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PABLO PICASSO 1881 - 1973 By H.F. Mandirola 1 it takes a long time to become young.

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  1. 1. PABLO PICASSO 1881 - 19731 By H.F. Mandirolait takes a long time to become young.
  2. 2. MODERN ART MASTER Picasso was born in Malaga inthe south of Spain on theMediterranean coast and died in1973 in Cannes in the FrenchMediterranean coast. Art is everthing. To make the bull head sculpture on the left he usetwo parts of bicycle the seat and the handlebars. Somebody ask Picasso what is art? And he answerWhat is not?. He was the pioneer of Modern Art. Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous Spanishpainters. During Francisco Francosdictatorship he was 2persecuted and he had emigrated to France.
  3. 3. BLUE PERIOD (1901-1904) The death of his best friendCarlos Casagemas paintingtestifies of Picassos shock andhorror over the suicide of hisfriend. In the sense of Picasso dealingwith his trauma this paintingbelongs to the blue period, butit doesnt have the atmosphereof resignation and silentmourningthat his bluepaintings would have. La vie 3
  4. 4. ROSE PERIOD (1904-1907) The Rose Period started in1904. Picasso was happy in hisrelationship with FernandeOlivier whom he had met in1904. Pablo Picasso began to developa highly romantic style ofpainting in 1899, which endedin 1901, after his close friendCarlos Casagemashadcommitted suicide. During his Rose Period,Picasso would becomeThe Actor 4commercially successful.
  5. 5. BLACK PERIOD Refers to theyears 1906 and1907, in whichPicasso fallsunder theinfluence ofAfrican art. Picassoacknowledgedthat a visit tothe Trocaderomuseumchanged him,but he didnt saywhy, he nevergave African artthe credit itdeserves. Les Demoiselles dAvignon 5
  6. 6. CUBISM PERIOD In France, PabloPicasso and GeorgeBraque inventedCubism. Cubism was a newmovement of painting;this way of paintinguse geometric shapeslike cylinders,triangles, lines, andcubes.JuanGris.Portrait of Picasso 6
  7. 7. THE GUERNICA One of his most famous paintings is theGuernica. The Guernica symbolizes the Nazi airforce bombardment and devastation of the citycalled Guernica, this fact happened before theSecond World War. The Nazi Army used theSpanish civil war to test their weapons .Obviously the Nazis fought against republicanjointly with Franco. Picasso lived most of his life in Paris even duringGerman occupation; there he got married to withFrancois Gilot who was 40 years younger thanhim, He had two children with her : Claude andPaloma. 7
  8. 8. On April 27th, 1937 at 4:30 PM German Condor bombers devastated thetown and killed 1600 men women and children.Once, Nazi officers came into Picassos apartment in Paris andsaw a photograph of Guernica. The officer remarked withridicule, This painting, you did this.8No, replied Picasso. You did this.
  9. 9. PICASSOS POLITICAL MILITANCY In 1944, Picasso becamea member of the FrenchCommunist Party, whosefigurehead he remaineduntil the end of his life. Yet his political thinkingwas entirely molded byhis desire for peace andfreedom. During those years, he painted, drew, andlithographed his famous image of the white dove,which turned into a global symbol of freedom and a 9human society.
  10. 10. WOMEN AND PICASSO Picasso had a lot of women.He got married to withFrancois Gilot who was 40years younger than him, He had two children withher : Claude and Paloma. Picasso was a womanizer, Picassosand he had relationshipSylvette Davidwith women even youngernineteen yearsthan his wife. old Picassos One day Francois left himmodelwith their children, Hesuffered a lot by because ofthatreason, but hemarried another womancalled Jacqueline.10
  11. 11. ARQUITECTURE INFLUENCEGuggenheim Museum in Bilbao as an example of how cubism and11modern art influece architecture.
  12. 12. PABLO PICASSOS LAST WORD. One day in a dinner he had a heart attack anddied. His Last wife Jacqueline prevented that hischildren Claude and Paloma from attending hisfuneral. His last words are also very famous, before hedied he said Drink to me, drink to my health,you know I cant drink any more, Paul McCartney wrote a beautiful song aboutPablo Picassos last word. 12