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Channel Lineup - Mediacom Page 1 of3 Mediacom Channel Lineup: Serving parts of Sussex Co., Delaware & parts of Worcester and Effective date: June 16,2014 Wicomico Counties in Maryland Family TV 2 Beach ry 3 VVMDT-DT2 (CW 3) Salisbury 4 WEWE (lND 24) Dagsboro 5 WBOC-DT2 (FOX 21) Delmarua 6 WBOC (CBS 16 ) Salisbury 7 WMDT (ABC 47) Salisbury 8 WDPB (PBS 64) Seaford 9 The Weather Channel ,IO QVC 11 WBAL (NBC 11)Baltimore 12 WCPB (PBS 28) Salisbury 13 ShopHQ 14 HSN+ 17 C-SPAN 18 USA 19 TNT 20 TBS 21 FX 22 Lifetime 23 A&E 24 truTv 25 Syfy 26 Comedy Ceniral 27 Spike 28 ESPN 29 ESPN2 30 MASN 31 MASN2 32 Comcast SportsNet 33 Golf Channel 34 Outdoor Channel 35 CNN 36 HLN 37 FOX News 38 MSNBC 39 CNBC 40 TLC 41 HGry 42 Travel Channel 43 Food Network 44 Discovery Channel 45 History 46 Animal Planet 47 Nickelodeon 48 Disney Channel 49 Ca(oon Network 50 TV Land 57 ABC Family 58 WE 59 Orygen 60 AMC 61 Bravo 62 El 63 VH1 64 BET 65 MTV 66 CMT 69 WTXF (FOX 29) Philadelphia 70 WTTG (FOX 5) Washington 78 GovernmentAccess 87 C-SPAN 2+ 88 C-SPAN 3+ 90 3ABN+ 91 Church Channel+ 92 TBN+ 93 |NSP+ 94 EWTN+ 98 WMDT-DT3 MeTV+ 99 WRDE (MyNet 59) Rehoboth Beach+ 163 FOX Sports 1^ 169 FXX^ 207 Naiional Geographic Channel^ 2{7 Liquidation Channel^ 218 FXX" 219 FOX Sports 1" 243 Daystar" Sports & lnformation Digital Pak^ 170 ESPNEWS 171 CBS Sports Network 172 FOX College Sports Atlantic 173 FOX College Sports Central 174 FOX College Sports Pacific 175 GoITV 177 Sportsman Channel 178 ESPNU 179 FOX Sports 2 185 YES Network 186 NFL Network 193 Barclays Premier League Soccer 1 1 94 Barclays Premier League Soccer 2 211 Weatherscan 231 ESPNEWS 233 ESPN Classic 238 Fusion 248 FOX Business Network 249 Ccry-g 253 Bloomberg 259 NBC Sports Network 271 'tVG Kids & Variety Digital Pak^ 197 Sprout 201 The Hub 202 owN 203 Destination America 204 lnvestigation Discovery 205 American Heroes Channel 206 Science 208 Pivot 209 Discovery Fit & Health 210 BBC America 221 Nick Jr. 222 TeenNick 223 Nicktoons Network 236 qubo 237 Hallmark Channel 239 Boomerang 244 ION Life 250 Disney XD 251 bio 252 H2 289 SmithsonianChannel 290 Nat Geo Wild 291 TVGN 293 Crime & lnvestigation Network 295 Military History Movies & Music Digital Pak^ 212 Esquire Network 213 Lifetime Movie Network 214 tFC 215 FX Movie Channel 224 M1V2 225 VH1 Classic 232 Lifetime Real Women 256 Ovation 257 cloo 258 TCM 260 fuse 261 GAC 263 Mry Hits 273 VH1 Soul 274 CMT Pure Country 285 mtvu 292 Hallmark Movie Channel 299 ReelzChannel 370 Sundance Digital Premium HBO Group^ 301 HBO 303 HBO 2 305 HBO Family 307 HBO Signature 309 HBO Latino 311 HBO Comedy 312 HBO Zone Digital Premium Cinemax Group^ 319 ActionMAX 321 Thriller[/AX 315 Cinemax 317 MoreMAX 322 MovieMAX 323 I/AX Latino 324 sStarMAX 325 OuterMAX Digital Premium Showtime/TMC Group^ 35{ Shorrvtime 353 Showtime 2 355 Showtime Showcase 357 Showtime Extreme 361 Showtime Next 362 Shovvtime Women 363 Showtime Famlly Zone 365 TMC 367 TMC Xka 369 FLIX and... 7lll20l4

