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Inside Berks Business Met-Ed Assignment July 13-16, 2015 By Suzanne Camp

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Inside Berks BusinessMet-Ed Assignment July 13-16, 2015

By Suzanne Camp

2015 Corporate Objectives for First Energy


Distribution and Transmission of safe and reliable service

Generating Plants – safe and cost effective operation

Competitive Sales

Financial Goals and Responsibility

Met- Ed Company / First Energy Facts Met Ed is one of 10 utility operating companies that

form First Energy Corporation headquartered in Akron, Ohio with nearly 5000 employees in Pennsylvania

Over 6 million customers served in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York, 2 million in Pa.

Diversified Generation Capacity

The iBb Met-EdExperience

Day 1 – Human Resources , Human Services/Compliance and Revenue Operations, Customer Contact and Training Centers

Day 2 - First Energy Environmental Department, Corporate Communications/Media Relations, Business Analyst and Distribution Generation Program

Day 3 – First Energy Economic Development and Information Technology Services, Distribution System Operations Center

Day 4 – Line Operations Department, Lineman Training, lift truck experience, Engineering, Reliability and Asset Management

Information Highlights Met-Ed works with local organizations including the

Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Reading Economic Partnership to bring new businesses into the service area. Economic development and revitilazation is important for the sale of electricity.

Met-Ed offers a 2 year lineman training program to eligible candidates based on company need. These graduates earn a CDL license and are prepared to work in the field in the Met-Ed service area.

Business Analysts must be efficient forward thinkers and problem solvers.

Through local staffing companies, Met –Ed hires and trains call – center customer service representatives prepared to answer questions and assist customers in a variety of situations.

Smart meter technology is more efficient and will reduce the need for meter readers.

Inside Berks BusinessProgram Description

Inside Berks Business Program working with the B.C.I.U. helps local businesses find and retain qualified, skilled workers by informing teachers, counsellors, and administrators of opportunities in Berks County.

Berks Employers are working with educators to build job readiness by improving the skills employers need.

The iBb program allows teachers to more fully understand potential employment opportunities for students and the education, training, and marketable skills that would be required to obtain employment.

This program adds valuable options to the process of career and post highschool education and training selection.

iBb Benefits Teachers

Local companies allow an inside look at business operations, including factory tours and practical experiences.

Teachers leave the internship with a better understanding of career options for students.

Up to date business practices including current workplace technologies are useful as teachers guide students toward future careers..

Each teacher's experience will enrich his or her classroom instruction due to the first-hand learning opportunity.

Teachers gain a new appreciation for the work that others do.

Electricity Generationand Distribution

Career Opportunities High School Diploma + Company Training

Customer Contact Center employees

Meter Readers

Utility Workers

Material Handlers






Administrative assistants

Career Opportunities Specialized Company Training, Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree or higher

Human Resources, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Economic Development

Distribution Designer

Mapping Technician

Scientists including Environmental Impact Scientists


Revenue operations


IT specialists

Business Analysts



Interest Survey for Learning Support StudentsCareer Interest Survey

1. Would you prefer to

A. Work in a group

B. Work alone

2. Would you prefer to work

A. Indoors

B. Outside

3. Do you enjoy working with computers?

A. Yes

B. No

Entry Level Educational Skill Requirements

High School Diploma

Math and reading skills


Good attendance

Writing skills


Understand and follow company rules and requirements

Basic computer skills

Company Training

Problem solving skills


Team player

Willing to learn

Respectful of others

Responsible for personal safety

Benefit to have some other work experience

Salary Ranges and Benefitsfor Entry Level Positions Both Union and Non-Union positions within Met-Ed

Union wage scales determined by IBEW Local 777

Wages are hourly and include overtime scale wages

Examples of hourly wages include:

Customer contact employee – $11.00 +

Meter reader - $24.99

Material handler - $30.28

Lineman 1st year apprentice- $24.77

Tractor Trailer Operator - $29.71

Mechanic apprentice - $24.92

Met – Ed's Greatest Asset

Reliable Workforce

Tuition assistance incentive

Opportunities for advancement within the company

Company dedicated to serving the customers and the community

Concern for the environment

Willingness to help those in need through programs:

United Way, Harvest for Hunger, WARM, Free Educational Materials


Company – increasingly using high tech methods for service distribution

Customers – smart meter technology allows information to be gathered efficiently.

