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Presentation of Vermeer's The Maid Asleep


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By Kiara de Castro Ruiz

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

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A corner of a wall map

• This area represents a corner of a wall map

• MAP: popular and cheap decorative

• More clearly depicted in this picture : the map's hanging rod

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The chair

•The chair: an indicator of social rank •Two different types of chair:

The foreground chair The chair on which the

young woman is seated

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The vista opening into another room

Doorkijkje: very popular in Ducth interior paintings

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The painting on the wallThis figure has beenassociated with twocontemporary images: 1. an emblem in Otto van

Veen's popular Amorum Emblemata (Antwerp, 1608)

2. a standing putto or Cupid holding up a card, in the style of Cesar van Everdingen

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The girl's face

•Maid or mistress?

•Drunk, depressed or asleep?

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Oriental carpet

•Carpets from Turkey and Iran

•Became very popular in the 16-17th century

•In nine of Vermeer's paintings

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View of an Interior, or The SlippersSamuel van HoogstratenLouvre, Paris

AcediaHieronymus Wierix Rijksprentenkabinet, Amsterdam

The Idle ServantNicolaes MaesNational Gallery, London

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