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  • Channel Lineup - Mediacom Page 1 of3

    Mediacom Channel Lineup: Serving parts of Sussex Co., Delaware& parts of Worcester and

    Effective date: June 16,2014

    Wicomico Counties in Maryland

    Family TV2 Beach ry3 VVMDT-DT2 (CW 3) Salisbury4 WEWE (lND 24) Dagsboro5 WBOC-DT2 (FOX 21) Delmarua6 WBOC (CBS 16 ) Salisbury7 WMDT (ABC 47) Salisbury8 WDPB (PBS 64) Seaford9 The Weather Channel,IO QVC11 WBAL (NBC 11)Baltimore12 WCPB (PBS 28) Salisbury13 ShopHQ14 HSN+17 C-SPAN18 USA19 TNT20 TBS21 FX22 Lifetime

    23 A&E24 truTv25 Syfy26 Comedy Ceniral27 Spike28 ESPN29 ESPN230 MASN31 MASN232 Comcast SportsNet33 Golf Channel34 Outdoor Channel35 CNN36 HLN37 FOX News38 MSNBC39 CNBC40 TLC41 HGry

    42 Travel Channel43 Food Network44 Discovery Channel45 History46 Animal Planet47 Nickelodeon48 Disney Channel49 Ca(oon Network50 TV Land57 ABC Family58 WE59 Orygen60 AMC61 Bravo62 El63 VH164 BET65 MTV66 CMT

    69 WTXF (FOX 29) Philadelphia70 WTTG (FOX 5) Washington78 GovernmentAccess87 C-SPAN 2+88 C-SPAN 3+90 3ABN+91 Church Channel+92 TBN+93 |NSP+94 EWTN+98 WMDT-DT3 MeTV+99 WRDE (MyNet 59) Rehoboth Beach+163 FOX Sports 1^169 FXX^207 Naiional Geographic Channel^2{7 Liquidation Channel^218 FXX"219 FOX Sports 1"243 Daystar"

    Sports & lnformation Digital Pak^170 ESPNEWS171 CBS Sports Network172 FOX College Sports Atlantic173 FOX College Sports Central174 FOX College Sports Pacific175 GoITV

    177 Sportsman Channel178 ESPNU179 FOX Sports 2185 YES Network186 NFL Network193 Barclays Premier League Soccer 1

    1 94 Barclays Premier League Soccer 2211 Weatherscan231 ESPNEWS233 ESPN Classic238 Fusion

    248 FOX Business Network249 Ccry-g253 Bloomberg259 NBC Sports Network271 'tVG

    Kids & Variety Digital Pak^197 Sprout201 The Hub202 owN203 Destination America204 lnvestigation Discovery205 American Heroes Channel206 Science

    208 Pivot209 Discovery Fit & Health210 BBC America221 Nick Jr.222 TeenNick223 Nicktoons Network

    236 qubo237 Hallmark Channel239 Boomerang244 ION Life250 Disney XD251 bio

    252 H2289 SmithsonianChannel290 Nat Geo Wild291 TVGN293 Crime & lnvestigation Network295 Military History

    Movies & Music Digital Pak^212 Esquire Network213 Lifetime Movie Network214 tFC215 FX Movie Channel224 M1V2

    225 VH1 Classic232 Lifetime Real Women256 Ovation257 cloo258 TCM

    260 fuse261 GAC263 Mry Hits273 VH1 Soul274 CMT Pure Country

    285 mtvu292 Hallmark Movie Channel299 ReelzChannel370 Sundance

    Digital Premium HBO Group^301 HBO303 HBO 2

    305 HBO Family307 HBO Signature

    309 HBO Latino311 HBO Comedy

    312 HBO Zone

    Digital Premium Cinemax Group^319 ActionMAX321 Thriller[/AX

    315 Cinemax317 MoreMAX

    322 MovieMAX323 I/AX Latino

    324 sStarMAX325 OuterMAX

    Digital Premium Showtime/TMC Group^35{ Shorrvtime353 Showtime 2355 Showtime Showcase