A great day for a ride in a bucket!

The lineman training field of poles.

Challenges Facing Met-Ed

Hiring dedicated employees willing to learn and work.

Increasing number of employees eligible for retirement

Health and safety of employees and customers

Changes in Technology

State and Federal Regulations

Environmental Concerns

Severe storms which disrupt service to large areas

Aging wires and systems

Damage to poles from storms or auto accidents

Managing costs

In order to be successful in the workplace, students: Need to be willing to learn new skills and follow all


Need to show responsibility by being punctual every day and having a good attendance record.

Need to work efficiently keeping accurate records.

Must be responsive to customer concerns with a high level of professionalism.

Need to understand the importance of teamwork.

Need to have a good attitude about the importance of the work the company is doing everyday.

Project Abstract Students will complete the 10 question interest survey

Students will collect information from interviews

Students will access one or more of the following websites in the Choices Program to learn how to use electronic career search programs to complete a career report:,,,,

4 activities that require the student to complete the following: a skills inventory, values assessment, aptitude survey, and complete a career report which justifies the career choice.

Grade levels 9 – 12 (learning support)

Pennsylvania Career Education / Work Standards Changing roles at Home and in the Workforce

13.1.11 C Analyze how the changing roles of individuals in the workplace relate to new opportunities within career choices

Justifying Career Choice

13.1.11E Justify the Selection of a career

13.1.8 Career Awareness and Preparation relate careers to personal interests, abilities, and altitudes.

Academic Standards

PA English Language Arts Standard

CC. 1.4.9-10.D Organize ideas, concepts, and information to make important connections and distinctions, use appropriate and varied transitions to link the major sections, include formatting when useful to aiding comprehension, provide a concluding statement.

CC.1.4.9-10.L Demonstrate a grade appropriate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and spelling.

Introductory Group Activity

Research the local economic factors that impact employment such as geographic location, competition, labor supply, job openings, growth in job opportunities, advancement, salaries and benefits, rate of unemployment and related factors.

Chart the relationship of the above to school subjects, extracurricular activities, and volunteer experiences from service hours in the community

Discuss reasons people choose jobs/careers and why they may continue on that path or change careers later.

Changing Roles in the Workplace Students will interview 3-5 people in different age

groups (20-30; 31-50; 51-65).

Students will make a data table related to the occupational choices available in the respective age groups.

As a group, students will compare the changing career opportunities for males and females.

As a group, students will discuss how these changing roles will affect their choices in the future.

Thank You to the BCIU and Inside Berks Business Program Participants

Special thanks to Met – Ed for the great opportunity.

Especially Terry Gilman, Carol Lied, Nikky DiPietro, Barb Shissias, Laurie Parker, Kristen Conrad, Sara Soto, Kathy Kunkel, Kelly Grube, Scott Surgeoner, Tracy Parmer, Doug Myers, Joyce Mays, Randy Collins, Anika Niehans, and Mary Beth Mancias.

Intern Evaluation

1. I heard about this program through Sue Kase, administrator, at Berks Catholic High School.

2. The overall quality of the program is excellent.

3. The strengths of the program include the wealth of information and experience shared by the employees of the company which aided my understanding of the variety of career options and education levels needed.

Also, the opportunity to experience some of the demands related to the different careers ( example: a ride lifted in the bucket truck.)

4. This is an efficient and effective program which could be highlighted on BCTV.

I will be recommending this program to colleagues.