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  • 1. IMEEM

2. Here, it shows the basic profile of the site. Imeem lets you store/compile songs of your choice. 3. Media Tracker

  • Imeem has a Media Tracker where you can conveniently view previously opened files

4. Blogging

  • The site offers a blogging section where you can post various thoughts.

5. Upload

  • Here, you can see the upload section of the site. You can upload music, videos, and photos.

6. Photo Playlist

  • This site doesnt only let you upload photos.
  • The site even lets you create your own photo playlist, where you can view photos in a slideshow, and add music for the background.

7. Invite

  • Like friendster, IMEEM also maintains an active online community, wherein people in the same network can share and view each others files.

8. Online Polls

  • The site provides a section wherein members are able to discuss various opinions on different topics.

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