    357 Showtime Extreme361 Showtime Next362 Shovvtime Women

    363 Showtime Famlly Zone365 TMC

    367 TMC Xka369 FLIX and... 7lll20l4

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    Digital Premium401 Staz403 Starz Edge404 Staz in Black405 Encore

    Starz/Encore Group^406 Encore Family411 Encore Westerns413 Encore Classic

    415 Encore Suspense416 Staz Cinema417 Encore Black



    Starz ComedyEncore ActionStaz Kids & Family

    Digital Premium148 Hustler TV

    Group^187 NFL Redzone (Requires subscription

    to NFL Network)

    Video On Demand^1 lvlediacom On Demand

    Digital Pay-Per-View^101-102 Mediacom PPV104 Mediacom PPV

    129 TEN130 Penthouse TV

    140 Playboy TV 151-156 ESPN PPV

    HD Family TV (lncluded with Family TV)760 FXX HD^^803 W\,IDT CW HDTT805 WBOC FOX HD+f806 WBOC CBS HD+t807 W\4DT ABC HD+t808 WDPB PBS HD811 WBAL NBC HD++812 WCPB PBS (standard definition only)842 Discovery HDnn

    ++817 OVC HDt+823 HSN (standard definition only)826 Golf Channel HD"^830 ESPN HD^^831 ESPN2 HD"^833 MASN HD^^

    834 MASN2 HD^^835 TNT HD""836 TBS HD^^837 CNN HD^^838 USA HD^^839 Syfy HD^^841 Velocity HD""

    843 TLC HD^^844 Animal Planet HD"^845 Outdoor Channel HD^^847 A&E HD"^848 History HD^"

    849 National Geographic HD^^852 WE HD^^854 MSNBC HD^^855 CNBC HD^^856 FOX News HD^^857 HGTV HD^^858 Food Network HD^"859 Bravo HD^^

    860 FX HD^"861 FOX Sports 1 HD^^863 Lifeiime HD^^864 Cartoon Network HD^"865 AMC HD"^

    866 Travel Channel HD""867 E! HD""868 HLN HD^^869 truTv HD^^870 Spike HD^^871 Comedy Central HD^^872 MTV HD""873 VH1 HD^^

    874 BET HD^^875 CMT HD^^876 ABC Family HD^^877 Nickelodeon HD^^878 Disney Channel HD"^

    HD Sports & lnformation^^ (lncluded with762 CBS Sports Network HD 766 NFL Network HD765 FOX Sports 2 HD 775 FOX Business Network HD

    Sports & lnformation828 ESPNU HD

    Digital Pak)829 ESPNEWS HD

    HD Kids & Variety^^ (lncluded with Kids770 bio HD77{ History HD772 lnvestigation Discovery HD

    & Variety Digital Pak)796 Disney XD HD845 Science HD

    773 Nat Geo Wld HD791 BBC America HD

    850 Smithsonian Channel HD879 Hallmark Channel HD

    HD Movies & Music^^783 fuse HD785 Hallmark lvlovie Channel HD

    (lncluded with Movies & Music Digital Pak)786 IFC HD 790 Reelzchannel HD 862 Lifelime [,,]ovie Network HD

    HD Pak^^ (Requires840 Universal HD

    HD Pak Subscription)850 Smithsonian Channel HD 851 l\ilGM HD

    HD Premium Ghannels^^ (Requires Subscription to Corresponding Premium Channel)749 HBO Latino HD 880 HBO HD750 HBO Zone HD 881 HBO 2 HD751 MoreMAX HD 882 HBO Signature HD753 Showtime Showcase HD 883 HBO Family HD754 Showtime Extreme HD 884 Encore HD755 TMC Xtra HD 885 Starz HD767 NFL Redzone HD (Requires sub. to

    NFL Network)

    886 Staz Edge HD887 Staz Comedy HD888 Staz Kids & Family HD889 Staz Cinema HD890 Showtime HD891 Showtime 2 HD

    892 TIV]C HD893 Starz West HD894 Encore Action HD895 Encore Black HD896 Staz in Black HD897 Cinemax HD 7lll20l4

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    HD Pay-Per-View^^899 iN DEI\,IAND PPV HD

    Digital Music^501 Hit List502 Pop Rhythmic503 Dance/EDM504 MCU505 Hip-Hop and R&B506 Rap

