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Portrait Lighting. Learning how to control light and the subtle changes that lighting can have on your subjects. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Portrait LightingLearning how to control light and the subtle changes that lighting can have on your subjects.

  • Environmental Portraits

  • Announcement about Self-Portrait ContestFeb 8th optional contest

  • Studio Portrait - Poster

  • Slight changes in poses can make all the difference

  • Studio vs. Environmental

  • Economy StudioShopping ListHardware StoreClip on light: $7 100w Bulb, $2-3Wal-Mart Twin to King Size Sheet, Black and/or White $4-12

  • Background Replacement

  • Rules for PortraitsThere is really a few ABSOLUTE rulesDo not put the camera down on a table and walk away. EitherBless me with the cameraUNTETHER it and place it in the drawerDo NOT sit and spin

  • Types of LightingShortBroadButterflyRembrandt

  • Other types of studio lightingThe position of the light affects the shape and outline of the face.

  • Standard frontal lights without background and hair light.

  • Sample lighting:

  • We have 2 main umbrella studio lights for Fill and Key light along with a hair light and a background light.

    Below is a Portable Studio

  • Hair Light

  • Alternative lightingHigh KeyBackground is overexposedSome skin tones my be slightly overexposed

  • One LightHigh hair light

  • Portrait FunShooting pictures in a studio setting can be a lot of fun because you have total control over the lightor lack thereof.

    Be creative, loosen up, explore, bring props.

  • But not too much fun

  • Instructions & TipsShoot on both white and Black backgroundsstarting with whatever is down first. (dont switch back and forth)Shoot on Manual Focus to take pictures quicker, but dont forget to manually focus.Shoot mostly vertical, with right hand on top of the camera (top of the camera to the right).

  • Exposure SettingsExposure Mode Dial: MShutter Speed:1/125Aperture: 9.5

    To change the shutter speed, rotate the command dial (right upper corner on the back)To change the aperture, hold down the AV button (behind shutter release) while rotating the command dial (right upper corner on the back)

  • AGAIN: Shoot verticals with HAND on top of cameranot underVerticals must be hand rotatedbut I can do them in a batch as long as they are going the same direction. The above strip of images would require two passes.

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