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A Hair and Body Product Company

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Kingdom Plantae presentation


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A Hair and Body Product Company

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“The Kingdom Plantae Project blossomed from my love of nature, interest in

alternative medicine, and appreciation for sustainable, good design. I envisioned a

product line that would teach the consumer the dangers of today’s chemical

based cosmetics industry, and provide an alternative that was environmentally

conscious, all natural, and easily replicated by non-professionals. I wanted to

put the power back in the hands of the people by teaching them how to make

their own moisturizers, cleansers, etc., while sharing the wealth of information

out there about the medicinal properties of herbs.” - Marcus Nelson, Founder

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To provide a line of hair and skin maintenance/health products that gives the community an herbal, all natural option that contains no chemicals and no preservatives.

To teach the community about the medicinal properties of herbs and give them the informational tools to create their own products.

To utilize design to its fullest extent to ensure everything from the packaging to the disposal is done in an environ- mentally friendly manner. The company’s #1 goal is to be an environmentally responsible business. One that will promote reusing and recycling of packaging and waste materials.




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Part 1: The Products

1 Lavish Lavender // Shampoo + Conditioner

3 Refreshing Rosemary // Skin Cleanser

5 Coming Soon

Part 2: Why Make The Switch?

7 Is This Right For Me?

9 Is This Right For My Business?

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Cold Process Soapmaking is the saponification of oils. The oil goes through a chemical process that makes it the lathery, cleansing liquid soap we all enjoy.

Our herbal recipes use Sesame Oil as their base. We use this oils for it’s high degree of “un-saponifiables”, a term which here means: There is more natural, moisturizing sesame oil left in the product once the soapmaking process is over.

Lavender moisturizes scalp and strands*Helps prevent shedding hair*Improves blood circulation on the scalp aiding in hair growth*It has powerful antiseptic qualities treating dry scalp, fungi, bacteria, and other microbes

Spearmint oil cools the scalp and provides a tingling

sensation. When applied to the skin or scalp, an astringent works to reduce any excess oil. Astringents help to normalize both dry and oily scalps. According to the University of Maryland’s Medical Center, peppermint oil can soothe skin irritations and relieve pain and itching.

Shea butter is one of the most powerful moisturizers and protectant known to man. The balm nourishes and conditions every hair type, and provides a protective barrier that locks in moisture




SIZE: 8 oz recyclable

PRICE: 4.99 Reusable



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! Rosemary is one of the most common herbs used in skin care; this medicinal plant is rich in biologically active compounds, including antioxidants such as carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid. Rosemary Oil has skin lightening effects and helps to naturally correct age spots. It also helps to tone and tighten sagging and loose skin to help it look firmer and more elastic.

!! PINE OIL is used to treat a wide variety of skin problems. Dermatologists often prescribe the oil in treating psoriasis, itching, pimples, eczema, dry skin, scabies, sores, and fleas. It gives you balanced, smooth, shiny skin.

Spearmint Oil is often used in soaps for it’s antiseptic qualities that help prevent bacterial and skin infections. Since spearmint helps to increase blood flow, it also improves dull skin. It helps to lessen red and blotchy skin, and get rid of acne. Peppermint can act as a pain killer when massaged into your skin.




SIZE: 8 oz recyclable

PRICE: 4.99 Reusable ✓ Vegan ✓ NATURAL ✓LOCALLY MADE

+ Pine

+ Spearmint+ Orange


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Coming Soon...


cannabliss Skin Moisturizer | 8 oz. | $3.99 Ingredients: Whipped Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, + Vanilla Essential Oil

Youth Skin Cleanser | 16 oz. | $7.99 Ingredients: Soapwort, Bilberry, Jojoba, Lavender, Holy Basil This age-fighting cleanser is made using soapwort powder, a

naturally sudsing plant, giving us the most gentle, most natural cleanser on the market.


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Kingdom Plantae envisions a member’s only, online

encyclopedia that lists a wide range of herbs and medicinal

plants and their properties. We will sell these herbs directly

from the site. Along with the encyclopedia will be a product

creation tool, which will allow members to create their own

skin cleansers, conditioners, lotions, etc. We will sell these

products Ship-to-Store to the businesses that sell our

products. This will be a game changer in the entire industry.

For the first time, customers will be able to have a product

specifically created for THEIR UNIQUE SELF. A product

personally developed for their unique skin, hair, and body



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Is This Right For Me?

Kingdom Plantae’s #1 goal is to provide a safe, profitable product to the Atlanta community, but aside from profits and business, we are building a community.

A community that believes in environmental responsibility.

A community that believes Mother Earth still holds the keys to longevity and wellness.

We are building a society of teaching and learning based on the goodness of nature.

As a customer, or member, you are giving our movement the ability to succeed. This movement needs people just like you to prove to the Cosmetics Industry that we are more than just a number, and our health matters.

Membership is easy. You get access to all online materials, and in-store workshops Kingdom Plantae will offer. Members enjoy monthly coupons and deals that no one else has access to, and there is no contract or monthly fee. We give all of these things as a gift for standing up to big business, and we thank you for joining us on this journey.


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Is This Right For My Business?

Kingdom Plantae is an ultra small start-up. We have sold a few of our initial products, but are currently a small operation.

We envision our products sold in food markets, salons, artisan shops, and other local businesses.

At this time we are limiting our vendors to regional Atlanta businesses, if you are reading this informational package, that means you.

Our current prices are set in a way that makes the venture financially sustainable, but not necessarily very profitable. We are funding this personally, and because of this, there hasn’t been funds for much expansion.

We are now searching for businesses and individuals to buy our initial products, in hopes of developing a relationship with a buyer that will give us the profits to expand and achieve our goals.

For more information, please email us at [email protected]

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