new features in android jelly bean 4.1

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New features in Jelly Beans 4.1 (August 17, 2012)


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2. New Features Gesture Mode: For the blind users to efficiently navigate the UI with speechoutput. Talkback, a screenreader supports gestures to navigate applicationsAndroid Beam: Easily share your photos and videos. Easy pairing withBluetooth devices like headsets or speakersAudio accessories: Support for USB audio docksBrowser Improved performance, updated JavaScript engine, fast loading,better HTML5 video support, supports vertical textCalendar: More animations and easier navigation between the days,notifications for upcoming events let you email all the guests w/o opening theapp with quick response messages, controls enabling consistent experience inusing the app 3. New Features Camera/ Gallery: More animations, animating withvisual feedback on your focus state, quickly reviewphotos w/o leaving the camera appData Usage: Intelligently enables or disables backgrounddata usage on the SSIDFace Unlock: Faster, more accurate, improved facematching accuracy by calibration, blink to unlock andtests the live person is unlocking instead of a photo 4. New Features Internationalization: Added support for bidirectional text and 16 internationalinput languages.Keyboard: Custom keyboard input styles for more than 20 languages withkeymaps for QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak and Pc stylesMessaging/ Talk: New notification styles for the incoming messages and talkNotifications: Image preview notifications, touch-hold a notification toidentify the application and uninstall the application if neededNetworking: New setting that lets you stay on mobile data rather the nearbyWi-Fi networks with poor connections 5. New Features News & Weather: Improve freshness and powerconsumptionPeople: Retrieves high resolution photos for Googlecontacts with public Google+ profiles. ReducedduplicatesPhone: On missing a call, notification lets you to returnthe call or send a message with single click. Moreresponsive call log. Visual voicemails can be played witha single click 6. New FeaturesSettings: Easily view the accounts that you are signed into on your device.System: Reliable device encryption, override the keep screen awake optionfrom developer settingsVoice Typing: New embedded speech recognizer lets you use voice typingeven w/o an internet connectionWidgets: Easy personalization on your home screen, automatic re-sizing whenthe widgets are big, launching apps and returning back home are smootherand fasterGoogle Search: Faster, long press the headsets button to activate voice search ,spoken answer for voice searches, recognize queries even with poor network 7. New Features Google Now: Eye Candy of Jelly Bean 4.1, just the rightinformation at the right time.Weather Card Weather for your current location anddestinationTraffic Card Traffic conditions and alternate routesTransit Card What buses or trains are next?Places Card On the go, suggests nearby bars, restaurants andplaces of interestFlight Card Flight delays and traffic conditionsSports Card Live Score, upcoming games, buy ticketsCurrency Card On the travel, check the local conversion rateTranslation Card In a foreign country, quickly translate wordsinto local language 8. New FeaturesGoogle + : New magazine layout, create and manage G+ events right fromyour device, instant sharing of photos through party event, G+ a commentw/o even opening the appMaps: Support offline maps, select an area to cache and access it even when you dont have a data connection, compass mode for indoor views and accurate street views, quick reviews with Zagat ratings built in, browse Google offers to spot local deals, indoor walking directionsCurrents: For editions that are in other languages, text can be translated into preferred language 9. New FeaturesGoogle Play: New set of recommendations widget withcontent from people with similar tastes, things that arepopular in your local area. Dynamic library widget withrecent movies, books, magazines etc., Smart app updateswith better download, battery consumptionGoogle Play Books: Automatic text-to-speech settingsenabled for visually impaired 10. Source: Googles official change log for Jelly Beans4.1Link : G change lo