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Stamping Dies & Plastic Injection Molds

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Stamping Dies Engineered in the US and built in Asia.


  • 1. Stamping Dies & Plastic Injection Molds
  • 2. OverviewKBX Engineering is your sourcing specialist for Asian tooling.With more than 60 years of combined experience in the toolingbuild and program management. We offer our customers totalsolutions management of their projects. Automotive Industry Appliance Industry Electronics Industry
  • 3. Our services provide our customers with the most cost effective way to design, build and try out theirtooling by utilizing our International Tool & Die Group. This group includes KBX design engineers andprogram management personnel located in North America. Our group consist of several North AmericanTool & Die facilities that assist in 3D Design / Engineering changes / Die Try Out & ServiceMaintenance.In China we have a group of tool & die manufactures we use to build the actual dies based on our NorthAmerican designs. We have KBX Engineers and Metallurgist located in China that are placed in thetooling house we specify for each individual program. These engineers manage each individual toolbuild from start to finish providing digital picture and time line reports as the tool builds progress.Having multiple resources to choose from allows us to place your project in the most cost effectivesource, meeting both your quality and timing requirements.We encourage and invite our North American customers to visit our suppliers. However, we alsounderstand the cost of making multiple trips overseas to monitor individual projects. Our services arehere to limit those costs and allow our American engineering group in China to shoulder thoseresponsibilities.
  • 4. How It Works After Program Awarded Assist with material shipments & customs to China First Hits in country require inspection Detailed Timelines, critical paths & gages. KBX offers 3rd party certified gages milestones for tooling. and R&R studies for all gages built in Strip layouts & die design reviews in China North America After PAPP run off: tear down and 100% Design approval initiates machining and review of details and fittings completed program managers in China and U.S. before shipping. communicate with weekly updates to Die try out and Run off completed in US customers with strategic partners. All customers are KBX Engineers on site during entire encouraged to attend. program build. Dies shipped to customers for in house trial Part drawings / written tolerances initiate and KBX will attend these runs offs. sampling / measurement plan for finished KBX Engineering Inc. has strategic part from die. partners for after sales service, engineering PPAP 300 parts, 30 piece capability study changes and emergency repairs. of critical dimensions & 6 piece 100% KBX warrants our tooling for 1 year of dimensional layout using PC Demis normal use against workmanship or software for CMM. purchased items premature failures.
  • 5. KBX has strategic partners in Asia. KBX has experienced engineers living in USA, Mexico and Mainland China. Our strategic partners in both U.S and China have invested in state of the art equipment, latest software for CAD/CAM and CAE, but more importantly knowledgeable and experienced people.
  • 6. FCTDongguan China:18,000M 74 Die Assembly ISO 9001 Certified Facility311 Employees 25 Die Try Out & Tune Started Exporting Dies in 200239 Engineers 20 Inspectors99 Machinist 54 Management & Office Personnel
  • 7. Design & Engineering CAD Design UG Catia V5 Solid Works Auto CAD CAE Auto Form 4.0 Dynaform 5.2
  • 8. CNC Machines (1) 4M x 2M Large CNC(15) Standard CNC Machines (3) High Speed CNC Machines
  • 9. Machine Equipment 26 Wire EDM 2-D Laser25 Small Grinding Machines 26 Large Grinding Machines
  • 10. Die Assembly Areas (2)
  • 11. Try Out Presses 25 Dedicated Presses for Try Out.13 With Coil Feed Up to 1000 tons
  • 12. Sample Dies Produced 3.5 M (L) x 2.5M (W) x 0.9M (H) 3.0M (L) x 1.65M (W) x 0.77 (H)Metal die for solar power components Metal die for Automotive Industry with cast shoe.
  • 13. Applications for Tooling built by FCT:Automotive Parts:Seat, Exhaust, Lock Systems,Engine, Window, Seating Bracket,Brake Etc
  • 14. Tooling Customers & End Users for FCT
  • 15. PF Group Shenzhen China 1997 JiangXi China 2012 4,000M another 5,000M by Feb 201310,000M In house heat Treat of tool steels340 Employees 80 Employees60 Engineers 12 Engineers100 Machinist 25 Machining100 Die Assembly 25 Die Assembly25 Die Try Out & Tune 12 Die Tryout & Tune20 Inspection Department 4 Inspection Department40 Management & Office 6 Management & Office
  • 16. Shenzhen Facility Engineering Capability Over 10 years experience in Automotive Dies . We have 60 Cad work stations stations. We cover the tool design and part modification. We are also able to incorporate any design changes during the manufacturing process. In addition, PF group can offer one-stop service, from feasibility analysis to part forming. Software: AutoCad, Pro E, SolidWorks, Catia V5, Autoform, Fastform, and DynaForm,
  • 17. Machining19 CNC-milling centers (2 high speed)Max. Machine table size: 5150 x 1800 mm19 NC wire cutting machine12 Surface Griding Machine / Precision Grinder
  • 18. Tryout PressesMax. tryout press 1250T Mechanicaltable size 5500*1600mm, shut height 500~1100 Feeding height 450~550mm Tryout press 630Ttable size 3470*1620mm,shut height 600mm Feeding height 400~450mm Tryout Presses 400 Tons (3 mechanical type, 1 hydraulic) -Others -35T ~ 300T presses
  • 19. Automotive Seat PartsJohnson Controls / Model: Golf 7
  • 20. Automotive - Structure parts
  • 21. Automotive Heating & Cooling Systems
  • 22. Automotive - Exhaust SystemFaurecia / Mazda Series
  • 23. JiangXi CNC Machining Table size up to 5150 x 1800 mm 2 more CNC machines are coming year end 2013.
  • 24. Factory in JiangXi We specialize in big tool & casting die machining, assembly and tryout, most of the parts are for the automotive industry. Our first customers at this new location are Brose, BEHR and Gestamp all from Europe.
  • 25. Try Out Presses - JiangXI1250 ton, 400 ton, 300 ton etc
  • 26. Large Stampings
  • 27. Inspection GagesEstablished 2003Sales volume of 20115 million RMB.Sales volume of 201212 million RMB.Sales volume target of 201318 million RMB. Total amount of employee: 45 (including 8 engineers) Main equipment: 3 pcs of CNC, 4 pcs of CMM Direct customer: KBX, GMD, ITI, BYD, Huayisheng, Xinpin, etc. Indirect customer: VW, HONDA, TOYOTA, RENAULT, WEBASTO, etc.
  • 28. Third Party Certification Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality InspectionWe can provide the third party certification per customers requirement
  • 29. Gages for Stamping Parts
  • 30. Gages for Stamping Parts Composite Base StyleGages for Stamping Parts Aluminum Base Style
  • 31. Gages for Large Exterior Plastic
  • 32. Robert Crane Ken Bornhorst Bill VanHooseDirector Program Mgmt Director Engineering USA Director Engineering China [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Cell 586-899-9790 Cell 937.216.3015 Cell 86 186.6537.5957 CH Crane Elisa Martinez- Angela RenDirector Sales & Marketing Program Manager Mexico Program Manager China [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Cell 586-899-9791 Cell 81 8064.4889 Cell 86 159.8073.3531 200 Maple Park Blvd, Suite 203 St Clair Shores, Michigan 48081