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A TED slide show over Dr.


1. 32 year old PhD fromIsrael. Studying the effectsof quantum locking. And theeffects of superconductorson magnetic fields. 2. IN HIS TALK TITLED "levitates" a superconductor 3. Dr.Almog describes how electrons collides with atoms and loose energy in the form of heat. In a super conductor there is no collisions No collisions means, No energy loss Super conductors expel magnetic fieldsSmall strands of magnetic fields can be trappedInside the superconductor. This make the superconductor lock itself into place 4. Quantum locking/ Levitation Locks flux lines inside and keeping Disk from moving in space. LEVITAION! 5. 1. Who is the speaker that you chose, and what is the thesis of the speech?I chose to do my TED slide show overDR. Boaz Almog "levitates" a superconductor video.He talks about how and why quantum levitation work. 6. a. How did the speaker capture the attentionof the audience in his or her introduction?The introduction started with a demonstration, Without explaining anything first. It was agreat attention grabber. He then explained went on to explain the concepts. 7. Demonstration of the superconductor disk on a flat magnet 8. How did the speaker maintain the engagementof the audience throughout the speech?Through out the speech the speaker maintained a clearand active voice. He had many demonstrations and thatwas more than enough to keep the audience intrigued. 9. Evaluate the speaker in terms of dynamism from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). What could the speaker have done to increase his or her dynamism? DYNAMISM 3/5I think a lighter mood or a more passionate tone for the subject mater could have put thispresentation over the top. Although it did keep my interest, I think that more stagemovement or even a more energetic voice could have transformed this into somethingentirely better. 10. What have you learned aboutdelivery based uponwatching your presenter? Demonstrations can help allot Eye contact is keyMake sure your audience knows what yourtalking about 11. Compare and contrast your speaker to Sir KenRobinson from the two videos you watched(Schools Kill Creativity and ChangingEducation Paradigms) Boaz Almogs Speech was a lot less laid back while Sir Ken Robinson had a lot of jokes to keep the audiences attention rather than just having a demonstration. The second part had animation and talking as well as a few jokes. The two have entirely different styles to keep the attention of the audience but both are effective. 12. What tips can you give yourclassmates on delivery for theirupcoming speeches based ONLYon your TED Talk I would say that to all classmates out there, make sure you practice your speech. You can tell by the way that the speakers in our video preform a speech they have done it a few times. Also I would say try and pay attention to the audience. The speakers react with the audience and it shows when you look at the quality of a speech.