a sister & friend. My home is by the beach and very relaxed, its an extremely social place and constantly full of friends and family which I love. as you would imagine it is full of mementos from life and travels, art from friends and creative inspiration. I have a tendency to accumulate vintage mirrors, they increase the perception of depth & space and flood the place with natural light, they bring warmth and life to a space. Brianna: Our homes are really an extension of our studio with art and inspiration everywhere, all of which I could not live without.

    What would be your ideal weekend escape?

    anna: anywhere by the beach with a lot of sunshine & a bunch of friends!Brianna: the weekend I just had in Melbourne was pretty ideal, close friends, epic food and lots of fun.

  • I grew up with the botanically adoring influence of my mum's mum, my nan. She used to take me for walks around our garden and hers, teaching me the names and natures of plants and flowers. Her childlike delight was infectious. I came into floristry recently after a number of years of not being entirely sure where I wanted to be. It was a bit of a whim that felt right as soon as I'd leapt in.

    My approach to flowers is to let them do what they want. all flowers have their own character and I like exploring that with my arrangements. I like to keep a loose somewhat unstructured approach, which makes them look a little wild at times.

    I think a good arrangement can have different elements, a primary focal point and then a few other areas that your eye is drawn to. the focal point is usually a lovely big bloom like a peony, amaryllis, an orchid stem, a gorgeous garden rose or a dahlia. to lead the eye around other parts of the arrangement I use smaller blooms such as anenomes, ranunculus, roses, paper daisies, tulips and popies.

    Interesting textural pieces such as berries, fruiting branches, gum nuts and pretty foliage can also be used to create lovely little details and links between the flowers. they help to add depth to the arrangement and are no less important than the focal flowers.

    A cup of teA With jArDinebotAnic


    e v e n t


  • the next blooM series Will be helD on the 10th noveMber At creAte or Die, for tickets AnD More inforMAtion eMAil [email protected]

    I also like to add a gestural piece, it could be a wisp of buddelia, a dainty spray of wax flower, some rambling magnolia branch or anything really that has a little bit of movement to it. this is just a bit of a guide though, as I don't feel like there should be any rules with arranging flowers.

    It still fascinates me that colours and tones that you think may clash actually work beautifully together when flowers are involved. they seem to harmonise somehow and often I find that flowers bring out details on berries and foliages that you may not have noticed at first such.

    working with flowers is joyous. I love all of it from the early mornings at the markets, getting to know the growers, taking armfuls of treasures to the van and the often messy job of arranging the flowers.

    Bloom Series is a monthly gathering curated by Jardine Botanic and photographer/adventurer Lisa Zhu where we share flowers, tea and treats in good company at a beautiful space, Create or Die in newtown. It's an opportunity to make something for your home, yourself or a friend.

    we bring in seasonal produce and offer a couple of tips and tricks on how to arrange flowers. It is a time to play and meet other people who are drawn to flowers, food and fine companions.


  • Travel Guide:Paris

    by Sa l ly R h y S-Jo n e S

  • Paris has an extensive metro system that will take you almost everywhere.Or, make like a Parisian & ride the velib bikes; a rental bike system with racks all over the city where you can pick up & drop your bikes. Drivers are very considerate of cyclists in Paris, so be brave & have a go! Some of my favourite memories are cruising around on these bikes!

    we stayed on the island of Ile Saint Louis (located in the seine just behind notre dame) a lovely buzzing central spot. Our hotel Hotel Saint- Louis en LIsle was charming with sandstone walls, narrow stairwells & friendly staff! Or for a more authentic Paris experience why not rent an apartment?

    visit the Diptyque store {34 Boulevard St Germain} for one of theirfamous scented candles and check out Merci {111 Boulevard Beaumarchais} aside form the cutest little red car at the front door inside are an array of beautiful home wares ranging from tiny {& affordable} ceramics to Baccarat crystal chandeliers, a custom perfumery & a caf! In the Marais area head into repetto to Have some custom ballet flats made for you in the softest leather & a rainbow of colours. In terms of department stores the Galleries Lafayette is beautiful architecturally, but I like Bon Marche. Shop till you drop & then head down to its amazing food hall , la Grand epicerie, for a bite to eat! and of course Paris is home to all the big design houses save your pennies for an investment purchase!


    "AsiDe froM the MAin sites, pAris is beAutiful At every turn"

    we flew Korean air, which included an overnight in Seoul at the 5 star Hyatt regency, dinner, breakfast & airport transfers. Great to break up the long flight. Cost - $1600 {return Sydney Paris

    getting there

    getting ArounD



  • eAt

    where to start? Paris is the culinary center of the world! Having said that we ate at bistros, nothing fancy, and had some fabulous meals. Most restaurants have set 3 course menus make sure you pack your appetite!

    Caf Constant 139 rue Saint Dominique One of the best dinners we had in Paris owned by a Michelin star chef Christian Constant, this is his more casual bistro! You may have to wait a little while to get a table, but worth it! Have dinner & then stroll over to the eiffel tower for the light show after! In the same area as Caf constant, check out foodie street rue Cler & have lunch at Caf du Marche I loved the salmon tartar.

    In the Marais area try Les Philosophies or Chez Janou, where they famously serve enormous communal bowls of chocolate mousse for dessert. If youre a meat lover dont miss robert et Louise, a tiny restaurant specialising in wood fired rib eye steaks!

    eat your way around ile ; Caf St regis is the best spot for people watching. Have a coffee & a croissant for petit dejeuner or a glass of rose in the afternoon and watch the buskers on the bridge. Berthillon makes ice creams & sorbets for some of the best restaurants in Paris. I loved the salted caramel ice cream & the black current or peach sorbets. to finish off your day, pick up cheese, bread & bubbly from the stores along the main street & head down onto the banks of the seine with the locals for the afternoon.

    In the St Germain area, visit the famous Caf de Flore or Les Deux Magots for their famous hot chocolates, and dine at the famous Bistro Le Comptoir.

    Lastly dont forget a box of macarons from Laduree!


  • eAt

  • eiffel towerno trip to Paris is complete without experiencing the eiffel tower. we went at dusk & climbed the stairs! If you prefer a more leisurely experience {or arent keen on heights} take the lift to the top. the views are amazing & watching it sparkle during the light show {on the hour every night} is a romantic experience!

    Picnic in the jardin du LuxembourgHead to the markets at 47 Blvd Saint Germain & grab cheese from the Fromager {one of the best cheese shops in Paris} and a bottle of wine from next door! walk to the gardens via the Pantheon which is hidden in the streets behind the market area {about 15 -20mins} Picnic in the sun while watching the vintage sailing boats in the fountain. remember to take a bottle opener as most of the French wines still have corks!

    a trip to the Louvre is a must...but go early in the morning to avoid the lines, I also loved the muse de lOrangerie for its beautiful Monet exhibition. notre Damn in the early morning is also a beautiful experience we went around 8am & enjoyed the cathedral almost to ourselves. Stroll over to the pont de larcheveche & add your love lock to the bridge to ensure eternal love and then check out the vintage books & posters for sale from the stalls along the banks of the seine.

    aside from the main sites, Paris is beautiful at every turn. Simply hop on one of the velib bikes & get lost in the back streets take in the amazing architecture, doors & windows, little shops, hidden squares or a morning market with a jazz band playing.

    Last but not least if you are in Paris at the end of July dont miss the final stage of the tour de France, & seeing the riders come down the Champs elysees!

    If youre a cycling fan go all out & buy tickets to one of the vIP marquees where the French take catering for a sports event to a whole new level!

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