lunch & learn: foursquare & other location-based apps

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Lunch and Learn: Foursquare & Other Location-Based Apps Presented by: Diana Silveira, Novare Library Services

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Lunch and Learn:Foursquare &

Other Location-Based Apps

Presented by: Diana Silveira, Novare Library Services

Highlight & demonstrate a variety of location-aware applications.

Offer strategies and practical ideas to help provide more visibility to library resources and services.

Discuss the future of geo-location applications

1. GPS on mobile device finds user’s location. 2. App scans that area for places. 3. User checks-in.

Why?1. Earn points, virtual badges2. Network with friends/potential friends.3. Earn rewards as loyal or new users.

I don’t check-in to my work, my kid’s school, or my house etc. (More about privacy later)

Mayors are people who check-in places the most. Some businesses (and libraries) can provide awards.

Tips can help you decide on lunch or what sales clerk to avoid. ;)

When more people check in to places around an area, more recommendations will be offered.

Adding to a to do list can help you remember a meal or a book to buy, etc. when re-visiting a place.

Integrates with Facebook & Twitter

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The more places you explore the more badges you can unlock.


Claim Your Venue BI Instruction Post Tips KNOW THY USER Give a Check-in Reward(s)

– Something “Awesome” “Competitive” and “In-Demand at the moment”

Train your staff

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Have a Goal Have a Plan Promotion

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Claim your location. Offer incentives for users to check-in to your library and make it worthwhile for them!

Venue Statistics

Create an Account Claim Your Library Create a challenge

• Open Response• QR Code

• Photo Challenge

City ToursLibrary ToursTrivia Contest

Can use: SMS, Pictures, QR Codes, Open Resources or Specific Responses

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Can add location to tweets.

Loopt Untappd GetGlue Jo (aggregates check-ins)

Improved access to information Provides more visibility Easier to find a claimed venue Instant & inexpensive communication with users Interaction/engagement Enhances learning

Mobile Couponing Reward Programs Socialization Use Apps to help you create your story

One more “social media” to manage Privacy Concerns Excludes those without smart phones

Placeme“Find my Friends” on Apple

Potentials (Short Term): • Analyze routine traffic routes in advance

• Cost comparison on your route

• Coupons based upon route/habits

• Track kids/friends in a passive manner

• Ecommerce

• Geofencing couponing

Inherent Prediction/Decision Engine Integration into:

• “search”

• “mapping”

More integration w/ mobile wallets

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