    " 507 Hip-Hop Classics508 Throwback Jamz509 R&B Classics510 R&B Soul511 Gospel512 Reggae513 Rock

    514 Metal515 Alternative516 Adult Alternative517 Rock Hits518 ClassicRock519 Soft Rock520 Love Songs521 Pop Hits522 Pany Favorites523 Teen MC524 Kidz Only!525 ToddlerTunes526 Y2K

    527 90s528 80s529 70s530 Solid Gold Oldies531 Pop Country532 Today's Country533 Country Hits534 Classic Country

    536 Pop Latino537 Musica lJrbana538 Mexicana

    539 Tropicales540 Romances54{ Sounds ofthe Season542 Stage & Screen543 Soundscapes544 Smooth Jazz545 Jazz546 Blues

    548 Easy Listening549 Classical Masterpieces550 Light Classical

    535 Contemporary Christian 547 Singers & Swing

    Digital-Ready Family TV51-5 ABC Family+51-7 Comedy Central+51-9 Oxygen+

    53-9 TNTI53-11 Spike+53-13 TV Land+

    ss.s ESPN+55-13 ESPN2+5s-15 MASN+55-17 MASN2+5s.19 TBSf

    56-9 Outdoor Channel+56-13 BET+56-15 CMT+56-21 WE+73-1 QVC+73-3 C-SPAN+73-s TBN+73-9 ShopHQ+73-11 Church Channel+73-13 C-SPAN 3+

    73-,t5 tNSP+

    73-17 EWTN+73.19 3ABN*73-21 C-SPAN 2+73-23 HSNt79-1 WEWE (lND 24) Dagsboro+

    79-5 WBOC-DT2 (FOX 21) Delmarva+79-7 \iryMDT (ABC 47) Salisburyt79-9 \ /MDT-DT2 (CW 3) Salisbury+79-11 WDPB (PBS 64) Seaford+79-13 WBAL (NBC 1 1) Baltimoret79-15 WCPB (PBS 28) Salisbury+80-1 Beach TVf80-3 WTXF (FOX 29) Philadelphia+80-5 WTTG (FOX 5) Washinston+80-7 WRDE (MyNet 59) Rehoboth

    Beach*95-1 Government Access+

    51-11 DiscoveryChannel$ 53-17 MTV+51-13 FOXNews+51-19 TLC+52-1 FX+52-3 Golf Channelt52-5 EI+52-15 Bravof52-17 CNBC+52-19 Animal Planet+52-21 USA+52-23 Irauel Channel+53-1 CNN+53-3 HLN+

    53-5 Cartoon Network+

    53-19 Nickelodeon+53-2t MSNBC+53-23 truTv+54-1 Food Network+54-3 HGTV+54-7 Disney Channelf54-11 A&E+54-{3 History+54-15 VH1+54-17 Lifetimet54-21 Syfyf54-23 AMC+

    55-{ ComcastSportsNet+

    56-3 The Weather Channelf 79-3 WBOC (CBS 16 ) Salisbury+

    Digital-Ready HD Family TV73-1 QVC(standarddefinitiononly)+ 101-2 WCPBPBS(standarddefinition 103-2 \/I\iIDTABCHD++ 104-2 WBOCFOXHD++

    onty)tt73-23 HSN (standard definition only)f 101-3 WDPB PBS HD+ 103-4 WBOC CBS HD++ 105-1 WBAL NBC HD++79-9 \ /MDT CW HDt+

    t Requires a digital-ready TV, a lVlediacom digital converter or a Mediacom digital Requires a digital-ready HDTV, a lvlediacom HD converter or a Mediacom HD digital adapter.* Requires a lvlediacom digital converter, a lvlediacom digital adapter or cable card.*. Requires a lvlediacom HD converter, a Mediacom HD digital adapter or cable card." Requires a Mediacom digital converter or cable card.nn Requires a Mediacom HD converter or cable card.t Requires a digital-ready TV or a l\4ediacom digital Requires a digital-ready HDTV or a l\4ediacom HD converter.Channels are subjectto change. Cable cards do not support PPV or On Demand services. Display channels may vary using a digital-ready TV. HD channels require anHDTV, sussex_co_delaware_and_... 7lll20l4