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  • 1.Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of otherphotographers work

2. Linda McCartney I am researching Linda McCartney, whowas a portrait photographer and marriedto Paul McCartney. She was born inSeptember 21st1941, and died on April17th1998. She previously had onlystudied the photographing of Horses shewent on to photograph people such asJanis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and EricClapton. 3. Examples of photographs 4. This is a picture of Mick Jagger and KeithRichards, it appears as if Keith is asleepand Mick is in the middle of taking hisglasses off and looking at something offcamera. I think that the main feature of this imagehas to be Mick taking his glasses off, thereason being is that your eye is drawn tohim first as he is actually doingsomething. 5. CompositionI think that if you zoomed out of the image itself you would find yourself looking at the insideof a barge or boat of some sort. The reason being is that in the picture through the windowsyou can see water. Furthermore I believe you would be able to see a lot more people on it,other band members, journalists possibly. Or just friends of the band. You can also seesomeones hand in the background, this could possibly be someone opening the window, if itwas zoomed out we could see who it is. 6. Techniques UsedThis image would have had to use a fast shutter speedAnd also have to be taken at the right time so as to get, theDesired effect, also I think that it would have been takenIn black and white film, as this was taken in 1983. 7. Strengths and WeaknessesI think that the strengths of her photographs in her ability to capture an image without itLooking like it has been set up, for example in a photoshoot, it looks completely natural,As if she has turned on her camera and taken photos of whatever she can find, evenWith band photos Rolling Stones, The Beatles for example. I think that her weaknessLies in the fact that not enough are in colour, this could be a sign of the times as she tookA lot of photos in the 80s meaning colour may not have been available to her. 8. Mick RockMick Rock is a music photographer who is also known as theman who Photographed the seventies, he has photographedSuch bands as Motley Crue, Iggy Pop, David Bowie andQueen. Furthermore he has also published some of hisworks, such as A Photographic Record, PsychedelicRenegades, Syd Barrett. And has also done manyExhibitions, some with Kate Moss, he was born in 1948 inLondon. 9. Photo AnalysisThis is one of Mick Rocks images, of DaftPunk. There is a contradiction of coloursthrough the gold on white and then the black ofwhat they are wearing, all the while still goingtogether nicely. With the masks being brightand shiny. Furthermore the size difference ofthe two subjects could also be considered ajuxtaposition, with the different helmets andgloves. 10. CompositionWith the composition of this image, I think that making sure the golden parachureDoesnt cover the floor, it adds to the photo in that it gives it a variety of colour.Furthermore I think that by having one of them kneel down, it allows for more room,And also how they are stood allows for a different sense of their personalities possiblyIn that the one on the right knelt down, is more of a thinker whereas the one on the leftIs more outspoken and confident, this being a possibility as why Mick Rock chose themTo stand like this, possibly from his general impressions of them. 11. Techniques UsedI think that he would have used a fast shutter speed, with an aperture to balanceThe image out, furthermore I think that these techniques make the image what it isAlthough I think that their were no other effects used, this being a simple photo. 12. Strengths and WeaknessesI think that the strength of this image lies in the simplicity of it, and the multitude ofColours gives it a vibrant look, without making it look too flamboyant. While I cannotSee anything that could be considered a weakness of the photo itself. 13. Todd OwyoungTodd Owyoung is a music photographer who has worked all over the world, and isRecognised in his industry. He also takes lifestyle photographs and portraits. HeGraduated from Washington Univervisty, St. Louis, with a BFA in VisualCommunications. He has worked with magazines such as Rolling Stone, BillboardAnd papers such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and EntertainmentWeekly. 14. Photo AnalysisThis is a very basic photo that hasCorey Taylor from Slipknot, off to theRight side, using the rule of three,And also only shows some blue lightsIn the background with a light blue hue.Corey Taylor is the focus of thisImage, with the light there to give itFlavour. 15. CompositionWith the composition of this image, I think that the way it has been laid out makesIt look very natural, and because it is in the middle of a concert, I think that it is aVery calm looking photo. I also think that with the light in the background, it sets theTone of the image, contrasting with the harshness of Coreys onstage persona. 16. Techniques UsedI think that the techniques used would have been Rule of thirds, because he is moreTo the right in the image, a low aperture to achieve the hue of the blue and also a highShutter speed, all of these adding up to create a crisp clear image. 17. Strengths and WeaknessesI think that the photos main strength is the duality of it and the fact that it has a contrastOf soft and hard, the soft being the blue lights and the harsh being Corey in his mask.I also think that another strength of the image is that, even though this is a concert,It is a peaceful image, something that compliments the photographer for being able toSpot the opportunity. Though it is not without its flaws, I think that the rule of thirdsWorks, but because of his positioning, there Is a red light flickering on his face,Which contrasts a bit to much for me. This is one of the only complaints I have of thePhoto though.